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F A I J? B A N K 



$m M 




34 Kilbv Street, .... Boston. 



The subscriber offers for 
sale, at wholesale and re- 
tail, his Celebrated Pre- 

Hot Air Furnaces 

For Wood or Coal, 

In which recent improve- 
ments have been made, ren- 
dering them in simplicity of 
construction and ease of 
management, in durability 
and efficiency, as in all 
other qualities going to con- 
stitute a PERFECT FUR- 
NACE greatly superior to any other kind offered in this mar- 
ket. The large number recently put into model School Houses 
Churches, Seminaries, Court Houses, Hospitals, Banks and 
other large edifices erected for charitable, benevolent or scien- 
tific purposes, together with first-class private dwellings, 
proves their superiority, and the appreciation of their merits 
by the public. Attention is also called to a large assortment of 

8MPRQVEB ©©0&RP8© K&NSI§ 8 

The best in the market. 
PORTABLE FURNACES, English, Parlor and Chamber 
Grates, Chimney Tops, Roof and Room Ventila- 
tors, Iron, Bronzed, Enamelled and Plated 
Registers, Parlor, Office and 
Cooking Stoves. 

Rumford Ovens, and Heating and Cooking Apparatus gener- 

New Marble Block, Nos 336 & 338 Washington Street, 
(Nearly opposite the Adams House,) 




OIL, and 


36 India Street, .... BOSTON. 

A. G. Stlmson, L. Valentine, II. C. Valentine. 

D^" We call the special attention of consumers to our own 
brands of 

hm tomut Wm SM, 



As being second to none in the market. 









oFtHeTiTY OF' 

If LMAStLY. EiitfnccJ •« Surveyor. 
■ [H30 . 


§ml awl M § rklmg ®fto, 


(Near City Hall) 








Having separate apartments and superior facilities for this 
branch, we are prepared to do work in the best manner, and to 
an unlimited extent. 

Is published here, at 82.00 per annum. It essays to be a faithful 
chronicler of local events, and is recommended as a good 
Family Journal. 


Is issued from the Chronicle Printing Office, annually in Jan- 









— AND — 


WINDOW SHADES manufactured and put on the HARTS- 
HORN Patent Spring Fixtures and warranted. Also, all 
of the new and improved Fixtures for sale. GOLD BOR- 
DER, LANDSCAPE, and other styles constantly on hand. 
White Linen, Holland and Chintz SHADE GOODS, made 
to order any desired size, by 


No. 304 Washington St., (Opp. the Boston Theatre,) 



Utatic Jtofljmjj €a., 


7 Merchants Row, - - - BOSTON. 



(Opposite the Universalist Church,) 
Samples can be seen at either of the above places. 


05^" Particular attention paid to repairing LEAKY TIN 
GUTTERS, making them equally as good as new, and a 
much less expense. 


A« Mm 


Main Street, (comer of Essex street,) 







of all kinds. 

Agent for all the Reliable Patent Medicines. 

DR. HUMPHREYS, L.L. D. : Fellow of the College of 
Preceptors of England, and of the Educational Institute of 
Scotland, Author of the " Lyra Hellenica," " Manual of 
Civil Law/' and other works, having become resident in 
Cambridge, would be happy to give instruction in the Greek 
and Latin languages, Political Economy and English Litera- 
ture to a few pupils in conjunction with his own sons. 
Dr. H. has been eminently successful as a College and 
School Teacher in England, and is also permitted to refer 
to gentlemen in Boston. 

House, corner of 

Boardman Street and Broadway, CAMBSIDGEPORT. 


Rainbow, Locust Mountain, 

Lehigh, {old Company's,) Lackawana, 


E&^i aid Soft Wood, 

At the old stand of M. L. SMITH, near junction of Harvard 
and Main streets, Cambridgeport. 



Looking-Glass, Portrait, and 

fittro Jrame $$tofters, 

No, 28 Bromfield Street, Boston. 


Gilders of Plain and Ornamental,' House, Ship and Car 
Moulding, and Decorations. 



Pictures cleansed and varnished. 




379 Main Street, cor. of Columbia, 


And all kinds of Groceries, 


Apples, Vegetables, Foreign and Domestic Fruit* 

Of all kinds, sold cheap for cash. 

Constantly on hand, OAT AND RYE STRAW for filling 
beds, and for bedding, packing, &c. 

Please call and examine my stock before purchasing else- 


379 MAIN STREET, . . . (Corner of Columbia,) 


Sain'l T. Crosby & Co., 


Have now in store, and are every day receiving, 

Silver Goods. Parian Ware. 

Purchasers will find a large and well selected assortment of 
new and desirable goods, at reasonable prices, such as 







Groups, Vases, &c.-Some quite new. 

Watches and Clocks, of Superior quality. 


&c, &c, 

Made at short notice and on reasonable terms. 

Customers may rely upon_ having the same hair that they 
leave returned to them. 



Three doors south of Court Street, 


C. L. * J. B. KELTY, 

701 Washington Street, Boston. 




— AND — 




Cornices, Bauds, Loops, &c. 





— AND — 



Hade and put up in the Best Manner. 

K. fie G. H. LYON, 

©WffBS MI© ©OMAR© 



NAY & mockure. 


A full and choice assortment of 



always on hand at 



Quick Returns and Small Profits. 

— and — 



No. 493 Main Street, near Prospect, 


Will be happy to supply those who may favor them with 
their patronage, with goods of the best quality at 
prices which they are confident will give perfect 
satisfaction. By adopting the " Cash Prin- 
ciple "we can relieve those who pay 
for the burden of bad debts caused 
by those who never pay, thus 
enabling us to give better 
goods for the same 
price. Every ar- 
ticle is 
— warranted — 
to be as is rep- 
resented by us. Cof- 
fee, Sugar, Spices, Eggs, 
Lard, Prime Table Butter, 
Cheese, English Pickles, Sauces, 
&c. Burning Fluid, Lard and Whale 
Oil, Molasses and Syrup, Pure Cider 
Vinegar, Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Nuts, 
Raisins, &c. Particular attention paid to the se- 
lection of Teas. Goods delivered in any part of the city 



Steam and Gas Pips Works* 

(Douglass' Block,) 

No. 467 Main Street, Cambridgeport. 

The subscriber will give his personal attention to the furnish- 
ing and putting into buildings, public and private, all 
descriptions of 

Steam, Gas and Water Pipes. 

He also furnishes 

Chandeliers, Pendants and Brackets, 

Of every style and variety. Also, on hand, 


"With Wicks and all other articles connected therewith. 
Globe Gauge Cocks, Oil Cocks, Steam Whistles, Valves, 
&c, &c, constantly on hand. Also, for sale, all the various 
kinds of Patent Burners. 

Jobbing and Repairing of all kinds, promptly and faithfully 
attended to. Chandeliers and Brackets cleaned and re-gilded 
to look as well as new. 

All Work done on the most Reasonable Terms. 

atrial Jlttrprij. 


Mechanical Dentist, 

Rooms, No. 1 Brattle Street, 

Respectfully intimates that, after making a 
careful selection from all the modern, so call- 
ed, improvements, he is fully prepared to guarantee 


to all those who are pleased to favor him with their patron- 
age, in all the various branches pertaining to his profession. 

Q^" The best of References given when' desired. 






Also the celebrated JOHN'S COAL for Furnaces, Parlor 
Grates, Ranges, and Cooking Stoves, delivered in any part 
of Cambridge or Boston without extra charge. 

Delivered in any part of Brighton, Brookline, Newton, 
Watertown, or West Cambridge, at moderate prices. 

Junction Main St. and Broadway, 

Office, No. 25 Kilby Street, BOSTON. 


Cor. Main and Magazine Streets. 




—AND — 



— AND — 











— AND 


Fruits of all kinds in their Season. 



No. 393 Main Street, 

Nearly opposite the Universalist Church., 



f 7 &n 


Can be found at this Market. 

Goods delivered in any part of the City free of expense. 


Main Street, . . . Cambridgeport, 
Opposite the Chronicle Office, 




Force Pumps, Hydrants, Water Closets, 

Copper " Copper Boilers, Bath Tubs, 

Beer rt Wash Basins, Marble Slabs, 

Tin and Zinc Con- Silver plated, and Iron Sinks — 

ductors, Brass Cocks, plain & enam- 

Gutta Percha and Block Tin, elled, &c. 

Iron Pipe, Lead Pipe, 

Stove and Furnace work, and pipe manufactured. 

5jf All orders in the above line of business attended to 
■withdespatch and on reasonable terms. 


(Successors to Burrage, Stickney & Co.,) 



— AND — 

Wharf, Broadway, cor. of Court Street, 



s. P. shepherd. [ CDIBKIDGEPORT. 




Sr Hailing ittanufadunr, 


House and Store Work, of every description done at 

short notice and at the lowest prices. 

N. B. Particular attention paid to Enclosing Cemetery 
Lots, and with any required pattern of Railing ; several new 
styles of which (not to be found elsewhere), are now ready 
for exhibition. 





Opposite the Irving House. 


The Company continues to insure on first class Real and 
Personal property. 

All losses promptly adjusted. 

No charge will be made for Policies, transfers and altera- 
tions, as heretofore. 

No extra hazardous risks will be taken. 

JOSIAH W. COOK, President. 
HENRY THAYER, Sec'y and Trcas. 


Josiah W. Cook, J. D. Pearson, J. II. Thayer, 
Stephen Foster, Rufus Lamson, Josiaii Burrage, 
Jonas Wyeth, 2d, Jacob Eaton, Jos. A Holmes. 


J. W. SMITH & CO., 



— AND — 



(Corner Elm Street,) 


This establishment is one of the largest, best, and most 
reliable in Boston, having always on hand a large stock of 






Of the newest and best styles, which are made to order in a 
superior manner and at short notice. Every article sold at 
this house is warranted as represented at time of sale. 





Main Street 



Copper Gutters, 



And all other kinds of 


Also on hand, 


374 Main Street, Cambridgeport. 




FEED, &c. 


Which will be delivered in any part of the city. 

Wharf and Store, west end of West Boston Budge, 



fxifue: :ivi:.ajrlxct:e3, c*? XjXfie: 


Insurance negotiated in the best Stock and Mutual Com- 
panies, at reasonable rates of Premium upon 




03^"* Life Insurance effected in the best New England 

— offices — 
17 State Street, Boston. | 409 Main St., Cambridgeport. 

<teit[%* mn&sw, 











We present to the citizens of Cambridge, the eleventh 
number of the Cambridge Directory. In doing so, we 
have to state the gratifying fact, that the population of 
our city, instead of diminishing, or even remaining in 
statu qno 9 is steadily on the increase; so that we have 
added to the list of names, over and above the number in 
the Directory of 1859, published by Mr. Baldwin, about 
one thousand, making thirty-four pages more than were 
contained in that edition. 

We have spared neither pains nor expense, to make this 
volume a correct and reliable one; and, while we have no 
doubt that it is far from being perfect, yet it is, probably, 
as nearly so as the nature of such a work will admit of. 
With these few prefatory remarks we submit the work, 
with all its faults, to a discriminating yet indulgent 

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1859, by 


In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Mass. 
























8, • 



. 23 


. 234 


. 236 


. 230 


. 237 




. 236 

22 : 

234 !| 
. 232 

244 ] 
. .236 i 

. 244 

232 : 
. 25 

236 ! 
. 238 

. 235 

. 233 


. 245 


. 261 

. 244 

. 246 



1st, @ Jan. 22d. 2d, # February Gth. 3d, (g) July 18th 
4th, £ August 1st. 

I. The first will be of the Sun, January 22d, on Sunday, at 
21 minutes past 7 o'clock in the evening. Consequently it 
cannot be visible to any part of the United States, because 
the sun will be below the horizon. 

II. The second will be of the Moon, February 6th, on Mon- 
day evening. Visible, and by calculation, as follows : 

Beginning 8h. lm. 30s. ] 

Middle 9h. 28m. 30s. Apparent time 

Ecliptic opposition . . 9h. 33m. 51s. Y 8m. slow of 
End of the Eclipse, . lOh. 50m. 00s. clock, 14m. 12s. 
Duration 2h. 49m.30s. J 

Digits eclipsed 9° 32' nearly on the moon's north limb, and 
within the south side of the earth's shadow. 

III. The third will be of the Sun, July the 18th day, on 
Wednesday morning, visible, and by calculation, as follows : 

ah : : : : : £&Ub2?2s 

End, 9h. 29m. f Su " "ow clock, 

Duration, 2h. 12m. J 0m * 0is * 

Digits eclipsed 6* 28' nearly on the Sun's northerly limb. 

IV. The fourth and last will be of the moon, on Wednes- 
day, the first day of August, at 46 minutes past noon. In- 


Dominical Letters . . A. G. I Solar Cycle 1 

Golden Number ... 18 lloman Indiction ... 23 
Epact 7 I Julian Periods . . . 6573 


In the City of Cambridge. 

Allen, from North Avenue to Orchard. 

Allston, from Pearl to Charles, Ward 4. 

Almshouse Row, from North Avenue to the Almshouse. 

Amory, from Broadway to Hampshire. 

Antrim, from Cambridge to Broadway. 

Appian Way, from Garden to Brattle. 

Arrow, from Main to Bow. 

Ash, from Brittle to Ml. Auburn. 

Auburn, from Brookline to Pleasant. 

Auburn Court, from Auburn to Watson. 

Austin, from Main to Inman. 

Austin Place, from Austin south. 

Avon, from Linnoean to Shepard. 

Baldwin, from Cambridge to Kirkland. 

Bath, from Mt. Auburn to the wharf. 

Bay, from Main to Kin hard. 

Beacon, from Cambridge to Milk Row. 

Beech, from North Avenue, op Porter's, to S^merviile. 

Berkeley, from Phillips Place to Craigie. 

Blackstone, from River to Western Avenue. 

Boardman, from Harvard to Broadway. 

Bond, from Concord Avenue to Garden. 

Bow, from Main to Mt. Auburn. 

Bowdoin, from Linnsean to Harrison Place. 

Brattle, from Brattle Square to Mt. Auburn. 

Brattle Square, head of Brattle Street. 

Brewster, from Brattle to Vassal Lane. 

Bridge, from Craigie's Bridge to Somerville. 

Brighton, from Harvard Square to Brighton line. 

Bristol, from Broadway to Hampshire. 

Broadway, from Main, Ward 2. to the Colleges. 

Brookline, from Main to the river Charles. 

Brooks, from Magazine to Pearl. 

Buckingham, from Craigie to Concord Avenue. 

Cambridge, from Craigie's Bridge to Kirkland. 

Cambridge Square, junction Mam and Western Avenue. 

Canal, from Washington to Hampshire. 

Cedar from Spruce to North Avenue. 

Centre, from Hancock to Dana. 

Chapman Place, from Howard to Gerry. 

Charles, from South Third to the marsh, Ward 3. 

Charles, from Allston to River, Ward 4. 

Charles Court, from Charles, Ward 3. 

Charles River, from Mt. Auburn to the river. 

C.iatham, from Cotton to Dana. 

Chauncy, from North Avenue to Garden. 

Cherry, from Main to Harvard. 

Chestnut, from Mt. Auburn to Harvard, Ward 1. 

Chestnut, from Pearl to the marsh, Ward 4. 

Churjh, from Harvard Square i<> Brattle. 


Clark, from Washington to Hampshire. 

Clay, from Kidder Lane to Harvey. 

Clifton, from Kidder Lane to Harvey. 

Coggswell Avenue, from North Avenue to Filchburg R. R. 

Columbia, from Main to Cambridge. 

Concord Avenue, from Garden to West Cambridge. 

Cottage, from Pearl to River. 

Cottage Court, from Cottage n Pearl 

Cotton, from Harvard to Broadway op. Hancock. 

Court, from Main to Charles, Ward 3. 

Craigie, from Concord Avenue to Brattle. 

Crescent, from Oxford to Sacramento. 

Cross, from Main to the marsh. 

Dana, from Main to Broadway. 

Dana Court, from Western Avenue n Pleasant. 

Daniels Court, from Hilliard. 

Davis, from Harvard to Broadway. 

Deacon, from Pioneer to Dock n the river. 

DeWolf, from Mt. Auburn south to the river. 

Dock, from Broadway to the river. 

Douglass, from Main to Austin. 

Duhlin, from Kidder Lane to the railroad. 

Dunsler, from Harvard to College Wharf. 

Dyke, from Charles River to Ml Auburn. 

East, from Bridge to Hall's Wharf. 

Eaton, from Pine to Cherry n School. 

Eliot, from Brighton to Mt. Auburn. 

Ellery, from Main to Broadway. 

Elm, from Harvard to Cambridge. 

Elmwood Avenue, btwn Brattle and Mt. Auburn. 

Erie, from Magazine to Brookline. 

Essex, from Main to Harvard. 

Essex Court, from Essex 

Everett, from North Avenue to Oxford. 

Everett Place, from Mt. Auburn. 

Fayerweather, from Brattle to Vassal Lane. 

Fayette, from Cambridge to Broadway. 

First, from Cambridge op Flanders' Exchange. 

Follen, from Waterhouse to Garden. 

Forrest, from North Avenue to Oxford. 

Foster, from Lowell to Willard. 

Franklin, from Brookline to Putnam. 

Franklin Alley, from Cambridge to Gore. 

Fremont, from River to Pleasant. 

Fresh Pond Road, from Brattle to Fresh Pond. 

Frisbie Place, from Kirkland op Quincy. 

Front, from Main to the water. 

Garden, from Harvard Square to brick yard. 

Gardner, from Tremont to Prospect. 

Gardner Court, from Mt. Auburn op Story. 

Gerry, from Mt. Auburn to the marsh. 

Gore, from Bridge to Somerville. 

Green, from Pearl to Putnam. 

Hamilton, from Magazine to Sydney. 


Hammond, from Oxford to Somerville. 

Hampshire, from Broadway to Somerville line. 

Hancock, from Main to Harvard. 

Harrison, from Main to Washington. 

Harrison Avenue, from River to Pleasant. 

Harrison Place, from North Avenue to Wright. 

Harvard, from Main L. P. to Harvard Square. 

Harvard Square, head of Harvard Street. 

Harvey, from Cedar into the woods. 

Hastings, from Moore to Canal. 

Hastings Square, btwn Chestnut, Ward 4, and Henry. 

Henry, from Charles, Ward 4, to Pearl. 

Hilliard, from Brattle to Mt. Auburn. 

Holmes Place, from Kirkland to North Avenue. 

Holyoke, from Harvard to South. 

Holyoke Place, from Mt. Auburn to Holyoke. 

Howard, from Mt. Auburn to the river, Ward 1. 

Howard, from River to Western Avenue, Ward 4. 

In man, from Main to Cambridge. 

Irving, from Cambridge to Kirkland. 

Irving Place, from Brattle to Foster. 

Jackson, from Kidder Lane to Harvey. 

James, from Brattle to Mason. 

Jay, from River to Putnam. 

Jennings, from Brookline. 

Kent, from River to Western Avenue. 

Kidder Lane, from Spruce to the meadows. 

Kinnard, from River to Putnam. 

Kirkland, from North Avenue to Somerville. 

Kirkland Place, from Kirkland north. 

Lake, from Magazine to Pearl. 

Lambert, from Cambridge to Gore. 

Lambert Avenue, from North Avenue to Mt. Vernon. 

Lechmere Place, from North. 

Lee, from Main to Broadway. 

Leighton Court, from East to North. 

Lincoln, from Windsor to Columbia n Hampshire. 

Linden, from Harvard to Mt. Auburn. 

Line, from Cambridge n Fayette. 

Linnaean, from Garden to North Avenue. 

Livermore, from Hampshire to Lincoln. 

Lowell, from Mt. Auburn to Brattle. 

Magazine, from Main to the river. 

Magazine Court, from Magazine. 

Main, from West Boston Bridge to junc Harvard 

Maple, from Milk to Somerville. 

Market, from Broadway to Columbia. 

Mason, from Garden to Brattle. 

Meacham, from North Avenue to Somerville. 

Mechanics' Court, from Main n the bank 

Med ford, from Hampshire to Somerville. 

Mellen, from North Avenue to Oxford. 

Monroe, from Spring op House Correction. 

Montgomery, from Kidder Lane to Harvey. 


Moore, from Broadway to Washington. 
31 1 . Auburn, from Main to Watertown. 
Mt. Auburn St. Place, from Mt. Auburn. 

Mt. Vernon, from North Avenue to Lambert Avenue. 

Murdock, from Garden to Hampshire. 

Norfolk, from Main to Cambridge. 

North, from East to the water. 

North Avenue, from Harvard Square to West Camhri 

North First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth, from 

Cambridge, Ward 3. 
Norton, from Bowdoin to Avon. 
Oak, from Cambridge to Somerville. 
Orchard, from Beech to Somerville. 
Otis, from South Second to South Seventh. 
Otis Place, from Mt. Auhurn op Billiard. 
Oxford, from Kirkland to Sacramento. 
Palmer, from Brattle to Church. 
Park, from Pleasant to Magazine. 
Pearl, from Main to the river. 
Perry, from Magazine to Pearl. 
Phillips Place, from Mason to Garden. 
Pine, from Harvard to School. 
Pioneer, from Broadway to Deacon L. P. 
Pleasant, from Main to the river. 
Plymouth, from Hampshire to Portland. 
Portland, from Hampshire to Cambridge. 
Prescott, from Harvard to Broadway, Ward 1. 
Prescott, from Main to Harvard n Lee, Ward 2, 
Preston, from Cambridge to Kirkland. 
Prince, from Pleasant to Magazine. 
Prospect, from Main to Somerville. 
Putnam, from Mt. Auburn to Western Avenue. 
Quincy, from Kirkland to Main. 
Raymond, from Linnsean to Ce-'ar. 
Reed, from Kidder Lane to Harvey. 
Rice, from North Avenue to Cedar. 
River, from Main to Brighton line. 
Rockwell, from Pleasant to River. 
Russell, from North Avenue to Somerville. 
Sacramento, from North Avenue to Somerville. 
Sargent, from Kidder Lane to the railroad. 
School, from Austin to Harrison. 
School Court, from Brattle n Church. 
Shepard, from North Avenue to Garden. 
Short, from Bridge to North, Ward 3. 
Short, from Pleasant to Magazine, Ward 4. 
Soden, from Western Avenue to Green. 
Somerset, from Pleasant to River. 
Somerset Place, from Magazine to Pleasant. 
South, from Brighton to Holyoke. 
South First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and 

Eighth, from Cambridge, Ward 3. 
Sparks, from Mt. Auburn to Vassal Lane. 
Spring, from South Second to South Seventh. 


Spruce, from North Avenue to Cedar. 

State, trom Front to Car Factory. 

Story, from Brattle to Mt. Auburn. 

Suffolk, from Columbia to Norfolk. 

Summer, from Prospect to Inman. 

Sumner, from Kirkland to Cambridge. 

Sydney, from Allston to Henry. 

Temple, from Main to Austin. 

Tenny's Court, from Orchard to Elm, Somerville. 

Thorndike, from South Second to South Seventh. 

Tremont, from Broadway to Hampshire. 

Trowbridge, from Main op Putnam to Broadway. 

Tuttle, from Wyeth n Concord Avenue. 

Union, from Market to Hampshire. 

Union Square, North Avenue. 

Valentine, from Pearl to Brookline. 

Vernon, from Main to Green. 

Village, from State to Front. 

Vine, from South Third to Sixth. 

Walden, from North Avenue to Raymond. 

Walnut, from Pleasant to Charles, "Ward 4. 

Walnut Court, from Walnut. 

Ware, from Harvard to Broadway. 

Warren, from Cambridge to Kirkland. 

Washington, from Main to Norfolk. 

Washington Square, cor Charles and Allston, Ward 4. 

Water, from Bridge to the water. 

Waterhouse, from Garden to North Avenue. 

Watson, from Pearl to Brookline. 

Webster, from Magazine to Pleasant. 

Wehster Place, from Pleasant to rear of School House. 

Wendell, from North Avenue to Oxford. 

West, from lnman to Lee. 

Western Avenue, from Main to Brighton line. 

Willard, from Brattle to Mt. Auburn. 

Willard Court, from Willard 

Williams, from Pearl to River. 

Willow, from North Avenue to Somerville, Ward 1. 

Willow, from Magazine to Pleasant, Ward 4. 

Willow Place, from Cam I > ridge n Windsor. 

Windsor, from Main to Cambridge. 

Winter, from Brulee. 

Winthrop, from Holyolce to Spring. 

Winth'op Square, cor Mt. Auburn and Brighton. 

Worcester, I'rom Columbia to Norfolk 

Wright, from Norton to North Avenue. 

Wyeth, from Concord Avenue to Garden. 

He was rather prudent than wise, and so fearful of doing 
wrong that he seldom did right. 

He's the greatest slave whom none but slaves obey. — Trap. 


[The following account of Harvard University, written by- 
President Walker, we copy, by permission, from the Boston 
Almanac for 18-59. Such alterations have been made as were 
rendered necessary by changes in the University.] 

Harvard College, the oldest literary institution in the United 
States, was founded in 1636. The first class, consisting of nine 
members, graduated in 1642 ; one of whom was the notorious 
Sir George Downing, who afterwards figured in England under 
Cromwell and Charles II. Henry Dunsier was the first Presi- 
dent, appointed in 1640, and the present incumbent is the 
eighteenth in succession from him. Dunster and his immediate 
successor, Chauncy, were educated in England ; all the rest 
have been alumni of the College. 

The Corporation, consisting of the President, the Treasurer 
and five Fellows, holds under the Charter granted by the Colony 
of Massachusetts Bay in 1650, and the Appendix to the same, 
granted in 1657. The name and style of the Corporation is 
" The President and Fellows of Harvard College." 

Certain votes and acts of the Corporation, to be valid, must 
be confirmed or concurred in by another Board, the Overseers. 
This Board, in the beginning, consisted of the Governor and 
Deputy-Governor for the time being, and all the magistrates in 
the jurisdiction, together with the President of the College and 
"the teaching elders of the six next adjoining towns, — viz: 
Cambridge, Watertown, Charlestown, Boston, Roxbury, and 
Dorchester." When the Province became an independent State, 
it was provided in the constitution that the successors of the 
Governor, Deputy-Governor and magistrates should be " the 
Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Council, and Senate of this 
Commonwealth," who, together with the President of the Col- 
lege, and the u ministers of the Congregational Churches," in 
the six towns above mentioned, were vested with all the rights 
pertaining to the Overseers of Harvard College. From 1810 to 
1834, several Acts were passed, to alter and amend the " Con- 
stitution of the Board of Overseers/' Tiiey resulted in sub- 
stituting thirty permanent members for the ministers of the 
Congregational Churches in the six neighboring towns, fifteen 
ministers and fifteen laymen, to be elected by the Board itself. 
In 1851, the present organization was adopted. The Board 
now consists of the Governor, Lieut-Governor, President of the 
Senate, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Com- 
monwealth, the Secretary of the Board of Education, and the 
President and Treasurer of Harvard College, together with 
thirty other persons, elected by joint ballot of the Senators and 
Representatives in General Court assembled. 

Down to near the close of the last century, frequent grants 
were made by the Legislature in order to defray the current ex- 


penses of the College, and to assist in erecting some of the 
buildings which still remain. In 1814, ten thousand dollars a 
year, for ten years, being part of a Bank Tax, was granted to 
the College ; hut this also was expended in buildings and 
otherwise, as directed or understood at the time. Almost the 
whole of the funded and productive property of the College, 
amounting, according to the last Annual Report of the Treas- 
urer, to about a million of dollars, is the accumulation of dona- 
tions by private individuals, the friends of the College, since the 
present century began. It would be a great mistake, however, 
to suppose that this large sum is at the disposal of the Corpo- 
ration, so that it can be used to lessen the expenses of education, 
or to meet incidental charges. The donations, with but few 
exceptions, are pledged to special objects, from which they 
cannot be diverted ; and what is worse, many of them are in- 
adequate to their respective objects, and require to be eked out 
from the general fund of the College, so that instead of relieving 
that fund, they may be said to act, in some cases, as a tax upon 

The College yard contains a little more than twenty-two 
acres, and is bounded on all sides by public streets. Within 
this inclosure are most of the buildings occupied by the under- 
graduates as lodgings, or used for public purposes. They are 
as follows, arranging them according to the date of their erec- 
tion : — 

1. Massachusetts Hall, built in 1719-20, and occupied by 

2. Holden Chapel, built in 1744 ; used for Recitation and 
Lecture Rooms. 

3. Hollis Hall, built in 1762 - 63 ; occupied by students. 

4. Harvard Hall, built in 1764, to replace the second Harvard 
Hall, which was burnt in January of that year. The principal 
story is used for a Picture Gallery and Dining Room ; the second 
story for Recitation and Lecture Rooms. 

5. Stoughton Hall, built in 1804-5; occupied by students. 
The first building bearing this name stood between Massachu- 
setts and Harvard ; erected 1700, and taken down 1780. 

6. Holworthy Hall, built in 1312 ; occupied by students. 

7. University Hall, built in 1812 - 13 ; used for Recitation and 
Lecture Rooms. The offices of the President and of the Regent 
are also in this building. 

8. Dane Hall, built in 1332, and greatly enlarged in 1845. It 
contains the Library and Lecture Room of the Law School, and 
the offices of the Law Professors. 

9. Gore Hall, built in 1339-42. It contains the Public 
Library of the University. 

10. Boylston Hall, built in 1857 - 8, containing an Anatomical 
Museum, a Chemical Laboratory, and a Mineralogieal Cabinet, 
with Lecture and Recitation Rooms. 

11. Appletou Chapel, built in 1356 - 53 ; to be used exclusively 
for daily prayers, and worship on Sundays. 

To these must be added the edi(ices"owned by the College, 
and used for College purposes, outside the yard. 

12. Divinity Hall, erected in 1326, containing the Chapel 




Library and Lecture Rooms of the Divinity School, with lodg 
ing rooms for the students. If, as is expected, the Divinity 
School should be separated from the* University, this building 
will go with it. 

13. Graduates' Hall, built m 1832, with large additions in 
1S45. The principal story is rented, with the exception of the 
Steward's office, for business purposes ; the two upper stories 
are mostly occupied by students. 

14. The Observatory, built in 1845- G, to which is attached a 
dwelling house for the Observer. 

15. Scientific Hall, built in 1848. It belongs to the Lawrence 
Scientific School, and contains a large and completely equipped 
Chemical Laboratory, and the Drawing and Recitation Rooms 
for the Engineering Department. Near it is a wooden building, 
which affords a temporary, but very inadequate, accommodation 
for the Museum of Natural History. 

16. Medical College, in Grove Street, Boston, erected in 1846. 
It contains the Library, Museum, Laboratory, and Lecture 
Rooms of the Medical School. 

The University comprises : — 

1. The College proper, or Academical Department, founded 
as above-mentioned j 




2. The Medical School, instituted in 1782, removed to Boston 
in 1810 ; 

3. The Divinity School, organized in 1816 ; 

4. The Law School, instituted in 1817, but more liberally 
endowed and completely organized in 1829 ; 

5. The Lawrence Scientific School, founded in 1847 ; 

6. The Observatory, instituted in 1839, attached to the Sci- 
entific School when that was first organized, but afterwards 
separated from it, and made a distinct department of the Uni- 
versity, in 1356. 

The order of studies and the discipline and internal affairs of 
the several departments of the University are regulated by their 
respective Faculties, subject to the control of the Corporation 
and the Board of Overseers. 

The officers of instruction and government in the University 
at the beginning of the academic year, 1859-60, are as fol- 
lows : — 

James Walker, D.D., LL.D., President. 

Joel Parker, LL.D., Royall Professor of Law. 

Con vers Francis, D.D., Parkman Professor of Pulpit Elo- 
quence and the Pastoral Care. 

Theophilus Parsons, LL.D., Dane Professor of Law. 




George R. Noyes, D.D., Hancock Professor of Hebrew and 
other Oriental Languages, and L-'exter Lecturer on Biblical 

Emory Washburn, LL.D., University Professor of Law. 

D. Humphreys Siorer, M.D., Professor of Obstetrics and 
Medical Jurisprudence. 

Frederick H. Hedge, D.D ., Professor of Ecclesiastical His- 
tory in the Divinity School. 

John B. S. Jackson, M.D., Shattuck Professor of Morbid 
Anatomy and Curator of the Anatomical Museum. 

John Langdon Sibley, A.M., Librarian. 

Louis Agassiz, LL.D , Professor of Zoology and Geology in 
the Lawrence Scientific School. 

Cornelius C. Felton, LL.D., Eliot Professor of Greek Litera- 

Henry Ingersoll Bowditch, M.D., Jackson Professor of Clini- 
cal Medicine. 

Oliver W. Holmes, M.D., Parkman Professor of Anatomy 
and Physiology. 

Benjamin Peirce, LL.D., Perkins Professor of Astronomy and 

Asa Gray, M.D., Fisher Professor of Natural History. 




George Cheyne Shattuck, M.D., Hersey Professor of the 
Theory and Practice of Physic. 

Francis Bowen, A.M., Alford Professor of Natural Religion, 
Moral Philosophy, and Civil Polity. 

Georsre E, Ellis, D.D., Professor of Systematic Theology in 
the Divinity School. 

Joseph Lovering, A.M., Hollis Professor of Mathematics and 
Natural Philosophy, and Regent. 

Henry W. Torrey, A.M., McLean Professor of Ancient and 
Modern History. 

Jeffries Wyman, M.D., Hersey Professor of Anatomy. 

John Bacon, M.D., University Professor of Chemistry in the 
Medical School. 

Henry J. Bi^elow, M.D., Professor of Surgery. 

Henry L. Eustis, A.M., Professor of Engineering in the Law- 
rence Scientific School. 

Evangelinus A. Sophocles, A.M., Assistant Professor of 

Ehen N. Horsford, A.M., Rumford Professor and Lecturer on 
the Application of the Sciences to the Useful Arts. 

James Russell Lowell, A.M., Smith Professor of the French 
and Spanish Languages and Literatures, and Professor of Belles- 



Charles Miel, A.M., Instructor in French. 

Frederic 1). Huntington, D.D., Preacher to the University, 
and Plummer Professor of Christian Morals. 

Ezra Abbot, A.M., Assistant. Librarian. 

Edward Hammond Clarke, M.D., Professor of Materia 

George P. Bond, A.M., Director of the Observatory, and 
Phillips Professor of Astronomy. 

Francis J. Child, P.D., Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and 

George M. Lane, P.D., University Professor of Latin. 

James Jennison, A.M., Tutor in History, Instructor in Elo- 
cution, and Registrar. 

Josiah P. Cooke, A.M., Erving Professor of Chemistry and 

George Adam Schmitt, Instructor in German. 

William Watson Goodwin, P D., Tutor in Greek. 

Ephraim W. Gurney, A.B., Tutor in Latin. 

Charles W. Eliot, A.M., Assistant Professor of Mathematics 
and Chemistry. 

Edward Pearce, A.B., Tutor in Mathematics. 

James Mills Peirce, A.M., Proctor. 

Edwin Hale Abbot, A.M., Tutor in Latin. 

Solomon Lincoln, A.B., Tutor in Greek and Latin. 

William P. G. Bartlett, A.B., Proctor. 

Winslow Warren, A.B., Proctor. 

William R. Huntington, A.B., Proctor. 

Levi Parsons Homer, Instructor in Music. 

William G. Stearns, A.M., Steward. 

John B. Dana, Assistant Steward and Patron. 

Candidates for admission t'"> the Freshman Class in the Col- 
lege proper, or Academical Department, must pass a satisfac- 
tory examination in the following books, or in equivalents to the 
same : — 

Latin Department — The whole of Yirgil ; the whole of 
Caesar's Commentaries ; Cicero's Select Orations ; Folsom's or 
Johnson's edition ; Andrews and Stoddard's Latin Grammar, 
including Prosody ; and in writing Latin. 

Greek Department — Felton's Greek Reader ; Sophocles's 
Greek Grammar, including Prosody;, and in writing Greek with 
the Accents. 

Mathematical Department — Davies's or Chase's Arithmetic ; 
Euler's Algebra, or Davies's First Lessons in Algebra, to " The 
Extraction of the Square Root," or Sherwin's Common School 
Algebra ; and " An Introduction to Geometry and the Science of 
Form, prepared from the most approved Prussian Text- Books," 
as far as the Seventh Section, or Hill's " First Lessons in 

Historical Department — Mitchell's Ancient and Modern 
Geography ; Worcester's Elements of History. 

For admission to advanced standing, the candidate, whether 
from another College or not, must appear, on examination, to be 
well versed in the following studies : — 

1 . In the studies required lor admission to the Freshman Class. 


2. In all the required studies, and, if after the commencement 
of the Junior year, in one of the elective studies, already gone 
over by the class for which he is offered. 

He must also pay to the Steward, at the rate of $45 per 
annum, according; to the standard to which he is admitted. Any 
student, however, who has a regular dismission from another 
College, may be admitted to the same standing, if, on examina- 
tion, he is found qualified without any pecuniary consideration. 
This charge for advanced standing is also remitted to indigent 

Every candidate, before examination, must produce proper 
testimonials of a good moral character, and, if admitted, must 
give a bond of four hundred dollars to pay all charges accruing 
under the laws and customs of the University. The bond must 
be executed by two bondsmen, who must be satisfactory to the 
Steward of the College, and one of them must be a citizen of 

The academic year is divided into two terms of twenty weeks 
each, with two vacations of six weeks each. Commencement 
is on the third Wednesday in July, and is followed by the Sum- 
mer Vacation. Candidates for admission to the College must 
offer themselves for examination on the Monday before Com- 
mencement, or on the first day of a Term. 

The aggregate annual expenses of an undergraduate vary with 
the economy of the individual, and cannot be stated with much 
precision. The proper College charges, including what is paid 
for Instruction, Library and Lecture Rooms, amount to $75 a 
year. Rent and care of room in the College buildings, $20 ; in 
private houses the charge is higher. Text books average about 
812. The price of board varies from $2.75 to $4 per week. 

Pecuniary assistance is provided for meritorious students 
among the undergraduates. Ten of the best scholars, needing 
aid, receive annually $300 each from the Trustees of the Thayer 
Fund. Ample provision is thus made for those who stand at 
the head, or near the head, of their respective classes. There 
are also four Shattuck scholarships, yielding an annual income 
of $150 each ; the scholarship of the class of 1814, $115 ; the 
Abbot scholarship, $100 ; and two Saltonstall scholarships, $90 
each. Several other scholarships will become available in a 
few years. 

Deserving students, whose rank is not such as to entitle them 
to a scholarship, receive aid from the beneficiary fund, — a con- 
solidation of various bequests and donations which have been 
made to the College, from time to time, for this purpose. The 
annual amount distributed from this source is about twelve 
hundred dollars, in sums ranging from twenty to forty dollars, 
according to the merits of the applicants. About the same sum 
may also he obtained, as a loan, from the Trustees of the Loan 
Fund, which was raised a few years ago, by subscription among 
the friends of the College, for the accommodation of indigent and 
worthy students. 

There are eight monitorships, with a compensation varying 
from twenty to eighty dollars a year, and prizes for excellence 
•n composition and declamation, amounting in all to two ban- 

20 Jl A i:\AIU) I M\ KKSITY. 

dred and seventy dollars annually, both of which may be con- 
sidered as an addition to the beneficiary funds <>f the institution. 
The expenses of members ol the Professional and Scientific 

Schools need not exceed those of undergraduates, except where 

this is caused by heavier charges for instruction and apparatus. 

In the Divinity School the charges for instruction, rent and 
care of room and furniture, and use of text books, amounting to 

$7.1 per annum ; hut this is much more than olfset in the 
of indigent students, by an annual appropriation of about 
each, from beneficiary funds. 

In the Law School the fee for tuition, including the use of the 
Law and College Libraries, and the text hooks, is $50 a Term. 

In the Scientific School, if, as is usually the case, the whole 
time is given to a single department, the fees are : — 

For instruction in Chemistry, $50 a Term ; with an additional 
charge of $.30 for Chemicals and the use of apparatus ; 

For instruction in Engineering, $.30 a Term ; 

For instruction in Botany, from April 1st to the end of the 
Term, $45. 

In the other departments the fees for special instruction are 
agreed upon with the Professors. 

In the Medical School the fees for the winter courses of Lec- 
tures amount in all to $30. A summer course of instruction by 
recitations and lectures, with daily visits at the hospital, has 
just been established, the fee for which is $100. 

Candidates for admission to the several schools must furnish 
satisfactory evidence of good moral character, and give bonds 
for the payment of their Term bills, as in the case of under- 
graduates. A deposit of money is sometimes accepted instead 
of a bond. 

For admission to the Law School no examination is required ; 
but the candidate, if not a graduate at some College, must be 
nineteen years of age. To enter the Scientific School, the stu- 
dent must be eighteen years of age. If he proposes to study 
Engineering, a knowledge of Algebra, Geometry and Trigonom- 
etry is also required before admission. If he proposes to study 
Chemistry, the same, together with an acquaintance with Stock- 
hardt's Elements of Chemistry, or some equivalent. Candidates 
for admission to the Divinity School, if not graduates of any 
College, must pass a satisfactory examination in the studies 
necessary to an English Education, and also in Latin and 

The following is a summary of the students attending the 
several departments of the University at the commencement of 
the last academic year: — 

Professional Students and Resident Graduates — Divinity 
Students, 21; Law Students, 252; Scientific Students, 75; 
Medical Students, 140 ; Resident Graduates, 15 ; — 503. 

Undergraduates — Seniors, 107; Juniors, 34; Sophomores, 
112; Freshmen, 123 ; — 431. Total, 862. 

The Public Library of the University is for the use of the 
officers and students in all its departments. It contains 33.000 
volumes, together with a vast collection of unbound pamphlets. 
To this are io be added the large and very complete Law Library 





at the Law School, containing 15,000 volumes ; the Theological 
Library at the Divinity School, containing nearly 12,500 vol- 
umes ; the Medical Library, at the Medical School, containing 
2000 volumes ; and the Phillips Astronomical Library, at the 
Observatory, containing 1200 volumes. The Libraries of the 
Societies among the undergraduates contain about 15,300 vol- 
umes. In all, 129,000 volumes. 

The other means and facilities of instruction are among the 
amplest and most valuable in the country. They comprehend: 

1. Apparatus for illustrating the mathematical and physical 
sciences and the application of science to the arts, including a 
complete set of the celebrated Olivier models. 

2. A Mineralogical Cabinet. 

3. A Geological and Zoological Museum, collected by Prof. 
Agassiz ; already, in some departments, unequalled by any in 
the world. 

4. Two Anatomical Museums, — the Boylston Museum at 
Cambridge, and the Warren Museum at the Medical College in 

5. Two large and completely equipped Chemical Labora- 
tories, — one for the use of the Lawrence Scientific School, and 
the other for the undergraduates. The Medical College in Bos- 
ton has also a Laboratory. 

6. A Botanic Garden, with a new Conservatory, much en- 
larged. The Garden contains about seven and a half acres, and 
encloses two dwelling houses, — one for the Professor and the 
other for the Gardener. 

7. The Astronomical Observatory, supplied with all the 
necessary instruments, among which is the Great Equatorial. 
A dwelling house is attached to the Observatory, in which the 
principal observer resides. 

The College belongs to no religious sect. A large proportion 
of the students live in the neighborhood, and are allowed to p ass 
their Sundays at home. The rest attend worship either in t | ie 


College Chapel, or in some church of their own denomination, 
where seats are provided for them free of expense. The Preacher 
to the University, and Plummer Professor of Christian Morals 
is required, by the terms of his office, to use all M suitable 
means to warn and guard the students against the dangers to 
which they are exposed, to supply as far as may be their need 
of home influences, and to promote among them an earnest 
Christian faith and life." 


The " Harvard Gymnasium " is a new fruit of the interest, 
which has been growing up among educators and thinking 
people for some years, in physical culture. The doctrine has 
at last gone abroad that of the three parts of man, — viz : body, 
mind, and spirit, — the first deserves attention and development 
as well as the second and third; partly for its own sake, and 
partly for its importance to the right state and healthy action of 
the other two. While natural science is exploring the organ- 
izations of all living creatures, it seems absurd to leave the 
human frame itself, "fearfully and wonderfully made" by the 
Creator, the instrument of man's usefulness and whole visible 
connection with the world, to neglect and disease. It has espe- 
cially begun to be felt that a great mistake has been made in 
the very process of education ; and that for want of a proper 
bodily training the young fatally undermine or weaken their 
constitutions while they are acquiring knowledge ; so that they 
may render their knowledge nearly useless in the one-sided way 
of getting it. Pale, sickly, dyspeptic, consumptive, weak-eyed, 
short-lived students are the evidence. Some attempts were 
made to meet the evil, several years ago, in Harvard College, 
when Dr. Follen, Dr. Beck, and Prof. Lieber brought to this 
country some of the German and Greek ideas of gymnastic 
exercises. Pieces of apparatus were set up in the open air, on 
the "Delta." But the times were not ready, and the under- 
taking failed. The subject was revived in a practical form by 
Prof. Huntington when he entered on the duties of his office, 
and pursued till private liberality and the co-operation of the 
government of the institution have reared the present handsome 
and commodious establishment, and put it in successful opera- 
tion. Some steps had been taken by Prof. H., whose " Chair " 
has regard to the physical along with the moral and spiritual 
welfare of the University, towards collecting subscriptions for 
tliis object, and considerable sums had been conditionally 
pledged, when, in 1858, a single individual, — a noble-minded 
graduate of the College, — offered to build and furnish the 
edifice, at the cost of eight thousand dollars. With a modesty 
in his beneficence, as rare as it is beautiful, this benefactor, 
whom parents and children will bless for many generations, 
imposed on his princely gift the strict condition that his name 
should not be known, even to the Trustees, during his life- 
time. The building was begun in March, 1859, completed in 
July, and opened for use in September. It is an irregular 


octagon in form, having one side extended for howling-alleys. 
The diameter on the ground is eighty feet. Ample provision is 
made for light and ventilation by windows in the clere-story. 
The whole terminates in a pointed dome at the top. The prin- 
cipal material is brick. Inside, the main body of the building 
is in one apartment, with dressing-rooms for the several classes, 
offices, &c, ranged around it. Gas, aqueduct water, and artifi- 
cial heat are provided. The apparatus is probably the most 
thorough, complete and secure of any in the country. It was 
made under the direction of Mr. Waitt, the able mechanic of the 
College, advised by the Superintendent. The architect of the 
structure itself was Mr. Edward Cabot, of Boston. It stands 
on a smaller Delta, between Broadway and Cambridge Street, 
directly opposite the College Yard. 

Mr. Molineux, the Superintendent and instructor, from Wor- 
cester, is an experienced, athletic, gentlemanly, careful officer. 
All persons directly connected with the University, as officers 
or students, are admitted to the exercises. Classes are arranged 
for regular instruction. Nearly four hundred undergraduates 
attend, and more than a hundred and fifty from the Professional 


The munificent sum of fifty thousand dollars having been 
given by William Gray to found a Museum of Comparative 
Zoology, the Legislature of this Commonwealth, at the session 
of 1859, passed an Act incorporating certain persons, under the 
name of the "Trustees of the Museum of Comparative Zo- 
ology," with power to hold real and personal property to the 
amount of three hundred thousand dollars, and authorized the 
issue of State Scrip in aid of said Museum to the amount of one 
hundred thousand dollars, whenever an equal sum, including 
that given by Mr. Gray, should have been raised by private 
subscription. To meet this liability of the Commonwealth, 
twenty per cent, of the proceeds of the sales of the Back Bay 
lands were to be held in the Treasury as a Trust Fund. 

In less than a year a private subscription of seventy thousand 
dollars has been raised in addition to the sum given by Mr. 
Gray, and a building has been erected on land given by Harvard 
College, in which an immense number of specimens" has been 
already stored. 

To the interest awakened by the genius and enthusiasm of 
Professor Agassiz is the Commonwealth indebted for the honor 
of being the first to institute and endow this noble aid in the 
study of Natural History. 


On \v lterhouse Street. 

[Established by Act of Congress ^ March 3/, 1819.] 

Commander Charles Henry Davis, Superintendent. 

Professor Benjamin Peirce, Consulting Astronomer. 

Isaac Bradford, Clerk. 

Professor John D. Runkle, Assistant. 

Chauncey Wright, Assistant. 

Ehen J. Loomis, Assistant. 

Professor William Ferrel, Assistant. 

Simon Newcomh, Assistant. 

David Jermyn, Messenger. 

.A. Xj 3VE -A. 2XT -A. O 



. i 


1 _ 




















4 5 







5 6 














12 13 






18 19 





17 18 







25 26 






24 25 













1 2 







8 9 





7 8 







15 16 






14 15 








22 23 






21 22 






28 29 .. 



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7 8 





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1314 15 






11 12 






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9 10 







18 19 







16 17 







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30 31 





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20 21 







30 31 



27 28 










4 6 







6 7 





13 14 






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20 21 






18 19 







27 28 






25 26 











• • 



31 Days. 



Letters in the United States, 
per \ oz , (fractions same,) not 
over 3000 miles, 3 c. prepaid ; 
over 3000 miles, 10 c. prepaid. 
Drop Letters, 1 c. prepaid or not. 

J> First Quarter, 1st day, 6h. 0m. in the morning. — N. 
O Full Moon, 8th day lOh. 33m. in the morning. — N. W. 
d Last Quarter, 15th day, 2h. 5m. in the morning. — S. E. 
Q New Moon, 22d day, 7h. 21m. in the evening. — W. 
D First Quarter, 31st day, Oh. 13m. in the morning. — W. 

■ Days i S in Sun San 'a Davs Day 


Moon Moon Moon's 




Week. 'Rise Sets. dec.S. Leng\ Lie. 



South Place. 


S. 7 33 4 27 23 1 

8 54 4 



6 6 h ead 

4 23 

2 Mond. 7 33 4 27 22 56 

8 54 4 


1 5 

6 50 head 

5 27 

3 Tuesd. 7 32 4 28 22 51 

8 56 6 


2 11 

7 38 neck 

6 43 

4Wedn.7 32 4 28 22 46 

8 56 6 


3 21 

8 31 neck 


5Thurs.7 314 29 22 38 

8 56 6 


4 32 

9 29 ai ' m s 

9 9 

6 Friday 7 31 4 29 22 31 

8 58 8 


5 31 

10 30 arms 

10 6 

7Saturd7 314 29 22 24 

8 58 8 


6 5211 35 breast 

10 57 

8 S. 7 30 4 30 22 18 

9 10 



nior. breast 

11 43 

9 Mond. .7 30 4 30 22 8 

9 10 


6 5 

37 heart 


10 Tuesd. 7 29 4 3122 1 

9 20 12 


7 26 

1 35 heart 


11 Wedn.7 29 4 3121 50 

9 20 14 


8 45 

2 29 belly 

1 4 

12 Thurs. 7 28 4 32 21 41 

9 40 16 



3 20 belly 

1 43 

13 Fridav 7 27 4 33 21 32 

9 60 18 


11 13 

4 9 belly 

2 22 

14Saturd7 27 4 33 21 22 

9 6 20 



4 57 reins 

3 5 

15 S. 7 26 4 34 21 10 

9 8 22 



5 44 reins 

3 56 

16 Mond. 7 25 4 35 21 

9 10 22 


1 39 

6 34 360^3 

5 4 

17 Tuesd. 7 24 4 36 20 48 

9 12 24 


2 49 

7 26 seer's 

6 24 

18 Wed n. 7 23 1 37 20 36 

9 14 26 


3 56 

8 20 thighs 

7 46 

19 Thurs. 7 214 39 20 35 

9 18 28 


4 56 

9 13 ihighs 

8 53 

20 Friday 7 20 4 40 20 11 

9 20 30 


5 49 

10 7 knees 

9 47 


Saturd7 19 4 4120 1 

9 22 32 


6 31 

10 58 knees 

10 28 


S. |7 18 4 4219 45 

9 24 34 



11 47 knees 

11 8 


Mond. 7 17 4 43 19 31 

9 26 36 


5 35 

ev.31 legs 

11 40 


Tuesd. 7 16 4 4419 18 

9 28 38 


6 39 

1 14 legs 

ev. 10 


Wedn.7 15 4 4519 1 

9 30 40 


7 42 

1 55 feet 



Thurs. 7 14 4 4618 46 

9 32 42 


8 40 

2 34 feet 

1 8 


Friday 7 13 4 4718 31 

9 34 44 


9 34 

3 12 feet 

1 36 


Saturd7 12 4 4818 17 

9 36 46 


10 43 

3 52 head 

2 7 


S. 7 114 4918 

9 38 48 


11 48 

4 35 head 

2 44 


Mond. 7 10 4 5017 45 

9 40 50 



5 19 neck 

3 30 


Tuesd.|7 9|4 5l| 

9 420 52 



6 7 neck 

3 42 

i860. FEBRUARY. 29 Days. 


auvenuea ucivcrvj ' c. e\ir;i 

Po <jr from tli«- Provinces, no 
8000 miles from the line 


L0 0. per I <>z-, over 3000, 15 c. 

prepaid or not. 

^^b^Ciflft &-^" ** -•^^w^-v ' Transient newspaper a, peri- 

~j^^^t^£^^^^^^^c^ ><Ucals, unsealed circulars, or 

'^Vvj^j^V^A^-- \ dher articles of printed- mat- 

. i in ■griS^-^g^^^~- 

CCept books), not exceeding 


O Full Moon, 6th day, 9h. 37m. in the evening. — S. E. 

C Last Quarter, 13th day, lh. 53m. in the afternoon. — N. "W. 

9 New Moon, 21st day, 2h. 41m. in the afternoon. — S. AV. 

D First Quarter, 29th day, 2h. 58m. in the afternoon. — S. E. 

D. Days i Sun i Sun .Sun's 1 Days | Day i Sun Moon ] Moon |Mooii'»i High 


VI. Week. jRise |Set8.Jdec.S.|Len». | Inc. (Slow 

1 Wedn. 7 7 4 53 17 15 9 46 56 14 

2 2 7 12 neck 7 35 

2Thurs. 7 64 54 16 58 : 9 48 58 14 

3 9 8 10 arnjs 7 30 

3 Friday 7 4 4 56 1G 39 9 58 1 2, 14 

4 13 9 13 arms 8 63 

4Saturd.7 3 4 5716 21 9 54 1 4 14 

5 1010 5 1 >rtast 9 45 

5 S. 7 24 5816 4 9 561 6 14 

11 7 breast 10 37 

6 Mond. 7 1 4 59 15 46 9 58 1 8 14 


mor . heart H 19 

7Tuesd. 7 5 015 28 10 1 10 14 

6 10 

4 '"tart ; mor . 

8Wedn. 6 59 5 115 9 10 2 1 12 14 

7 30 

1 Opelly 1 

9Thurs. 6 57 5 3 14 5010 6116 15 

8 47 

1 51'nlly 38 

10 Friday 6 56 5 4 14 31 10 8 1 18 15 

10 4 

2 42 ieins l 13 

llSaturd.6 55 5 514 1110 101 20 15 11 19 

3 32 reins 1 52 

12 S. 6 535 713 52 10 14 124 15 mor. 

4 23 seer's 2 33 

13 Mond. 6 52 5 813 32 10 161 26| 15 


5 lasecr'a 3 23 

14 Tuesd. 6 515 913 1110 181 28| 15 

1 42 

6 10 tl 

15 Wedn. 6 49 5 11 12 51 10 22 1 32 14 

2 48 

7 5 thigh* 5 49 

16Thurs. 6 48 5 1212 30 10 24 1 31 14 

3 44 

8 knees 7 19 

17 Friday 6 47 5 13 12 10 10 2G 1 30 14 

4 29 

8 51 knees 8 28 

18Saturd.6 45 5 1511 49 10 30 1 40 14 

5 6 

9 41 knees 9 22 

19 S. 6 44 5 16 11 28 10 32 1 42 14 

5 38 

10 2Klegs 10 4 

20 Mond. 6 42 5 18 11 6 10 36 1 40 14 

6 2 

11 121~gs 10 41 

21 Tuesd. 6 415 19 10 45 10 38 1 48; 14 


11 53 -feet 11 12 

22 Wedn. 6 39 5 21 10 21 10 42 1 52 14 

6 34 

ev.34 feet 11 41 

23 Thurs. 6 38 5 22 10 10 44 1 54 14 

7 33 

1 13 feet ev. 13 

24 Friday 6 36 5 24 9 40 10 48 I 58 14 
25<aturd.6 355 25 9 is 10 50 2 13 

8 34 

9 40 

1 50 head 36 

2 34 head 1 8 

26 S. 6 33 5 27 8 5610 512 4 13 

10 45 

3 18 neck 1 41 

27 Mond. 6 32 5 28 8 33 10 56 2 6 


11 50 

4 4 Deck 

2 17 

28 Tuesd. 6 30 5 30 8 11 11 2 10 



4 51 neck 

3 2 

29 Wedn. 6 29 5 31 

7 4811 22 12 



5 49 arms 





MARCH. 31 Days. 

Ifi&V £> 

•ioz. in weight, to any part of the 



United States, prepnid, 1 c. ; each 

additional ounce or fraction of an 

ounce, 1 c, prepaid. 


i Regular newspapers or period- 

icals, paid yearly or quarterly in 

advance, when circulated in the 



State where published, not weigh- 
ing over 1£ oz., * c. ; over 1£ oz. 


O Full Moon, 7th day, 7h. 51m. in the morning-. — N. W. 

d Last Quarter, 

14th day, 4h, 16m. in the morning. — S. E. 

New Moon, 22d day, 9h. 3m. in the morning-. — S. E. 


J) First Quarter, 30th day, 2h. 5m. in the morning-. — N. W. 

i Davs | Sun | Sun i 

Sun's Days . Day 



Moon Moon's Hisrh 

M. Week. Rise Sets. 

1'ihurs. 6 27 5 33 

dec.S. Leng. ' Inc. 

7 2511 6 2 16 




South Place. 

1 Wat. 

5 26 


6 49 arms 

2 Friday 6 26 5 34 

7 211 82 18 


2 58 7 48 breast 

6 59 

3 Saturd. 6 24 5 36 

6 3911 12 2 22 


3 49 8 48 breast 

8 24 

4 S. |6 23 5 37 

6 1511 14 2 24 


4 33 9 46 heart 

9 27 

5 Mond. ]6 22 5 38 

6 53 11 18 2 26 


5 4 10 42 heart 

10 16 

6Tuesd. 6 20 5 40 

5 2911 20 2 30 


5 3411 37 belly 

11 1 

7 Wedn. 6 19 5 41 

5 611 22 2 32 


rises, mor. belly 

11 37 

8Thurs. |6 18 5 42 

4 4211 24 2 34 


7 38 29 reins 


9 Friday 6 16 5 44 

4 1911 28 2 38 


8 58 1 21 reins 


10 Saturd. 6 15 5 45 

3 5511 30 2 40 


10 16 2 14 reins 


11 s. 

6 13 5 47 

3 3311 34 2 44 


11 30 3 9 seer's 

1 34 

12 Mond. 

6 12 5 48 

3 811 36 2 46 


mor. 4 4 seer's 

2 17 


6 105 50 

2 14 11 40 2 50 


39 5 1 thighs 

3 9 

1 1 Wedn. 

6 95 51 

2 2211 42 2 52 


1 39 5 56 thighs 

4 9 

15Thura. 6 75 53 

1 5711 46 2 56 


2 30 6 57 knees 

5 28 

16 Friday 6 65 54 

1 3411 48 2 58 


3 11 7 41 knees 

6 49 

178aturd.|6 4 5 56 

1 11 11 52 3 2 


3 44 8 29 legs 

7 58 

18 S. 

6 35 57 

4711 54 3 4 


4 12 9 15 legs 

8 55 

19 Mond. 

6 1 5 59 S. 2 11 583 8 


1 31 9 57 feet 

9 36 


6 6 ON. 212 3 10 


1 55 10 38 feet 

10 12 

21 Wedn. 

5 57 6 1 

26 12 2 3 12 


5 13 11 IS feet 

10 44 


22Tlmrs. 5 57J6 3 

4912 6J3 16 


■eta. 11 5s head 

11 11 

23 Friday 5 56|6 1 

1 12 12 s:; is 


7 37 ev.i 

11 11 

21 Saturd. 

5 546 6 

1 36 12 12. -5 22 


8 12 I 22|neck 

ev. 16 

25 S. 

5 53.6 7 

1 59 12 L43 21 


9 18 2 9neck 


20 Mond. 

5 51 6 9 

2 2:; 12 in:; 2s 


10 55 2 :■ 

I 21 

27 Tuesd. 

5 50 6 10 

2 16 12 20 3 30 


11 57 :? 50!arma 

2 6 

88 Wedn. 5 186 12 

3 10 12 213 34 


mor. l 18'arma 

2 57 

29Thurs. 5 176 13 

3 33 12 263 .''.6 


o .v.) :, W.breast 

30 Friday 5 16 6 1 1 

3 56 12 283 38 


1 19 6 11 breast 

5 19 


31 Saturd. 5 44 6 16i 

12 32 3 12 


2 :;:; 7 11 heart 

6 51 

18G0. APRIL. 30 Days. 

and not over 3 oz., \ c. ; every 

" Jfa^fl 

additional oz. or fraction, \ c. 

When circulated out of theSiate 


all weighing 3 oz. or less, 4/ c, 


and each additional oz., or frac- 


tion, \ c. Weekly newspapers 


within the county where printed 


and published, single copy, free 

to each subscriber. Small new3 


O Full Moon, 5th day, 5h. 13m. in the evening. — E. 

C Last Quarter, 12th day, 8h. 51m. in the evening. — N. E. 

New Moon, 21st day, lh. 2m. in the morning. — N. 

I> First Quarter, 28th day, 9h. 55m. in the morning. — N. E. 

D: Days Sun j Sun Sun's Days , Day 

Sun Moon 

Moon Moon's Hi gh 

M. Week. Rise Sets, dec N Leng\ jlnc. 



South Place. 


1 S. 5 42 6 18 4 43 12 36 3 46 


3 9 

8 35 heart 

8 5 

2Mond. 5 416 19 5 6 12 38 3 48 


3 40 

9 29 heart 

9 9 

3Tuesd. 5 396 21 5 2912 42 3 52 


4 6 

10 22 belly 

9 59 

4Wedn. 5 38 6 22 5 52 12 44 3 54 


4 32 

11 13 belly 

10 41 

5Thurs. 5 37 6 23 6 1512 46 3 56 



mor. reins 

11 19 

6 Friday 5 35 6 25 6 37 12 50 4 


7 54 

5 reins 


7 Saturd. 5 34 6 26 6 59 12 52 4 2 


9 17 

1 seer's 


8 S. 5 32 6 28 7 21 12 56 4 6 


10 27 

1 58 seer's 


9Mond. 5 316 29 7 43 12 58 4 8 


11 34 

2 55 thighs 

1 22 

lOTuesd. 5 29 6 31 8 613 2 4 12 



3 54 thighs 

2 9 

mYedn. 5 28 6 32 8 2813 4 4 14 



4 51 knees 

2 59 

12 Thurs. 5 26 6 34 8 50 13 8 4 18 


1 16 

5 43 knees 

3 55 

13 Friday 5 25 6 35 9 11 13 10 4 20 


1 52 

6 33 legs 

5 2 

14 Saturd. 5 24 6 36 9 33 13 12 4 22 

2 23 

7 21 legs 

6 18 

15 S. 5 22 6 38 9 54 13 16 4 26 


2 46 

8 3 legs 

7 22 

16Mond. 5 216 3710 1613 18 4 28 


3 7 

8 44 feet 

8 18 

17Tuesd. 5 20 6 4010 3713 20 4 30 


3 26 

9 24 feet 

9 4 

18Wedn. 5 18 6 4210 5813 24 4 34 


3 46 

10 4 head 

9 44 

19 Thurs. 5 17 6 4311 1813 26 4 36 


4 5 10 44 head 

10 12 

20 Friday 5 15 6 4511 3913 28 4 38 


4 27 

11 28 head 

10 46 

21 Saturd. 5 14 6 4611 5913 32 4 42 



ev. 13 neck 

11 26 

22 S. 5 13 6 4712201334444 


8 54 

1 2 neck 

ev. 1 

23Mond. 5 11 6 4912 4013 38 4 48 


10 2 

1 57 arms 


24 Tuesd. 5 10 6 50 12 59 13 40 4 50 



2 52 arms 

1 20 

25 Wedn. 5 9 6 51 13 19 13 42 4 52 


11 55 

3 49 breast 

2 6 

26 Thurs. 5 8 6 52 13 38 13 44 4 54 



4 47 breast 

2 56 

27 Friday 5 7 6 53 13 57 13 46 4 56 



5 43 heart 

3 55 

28 Saturd. 5 5 6 55141613505 


1 16 

6 38 heart 

5 10 

29 S. 5 4 6 4614 3613 52 5 2 


1 49 

7 29 heart 

6 28 

30 Mond. 5 2,6 46 14 53,13 56.5 6 

1 i 1 1 1 1 


2 14 

8 19 belly 

7 45 

1860. MAY. 

31 Days. 

rs and periodicals, monthly 

v ^v . -_v * .... 


' '- N * ^ jmf&. ~* " *i K- 

,or oftener, and pamphlets not 


[containing more than sixteen oc- 
tavo pages in single packages of 

not less than 8 oz. to one address, 

prepaid by stamp, £ c. for each 

'^c^SssSli ^i^isissSs?-^ 

ounce : fraction same. 

^..r-J^^g,' ^-^-^r~~^ 



oks, bound or unbound, not 
hing over four pounds, un- 



O Ml Moon, 5th day, 2h. 22m. in 

the morning. — S. W. 

([ Last Quarter, 12th day, 2h. 36m 

. in the evening. — N. W. 

Q New Moon, 20th day, 2h. 6m. in 

the evening. — S. W. 


J) First Quarter, 27th day, 3h. 24m. in the evening. — S. E. 

3 D*ys Sun Sun Sun's Da ) s Day , 

Sun M.-on Moon Moon's HiJ-h 


I Week. Rise Sets. dec. N Len?. Inc. Fast. 

R.&S. South 1 Place. Wat. 

1 Tuesd. 5 1 6 59 15 10 13 58 5 8 


2 38 9 9 belly g 50 

2 Wedn. 5 7 15 28 14 5 10 


3 310 reins 9 41 

3 Thurs. 4 59 7 115 4614 2 5 12; 


3 29 10 52 reins 10 24 

4 Friday 4 58 7 216 3 14 4 5 14| 


3 59 

11 55 seer's n 7 

5Saturd.4 57 7 316 2114 6 5 16 



mor. seer's n 49 

6 S. 4 55 7 516 3814 10 5 20 


9 23 

45 thighs m or. 

7Mond. 4 54 7 616 5514 12 5 22* 


10 22 

1 45 thighs; 31 

8Tuesd. 4 53 7 7 17 12 14 14 5 24J 


11 13 

2 44 knees , l 14 

9 Wedn. 4 52 7 8 17 28 14 16 5 26! 


11 54 

3 38 knees ! 1 56 

10 Thurs. 4 51 7 9 17 43 14 18 5 28i 



4 30 legs 

2 41 

11 Friday 4 50 7 10 18 14 20 5 30 



5 18 legs 

3 27 

12Saturd.4 487 1218 14 

14 24 5 34; 



6 3 legs 

4 18 

13 S. ,4 47 7 1318 28 

14 26 5 36 


1 15 

6 44 feet 

5 19 

14 Mond. 4 46 7 1418 42 

14 285 38 


1 34 

7 24 feet 

6 21 

15Tuesd. :4 457 1518 57 

14 30 5 40- 


1 52 

8 3 head j 7 23 

16 Wedn. ,4 44 7 1619 11 

14 32 5 42 


2 12 

8 43 head 8 16 

17 Thurs. 4 43 7 17 19 25 14 34 5 44| 


2 31 

9 25 head ! 9 5 

18 Friday 4 42 7 18 19 38 14 36 5 46 


2 56 

10 11 neck j 9 50 

19Saturd.4 417 1919 50 

14 38 5 48| 


3 23 

10 58 neck ;10 28 

20 S. 4 40 7 20 20 2 

14 40 5 50, 



11 50 arms 11 9 

21 Mond. 4 39 7 2120 15 

14 42 5 52' 


8 56 

ev. 48 arms 11 51 

22Tuesd. 4 38 7 22 20 27 

14 44 5 54i 


9 52 

1 40 arms ev.33 

23 Wedn. 4 37 7 23 20 38 

14 46 5 56! 


10 39 

2 42 breast 1 13 

24 Thurs. 4 37 7 23 20 50 

1 1 16 5 56 


11 16 

3 39 breast 1 57 

25 Friday 4 36 7 24 21 

14 48 5 58! 


11 50 

4 34 heart 2 44 

26Saturd.4 357 25 21 11 

14 50 6 



5 25 heart 3 34 

27 S. 4 34 7 26 21 21 

14 52 6 2 



6 15 belly 1 4 46 

28 Mond. 4 33 7 27 21 30 

11 510 4 



7 4 belly 5 48 

29Tuesd. 4 33 7 27 21 40 

11 51 6 4 


1 7 

7 52 reins 7 6 

30 Wedn. 4 32 7 28 21 49 

14 50 6 


1 31 

8 43 reins 8 16 317 29 14 58 6 8 


1 58 

9 37 reins ' 9 18 




860. JUNE. 

30 Days. 

000 miles, 1 c. per oz., pre- 

- £| 

ler 8 

««*»* - ~ \3sos. ^^ 


over 3000 miles, 2 c. 

^R 1 ^* tfffcs. ^Vs 

v^' r 

Publishers 0/ newspapers and 


periodicals are allowed a free ex- 

change of one copy, and may also 

" "V^^^^OTN ;-s^ 

$ r 


to each actual subscriber, 

_^<^> Wf^Vk- ' 



Bed in their publications, 

1 ^S^ - -^^^*P^^''' rtJp'v^ ^ N \ 

bills and receipts for the same, 
free of postage. 



O Full Moon, 3d day, Oh. 

im. in th 

e evening. — N. 

C Last Quarter, 11th day, 

8h. 22m 

. in the morning. — S. W. 

# New Moon, 19th day, Oh. 40m. in the morning — N. 

]) First Quarter, 25th day 

7h. 50m 

. in the evening. — S W. 



Davs , Sun . Sun 1 Sun's 1 Da 

ys I Day 1 Sun Moon Moon Moon's Hi?h 


Week. |Rise Sets 

g Inc. t 

ast. R &S. South Place. Wat. 

Friday 4 3 1 7 29 22 6 14 58 6 8 

3 2 30 10 31 seer's 10 6 


Saturd. 4 30 7 30 22 14 15 

6 10 

2 3 611 28 seer's 10 52 


S. 4 30 7 30 22 23 15 

b' 10 

2 rises. 

mor. thighs n 35 

4Mond. 4 29 7 3122 30 15 

2 6 12 

2 9 3 

26 thighs mor. 

5Tuesd. 4 29 7 3122 37 15 

2 6 12 

2 9 47 

1 24 knees 


6 Wedn. 4 28 7 32 22 43 15 

4 6 14 

2 10 22 

2 17 knees 


7 Thurs. 4 28 7 32 22 4815 

4 6 14 

1 10 46 

3 8 legs 

1 33 

8 Friday 4 28 7 32 22 54 15 

4 6 14 

1 11 14 

3 52 legs 

2 7 

9 Saturd. 4 27 

7 33 22 58 15 

6 6 16 

1 11 34 

4 36 feet 

2 46 

10 ! S. 4 27 

7 33 23 3 15 

6 6 16 

1 11 52 

5 17 feet 

3 26 

11 Mond. 4 27 

7 33 23 7 15 

6 6 16 

1 mor. 

5 56 feet 

4 9 

12Taesd. 4 26 

7 34 23 11 15 

8 6 IS 

1 10 

6 36 head 

5 7 

13 Wedn. 4 26 

7 34 23 14 15 

8 6 18 


7 16 head 

6 7 

14 Thurs. 4 26 

7 34 23 17 15 

8 6 18 

S. 59 

7 59 neck 

7 17 

15 Friday 4 25 

7 35 23 2015 

106 20 

1 16 

8 44 neck 

8 18 

16 Saturd. 4 25 

7 35 23 22 15 

10 6 20 

1 1 48 

9 35 neck 

9 16 

17 S. 4 25 

7 35 23 24 15 

10 6 20 

1 2 29 

10 30 arms 

10 6 

18 Mond. 4 25 

7 35 23 2515 

10 6 20 

1 3 20 

11 28 arms 10 52 

19Tuesd. 4 25 

7 35 23 26 15 

10 6 20 

1 sets. 

ev. 28 breast 11 37 

20 Wedn. 4 25 

7 35 23 27 15 

10 6 20 

1 9 13 

1 27 breast ev. 20 

21 Thurs. 4 25 

7 35 23 27 15 10 6 20 

1 9 48 

2 24 heart 


22 Friday 4 25 

7 35 23 2715 10 6 20 

2 10 19 

3 18 heart 

1 41 

23 Saturd. 4 25 

7 35 23 27 15 

10 6 20 

2 10 53 

4 8 belly 

2 21 

24 S. 4 25 

7 35 23 26 15 

10 6 20 

2 11 7 

4 57 belly 

3 5 

25 Mond. 4 26 

7 34 23 2515 

10 dec. 

2 11 31 

5 45 reins 

3 57 

26 Tuesd. 4 26 

7 34 23 23 15 

8 2i 

2 11 54 

6 34 reins 

5 4 

27 Wedn. 4 26 

7 3123 2015 

80 2 

3 mor. 

7 24 reins 

6 21 

28 Thurs. 4 26 

7 34 23 17 15 

80 2 

3 83 

8 18 seer's 

7 44 

29 Friday 4 26 

7 34 23 1415 

80 2 

3 57 

9 13 seer's 

8 52 

3*. aaturd. 4 26 

1 1 

7 34 23 1115 
1 1 

3 1 40 


10 6 thighs 

9 46 


31 Days. 

Ml printed matter must be 
sent without cover, or in a cover 
I open at the ends or sides. There 
must be no word or communica- 
tion printed on the same after its 
publication, or upon the cover, 
except the name and address of 
the person to whom it is to be 
sent. There must be no paper 


O Full Moon, 2d day, llh. 19m. in the evening. — S. 
d Last Quarter, 11th day, lh. 9m. in the morning. — E. 
% New Moon, 18th day, 9h. 30m. in the morning. — S. E. 
J) First Quarter, 25th day, lh. 30m. in the morniDg. — W. 

D., Days , Sun Sun Sun's Days i Day l Sun Moon Moon Moon's Hi^h 
M. Wsek. ; Rise Sew. dec. XLenV.I Dec. Slow 'R.&S. South Place. Wat. 

1 S. 4 277 

2 Mond. 4 27 7 

3 Tuesd. 4 27 7 

4 Wedn. 4 28 7 
5Thurs. 4 28 7 
6 Friday 4 29 7 
7 Saturd. 4 29 7 

8 S. 4 30 7 

9 Mond. 4 30 7 
10 Tuesd. 4 317 
mVeJn. 4 32 7 

12 Thurs. 4 32 7 

13 Friday 4 33 7 

14 Saturd. 4 34 7 

15 S. 4 34 7 

16 Mond. 4 35 7 

17 Tuesd. 4 36 7 

18 Wedn. 4 37 7 

19 Thurs. 4 38 7 

20 Friday 4 39 7 

21 Saturd. 4 40 7 

22 S. 4 417 

23 Mond. 4 42 7 

24 Tuesd. 4 42 7 

25 Wedn. 4 43 7 

26 Thurs. 4 44 7 

27 Friday 4 417 

28 Saturd. 1 157 

29 S. 1 16 7 

30 Mond. |4 477 

31 luesd.k 48 ( 7 

33 23 
33 23 
33 22 
32 22 
32 22 
30 22 
30 22 
29 22 
28 22 
28 21 
27 21 
26 21 
26 21 
25 21 
24 21 
23 20 
22 20 
20 20 
19 20 
18 20 
17 19 
16 19 
16 19 
15 18 
14 18 

33 15 



00 10 

12 14 58 12 
414 56 14 
56 14 56 14 
4714 54 16 
3814 52 18 
29 14 52 18 
19 14 50 20 
9 14 48 22 
58 14 46 24 

48 14 44 26 
36 14 42 28 
27 14 40 30 
14 14 38 32 

2 14 36 34 

49 14 36 34 
36 14 340 36 
23 11 320 38 
Kill 32 38 
56 14 30 40 
12 11 2810 12 
27 11 26 U 

14 24 46 

2 27 

8 13 

8 49 

9 11 
9 34 
9 52 

10 11 
10 31 

10 50 

11 13 
11 40 


1 58 

3 4 
8 17 

8 41 

9 5 
9 30 
9 56 

10 24 

10 55 

11 35 


1 20 

2 22 

3 21 

11 7 thighs 
mor. knees 
i knees 


1 41 legs 

2 25 fee t 

3 8 feet 

3 47 f eet 

4 27 head 

5 6 head 

5 48 neck 

6 31 neck 

7 18 neck 

8 11 arms 

9 6 arms 
10 6 breast 


ev . 5 heart 
1 3 heart 

1 57 belly 

2 47 belly 

3 37 reins 

4 2"< iv ins 

5 18 seer's ! 

6 10 seer's 

7 5 thighs 

8 2 thighs 

8 59 knees 

9 55 knees 

10 46 legs 

11 34 

10 37 

11 17 
11 54 

; 28 

! 1 33 
! 2 3 

2 38 

I 3 14 

I 4 

j 4 59 

6 11 

7 33 
! 8 46 

9 46 
10 38 

II 20 
ev. 4 


1 17 

1 55 

2 37 

3 27 

4 28 

5 49 

7 21 

8 46 

9 35 
10 18 
10 56 



31 Days. 

or other thing enclosed in or with 
such printed paper. 


Letters. — Each \ oz , 24 c; 
5 c. extra for California or Ore- 
gon. Prepayment optional. 

O Full Moon, 1st day, Oh. 46m. in the evening. — N. 
<X Last Quarter, 9th day, 4h. 34m. in the evening. — N. 
New Moon, 10th day, 5h. 31m. in the evening. — W. 
]) First Quarter, 23d day, 8h. 4m. in the morning. — N. E. 
O Full Moon, 31st day, 4h. 13m. in the morning. — S. W. 

Days I Sun i Sun , Sun's | Days i Day | Sun .Moon Moon Moon's HL r h. 
Week. !Rise |Sets.Jdec. NjLensr. ! Dec. [Slow R.&S. South Place. Wat. 

rises, mor. 
7 36 20 

7 53 1 2 

8 14 1 42 
8 33 2 22 

8 53 3 2 

9 16 3 43 
9 42 4 26 

10 12 5 11 

10 53 6 

11 42 6 54 
mor. 7 50 

43 8 50 

1 53 9 49 
3 11 10 48 
sets. 11 44 

! 7 9ev.38 

7 34 1 29 

8 2 21 

8 28 3 14 

9 3 4 8 
< 9 39 5 4 

10 24 6 1 

11 18 6 58 
mor. 7 53 

17 8 4") 

1 21 9 35 
| 2 26 10 22 

3 3111 6 

4 3411 47 
rises, mor. 

arms I 3 20 
arms ; 4 14 
arms 5 32 
breast 7 3 
breast 8 27 
heart 9 30 
heart 10 21 
tieart 11 5 
















11 44 
ev. 20 


1 38 

2 21 

3 11 

4 15 

5 37 

7 8 

8 18 

9 17 
9 59 

10 36 

11 37 
11 8 


SEPTEMBER, 30 Days. 



_ = 

Newspapers. — 2 c. each, pay- 
ment in United States. 

""^ ->---" ' V^fes 


Periodicals and Pamphlets. 


— Not over 2 oz., 2 c. each, and 4 

' <5^r^- £ ^V^^^ 

&Hg*jffi , & 

c. each extra oz., payable in Uni- 



Pt^l£»*» •> 

ted States ; and same postage is 

m" 3?? - «C- sj 'i £ 

payable in the United Kingdom, 



excepting that for the third oz. 


C Last Quarter, 

8th day, 6h. 25m. in the morning. — S. 

% New Moon, 15th day, In. 28m. in the morning. — N. 

J) First Quarter 

21st day, 4h. 48m. in the evening. — S. 


O Full Moon, 29th day, 9h. 6m. in the evening. — S. E. 

Days Sun, Sun 

Sun's , Days , Day Sun 

Moon MooniMoon's Hi<rh 




Rise [Sets. 

dec. N Lengr.| Dec. 







5 29 6 31 

8 10:12 2 2 8 


6 45 






5 31 6 29 

7 47 12 58 2 12 


7 7 

1 6 





5 32 6 28 

7 2512 56 2 14 


7 29 

1 49 





5 3416 26 

7 4J12 52 2 18 


7 52 

2 31 


1 4 



5 35 6 25 

6 41|12 50 2 20 


8 22 

3 14 


1 36 



5 37 6 23 

6 1912 46 2 24 


8 57 

4 2 


2 17 



5 38 6 22 

5 57|12 44 2 26 


9 40 

4 52 


3 6 



5 39 6 21 

5 3412 42 2 28 


10 37 

5 46 


3 58 



5 41 

6 19 

5 1212 38 2 32 


11 39 

6 44 


3 58 



5 42 

6 18 

4 49 12 36 2 34 



7 41 


6 49 



5 43 

6 17 

4 25 12 34 2 36 



8 39 


8 9 



5 456 15 

4 3|l2 30 2 40 


2 11 

9 36 


9 17 



5 46i6 14 

3 40 12 28 2 %2 


3 3010 29 belly 

10 7 



5 48|6 12 

3 1712 24 2 46 


4 4011 15|bellv 

10 43 



5 496 11 

2 5412 22 2 48 




11 32 



5 51 6 9 

2 3112 18 2 52 


6 34 

1 9 reins 




5 52 6 8 

2 7|l2 16 2 54 


6 57 

2 5reins 




5 516 6 

1 4412 12 2 58 


7 43 

3 2 seer's 

1 25 



5 55 6 5 

1 21112 10 3 


8 29 

4 Osecr's 

2 19 



5 56 6 4 

5712 8 3 2 


9 21 

4 59 thighs 

3 4 



5 576 3 

34 12 6 3 4 


10 20 

5 57 thighs 

4 7 



5 586 2 

X. 1119 43 6 


11 17 

6 45 knees 

5 20 



6 06 

S. 12 12 3 10 



7 41 knees 

6 50 



6 2 5 58 

35 11 563 11 



8 30 legs 

7 59 



6 4 5 56 

1 011 52 3 18 


1 34 

9 L6 l, g* 

8 59 



6 55 55 

1 22 1 1 50 3 20 


2 38 

9 56 feet 

9 36 



6 7 5 53 

1 15 11 463 21 


3 41 10 36! feet 

10 6 



6 8 5 52 

2 10 11 44 3 26 


4 4111 15 feet 

10 40 



6 9 5 51 

2 3211 123 88 


risen. 11 55h,;i,i 

11 12 



6 11 5 49 

2 56U 38 3 32 


5 12 mor. head 

11 43 

I860. OCTOBER. 31 Days. 

— ->— "':rW & — 1 

it rises to sixpence, and each 


extra oz. is twopence. 


luable letters may be regis- 


tered at the office on payment of 

regular postage, and five cents 


AH transient matter to be pre- 



d Last Quarter, 7th day, 8h. 33m. 

in the evening. — N. E. 

# New Moon, 14th day, lOh. 6in. 

in the morning. — S. E. 

j) First Quarter, 21st day, 7h. 42m 

. in the morning. — X. E. 

O Full Moon, 29th day, 2h. 22m. in the evening. — N. E. 

D. Days Sun Sun Sun's i Days Day 

Sun Moon 

Moon Mom'si Hijh. 

M. Week. Rise 'Sets. dec.S.'Len,^. Dec. Fast. R.&S. 

South' Place. [Wat. 

1 Mond. !6 12 5 43 1 3 19 11 36 3 34 

11 1 6 4 

38 head 


2Tuesd. 6 14 5 46 3 42 11 32 3 38 

11 I 6 34 

1 21 neck 


3 VVedn. 6 16 5 44! 4 511 28 3 42 

11 ! 7 8 

2 8'neck 


4 Than. 6 17 5 43 4 2911 26 3 44 

12 j 7 46 

2 57 arms 

1 2« 

5Fiiday 6 18 5 42; 4 5211 24 3 46 1 

12 8 51 

3 49 arms 

2 3 

6riaturd. 6 26 5 40 5 1511 20 3 50 

12 9 37 4 54 breast 

3 5 

7 S. 6 215 39 5 3811 18 3 52 

13 10 55 5 41 breast 

3 5 f 

8 Mond. 6 22 5 38 6 1 11 16 3 54 

13 11 59, 6 44 breast 

5 23 

9Tuesd. 6 24 5 36 6 2411 12 3 58 

13 mor. ' 7 31 heart 6 2? 

10 VVedn. 6 25 5 35 6 4611 10 4 

13 1 llj 8 22 heart 

7 3« 

llThiuw. 6 27 5 33 7 911 6 4 4 

14 2 29, 9 14 belly 

8 49 

12 Friday 6 28 5 32 7 3211 4 4 6 

14 | 3 4710 7 belly 

9 54 

13 c?aturd. 6 30 5 30 7 54 11 4 10 

14 5 7 11 1 reins 

10 2? 

14 S. 6 315 27 8 17 10 58 4 12 

14 sets. 11 55 reius 

11 1- 

15 Mond. 6 33 5 27 8 39 10 54 4 16 

14 5 46 ev. 53 seer's 11 &3 

16Tuesd. 6 34 5 26 9 1 10 52 4 18 

15 6 26 1 51 seer's 


mVedn. 6 36 5 24 9 2410 48 

4 22 

15 7 18 2 52!thiaha 

1 18 

18 Thurs. 6 37 5 23 9 46 10 46 

4 24 

15 8 16 

3 53 thighs 

2 10 

19 Friday [6 39 5 21 10 7 10 42 4 26 

15 9 19 

4 51 knees 


20S.iturd. 6 40 5 2010 3910 40 4 30 

15 10 24 

5 44 knees 

3 50 

21 S. 6 42 5 1810 5010 36 4 34 

15 11 31 

6 33 lesrs 

5 6 

22 Mond. 6 43 5 1711 1210 34 4 36 

16 mor. 

7 18 legs 

6 12 

23Tuosd. 6 44 5 1611 3310 32 4 38 

16 34 

8 1 less 

7 21 

24 VVedn. 6 46 5 1411 5410 28 4 42 

16 1 38 

8 42 feet 

8 20 

25 Thurs. 6 47 5 13 12 15 10 26 4 44 

16 2 39 9 21 feet 

9 1 

26 Friday 6 48 5 12 12 35 10 24 4 46 

16 I 3 3610 1 head 

9 41 

27 s?aturd.'6 50 5 10 12 56 10 20 4 50, 

16 4 40 10 43 head 10 16 

28 S. 6 515 913 1610 28 4 52 

16 5 43,11 25 head 10 46 

29 Moi.d .|6 52 5 8 13 36 10 16 4 54 

16 rises, mor. neck 11 20 

30 Tu . 6 54 5 6 13 55 10 12 4 58 

16 5 141 10 neck 111 51 

31 We dn6 55 5 5, ! 10 10,5 0J 

16 I 5 57 59 arms I mor 



31 Days. 







«* » " 




[OWELL COBB, Ga., Sec. of 


Of the Interior. §8,000. 
rOSEPH BOLT, Tennessee. 
0. $8 000. 
Attorney-General. $ 8,000. 

C I-ast Quarter, 5th day, In. 26m. in the evening. — W. 
New Moon, 12th day, 8h. 10m. in the morning. — S. E. 
D First Quarter, 20th day, lh. 28m. in the morning. — W. 
O Full Moon, 27th day, lOh. 31m. in the evening. — S. E. 

B. Davs , Sun ' Sun , Sun's | Days Dav Sun Moon Moon Moon's, High 
M. Week. Ui*e Bets. dec.S. Dee. Fast. R.&S. South F 

1 Saturd 7 

2 S. 7 

3 Monti. 7 

4 Tuesd. 7 
5JWedo. 7 

6 Thurs. 7 

7 Friday 7 
9 S. 7 

10 Mond. 7 

11 I uesd 7 

12 Wedn. 7 

13 Chora. 7 

14 Friday 7 

15 ^aturd 7 

16 S. 7 

17 Mond. 7 

18 Tuesd. 7 

19 Wedn. 7 

20 Thurs. 7 

21 Friday 7 

23 S. 7 

24 Mond. 7 
2.3 Tuesd. 7 

26 Wedn. 7 

27 Thurs. 7 

28 Friday 7 
29Saturd 7 

30 S. ,7 

31 Mond. 7 

28 4 32 21 

29 4 3122 

30 4 30 22 
30 1 30 22 
314 2922 
314 29 22 

32 1 28 22 
32,4 :>^ 

33 4 27 22 

33 i 2722 

33 1 27 23 
314 2623 

344 20 23 

34 4 26 23 
3.") 4 25 23 
354 2523 

35 4 25J23 
35 1 2523 
35 4 25 23 
35 4 25 23 
35 4 2523 
35 4 25 23 
35 4 25 23 
35 4 25 23 
35 4 25 23 
35 4 25 23 
34 4 26 23 
34 4 26'23 
34 4 2i»23 
34 4 26 23 
33 4 27. 

9 46 6 

9 26 8 
9 06 10 
9 06 10 
8 58 6 12 
8 58 6 12 
8 56 6 14 
8 56 6 14 
8 54 6 16 
8 54 6 16 
8 54 6 16 
8 ~r2 6 IS 
8 52 6 18 
8 52 6 18 
8 52 6 18 
8 50 6 20 
8 506 20 
8 50 6 20 
8 50 6 20 
8 50 6 20 
8 50 6 20 
8 50 6 20 
8 50 6 20 
8 50 6 20 
8 50 6 20 
8 50 inc 
8 5-2 2 
8 52.0 2 
8 58.0 2 
8 52 2 
8 546 4 

7 36 2 25 heart 

8 47 3 19 heait 

10 14 11 heart 

11 13 5 1 belly 
mor. 5 49 belly 

29 6 38 bellv 

1 39 7 26 reina 

2 50 8 16 reins 

, 4 13 9 13 seer's 

5 2010 8 seer's 

6 4011 9 thighs 
sets. ev. 10 thighs 

5 40 1 9 knees 

6 48 2 3 knees 

3 55 legs 

9 2 3 40 legs 
10 4 23 legs 
10 8 5 4 ieet 
mor. 5 44 fee 

8 6 23 head 
I 1 9 7 5 head 

2 10 7 46 head 

3 12 8 33 neck 

4 13 9 18 neck 

5 1510 Harms 

6 13 11 4 arms 
ri>e>. mor. b t east 

5 10 3 breast 

6 25 1 heart 

7 37 151 heart 

8 45 2 45 heart 


1 42 

3 7 

4 1 

5 10 

6 21 

7 41 

9 47 

10 39 

11 24 

ev. < 


1 23 

1 58 

2 33 

3 11 

3 r^6 

4 47 

5 40 

6 56 

8 3 

8 58 

9 50 

10 34 

11 19 



1 3j 

1 1; 


Abbreviations — b. stands for "business in Boston" — h. for 
<; house, '• — n. for " near," — cor. for "corner of," — op. for " oppo- 
site," — bds. for "boards," — L. P. for " Lower Tort," — H. U. 
for " Harvard University,'" — btwn. for " between." 

Abbot Edwin Hale, Tutor in Latin, H. U. 7 Hollis Hall 
Abbot Ezra, Assistant Librarian H. U. bds Mrs. Everett's, 

Berkeley cor Cragie 
Abbott Albert, box maker, bds Main n Pioneer 
Abbott Charles, clerk Bay State Glass House, bds 95 Otis 
Abbott Charles H. clerk Bay State Glass Works, bds C. D. 

Folsom's, Otis 
Abbott Charles M. teamster, h Bridge op Lowell R. R. Works 
Abbott Ezekiel T. carpenter, h Harvard cor Pine 
Abbott George W. b (& Co.) commission merchant, 21 Cen- 
tral Wharf, h Harvard cor Prospect 
Abbott George W. grocer, h Spruce cor Cedar 
Abbott Henry H. teamster, h Dickinson n Clark 
Abbott Horatio X. machinist, h 152 Cambridge 
Abbott Joseph Mrs. h 35 Brookline 

Abbott Joseph B. soap manufacturer, h near Fort Wash- 
ington, Pine Grove 
Abbott Thomas P. box maker, h Main near Pioneer 
Abbott William, box maker, bds 2 Fisk's Block, Broadway 
Abbott William W. box maker, bds Broadway n Pioneer 
Ackers Sarah A. h 19 Magazine 
Ackers William II. printer, bds 19 Magazine 
Adams Albert, mason, h Prescott n Main 
Adams Charles J. deputy juiler and master House Correc- 
tion, h Thorndike cor Third 
Adams Charles S. bookkeeper, Wellington Brothers, Bridge, 

bds Thorndike cor Third 
Adams Dudley G. carpenter, bds O. H. Downing, Mellen 
Adams George Z. b attorney, 19 Court, b Is 47 Austin 
Adams Henry K. b shipwright, Lewis Wharf, h North Av- 
enue n Porter's Station 
Adams Issachar, pedler, h North Avenue n Rice 
Adams Jabez F. stairbuilder, Seventh cor Cambridge, h 71 

Adams John, machinist, h Gore n Sixth 
Adams John F. tin plate worker, bis 70 Spring 
Adams John P. gas titter, 442 Harvard, h Harvard n Dana 

38 c amiuudck [ A ] DIBBCTOfcT. 

Adams Lydia A. Mrs. h Pine op Eaton 
Adams M. M. ex pressman, bdfi 12 Prospect 
Adams Martha Mrs. li 70 Spring 

Adams Moses, carpenter, bdfl W. Ladd's, Concord Avenue 
Adams Samuel P. b clerk, h 60 Cherry 
Adamson John, glass cutter, bds 57 Cambridge 
Agassiz Louis, Prof, of Zoology and Geology in the Law- 
rence Scientific School, II. U. h Quincy cor 13 road way 
Agin Patrick, laborer, h Elm n Hampshire 
Ahern John, laborer, h Harvard n Hancock 
Ahern Morrissy, laborer, h Dublin 

Aiken James, laborer, h Pearl btwn Williams and Cottage 
Ail ward Richard, grocer, Third cor Charles, h same 
Albee Sumner, b attorney, 20 Court, h 213 Harvard 
Albro John A. clergyman, h Holyoke cor Holyoke Place 
Alden Albert, b inspector custom house, h 58 Thorndike 
Alden Elbridge G. b oil merchant, 181 Broad, h Hancock 

op Centre 
Alden Harvey, overseer Union R. R. stable, Dunster, h Har- 
vard cor Holyoke 
Alden Jonathan P. physician, h Austin, rear Mr. Ware's 

Alden Joseph W. h 2 Webster 
Alden Thomas, bookbinder, h Green n Bay 
Alexander Thomas, printer, bds E. Miles's 
Allan Alexander, printer, h Cottage 
Allan Thomas, machinist, h Broadway n Pioneer 
Allanson John S. Mrs. h Mt. Auburn n Arrow 
Allanson John S. civil engineer, bds Mt. Auburn n Arrow 
Allard George M. milkman, bds J. Gage's, Otis n Sixth 
Allen Ann Mrs. h Fifth n Winter 
Allen Bartholomew, laborer, h rear Third n Gore 
Allen Benjamin F. b zelographer, 166 Washington, bds Oak 

cor Hampshire 
Allen Caleb C. (& Endicott) machinists and boiler makers, 

old Car Factory, Main, h Columbia n Austin 
Allen Charles, bootmaker, h Perry n Pearl 
Allen Charles H. physician, h Temple, cor Austin 
Allen Ebenezer K. printer, h 17 Jay 
Allen Elizabeth W. Mrs. bds 31 Brighton 
Allen George E. clergyman, bds Mrs. Sparrow's, Magazine 
Allen George N. printer, bds 54 River 
Allen Henry, plasterer, h 59 Gore 
Allen J. Addison, printer, h 3 Harrison Avenue 
Allen James, b tailor, h Inman n Cambridge 
Allen James, driver Union R. R. h Watertown n Mt. Auburn 
Allen John C. (Allen & Farnham) printer, Remington, bds 
T. J. White's, Brattle cor School Court 


Allen John IT. b wood engraver, h Oak cor Hampshire 
Allen Mary Miss, carpet maker, Dunster n College Wharf 
Allen Samuel A. b clerk, h Market, n Clark 
Allen Thomas, laborer, h Franklin n Hancock 
Allen Thomas, machinist, h Broadway n Dock 
Allen Walter M. carriage maker, North Avenue, op Por- 
ter's, h Beech 
Allen William, pedler, h Bridge n First 
Alien William A. cigar maker, bds Irving House, Main 
Allen William A. b clerk, bds Austin cor Temple 
Allen William H. B. b clerk, bds Market n Clark 
Alley Elliott E. b upholsterer, bds 43 Cambridge 
Alley Susan B. Mrs. (& Johnson) milliner, h 43 Cambridge 
Allison Andrew, b clerk, bds Mr. Tozier's, Pleasant cor 

Allison Franklin, b clerk, bds Mr. Tozier's, Pleasant cor 

Allston Martha R. Mrs. h 14 Auburn 
Allyn Rebecca P. h Berkeley n Phillips Place 
Amee John, b clerk, Franklin cor Federal, h Main op Quincy 
Ames Fisher, student at law, bds Oxford n Kirkland 
Ames George, b h 39 Cherry 
Ames George W. city teamster, h 45 Washington 
Ames John G. carpenter, h W T indsor n Washington 
Ames Seth, Judge Superior Court, h Oxford n Kirkland 
Ames Timothy, policeman, bds Church n Brattle 
Ammidon Philip R. b paper dealer, 134 Blackstone, bds 

Tremont n Broadway 
Amsden Joel F. b (Farley, Bliss & Co.) dry goods, Bowdoin 

Square, h Prescott, W r ard 2, n Harvard 
Anderson James, carpenter, h Daniels' Court 
Anderson James, bootmaker, bds South n Brighton 
Anderson James J. machinist, Kinsley's, h 122 Harvard 
Anderson Matthew, carpenter, h Norton cor Wright 
Anderson Rudolph N. fancy painter, bds 52 Essex 
Anderson William G. cabinet maker, h Seventh n Otis 
Andrews Ezekiel 0. P. b turner, h Main cor Pioneer 
Andrews George, laborer, h Fourth cor Charles 
Andrews Robert M. painter, h Brattle n James 
Andrews Samuel G. proof-reader, Riverside, h River cor 

Howard, Ward 4 
Annable Joseph D. (& Son, J. W.) starch manufacturer, 

Brookline, h 57 Prospect 
Annable Joseph W. (J. 1). A. & Son) Brookline, bds 57 

Anstace Patrick, gardener, bds Duns's, Watson 
Apel John II. jig sawyer, bds 22 Fifth 
Appleton Sophia II. Mrs. h 30 Dunster cor Winthrop 


Appleton Thomas G. li Phillips Place 

Arkerson Albert, rope manufacturer, at Brighton, h Maga- 
zine cor Walnut 
Arkerson Leonard, rope manufacturer, at Brighton, h G9 

Arkerson William, rope maker, h Park n Magazine 
Armstrong Irwin, hostler, h Mt. Auburn cor Brighten 
Armstrong James, gardener, h Mt. Auburn cor Brighton 
Armstrong Thomas, varnish maker, h E of Willow 
Armstrong William C. b printer, h 21 Cherry 
Arnold George, b coal, Cambridge cor West Cedar, h W en- 
Arnold Henry A. clerk New England Glass Works, bds 37 

Arnold Howard P. b attorney, 42 Court, bds Main cor Han- 
Arnold Samuel S. b hide and leather dealer, 82 North, h 

Main cor Hancock 
Arst Michael, packer, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Arto William, b tailor, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Ashcroft Joseph, carver, h Pearl near Valentine 
Ashton Daniel, glass cutter, h Cambridge n Hovey's Garden 
Asten John, plumber, h Thorndike n Seventh 
Atherton William S. conductor Union R. R., bds Damon's, 

Athol Francis, printer, h Valentine n Pearl 
Atkins W T illiam, carpenter, h 71 Gore 
Atkins William J. box maker, bds 34 Cherry 
Atkinson Kinsman, clergyman, h Appian Way 
Atkinson William P. b teacher classical school, 21 Temple 

Place, h Linnsean n North Avenue 
Atner Thomas, b tailor, h 6 Washington 
Atwill John B. grocer, North Avenue n Coggswell Avenue, 

h Elm cor Beech 
Atwood Charles H. b clerk, bds 69 Thorndike 
Atwocd Ephraim. b clerk custom house, h 09 Thorndike 
Atwood Isaac B. b (& Co.) 65 & 67 Faneuil Hall Market, h 

Inman n Cambridge 
Atwood James, grocer, Cambridge cor Inman, bds at H. D. 

W'ard's, Washington n Columbia 
Atwood Richard N. b clothing, h Clara n Hampshire 
Atwood Samuel S. stairbuilder, Main n Uni verbalist Church, 

h Front 
Austin Agnes Miss, h Appian W r ay cor Garden 
Austin Charles A. brush maker, h 79 Spring 
Austin Nathan N. b salesman, h Pearl n Cottage 
Austin Richard T. Mrs. h Linnrean n Bowdoin 
Averell Charles H. b hatter, rear 58 Washington 


Averill Joseph W. groceries and provisions, Cambridge cor 

Willow Place, h 100 Cambridge 
Avery John, b custom house, h Court n Main 
Avery John C. b clerk, post-office, bds Jay n River 
Avery Paul, girdener, bds Hampshire n Inman 
Avery Samuel, h Jay n River 
Axtmann John, h Sixth n Vine 
Axtmann John jr. britannia worker, h Vine n Fourth 

Babb John H. bds Fifth n Thorndike 

Babb Joseph H. b (Rowe & Babb) bell hanger, h 45 Sixth 

Babb Nathaniel, grocer, Fifth n Thorndike, h ditto 

Babbidge Levi F. last maker, h Fourth n Bridge 

Babbit William E. civil engineer, h 31 Gore 

Babcock John, copal varnish maker, h Main n City Hall 

Bacheldor Gideon G. pedlar, h 120 Thorndike 

Bacheldor Samuel H. h Fifth n Thorndike 

Backus George P. dentist, Main cor Essex, h Prospect n 

Bacon Clarke, Mrs. h Harvard n Dana 
Bacon Edwin A. shoemaker, Somerville, bds Oak cor 

Bacon John D. b tailor, bds Ward's, Elm n Broadway 
Bacon Leonard, box maker, h 128 Thorndike 
Bacon Simeon B. teamster, bds J. Littlefield's, Bridge 
Bacon Warren, b gold beater, Province, h Lee n Main 
Badger George, cabinet maker, 43 Spring 
Badger George E. b watchmaker, Leverett, bds 43 Spring 
Badger Mary Mrs. h Fifth n Otis 
Bagley Owen, laborer, h Welch's Block, n East 
Bailey Alfred, mason, bds Magazine cor Somerset Place 
Bailey Byron, carpenter, h Jay n Western Avenue 
Bailey Charles F. (E. Munroe & Co.) planing mill, First n 

Cambridge, h 48 S. Fifth 
Bailey, cabinet maker, h Elm n Hampshire 
Bailey Isaac W. carpenter, h Western Avenue cor Jay 
Bailey Isaiah, mason, h Magazine cor Somerset Place 
Bailey Isaiah, jr. mason, bds Magazine cor Somerset Place 
Bailey Jacob L. tin plate manufacturer, Cambridge cor 

Second, h 122 Spring 
Bailey James, teamster, h 6 Gore 
Bailey James, box maker, bds Broadway n Clark 
Bailey Samuel, apothecary, Gore cor Third 
Baird Augustus, machinist, h Meacham 
Baker Benjamin, glass maker, h 7 ( J Gore 
Baker Catherine C. Mrs. h North Avenue cor Holmes Place 
Baker George M. b (Mayo & Baker) bookseller, 208 Wash- 
ington, h Avon n Shepard 



Baker Obed, shipmaster, h Windsor n Harvard 

Baker Thomas, hostler, h 32 Gore 

Baker William, b marble worker, h Short n Magazine 

Baker William L. baker, h Franklin n Brookline 

Balch James, bookbinder, bds Irving House, Main 

Baldrey Stephen, b laborer, h Winter cor Fourth 

Baldwin James W. b provision dealer, City Wharf, h North 

Avenue n Linnaean 
Baldwin Joseph, baker, h 82 Gore 
Baldwin Peter L. mariner, h 25 Washington 
Ball Benjamin G. cabinet maker, h 42 Washington 
Ball Edward, glass blower, h 90 Vine 
Ball Elijah, brown bread baker, h Elm n Broadway 
Ballam Alexander, laborer, h D'Wolf n Charles river 
Ballard Thomas, hairdresser, Brattle n Harvard Square, 

bds Crawford's, n Sparks 
Ballaw Robert, laborer, h Elm n Hampshire 
Bailer Henry, carpenter, h 9 School 

Bancroft Charles L. b clerk in Water Office, h Erie n Maga- 
Bancroft Edward, pedler, h 53 Washington 
Bancroft Joseph H. b crockery ware, 121 Hanover, h Ellery 

n Harvard 
Bancroft Lucille C. teacher Webster Middle School, bds 563 

Bandell Henry C. printer, bds Main cor Putnam 
Bang George A. b music printer, bds Market cor Windsor 
Bang Jacob N. printer, b 61 Cornhill, h Windsor cor 

Bangs Barnabas, b bookkeeper, k Hancock n Harvard 
Bangs Isaiah, Mrs. h 241 Harvard n Prospect 
Bangs Martin, mason, h Sixth n Thorndike 
Banks David S. b 11 Central Wharf, h Harvard n Lee 
Banks Thomas G. conductor Union R. R. h Watertown 
Bannon Peter, b clerk, h 43 Winter 
Barber Azel, b bootmaker, bds 11 Cottage 
Barbour Alfred L. (& Co.) grocer, Main n Prospect, bds 

33 Franklin 
Barbour James S. b clerk, h 9 Ellery 

Barbour John N. b (Barbour & Son) auction and commis- 
sion merchant, 1 Central Wharf, h 33 Franklin 
Barbour William S. (W. A. Mason & Co.) surveyor, Doug- 
lass's Block, Main, bds 33 Franklin 
Bard well Daniel, teamster, h rear Gore n Sixth 
Barker Alexander A. overseer of interments at Mt. Auburn, 

h Watertown 
Barker Cornelius N. b tailor, h rear 62 Cambridge 
Barker David, h 7 Harrison 


Barker Edward, circulating library and variety store, Cam- 
bridge n Second, h Winter n Fourth 
Barker James, cabinet maker, bds 37 Spring 
Barker Joseph D. carpenter, h Wright n Norton 
Barker William H. laborer, h Third cor Charles 
Barnes Celeste F. principal Shepard Alphabet School, bd3 

at J. Barnes's, Bowdoin 
Barnes John, b Messenger Merchants Bank, h Bowdoin 
Barnes William, laborer, h Auburn n Brookline 
Barnet Albert H. printer, h Park n Magazine 
Barney Charles H. teamster, h Bridge op Lowell R. R. 

Barney Reuben, grocer, h 57 Cambridge 
Barr Elbridge G. mason, h Sixth n Thorndike 
Barreau Gabriel F. b tailor, bds 10 Hastings 
Barrett Andrew, engineer, h Suffolk n Columbia 
Barrett George C. bds Centre n Hancock 
Barrett James, gardener, bds 344 Main 
Barrett John, laborer, h Water n Lowell R. R. 
Barrett John, laborer, h Brick Alley, North 
Barrett Oliver, b pianoforte maker, h 74 Windsor 
Barrett Susan P. Mrs. h Centre n Hancock 
Barri Thomas 0. varnisher, h Walnut n Brookline 
Barrington Thomas, laborer, h Foster n Sparks 
Barron Harman, brush maker, h 104 Gore 
Barron James, machinist, bds 117 Harvard 
Barroy John, glass cutter, bds W r inter n Fifth 
Barry David, teamster, at Almshouse, n North Avenue 
Barry Henry, b bookseller, h Divinity Avenue 
Barry Mary Mrs. h Dublin 
Barry Mary Mrs. h East n Lowell R. R. 
Barry Matthias, marble polisher, h Broadway op Dock 
Barry Patrick, laborer, h n Brick Yard 
Barry Patrick, tailor, bds Gore n Third 
Barry William, brass finisher, bds 117 Harvard 
Bartlett Bela N. b machinist, h Otis cor Sixth 
Bartlett Channing S. b blacking and blueing manufacturer, 

h Fifth n Otis 
Bartlett David C. laborer, h Essex cor Harvard 
Bartlett James N. cabinet maker, h Seventh cor Thorndike 
Bartlett John, h Holyoke Place 
Bartlett Joseph, laborer, h Elm n Hampshire 
Bartlett William B. dry goods and clothing, Brattle Square, 

h Oxford n Sacramento 
Bartlett William P. G. Proctor, TT. U. Graduates Hall 
Barton William B. shoemaker, at Wildcr'sMain st., h Green 

n Vernon 
Bartram Hiram, b hatter, h 25 Spring 


Bas:om William B. b clerk, h btwn Pioneer and Dock 

Bass Farns worth, printer, bds 51 River 

Bass George II. (J. II. Bass &) dry goods, &c. bds Coggs- 

well Avenue 
Bass Jonathan IT. (& Son) dry goods, &c. North Avenue n 

Walden, h Coggswell Avenue 
Bass Samuel, b salesman, Oak Hall, h 27 Pearl cor Auburn 
Bass William L. h 27 Western Avenue 
Bastine Charles W. engineer, bds Snell's, Bridge 
Bistoral Edward, currier, h Race Course n Cedar 
Batchelder Charles, shipmaster, h Clark n Washington 
Batchelder Eugene, bds Brattle cor Ash 
Batchelder George H. printer, h Cottage Court 
Batchelder Joseph B. printer, bds 1 Putnam 
Batchelder Julia A. Mrs. h rear Franklin n Pearl 
Batchelder Perez, bds J. Black's, Norton cor Avon 
Batchelder Samuel, b 61 State, h Brattle cor Ash 
Batchelder Samuel jr. b attorney, 61 State, bds Brattle cor 

Batchelder Samuel H. britannia worker, h 49 Fifth 
Bate Abby, Mrs. h Howard cor Chapman Place 
Bate Charles, printer, bds Howard cor Chapman Place 
Bate George C. provision dealer, bds Howard cor Chapman 

Bates Betsey, h Garden op Waterhouse 
Bates Charles, b clerk, Summer, bds 61 Brattle 
Bates Charles E. printer, bds Teague's, Main 
Bates Edward, tailor, 368 Main, h 9 Harrison 
Bates Edward, jr. plumber, Main op Chronicle Office, h 14 

Bates Eliza Mrs. h Ellery n Main 
Bates Erastus C. (Davis &) grain dealer, Main op Norfolk, 

h Austin Street Court 
Bates Fletcher, b flour dealer, 50 Commercial, bds Ellery 

n Main 
Bates George, b clerk, 51 Water, bds 61 Brattle 
Bates J. Henry, b clerk, bds 61 Brattle 
Bates Jacob H. painter, h Brattle cor Church 
Bates John C. printer, bds J. A. Allen's, Harrison Avenue 
Bates John S. dry goods, Main n Essex, h Hilliard cor Dan- 
iels' Court 
Bates Persis, h Garden op Waterhouse 
Bates Rutharia, assistant teacher High School, bds Ellery 
Bates Sidney T. printer, bds 4 6 Western Avenue 
Bates William, mason, h 61 Brattle 
Bates William, jr. mason, bds 61 Brattle 
Bates William, 2d, painter, bds Brattle cor Church 
Bates William H. b last maker, bds Windsor n Hampshire 


Baumeister Augustus, plumber, Brighton n Harvard Square, 

h Ellery n Broadway- 
Baxter Barnabas, mariner, bds Pearl btwn Erie and Allston 
Baxter Isaac, cigar maker, h Village n Front 
Baxter Joseph, cigar maker, bds 34 Auburn 
Baxter Joseph, glass maker, h Cambridge n Windsor 
Bayley Augustus R. Apothecary, Main cor Essex, bds 24 

Bazin Damase, pocket book maker, at Denton & Wood's, h 

541 Washington, Boston 
Beach Elijah, b tailor, h Norfolk op Washington 
Beach George W. b merchant tailor, 21 Court, h 41 Williams 
Beals Henry M. h Church n Brattle 
Beaman Ezra M. mariner, h Brookline n Auburn 
Bean Benjamin J. box-maker, bds Boston 
Bean Nathaniel, laborer, h 2 Lambert Avenue 
Beard Charles R. b (Fairbanks & Beard) beer manufactur- 
er, h Main L. P. 
Beard Ithamar W. b cashier Custom House, h Ash n Au- 
Bearse George W. moulder, bds 71 School 
Beaver Charles, carver, bds 47 Gore 
Bebo Joseph, laborer, h rear Kidder's Lane n Brick Yard 
Beck Charles, h Harvard cor Quincy 
Becker Alexander C. Mrs. h Broadway cor Prescott 
Becket Elizabeth, h Brighton n the bridge 
Becket David, laborer, bds Brighton 
Becket Richard, laborer, h Brighton n the bridge 
Becket William J. teamster, h Brighton 
Beckford James R. stone cutter, bds Reed's Tavern, Gore 
Beckwith George C. trader, h Preston 
Bedell William, laborer, h Russell cor Elm 
Beers Hiram S. b printer, h Broadway n G. J. Rail Road 
Belcher Charles F. bds J. Belcher's, Mt. Auburn 
Belcher George G. sign and fancy painter, 308 and 376 

Main, h 62 Essex 
Belcher Hiram, moulder, bds Dickinson's, Davis 
Belcher John, h Mt. Auburn n Bow and Arrow 
Belcher John A. oyster saloon, Brattle n Brattle Square, 

h Howard, Ward 1, n Mt. Auburn 
Belding Sumner, b bookbinder, h 50 Windsor 
Bell Joseph G. b jeweller, 4 Cornhill Court, h Sumner 
Bell Robert, wheelwright, bds 93 Cambridge 
Bell Robert, glass-maker, h Otis n Fifth 
Bell William S. painter, h Eliot n Brighton 
Bellows Abby, Miss, bds 367 Main 
Bellows Mary, Mrs. h 867 Main 
Bern Alfred, lithographic printer, h 21 Winter 


Benham Winfield II. carpenter, bds Franklin cor Brook- 

Bennett Charles, b jeweller, bds 68 Thorndike 

Bennett Daniel, carpenter, h 48 Spring 

Bennett Emanuel J. b cigar maker, h River op Cottage 

Bennett James, mastic roofer, h 50 Auburn n Brookline 

Bennett Josiah K. b attorney, 20 Court, bds Putnam cor 

Bennett Wilder, mason, h 68 Thorndike 

Benney Nathaniel, proof-reader, Riverside, bds Harrison 
Avenue n Pleasant 

Bennin James, laborer, h junc Windsor and Medford 

Bennink Gerrit J. carpenter, h 44 Tremont 

Benson Henry J. H. hairdresser, 87 Cambridge, h same 

Benson John, b trader, h Mason n Garden 

Bent Newell, h Austin n Norfolk 

Bentley Chauncey R. brush maker, bds Third cor Cam- 

Bentley George W. goldsmith, Cambridge n Third, bds 
Third cor Cambridge 

Bentley John, hairdresser, 55 Cambridge, h Third cor Cam- 

Bentley John H. clerk Register of Deeds, bds Third cor Cam- 

Bent William, glass maker, bds Mrs. Durell's, rear 36 

Bergen Octab, teamster, bds J. 0' Conner's, n Spruce 

Bergin Thomas, laborer, at S. Willis's, Mt. Auburn 

Berke Adolph, brush maker, h Fifth n Vine 

Bernard Antonio, glass maker, h Winter n Fourth 

Bernhardt George, cabinet maker, h Hastings 

Berry Benjamin F. (& Trull) sash maker, Dyke, h Brat- 
tle n Appian W r ay • 

Berry James, tinsmith, h Church op Palmer 

Berry John Francis, polisher, h Broadway n G. J. R. Road 

Berry William B. stove dealer and plumber, 9 Brighton, h 
Main op Remington 

Berry William J. plumber and gas-fitter, bds 127 Broadway 

Berwick Lucy C. Mrs. h 8 Jay 

Besl Francis, printer, h Prince 

Bettinson Edward W. Superintendent Bay State Glass 
Works, h 26 Second 

Bettinson James W. expressman, h 37 Seventh 

Bettinson Mehi table, Mrs. h 78 Prospect 

Bettinson William H. Mrs. h Windsor n Harvard 

Beuke Le, cabinet maker, h Eaton 

Bevin William A. rubber manufacturer, 5 W r ater, h 85 Nor- 


Bickell William, b porter, h Main n Court 

Bickford Henry F. teamster, h 90 Gore 

Bicknell Joseph G. cabinet maker, Main n Columbia, h 103 

Bieler Jacob, cabinet carver, h 10 Brooks's Court 
Biezen Lui, bootmaker, bds Washington cor Clark 
Bigelow Alanson, b (Abraham 0. Bigelow, Martin P. Ken- 
nard, William Kennard,) 221 Washington, h 243 Har- 
Bigelow Alanson, jr. b clerk, Washington, bds 243 Harvard 
Bigelow Marshall T. (Welch, Bigelow & Co.) printer, 

Holyoke n Main, h Cambridge n Sumner 
Bigelow Samuel, b commission merchant, 1 Central wharf, 

h Sumner 
Bignoll Harriet Mrs. h 156 Harvard cor Columbia 
Billings Charles A. apothecary, 77 Cambridge, bds Newton 
Billings Leonard A. grocer, Main n Harrison 
Binney Barnabas, collector, h 96 Otis 
Binney Barnabas, jr. b clerk post-office, h Hampshire cor 

Binney Martin, clerk, bds 96 Otis 
Bird Henry M. iron founder, h 24 Brookline 
Bird Herman, insurance broker, 409 Main op Brookline, 

bds Green n Magazine 
Bixby Clark S. b hat and cap dealer, 55 Congress, h Har- 
vard cor Lee 
Bixby Eben F. pianoforte maker, h Windsor n Main 
Bixby Eliza A. Mrs. dressmaker, bds Inman n Broadway 
Blair John, glass cutter, h Winter n Fifth 
Black James, gardener, h Foster cor Irving Place 
Black James W. b (Whipple & Black) daguerreotypist, 96 

Washington, h Norton cor Avon 
Black Palmer, carpenter, h East on Hastings's Wharf 
Black Robert, stone mason, h Dunster cor South 
Black Thomas, teamster, h Tuttle 
Black William, ice dealer, h Irving Place cor Foster 
Black William, b tinsmith, h Main n Pioneer 
Black Henry, teamster, bds T. Black's 
Blackburn Robert, blacksmith, h 3 Washington 
Blake Andrew M. b bookbinder, h rear 44 Norfolk 
Blake Charles H. pyrotechnist, h 03 Washington 
Blake Darius, blacksmith, North Avenue n Porter's, h 

Blake Eliza Mrs. h Harrison Place 

Blake George O. b bookkeeper, bds Shepard n North Avenue 
Blake Joseph, bookbinder, h 7 Green 
Blake Mary C. Mrs. li Harvard n Davis 
Blake Melinda Mrs. h Washington n Main 


Blaki ksmith, h 129 Cambridge 

Blake Oliter Mrs. h Bhepard d North Avenue 
Blake Thomas, tailor, h Hastings 

Blake True, brick maker, h Putnam 
Blakeley George, carpenter, bds 67 Cambri I 
Blanchard Benjamin, pedler, h Harrison o Main 
Blanchard Bradford .J. stone cutter, h 25 Spring 

Blanchard Dexter V. engineer Lowell EL B. li 20 E 
Blanchard George G. pattern maker, h 168 Harvard op Flm 

Blanchard Walter B. 11 & Sons) lumber (k 

Hall's Wharf, b 

Blaney Charles, laborer, h Medford n Hampshire 

Blatchford Edgecombe II. Mrs. h Craig irks 

Blessington Peter, stone cutter, h Vine n 'I bird 

Blevins John, b slater, h Foster n Irving Place 

Blight William, laborer, h Elm n Hampshire 

Blim Joseph, brush maker, h Fifth n Vine 

Blish Ariadne, teacher Webster Primary School, bds Pleasant 
n Western Avenue 

Blish Lucia A. Mrs. h Pleasant n Western Avenue 

Bliss Henry P. b (Farley, Bliss & Co.) dry goods, Bowdoin 
Square, h Broadway cor Amory 

Bliss Levi, b weigher and guager, Bl Milk, bds Mr. Cook's, 
nine <■]. Willow 

Bliss Samuel W. b (Bliss & Co.) fruit dealer, 48 k 40 Chat- 
ham, h 14 Auburn Court 

Bliss William C. b (Bliss & Co.) 48 & 40 Chatham, h 14 
Auburn Court 

Blodgett Alvaro, (Blodgett cV: Fvhodes,) carpenter, Norfolk 
n Broadway, h 18 Worcester 

Blodgett Elias, hatter, Second cor Thorndike, h 50 TL 

Blodgett James, elass cutter, h 70 Gore 

Blood John, b (A. C. Sanborn & Co. ) 31 State, granite deal- 
er, Sanborn's Wharf, Bridge, h Charlestown 

Blood Jonathan K. machinist, h 47 Spring 

Blunt William, laborer, h Willard n Brattle 

Boardman Andrew, trader, h Ptiver n Howard, Ward 4 

Boardman Charles, fancy soap maker, h 20 Wore. 

Boardman Charles, box maker, bds 39 Columbia 

Boardman James, painter, Cherry n School, h Washington 
cor Cherry 

Boardman John, soap maker, h Market n Union 

Boardman Sarah L. Miss, dress maker, bds 3'J Columbia 

Bobs Joseph, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 

Boggs Francis M. h Broadway cor Norfolk 

Bogue Elizabeth, Mrs. h Wright 

Bohm Gottlieb A. currier, h 53 Gore 

Bolfe Thomas, rope maker, h Windsor n Cambridge 


Bolles Frederick D. Mrs. h Bit. Auburn cor Brighton 
Bolles James T. b clerk, bds Mt. Auburn cor Brighton 
Bond George P. Director of the Observatory and Phillips 

Professor of Astronomy, II. U. h Garden 
Bond Oliver A. carpenter, bds N. Haynes's, Spruce n North 

Bond Richard F. b chronometer maker, 17 Congress, bds 

Garden n Linn Lean 
Boney Joseph, shoemaker, 173 Bridge, h Boston 
Booth George W. b clerk, 201 Washington, h Main n City 

Bormann Ernest, butcher, h Sixth n Vine 
Bornkessel Charles, b varnisher, h Main L. P. 
Bos worth Henry M. b clerk, h Broadway n Pioneer 
Bosworth Henry M. carpenter, h Brooks's Building n 

Bosworth Hiram (II. & J. S. Bosworth), lumber dealer, 

Main L. P. h Harvard n Dana 
Bosworth Hiram E. clerk, bds Harvard n Dana 
Bosworth Joseph, carpenter, h Broadway op Boardman 
Bosworth Joshua S. (H. 6c J. S. Bosworth), lumber dealer, 

Main L. P. h 3«3 Allen, Boston 
Boughton George C. b clerk, bds -12 Second • 
Bonghton Samuel G. salesman New England Glass Works, 

h -42 Second 
Bourne Robert T. b (& Leavitt) carpenter, 75 Charles, h 

Hampshire cor Union 
Bournique Louis, glass cutter, h Second n Gore 
Boutelle Sylvia, Miss, milliner, h Fourth n Cambridge 
B twden James G. b clerk, bds 92 Harvard 
Bowen Charles, b broker, h 120 Cambridge 
Bowen Clara C. school teacher Allston Primary, bds at 

Mrs. Bowen 's, Sydney n Walnut 
Bowen Elizabeth, Mrs. h Follen 
Bowen Francis, Alford Professor of Natural Religion, &C 

H. U. h Pollen 
Bowen John 1>. harness maker, Cambridge n First, h Third 

n Qore 
Bowen Rebecca P. Mrs. h Sydney n Walnut 
rard L. painter, bds L Bowi 
- John M. engineer, h Cherry n Broadway 

:i Harvard 
Bowers William, jr. provisions, Cambridge co? Sixth, h 

Seventh n Cambridge 
Bowers William .J. b clerk, bdfl L. Bowi 
Bowker Daniel, b machinist, li Presoott n Harvard 
Bowker Winslow I-., b commission merchant. Central Wharf t 

h Cherry cor Washing 


Bowl in James, laborer, h Charles Court 

Bovvlin John, laborer, h Sargent n Railroad 

Bowman Arthur \V. b commission merchant, 7 Doane, bds 

Francis Bowman's, Shepard 
Bowman Dexter, Mrs. bds Mrs. Swan's, Everett 
Bowman Francis, h Shepard n North Avenue 
Bowman Harriet C. Miss, dressmaker, h D' Wolf n Mt. Au- 
Boyer Daniel B. laborer, bds 133 Cambridge. 
Boyer Marshall S. private watchman, h 133 Cambridge 
Boyes Susan, Mrs. h Medford n Clark 
Boyle Bernard, laborer, h Windsor n Cambridge 
Boyle Edward, laborer, h Garden n Sands' Brick Yard 
Boyle James, laborer, h 107 Third 
Boyle John, grocer, Cambridge cor Windsor, h same 
Boyle Nancy, Mrs. h Third n Charles 

Boynton Greenleaf, driver Somerville R. R. bds J. Dick- 
man's, North Avenue op Porter's 
Boynton John L. livery stable, Gore n Fifth, h 115 Cam- 
Boynton Morris B. b provision dealer, h 55 Cherry 
Boynton Stilson, pile driver, h Eighth cor Otis 
Boynton William, lumber dealer, Bridge, h Winchester 
Brabrook Ezra H. b 4 & 6 Union, h 298 Harvard 
Brackett Charles W. clerk, bds Mt. Auburn cor Hilliard 
Brackett Eliza K. assistant teacher Webster Grammar 

School, bds Magazine cor Walnut 
Brackett Henry T. conductor Union R. R. Sydney n Front 
Brackett Isaac F. b clerk, h rear of C. Tufts, Prospect 
Brackett James (Whitney &), furniture dealer, Brattle 

Square, h Everett 
Brackett Joseph, sexton, h Mt. Auburn cor Hilliard 
Brackett William H. carriage painter, bds Mulliken's, North 

Bradbury Caleb, glass packer, h Gore n Third 
Bradbury Caleb B. b clerk, h 43 Spring 
Bradbury Charles W. b clerk, bds Concord Avenue cor 

Bradbury Horace, b clerk, h 41 Spring 
Bradbury John H. b merchant, 29 Federal, h Concord Ave- 
nue cor Craigie 
Bradbury William F. sub-master High ' School, h Trow- 
bridge n Harvard 
Bradford Charles R. b carpets, &c. 103 Hanover, h Williams 

n Magazine 
Bradford David, printer, bds Charles River 
Bradford Isaac, clerk Nautical Almanac Office, Waterhouse, 
bds Mrs. Bradford's, Sacramento 


Bradford Sarah, Mrs. h Sacramento n Oxford 
Bradeene Jacob, mason, bds Mrs. Caldwell's, Fourth 
Bradlee Caleb D. clergyman, h Orchard 
Bradley Abraham, carpenter, h Bridge op Water 
Bradley Robert, laborer, h Hancock n Franklin 
Bradshaw Aaron, b 7 Central Wharf, h Erie n Magazine 
Bradshaw Albert, b confectioner, h Franklin n Pearl 
Bradshaw Edwin, clerk, bds Mt. Auburn n Holyoke 
Bradshaw James, h Mt Auburn n Holyoke 
Brady Bridget, Miss, variety store, Vine n Third 
Brady John, laborer, h North n Short, Ward 3 
Brady Michael J. baker, bds Mt. Auburn n Brighton 
Braman Charlotte A. Miss, tailoress, bds at G. Maynard's, 

Daniels' Court 
Braman Jason, b gas fixtures, h Broadway n Boardman 
Branch Sidney, watchman Union R. R. bds Irving House, 

Brannagan Francis X. clergyman, h Fourth op Catholic 

Brannagan John, laborer, h Dublin 
Brannan Timothy, laborer, h Mason cor Garden 
Braslan John, laborer, h Dublin 
Braslan Timothy, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 
Braslin Patrick, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 
Braslin Patrick, laborer, h Vine n Fourth 
Brassell Patrick, laborer, h rear 14 Pine 
Brasslan Owen, laborer, h Willard n Brattle 
Brattles Edward, gardener, at Mrs. Waterhouse's, Water- 
Bray Edwin, book-keeper at Kinsley's, h 48 Essex 
Brazee Morton P. Mrs. h 99 Thorndike 
Brazee Morton P. carpenter, bds Flanders' Exchange, Cam- 
Brazier Franklin J. (Chaney & Co.) soap maker, Clark, h 

54 Washington 
Brazil Thomas, laborer, h Dana 
Brenan John, laborer, h Winthrop n Brighton 
Brennan James, laborer, h Pleasant n Somerset 
Brennan Margaret, Mrs. h Short, Ward 3 
Brennan Michael, upholsterer, h Third n Charles 
Bresnihan Cornelius, laborer, bds Gore 
Brewer David, clerk, bds Howard, Ward 1 
Brewer Isaac D. b tobacconist, 14 South Market, h Maga- 
zine n Perry 
Brewer Thomas II. provision dealer, Brighton n Harvard 

Square, h Howard, Ward 1 
Brewer William A. (S. N. & W. A.) b druggist, 41 & 43 
Kilby, h Brattle 


Brewerton George, glass cutter, h Sixth n Spring 

Brewster Henry B. printer, h 23 Washington 

Brewster John b (Brewster, Sweet & Co.) banker, 40 State, ' 
h Brattle cor Sparks 

Bridden Benjamin F. policeman, h 47 Brookline 

Bridges Josie R. teacher Boardman Alphabet School, bds 
Mr. White's, 15 Essex 

Briggs Edward T. b (E. & E. T. & Co.) crockery and glass 
ware, 24 & 26 Merchants Row, h Orchard n Beech 

Brigham Freeman, glass cutter, h Fourth n Spring 

Brigham Henry, conductor Union R. R. bds Church n 

Brigham Josiah M. express Cambridge & Boston, bds 15 

Brigham Peter, h 15 Windsor n School 

Bright Charles D. ice dealer, bds Broadway House, Broad- 
way L. P. 

Bright Elizabeth, Mrs. h Baldwin 
. Bright Horace 0. ice dealer, h 8 Broadway cor Court 

Bright John J. ice dealer, bds Broadway House, Broadway 
L. P. 

Bright Luther, brass finisher, h Clark cor Harvard 

Brinckerhoff Isaac, surgeon U. S. N. h Appian W T ay n Brat- 

Brine Bernard, laborer, h rear 32 Gore 

Brine James, laborer, h Lambert n Gore 

Brine John F. tailor, h 89 Gore 

Brine Robert, Jr. tailor, Cambridge cor Second, h Winter 
n Fourth 

Brine William, tailor, 105 Bridge, h rear Winter 

Briney Thomas, glass blower Bay State Glass House, h 

Britnal John, painter, bds 1 Front 

Britton Henry, carpenter, bds 106 Gore 

Britton Joseph, plumber, bds Mrs. Berwick's, Jay 

Brodie John, laborer, h 22 Spring 

Brogan James, laborer, h rear 5 Washington 

Brooks Albert F. b clerk, bds Tremont n Gardner 

Brooks Elizabeth, Mrs. h 4 Holyoke 

Brooks Franklin, h Tremont n Gardner 

Brooks Hiram, trader, h Norfolk n Harvard 

Brooks Hiram W. b clerk, bds Norfolk n Harvard 

Brooks James, glass maker, bds 27 Winter 

Brooks John, glass maker, h 37 Winter 

Brooks Matthew, h Harvard cor Clark 

Brooks Nathaniel P. (William C. Brooks & Co.) coal, &c. 
Bridge n Bay State Glass House, bds 27 Spring 

Brooks Samuel A. painter, h 92 Vine 


Brooks Stephen P. b pianoforte maker, 364^ Washington, 

bds Lee n Main 
Brooks Stephen T. h Clark cor Harvard 
Brooks Susan E. h 14 Tremont 
Brooks William C. (& Co.) coal, &c. Bridge n Bay State 

Glass House, h 27 Spring 
Brooks William H. b school' teacher, 13 Tremont Row, h 

Harvard cor Hancock 
Broughton William R. b teller Hide & Leather Bank, h 

Harvard n Hancock 
Brown Artemas Z. physician, h Webster 
Brown Barney, rope maker, h Columbia n Cambridge 
Brown Benjamin A. b produce dealer, h Pleasant n River 
Brown Benjamin H. furniture and variety store, Western 

Avenue cor Main, h at Brighton 
Brown Benjamin K. paper hanger, h Hampshire n Elm 
Brown Catherine, Mrs. washerwoman, h Garden n Concord 

Brown Charles H. printer, h Park n Pleasant 
Brown Daniel, wheelwright, Palmer, h Appian Way 
Brown Daniel S. b (Brown & Whitney) tobacco dealer, 33 

Broad, h 91 Norfolk 
Brown Edward A. cigar maker, h 5 Windsor n Main 
. Brown Edward E. box maker, bds 2^ Fisk's Block, Broad- 
Brown Edward H. b clerk, h 4 Union 
Brown Enoch, mariner, h Coggswell Avenue 
Brown Evan, h Brattle n Brattle House 
Brown Ezekiel, expressman, bds Green n Western Avenue 
Brown Francis W. teamster, h Bristol n Hampshire 
Brown George A. provision dealer, Main op old Car Fac- 
tory, h Clark n School 
Brown Harriet, Mrs. h Winter n Third 
Brown Isaac, laborer, h rear Broadway n Inman 
Brown James, laborer, h Mt. Auburn n Lowell 
Brown James, stone cutter, h Elm n Cambridge 
Brown John T. laborer, h 11 Hastings 
Brown Joseph, starch manufacturer, bds 1 Front 
Brown Lyman, driver Union R. R. bds 2 Lambert Avenue 
Brown, Major W. soap manufacturer, h Market, cor Bristol 
Brown Mary Miss, h Winthrop n Winthrop Square 
Brown Mary Mrs. h Pleasant n Green 
Brown Overy Mrs. h River n Cottage 
Brown Richard G. paper hanger, h Harvard n Windsor 
Brown Robert C. blacksmith, Main cor Court, h Pioneer 
Brown Robert R. laborer, h Broadway n Dock 
Brown Samuel A. tin pedler, h Meacham 
Brown Stephen D. h Pleasant n Green 


54 (UMBBTOOE [ B ] ,)II:l 0» 

Brown Thomas (\ b dry goods, L8 & 20 Pearl, 

Brown Timothy A. Mrs. li Spruce 

Browo Waterman, engineer, bds Reed's Tavern, Bridge 

Brown William, baker, li Hedford n Somerrille 

Brown William, boiler maker, h 6 Washington 
Brown William, real estate agent, Harvard Square cor Dun- 
Bter, h 8 Bow 

Brown William A. b plumber, h Seventh n Otis 

Brown William P. printer, 421 Main, bds Mrs. Tidd'8, Park 

Brown William B. Boap manufacturer, b<ls Market oor Bi 

Brownell Zebedcc G. keeper Eustis House, North Avenue D 

Brownlow Joseph, b expressman, h 74 School 

Bruce Abel W. dry goods, Lamson's Block, Main, h Auburn 

n River 
Bruce Charles, lather, bds 42 Cherry 
Bruce Charles W. b clerk, h Orchard 
Bruce George, cooper, bds 42 Cherry 
Bruce Joseph A. b trader, 133 Friend, h Elm 
Bruce Joseph C. book-keeper, bds Auburn n River 
Bruce Thomas G. engineer, h Wycth's Lane 
Bruder Leopold, b coppersmith, li 6 Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Brush John, upholsterer, h Harvard n \\. R. crossing 
Bryan Edward J. carpenter, Walnut cor Sydney 
Bryant Benjamin, lather, bds 78 Prospect 
Bryant John, provision dealer, Brattle Square, h Eliot n 

Mt. Auburn 
Bryant Lewis, b provision dealer, h Amory n Hampshire 
Bryant Lewis H. h Story n Brattle 
Bryant Sophia Mrs. h 78 Prospect 
Bucher Daniel, jobber, h Medford'junc Hampshire 
Buck David S. expressman, h 12 Holyoke 
Buck Henry L. expressman, bds 12 Holyoke 
Buck John S. carpenter, bds 37 Spring 
Buck Lucius A. moulder, h 69 Columbia 
Buck Mary Mrs. h "West cor Enman 
Buck Ruel D. moulder, bds Harrison cor School 
Buck Silas B. carpenter, h GO Thorndike 
Buckingham Joseph T. h Buckingham n Craigie 
Buckley Daniel, laborer, h 17 Winter 
Buckley Daniel, laborer, h Kidder's Lane n Brick Yard 
Buckley Daniel A. coppersmith, 374 Main, bds Main cor 

Buckley James, laborer, h North n Short, "Ward 3 
Buckley J (din, tailor, h Short, Ward 3 
Buckley Michael, laborer, h 7 Winter 
Buckley Timothy, laborer, h Harvard n junc Main 


Buckley William, laborer, h 6 Lechmere Place, North. 

Buifum James L. paper hanger, h 38 Windsor 

Buifum William H. b shoemaker, h 210 Broadway 

Bullard Asa, clergyman, b 18 Cornhill, h 2± Centre 

Bullard Isaac H. moulder, h Brookline n Auburn 

Bullard Joel, moulder, bds School n Clark 

Bullard Louisa D. assistant teacher Mason Alphabet School, 

bds 2± Centre 
Bullard Stephen H. b 48 State, h Quincy n Broadw ay 
Bullock Albert, b tobacconist, 9 'Change Avenue, h Maga- 
zine cor Hamilton 
Bullock William W. b Secretary Franklin Union and Peo- 
ple's Loan Association, 41 Tremont, h Putnam 
Bundaro Seraphine, mariner, h Hastings 
Bunker Alfred, carpenter, h North Avenue n Linnoean 
Burdakin John C. keeper Court House, h Fifth n Thorndike 
Burdakin John H. clerk Register of Deeds Office, bds Fifth 

n Cambridge 
Burdakin John S. b clerk, bds 19 Sixth 
Burdakin Joseph, glass cutter, h 19 Sixth 
Burdett Cordelia Miss, h Dana op Centre 
Burdett John D. G. b hat store, 182 Washington, h 4 Centre 
Burdett Mary Miss, h Dana op Centre 
Burgess John H. cabinet maker, n Osborn's, h Dorchester 
Burgess John T. b commission merchant, h 44 Windsor 
Burgess Porteous, clerk, h Fifth 
Burgess Robert M. carpenter, Cambridge n Fifth 
Burgess William D. box maker, at Osborn's, h 23 Cherry 
Burgess William De F. H. printer, bds 54 River 
Burgess William H. box maker, Osborn's, h Main 
Burke Barney, laborer, h Pleasant n Somerset 
Burke James, laborer, h 81 Third 
Burke John, tailor, h 30 Gore 
Burke John, laborer, h Lee cor West 
Burke Patrick, laborer, h Franklin n Bay 
Burkhardt Jaques, artist, bds Id Efolyoke 
Burleigh Jacob N. b (Humphrey, Fiske & Co.) flour dealer, 

214 State, h 01 Washington 
Bnrlingame Anson, attorney, bds Main cor Prescott 
Burnett Francis W. clerk, bds L. Burnett's, Mt. Auburn 
Burnett Lewis, field driver, h Charles River n Mt. 

Barnes Barney, laborer, Bridge, h Charlestons 
Burnham Gershom T. b carpenter, h Hanoook n Centre 
Burnham Sarah M. assistant teacher Putnam Gran 

School, bds 96 <>tis 
Burnham Susan Mrs. h rear 10 Brattle i^. pin i-o 
Burnham William II. ice dealer, bds 112 Thorndike 


Burns Daniel, teamster, h Washington d II m 

Burns Edward, teamster, bda Garden, oor Si, 

Burns James, pedler, h Medford n Soraerrille 

Burns James, Laborer, h Vine d Fifth 

Burns John, baker, Cambridge, bds Bomerville 

Burns John, Laborer, h North d East 

Burns John 11. baker, bds 836 Main 

Burns Lucy Mrs. li River n Anbarn 

Burns Margaret, Mrs. h Washington 

Burns Thomas, b laborer, h Franklin n Bay 

Burns Thomas, Laborer, b Kinnard n Putnam 

Burns Timothy, prov sion dealer, Brighton n Ml Auburn 

Burns William, eook, bds 'league's, 418 Main 

Burpee Eliphalet, teamster, h Columbia n Cambridge 

Burpee James, h Pleasant n Western Avenue 

Burpee Joseph E. mason, h Prospect n Cambridge 

Burpee Nathaniel, h Columbia n Cambridge 

Burpee Samuel W. teamster, h Columbia n Cambridge 

Burr Lemuel, hairdresser, Main cor Norfolk, h Hampshire 

n Mel ford 
Barrage Josiah, (Barrage, Shepherd & Co.) lumber dealer, 

Broadway, cor Court, L. P., h Prospect n Broadway 
Barrage Josiah' K. (Barrage, Shepherd & Co.) Broadway 

cor Court, bds J. Barrage's, Prospect n Broadway 
Barrage William W. b counsellor, 4 Niks' Block, bds Pros- 
pect n Broadway 
Burridge Joseph, grocer, Main, L. P., h G Broadway 

L. P. 
Burridge Joseph, jr. clerk, Main n Court, h Main cor 

Burridge Ward J. b nautical instrument maker, bds 6 Broad- 
way L. P. 
Burrill George B. teamster, h Fourth n Bridge 
Burroughs Charles H. boarding house, 129 Bridge 
Burroughs Leonard, produce dealer, li rear o'.» Columbia 
Burrows William W. b Hour dealer, 64 Commercial, h North 

Avenue, n Chauncy 
Burt Riverius V. brewer, h 117 Cambridge 
Burton Anson, (Harvey, Burton & Co.) brush maker, 01 

Gore, h Somerville 
Burton Edward, b brass finisher, h 40 Fifth 
Burton Ezra, (Harvey, Burton & Co.) brush maker, 01 

Gore, bds 102 Cambridge 
Burton Matilda R. Mrs. h 102 Cambridge 
Busby John, blacksmith, h Third n Charles 
Bosh David, pedler, h 14 Windsor 
Bush Elizabeth Mrs. h Spruce n Cedar 
Busted Robert, laborer, h Race Course, n Spruce 


Butler Albert L. cabinet maker, bds Mrs. Withington's, 

Butler Ann Mrs. h 95 Spring 

Butler David, mason, h Harrison Avenue n Pleasant 
Butler George, b varnisher, h Pearl cor Cottage 
Butler George, hairdresser, bds 87 Cambridge 
Butler Harriet A. teacher Craigie Alphabet School, Fourth, 

bds '11 Second 
Butler John, laborer, h Bridge n Fourth 
Butler John R. b machinist, h 81 Norfolk 
Butler Joseph W. waiter, h Columbia n Hampshire 
Butler Martha H. teacher Thorndike Alphabet School, bds 

27 Second 
Butler Patrick, baker, h Valentine n Brookline 
Butterfield Daniel W. mason, bds 6 Green 
Butterfield John, clerk, Fifth cor Spring 
Butterfield Thomas W. b printer, h 371 Main 
Butterfield William A. F. carpenter, h Village n State 
Butterfield William P. leather dresser, h Main n Windsor 
Buttrick Elizabeth G. Miss, h Norton cor Wright 
Buttrick: Ephraim, attorney, h Divinity Avenue n Kirk- 
Buttrick George, baker, h Tremont cor Hampshire 
Buxton Benjamin Mrs. h Appian Way n Brattle 
Buxton Charles B. fish dealer, bds Mr. Fellows', Franklin 

n Pleasant 
Buxton John, fireman, h Bridge op Water 
Buxton John, mason, bds 385 Main 
Byers Edward, carpenter, h Brighton 
By ram Eben S. cabinet maker, h 39 Western Avenue 
Byrne Joseph, b clerk, h Broadway n G. J. R. Road 
Byrne Michael, laborer, h North Avenue, cor Chauncy 
Byrne Peter, laborer, h Gore n Reed's Tavern, Bridge 
Byrns John, ^lass cutter, h 69 Spring 
Byrns John W. clerk, bds G'J Spring 

Cahot Charles IT. brass finisher, h Lcighton Court 
Cade George L. grocer, 879 Main 
Cade Hannah .Mrs. embroidery and fancy goods, 373 

Cade William B. polisher, 7 Wind 

Caffery Archibald, laborer, h Vine n Fourth 

Cahill William, lather, Cambridge d Windsor 

Cain Mary Mrs. li kinnanl n Western Avenue 

Cain William, teamster, b Willow Place n Cambridge 

Caldwell Almin Mrs. h 96 Cambridge 

Caldwell Christopher, teamster, h Short, Ward 3 


Caldwell Humphrey P. b furniture ware room, 85 Cambridge, 

h Harvard n Lee 
Caldwell James A. butter dealer, h 5 Brooks' Building 
Caldwell Matthew, laborer, h Prince 
Caldwell Rebecca, boarding house, Fourth n the church 
Caldwell Samuel P. engineer, bds Mrs. Caldwell's, Fourth 
Caldwell Stephen, laborer, h Washington Street Court n 

Caldwell William, postmaster, h Harvard cor Ellery 
Call Henry E. b flour dealer, 3 Commercial, h Brattle op 

Callahan Alice Mrs. h Baldwin 
Callahan Charles, laborer, h North n East 
Callahan Christopher, laborer, h rear 145 Bridge 
Callahan Daniel, laborer, h 5 Foster Place 
Callahan Dennis, fancy painter, h Fifth n Cambridge 
Callahan Jeremiah, grocer, Cambridge n W T illow Place, h 

Callahan John, laborer, h Kidder's Lane, cor Dublin 
Callahan John, laborer, Harvard n Hancock 
Callahan John, laborer, h Winthrop n Brighton 
Callahan John, laborer, h n Catholic Church, Concord 

Callahan John, b wheelwright, h Vine n Fifth 
Callahan Mary Mrs. h North n Short, Ward 3 
Callahan Michael, stone cutter, Third, h Charlestown 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, h Hampshire op Portland 
Callahan Patrick, laborer, h rear Kidder's lane n brick yard 
Callahan Patrick, mariner, bds Fifth n Cambridge 
Callahan Thomas, laborer, h 7 Foster Place 
Callahan Timothy, laborer, h Dublin 
Caliaher Cornelius, laborer, h Vine n Fifth 
Callaher Michael, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 
Callanan Patrick, laborer, h 6 North 
Callender Charles A. school books and stationery, 389 Main, 

h Somerset Place n Magazine 
Callender Frances Miss, dress maker, Melledge's Block, 

Main, bds Cottage n Pearl 
Callender Lydia L. Mrs. h Cottage n Pearl 
Callender Sarah B. Miss, milliner, Melledge's Block, Main, 

bds Cottage n Pearl 
Calnan Maurice, blacksmith, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Oalvey John, trader, h Third n Cambridge 
Campbell Alexander, harness maker, bds 38 Spring 
Campbell Daniel laborer, h Kidder's Lane 
Campbell Edward, harness maker, h School Court 
Campbell John, machinist, h Harvard n Windsor 
Campbell Patrick, stone cutter, h Vine n Fourth 


Campbell Robert M. h Fifth n Spring 

Campbell Sarah P. h North Avenue n Waterhouse 

Campbell William, cabinet maker, Norfolk, n Broadway, h 

Main n Brookline 
Campbell William, carpenter, h Main n State 
Camphene Patrick, laborer, h n brick yard 
Cannall Charlotte Mrs. h 52 Gore 
Cannall Henry, clerk, bds 52 Gore 
Cannall Joseph, carpenter, bds 52 Gore 
Cannon Hugh, stone cutter, Dooley's yard rear 130 Bridge 
Canncn John, daguerreotypist, h 111 Cambridge 
Canty Timothy, laborer, h 8 North 
Canvene Patrick, laborer, h Cambridge n Windsor 
Capell Thomas, carpenter, h Mt. Auburn n Bow 
Capen Betsey T. assistant teacher Shepard Grammar School, 

bds T. J. Mount's, 37 Spring 
Capen Stoddard, bds J. K. Clough's, Columbia 
Carew Thomas A. sculptor and marble worker, Mt. Auburn, 

cor Brattle Square, h Everett Place 
Carleton Clarissa Mrs. h 6 Holyoke 
Carley Elmira R. Mrs. h rear 359 Main 
Carley Ruth A. Mrs. h Prospect n Main 
Carlin John, tailor, h 115 Bridge 
Carlin John, laborer, h Charles n Third 
Carlin Patrick, watchman Union R. R. h Brighton op Eliot 
Carlin Peter, soap maker, h rear 128 Bridge 
Carll Erastus B. laborer, at Mrs. Carpenter's, Brattle 
Carlock John R. b watch case maker, h 296 Main 
Carmichael Bridget Mrs. h Cambridge cor Fifth 
Carmichael John, brakeman Lowell R. R. bds Cambridge 

cor Fifth 
Carney John, private watchman, h Broadway cor Clark 
Carney John, brick maker, h Cambridge n Seventh 
Carney Owen, laborer, h rear Irving Place n Foster 
Carolan Peter, soap maker, h Dooley's yard rear 130 Bridge 
Carolan Philip, currier, bds Dooley's yard rear 130 Bridge 
Carpenter Darius, block tin worker, h 1 Leighton Court 
Carpenter Deborah Mrs. h Brattle 
Carpenter Ebcnezer C. carpenter, h Hamilton n Pearl 
Carpenter Hiram, block tin worker, h 129 Gore 
Carpenter Reuben, b engraver, h Hampshire n Tnman 
Carpenter Thomas, b boot and shoemaker, h Hampshire n 

Carpenter Thomas, b cabinet maker, bds Harvard n 

Carr B Tnard, soap maker, li Valentine n Pearl 
Carr Charles, soap maker, li Valentine n Pearl 
Carr Edwin S. pork packer, h Cambridge cor Seventh 


Carr ElleD Mrs. h 22 Winter 

Carr Erwin S. tin plate worker, 417 Main 

Carr Hugh, laborer, bds Vine cor Fourth 

Carr John, laborer, Main n Grand Junction R. R. 

Carr Michael, candle maker, bds Valentine 

Carr Patrick, h Valentine n Pearl 

Carr Patrick, laborer, h Vine n Fourth 

Carr Thomas, grocer, 10 Vine, bds Shields's, Vine 

Carrigan John, laborer, h Gore 

Carroll Arthur, b clerk, bds Otis n Third 

Carroll Bridget Mrs. h rear 12G Bridge 

Carroll Charles, usher High School, Boston, bds Kirkland 

n Sumner 
Carroll Charles H. h Otis n Third 
Carroll Dennis, carpenter, h Vine n Third 
Carroll James, laborer, h Prison Point Bridge 
Carroll James, jr. machinist, Boston & Lowell R. R. repair 

shop, h 61 Spring 
Carroll John, glass maker, h Bridge n Fourth 
Carroll John, blacksmith, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, h Bridge n Fourth 
Carroll Thomas, hatter, h Vine n Fourth 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, h Garden 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, h n Tuttle 
Carroll Thomas, laborer, bds A. B. Parsons's, Divinity 

Carroll William, gardener, h Bond n Concord Avenue 
Carroll William, marble w T orker, h Charles n Third 
Carruth Charles E. grocer, 64 River, h 62 River 
Carruth Mary J. dressmaker, bds 62 River 
Carruthers Archibald K. clerk, bds Mrs. McGee's, Brattle 

cor Mason 
Carson William, b clerk, bds S. C. Knights', Pearl 
Carswell John, laborer, h Brattle Square 
Carter Frank, h Perry n Pearl 
Carter George, glass maker, 61 Gore 
Carter George H. b clerk, h 65 Third 
Carter Harriet W. Mrs. h Oxford n Sacramento 
Carter James, b laborer, h Broadway op Dock 
Carter Luke, b City Exchange, h Main n Dana 
Carter Nathaniel, b merchant tailor, 24 Washington, h 

Harvard cor Boardman 
Carter Sarah Mrs. h Harrison Avenue n River 
Carter William, glass maker, h Fourth n Cambridge 
Carter William E. gardener, h Linmean cor Raymond 
Carton Francis, glass maker, h Bridge n Short 
Cartry Michael, laborer, h Kinnard n Putnam 
Cartwright Ezekiel, rope maker, h 3 Austin 


Cartwright Joseph P. wheelwright, bds 3 Austin 

Cartwright Philip, carpenter, bds 3 Austin 

Cartwright Samuel, painter, h Harvard n Davis 

Carver David, soap ma!:er, bds Green n Pleasant 

Case Lyman G. b expressman, h Columbia n Worcester 

Casey Andrew, baker, h Pine 

Casey Barnard, carpenter, h Hastings cor Moore 

Casey Cornelius, laborer, h 8 Lechmere Place, North 

Casey Daniel, wood turner, bds Harvard cor Davis 

Casey Elizabeth Mrs. h 80 Fourth 

Casey Hannah Mrs. h Harvard cor Davis 

Casey Mary Mrs. h 10 North 

Casey Patrick, laborer, h 2 Willard Place 

Casey Thomas J. carver, bds 82 Fourth 

Casey Timothy, laborer, h 12 North 

Casey William, sexton and undertaker, h 82 Fourth 

Casper Nicholas, brass spinner, h 101 Gore 

Cass Martin, boot maker, h Bay cor Green 

Cassidy Edward, glass cutter, h rear 101 Gore 

Cassidy Edward, gardener, h Pearl op Cottage 

Cassidy James H. b clerk, h Livermore n Lincoln 

Cassidy Patrick, carpenter, h Pearl op Cottage 

Cassidy Thomas, printer, bds Pearl op Cottage 

Cassin John, wire worker, h Bridge op Water 

Cassin Lawrence, shoemaker, h Gore n Second 

Cate Louisa L. Mrs. h North Avenue op Common 

Caughey Arthur, brass finisher, h Baldwin 

Cavanagh James, gardener, h Harvard cor Ellery 

Cavanagh John, laborer, h Franklin n Bay 

Cavanagh Michael, teamster, bds Garden cor Shepard 

Cavanagh Patrick, laborer, h 101 Bridge 

Cawley Lowell C. b teamster, h 32 Cherry n Eaton 

Cazneau Henry R. bookbinder, h Jay n Western Avenue 

Cesar Edward, coachman, h Cambridge n Fayette 

Chadbournc Isaac, b organ builder, h Broadway n Pioneer 

Chadbourne Stephen F. driver Union R. R. bds Lambert 

Chaddock Sturgis, b gas house findings, h Tremont cor 

Chad wick Guy K. clerk, bds W. II. Hubbard's, Second 
Chad wick Samuel, hatter, Cherry cor School, h Williams 

cor Pearl 
Chaell William, lather, h Med ford n Cambridge 
Chaffee Charles S. clerk, bds IIS Cambridge 
Chaffee Ivnowlton S. (& Cummings) charcoal, junc Bridge 

and Cambridge, h 118 Cambridge 
Chaffee Thomas, clerk, bds 1 IS Cambridge 
Chalk Benjamin, shoemaker, h 6 Third 



Challies Charles D. blacksmith, h 22 East 
Chamberlain Andrew L. b grocer, 1 Endicott, h Follen 
Chamberlain Andrew L. jr. b looking glass maker, bds Follen 
Chamberlain Charles C. b clerk, bds Follen 
Chamberlain George H. clerk, bds Brattle n Appian Way- 
Chamberlain Henry M. b 36 Kilby, h Magazine n Willow 
Chamberlain James F. b silver plater, 104 Washington, h 

Baldwin n Kirkland 
Chamberlain Samuel E. laborer, h 7 School 
Chamberlin Daniel U. hardware, 412 Main, h Magazine cor 

Chamberlin Edward, Proprietor Boston Chemical Works, 
Cambridge n Windsor, office 5 India, h 7 Harrison 
Avenue, Boston 
Chamberlin George H. clerk, Brattle Square, bds Brattle 
Chamberlin John, carpenter, h Brattle n Appian Way 
Chamberlin Jonas H. h 98 Norfolk 
Chamberlin Mary Mrs. h Brattle n Appian W^ay 
Chamberlin Mary C. Mrs. h 6 Union 
Chambers Allen M. carpenter, h Front St. Court 
Chandler Ebenezer M. provision dealer, Harvard Square, 

h Amory n Broadway 
Chandler Edward R. b hatter, h Cottage Court 
Chandler Elizabeth Mrs. h Pleasant n Short 
Chandler Jane Mrs. nurse, h Harvard cor Pine 
Chandler John A. grocer, Main cor Windsor, h 321 Main 
Chaney Sylvanus B. (Thomas Chaney & Co.) soap manufac- 
turer, h Windsor cor Washington 
Chaney Thomas, ( & Co.) soap manufacturer, Clark n Har- 
vard, h Broadway cor Moore 
Chaney William H. b Editor Spiritual Age, 14 Bromfield, h 

Main n Brookline 
Channing Edward T. Mrs. h Quincy 
Chant Frank, iceman, Main n Court 
Chapin Gardner B. (Meloon &) b produce, 48 Blackstone, h 

Cambridge n Sixth 
Chaplin Charles, laborer, h n Kidder's Lane 
Chaplin Sarah T. Mrs. h Austin cor Inman 
Chapman Faulkner, carriage painter, bds Mt. Auburn cor 

Chapman Francis L. carriage manufacturer, Brattle n Palm- 
er, h Story n Brattle 
Chapman Harriet B. Mrs. h Brattle Square 
Chapman James, b paper hanger, h 3'Jl Main 
Chapman Nathaniel B. carpenter, bds Mt. Auburn cor Story 
Chapman William, laborer, h Cambridge cor Medford 
Chapman William, jr. carpenter, h Medford cor Cambridge 
Charmois Victor, carver, Eighth cor Thorndike 


Chase Charles 0. L. b jeweller, 113 Washington, bds Lee n 

Chase Freeman H. teamster, h 3 Broadway 
Chase Hiram L. physician, h Main n Hancock 
Chase Isaac B. engineer Boston and Lowell It. R. h 62 

Chase Isaac F. tin plate worker, bds 102 Cambridge 
Chase James M. b attorney, 46 Court cor Tremont, bds 

Chase Jeremiah C. b ice dealer, h Broadway n Norfolk 
Chase Moses B. chaplain U. S. Navy, h Ash 
Chase Samuel F. C. teamster, h Elm n Hampshire 
Chase Simeon C. painter, h River op Williams 
Cheever Rachel P. Mrs. h rear 32 Norfolk 
Cheney Charles J. conductor Union R. R. bds Brattle 
Chessman Fred H. (Page &) ambrotypist, Wood's Block, 

bds East Boston 
Child Caroline, assistant teacher High School, bds Harvard 

cor Prospect 
Child Francis J. Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory 

H. U. bds Quincy 
Child Joseph, b sailmaker, 2 North Market, h Harvard cor 

Child Joseph, jr. b shoe and leather dealer, bds Harvard 

cor Prospect 
Child Oliver L. bds Pearl cor Valentine 
Child William B. hackman, h Pearl cor Valentine 
Childs Andrew, teamster, bds 74 Washington 
Childs Edward F. pedler, h Cambridge n First 
Childs John J. rope maker, h Short n Pleasant 
Childs Martin G. b watch repairer, bds 9 Short 
Childs Spencer (Ford &) teamster, bds 74 Washington 
Chisholm Alexander, b blacksmith, h 15 Tremont 
Chittick Robert, laborer, h North Avenue op Common 
Choate Charles F. b counsellor, 1 Devonshire, h Oxford 
Choate Thomas J. b bookbinder, h Franklin n Brookline 
Chouler Peter, cabinet maker, h 26 Winter 
Christian Tanguy, shoemaker, h Dooley's Yard rear 130 

Christie William, overseer Union R. R. stables, bds Mrs. 

Gove's, Main 
Churchill William 0. b clerk, h 123 Spring 
Claflen David D. painter, Union Square, h North Avenue n 

Claflen James S. painter, Union Square, h Maple n Milk 
Claflin Samuel, laborer, at Irving House, Main 
Clapp Channing, b clerk, bds Mrs. Clapp's, Cambridge n 



Clapp Charles C. b music store, 69 Court, h Mt. Auburn 
n Story 

Clapp Edward I. clerk, bds Main n Norfolk 

Clapp Frederick, b (Daniel Cummings & Co.) wooden ware 
dealer, 42 South Market, h Magazine cor Franklin 

Clapp Frederick, jr. bds Magazine cor Franklin 

Clapp Horace, mason, h 1 Chestnut 

Clapp Lucia D. h Cambridge n Sumner 

Clapp William G. b pianoforte maker at T. Gilbert's, h Wil- 
liams n Pearl 

Clarence Martha II. teacher Dunster Alphabet School, 
Concord Avenue, bds Garden n Shepard 

Clarence Martha M. Mrs. h Garden n Shepard 

Clark Albert E. engineer, h Main n Pioneer 

Clark Alvan, (& Sons) telescope maker, h 35 Prospect 

Clark Alvan G. (Alvan Clark & Sons) telescope maker, 
bds 35 Prospect 

Clark Ambrose H. conductor Union R. R. h Brooks n Mag- 

Clark Bartlett, laborer, h College Wharf 

Clark Benjamin P. confectioner, Franklin, h 31 Franklin 

Clark Chester N. (& Packard) feather duster manufacturer, 
58 Cambridge, h 65 Thorndike 

Clark Edward, laborer, h Church op Palmer 

Clark Elijah P. h Mason n Brattle 

Clnrk Francis, painter, bds 72 Gore 

Clark George B. (Alvan Clark & Sons) telescope maker, 
bds 35 Prospect 

Clark Henry H. printer, bds Everett Place 

Clark Henry J. naturalist, h 'Kirkland op Sumner 

Clark Hosea, (& Watriss) wool dealer, Main, h Broadway 
cor Prospect 

Clark Hyacinth, laborer, h Washington n Harrison 

Clark John, carpenter, h College Wharf 

Clark John M. b caterer, h 32 Norfolk 

Clark John R. b hatter, h Main n Pioneer 

Clark Joseph, b carpenter, h Fourth n Winter 

Clark Joseph H. law student, bds Mason n Brattle 

Clark Luther, b physician, h 550 Main 

Clark Ozias, carpenter, Monroe, h 63 South Fourth 

Clark Samuel A. clerk, bds 2 Norfolk 

Clark Sarah Mrs. h Inman n Brondway 

Clark Simon P. carpenter, Cherry n School, h 40 Cherry 

Clark Thomas, shoe store, North Avenue op Porter's, h same 

Clark Thomas J. carpenter, bds 37 Spring 

Clark William, laborer, h College Wharf 

Ciarke Benjamin, carpenter, h Gerry n Mt. Auburn 

Clarke Charles H. b stencil and steel letter cutter, bds Gerry 


Clarke Edwin R. stone cutter, h Otis n Sixth 

Clarke Marianna M. Mrs. teacher Dana Hill Private School, 

h 561 Main 
Clarke Moses, physician, h 66 Otis 
Clarke Patrick, bacon curer, h Gore n Seventh 
Clarke Pecallis, travelling Agent for Spiritual Age, h Main 

n Brookline 
Clarkson Alexander, glass cutter, h Winter cor Fourth 
Clark son Thomas, b jeweller, bds Winter cor Fourth 
Clary David, laborer, h Bridge op Bay State Glass House 
Clary Francis P. laborer, h Baldwin 
Clary John, laborer, h 9 Winter 
Clary John, laborer, bds D. Clary's, Bridge 
Claussen Francis F. shipmaster, h Bowdoin n Linnaean 
Claussen Peter N. French boot maker, Brighton n Harvard 

Square, h Green n Putnam 
Cleveland Mary W. Mrs. h Winthrop Square cor Brighton 
Cligget Patrick, wheelwright, h Lambert n Gore 
Clinch Matthew, rope maker, bds T. Clark's, North Avenue 
Clooney Michael, laborer, h Eliot n Brattle 
Clooney John P. b printer, h 78 Fourth 
Clough Edwin A. b clerk, bds 115 Cambridge 
Clough John K. b bookbinder, h Columbia n Worcester 
Clouston William, carpenter, h Williams n Magazine 
Cloutman Abby P. dress maker, over Hyde's store, Main, 

bds Mrs. Duparr's, Pleasant n Harrison Avenue 
Clukas William H. cabinet maker, h Gore n Fifth 
Clune Frank, b clerk, h Dickinson n Clark 
Coaliff Peter, laborer, h Mt. Auburn n Sparks 
Cobb Francis, b clerk, h 88 Harvard 
Cobb Josiah H. b grocer, h Fremont n River 
Cobb Nathaniel L. blacksmith, bds Cambridge n Third 
Cobbet Michael, painter, bds Hubbard's, Third 
Coburn Benjamin, machinist, bds Reed's Tavern, Gore 
Cob urn Calvin, organ builder, h 118 Spring 
Coburn Henry M. clerk, bds 91 Cambridge 
Cochran Jeremiah, laborer, h rear 120 Bridge 
Cochran John, b cabinet maker, h 35 State 
Cochran Pene'ope Mrs. bds 48 Magazine 
Cochran Thomas, blacksmith, bds Brattle 
Cocklin James, laborer, h Welch's Block n East 
Cocklin William, laborer, h Harvard n Brimmer Block 
Coffee Cornelius, laborer, h North n East 
Coffee Dennis, gate tender, Lowell Railroad, h North n East 
Coffin James C. b hair dresser, h Davis n Broadway 
Cofran Noah M. policeman, h Wyeth n Garden 
Cofran Samuel M. brickmaker, h Concord Avenue n Sparks 
Cogin Ellen Mrs. h rear 136 Bridge 



Cogins Luther, expressman, bds 12 Prospect 

Cogswell Francis, Master Putnam Grammar School, h 01 

Thorn dike 
Cogsweil Margaret E. Mrs. h Harvard cor Dana 
Coine James 13. b oyster saloon, h Fourth n Bridge 
Cokeley Timothy, laborer, h Third n Vine 
Cokely Nancy Mrs. h Third n Charles 
Cokely Patrick, h Willow Place n Cambridge 
Cokley Patrick, laborer, h Willow Place n Cambridge 
Cokley Thomas, dry goods, Gore n Third, h smG 
Colburn Cephas, shoemaker, h River n Harrison Avenue 
Colburn George W. b 33 Summer, h Dana op Centre 
Colburn Theodore E. architect, h Ash n Brattle 
Colburn Warren Mrs. h Ash cor Brattle 
Colby Benjamin, b tobacco presser, h Fifth n Spring 
Colby Lewis, clergyman, h 22 Inman n Main 
Colby Sarah Mrs. h River cor Kinnard 
Cole Charles D. b publisher, h Main n Hancock 
Cole James S. carpenter, h Fremont n Pleasant 
Cole Seth, b printer, h Union n Market 
Coleman Mark W. tin plate worker, h Otis n Fifth 
Coleman Michael, laborer, h Hancock op Green 
Coleman Michael, tailor, h Charles Court 
Coleman Thomas, laborer, h Third n Charles 
Coles Winslow, b music printer, h rear 14 Austin 
Colgan Henry, watchman, h Hampshire n Amory 
Colgan Petsr, brass finisher,, bds 71 School 
Coll Patrick, wood turner, h Medford n Windsor 
Collamore Theodore, sash and blind maker, h Clark cor 

Collen Dennis, laborer, h Short, Ward 3 
Colley Benjamin E. b pianoforte maker, 484 Washington, 

h Fayette 
Collier Edward, glass blower, bds Cambridge n Willow Place 
Collier John, grease collector, h Columbia op Somerville 
Collier Margaret Mrs. h Cambridge n Willow Place 
Collier Patrick, glass maker, h 9 Winter 
Collier Patrick H. glass maker, h 9 W T inter 
Collins Edward, well digger, h rear Vine n Third 
Collins Elisha K. b oil and lamp dealer, 97 Water, h Har- 
vard n Lee 
Collins James, laborer, h 12 North , 

Collins John, laborer, h Dublin 
Collins Michael, laborer, h Fourth n Bridge 
Collins Richard, laborer, h Brighton 

Collins Thomas G. carpenter, h Sacramento n Somerville 
Collins Timothy, glass maker, bds M. Collins's, Fourth n 


Collins William H. b carpenter, h Main n Pioneer 

Colliten Francis, laborer, h Windsor n Cambridge 

Collohan Michael, laborer, h Bay cor Franklin 

Colman Waterman, b clerk, h Coggswell Avenue 

Colmire Henry, brush maker, h Sixth n Vine 

Combs Jane Miss, b tailoress, bds Worcester cor Columbia 

Comee Dennis F. b clerk, h 41 Cherry 

Comegys Sarah P. L. Principal Young Ladies Boarding 

Sjhool, h Follen 
Comer Robert, printer, bds 3 Soden 
Comfort Lawrence, laborer, h Green n Bay 
Conant George H. expressman, h North Avenue n Walden 
Conant Harriet Mrs. h 35 Second 
Conant Joel H. driver U. R. R. h Short n Magazine 
Conant John F. conductor Union R. R. h Somerville 
Conant Levi, b City Hotel, Brattle, h Harvard n Dana 
Conboy Thomas, laborer, h Third op Charles 
Concklin George W. (Hay ward & Co.) expressman, Office 

Main op Brookline, h Green n Magazine 
Conden John, laborer, h near Dublin 
Coney Patrick, laborer, h n Catholic Church, Concord 

Conlan Charles, laborer, h Cambridge cor Medford 
Conlan James, laborer, h Medford n Cambridge 
Conlan John, soap maker, h Windsor n Cambridge 
Conlan John, laborer, h n Tuttle 
Conlan Michael, soap maker, h Windsor n Cambridge 
Conlan Patrick, laborer, h 78 fourth 
Conlan Richard, laborer, bds 59 Gore 
Conlan Samuel, soap maker, h Columbia n Somerville 
Conley Barnard, teamster, h Garden 
Cun ley James, painter, h Willow Place, n Cambridge 
Conley John, laborer, bds Lambert Avenue 
Coniey Timothy A. brush maker, at Sheriff & Eastham's, 

Third, bds E Boston 
Conley William, laborer, h Medford n Cambridge 
Conlow John, laborer, h Willow Place cor Cambridge 
Connell Anthony, painter, h Hancock cor Franklin 
Council James, laborer, h Green n Bay 
Connell John, laborer, h School Court 
Connell Lot W. painter, h Green n Bay 
Connelly Bartley, laborer, h Mt. Auburn n Sparks 
Connelly Bernard, pedler, h Third n Charles 
Connelly John, laborer, h Green n Putnam 
Connelly John, plasterer, bdfl W. W. Russell's, Spruce 
Connelly William, Laborer, h Green n Putnam 
Conner Cornelius, laborer, h Winthrop n Dunster 
Conner John, laborer, h lain n Hampshire 


Conner John, laborer, h Somerset n marsh 

Conner Michael, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 

Conner Michael, laborer, h Hancock n Centre 

Conner Patrick, blacksmith, h Green 

Conner Patrick, laborer, h Brighton 

Conner Patrick, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 

Conner Timothy, laborer, h Mason cor Garden 

Conner Timothy, laborer, h Concord Avenue n Alewife 

Conners Daniel, laborer, bds M. Conners, Hancock 

Conners Ellen Mrs. h 11 North 

Conners James, laborer, h Foster n Foster Place 

Conners Julia Mrs. h Brick Alley, North 

Conners Michael, carpenter, h Hancock op Green 

Conners Michael, laborer, h Brighton 

Conners Michael, laborer, h 10 North 

Conners Michael, laborer, h near Dublin 

Conners Patrick, blacksmith, h Hancock n Franklin 

Conners Patrick, laborer, h Brighton 

Conners Patrick, laborer, h Franklin n Vernon 

Conners Peter, laborer, h Prince 

Connerton Edward, painter, h Baldwin 

Connerton Patrick, carpenter, h Baldwin 

Connors Peter, tailor, h Cambridge n First 

Connoway Michael, tailor, h rear Vine n Fifth 

Conrady Charles, printer, h Blackstone 

Conry Kern, laborer, h Kirmard n Putnam 

Conry Maurice, laborer, h West n Lee 

Converse Benjamin, produce dealer, Norfolk n Harvard, b/ 
Williams cor Magazine 

Converse Granville S. clerk, bds Williams cor Magazine 

Conway Catharine Mrs. h Vine n Fourth 

Conway Martin, shoemaker, h 5 North 

Cook Benjamin, painter, h 106 Otis 

Cook Charles, b real estate broker, 81 Washington, h Mag- 
azine n the river 

Cook Ephraim, farmer, bds Beech 

Cook Ephraim, painter, h 45 Gore 

Cook John B. trader, h Elm cor Chestnut, Ward 5 

Cook Josiah W. President Cambridge Mutual Insurance Co. 
op Irving House, Main, h Main n Hancock 

Cook Micah W. provision dealer, North Avenue cor Rus- 
sell, h Beech 

Cook Thomas D. policeman, h North Avenue n Alewife 

Cooke Josiah P. Erving Professor of Chemistry and Miner- 
alogy, H. U. rooms Harvard Block, Harvard Square 

Coolidge Abiel, h Clark cor Washington 


Cooliclge Austin J. b attorney, 39 Court, Ms Brattle n 

Coolidge Charles, printer, h Green n Hancock 
Coolidge Charles, brush maker, h 61 Spring 
Coolidge George Mrs. h Main op Quincy 
Coolidge George H. pyrotechnist, h 61 Washington 
Coolidge John, carpenter, h 14 Brooks' Building n School 
Coolidge Joseph G. farmer, h Coolidge Avenue n Mt. Au- 
burn Cemetery 
Coolidge Josiah, farmer, h Brattle n Fayerweather 
Coolidge Nancy Mrs. h 403 Main 
Coolidge Oliver S. b pianoforte maker, bds Washington cor 

Cooper Charles, soap manufacturer, h 71 Eiver 
Cooper Charles A. student, bds 71 River 
Cooper James, b silver plate worker, h 49 Washington 
Cooper John, expressman, h 45 Fourth 
Cooper John, trader, h Broadway cor Pioneer 
Cooper Thomas H. expressman, h Appian Way n Brattle 
Cooper William, soap manufacturer, River, h 82 River 
Copeland George H. pyrotechnist, h Windsor n Washington 
Copithon James, b laborer, h Charles n Fourth 
Copithon Matthew, laborer, h Charles n Fourth 
Copp George W. cordwainer, h Williams n Pearl 
Coppenraht Jacobus, currier, h 99 Vine 
Corcoran Jeremiah, laborer, h Bridge op Water 
Corcoran John, blacksmith, h Eliot n Mt. Auburn 
Corcoran John, printer, h Watson n Brookline 
Corcoran John, laborer, h 16 North 
Corcoran John, laborer, h rear Court 
Corcoran Julia Mrs. h North cor Short, Ward 3 
Corcoran Richard, laborer, h Brattle Square n Mt. Auburn 
Corey Aaron, h Temple n Austin 
Corkery Michael, laborer, h Medford n Somerville 
Corkner John, b laborer, h Cambridge op Chemical Works 
Cormack William, printer, h Green n Bay 
Cornell David, box maker, Broadway, h 33 Clark 
Cornish Jonathan R. cabinet maker, bds Broadway n Dock 
Cornish William, w r hitewasher, h Broadway n Dock 
Corregan Margaret Mrs. h rear Irving Place 
Corrumley John, laborer, h Windsor n Cambridge 
Cosgrove Thomas, laborer, h n Tuttle 
Cossitt George, box maker, h Spring cor Fifth 
Costello Ann Mrs. h Franklin n Vernon 
Costello James, b expressman, h 67 Pleasant 
Costello John II. b Btereotyper, bds Franklin n Vernon 
Costello Michael, engineer, h Bridge n Fourth 
Cotton Nathaniel, h Plymouth 


Cottle Phcbe B. Mrs. boarding, li Main op I- 

Cottrell Adam S. Lumber dealer, Charlestown, h Mt Auburn 

cor Story 
Couch Paul, clergyman, h Wright 
Coughlin William, laborer, h Main L. P. 
Courtney Michael, laborer, h Jam n Cambridge 
Covill \\ illiam, teamster, b Pearl n soap factory 
Covney Margaret Mrs. h Short, Ward 3 
Cowdin Levi P. engineer, h Mt. Auburn cor Ilolyoke 
Cowen Dennis, rope maker, h North Avenue n Porter's 
Cowley John, bookbinder, h Valentine n Brookline 
Cox David R. driver Union R. R. bds Water town 
Cox James, b clerk, h Walnut Place n Magazine 
Cox James, b printer, h Hampshire n Windsor 
Cox John, plasterer, h Elm n Hampshire 
Cox John, laborer, h Brattle Square n Mt. Auburn 
Cox John, laborer, bds Front 

Cox Leonard, Cambridge Laundry, Soden, h 32 Green 
Cox Leonard, jr. clergyman, h 5 Soden 
Cox William, laborer, h Elm n Hampshire 
Coy Charles, machinist, h 36 Seventh 
Coy George, engineer, h 86 Fourth 
Coy George, engineer, h Willow Place n Cambridge 
Coy George H. engineer, h Fourth n Vine 
Coy Horace S. cabinet maker, h Fifth n Otis 
Coy Richard, laborer, h Sixth n Cambridge 
Coye William J. b furrier, h Norton 
Coyle John, shoemaker, h Gore n Reed's Tavern 
Coyle Patrick, laborer, h Garden n Arsenal 
Coyle Terrence, laborer, h n Dublin 
Coyle Thomas, blacksmith, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Crabbie Robert, b liquors, h 94 Prospect 
Crabe Ernest, blacksmith, bds Mrs. Norton's, Brighton 
Crafts George W. bookbinder, h Brookline n Auburn 
Cragin Samuel, expressman, h Seventh n Cambridge 
Crain Charles b (Damon, Thomas & Crain) boots and shoes, 

bds Mrs. Wenrich's, Austin 
Crain Franklin E. b (Parker, Barnes & Merriam) 99 and 

101 Milk, h Magazine cor Franklin 
Cram Charles N. piano fortemaker, n Osborn's, bds Clough's, 

Crandall Robert B. carpenter, h 150 Cambridge 
Crane Elizabeth Mrs. h Brighton n Winthrop 
Crane John, grocer, Brighton cor Mt. Auburn, h D'Wolf n 

Mt. Auburn 
Crane John, laborer, h Third n Charles 
Crane Luther, b paper dealer, Spring Lane, h 559 Main 
Crapon Thomas J. baker, bds 336 Main 


Crawford Charles, laborer, h Spark3 cor Foster 

Creelman Isabella Mrs. h 24 Brooks's Building, School 

Crely James, blacksmith, h Eliot n Mt. Auburn 

Creran Edward, laborer, h 127 Spring 

Creran James, stone cutter, h 127 Spring 

Crocker Phineas A. blank books and stationery. Union Square 

n depot, h North Avenue n Spruce 
Crocker William H. b drugs, &c, h 57 Cherry 
Crogan Michael, laborer, h Amory n Hampshire 
Cronan Charles P. cigar maker, bds 1 Front 
Cronan Conly, boiler maker, h Washington 
Cronan Denis, mason, bds West n Inman 
Cronan Jeremiah, laborer, h W T est n Inman 
Cronan John, b currier, h Garden cor Shepard 
Cronan John, gas-fitter, bds West n Inman 
Cronan Maurice, laborer, h n Catholic Church, Concord 

Cronan Patrick, laborer, h North n East 
Cronan Timothy, painter, bds Broadway n Lee 
Cronan Timothy, laborer, h North n East 
Cronant William, glass maker, h Windsor cor Cambridge 
Cronin Timothy, carpenter, h Murdock n Hampshire 
Crosby Edward, b book-keeper, 69 Washington, h 49 River 
Crosby Joseph, baker, h Auburn n Brookline 
Crosby Patrick, laborer, h Franklin n Bay 
Crosby Solomon L. stone cutter at J. F. Gilman's, Bridge, 

h Charlestown 
Croscup Benjamin F. carpenter, h Brooks n Magazine 

Croscup Collin C. carpenter, bds Western Avenue cor How- 

Croscup Edward, carpenter, h Western Avenue cor Howard 

Croscup James, carpenter, bds Western Avenue cor Howard 

Crosb Daniel, laborer, h Pine n Washington 

Cross Joseph, b cabinet maker, h 62 Pleasant 
William, laborer, h Harvard n junc Main 

Crossnian Alfred \Y. b (Sargent, Crossman & Co.) lamps, 
14 Central, h 60 Thorndike 

Crossman Edward, box maker, bds Broadway n Pioneer 

Crossman Edward I>. clerk, bds Broadway □ Pioneer 

Crossman Lloyd Mis. b Broadway n Pioneer 

Crowe James, carpenter, h 16 sixth 

Crowell Thomas II. foreman Cambridge Gas Light Co. bds 
Osborn'e, Harvard Square 

Crowley Denis J. printer, h Dyke n Charles River 

Crowley .John, laborer, h Main L. 1'. 

Crowley Timothy, laborer, b East n Lowell EL R. 

Crowley William, Laborer, h Cambridge n First 

Cubery George, bookbinder, l><ls Williams n Pearl 


Cubery William M. printer, bds Western Avenue cor Kin- 

Cudding William, engineer, bds 2 Fisk's Block, Broadway 

Cuddy John, glass cutter, h Lincoln n Livermore 

Cudohy Ellen Mrs. k North n East 

Cullis Henry, stone cutter, Bridge, h Charlestown 

Cummings Charles H. b (Cummings & llobinson) flour 
dealer, 46 Commercial, h 494 Main 

Cummings Daniel P. (Chaffee & Cummings) charcoal, junc 
Bridge and Cambridge, h at Somerville 

Cummings Ellen Mrs. h 33 Spring 

Cummings Franklin, b commission merchant, h Elm n 

Cummings John F. b book-keeper, bds Elm n Broadway 

Cunningham George, printer, Kiverside, h Somerville 

Cunningham James, laborer, h Franklin n Pleasant 

Cunningham, John, grocer, h Green n Bay 

Cunningham Owen, laborer, h Green n Bay 

Cunningham Thomas (Cunningham, Sortwell & Co.) dis- 
tiller, Cambridge n Windsor, h Somerville 

Curley Andrew, laborer, h Harvard n railroad crossing 

Curley Bridget Mrs. h Franklin n Hancock 

Curley Hugh, laborer, h Bridge 

Curley Martin, h near Tuttle 

Curran Philip, Eliot n Mt. Auburn 

Currier Alvin D. glass maker h 48 Gore 

Currier Edward, box maker, bds Broadway n Davis 

Curtin James, laborer, h Willow Place n Cambridge 

Curtin Mary Mrs. h Vine n Fourth 

Curtin Patrick Mrs. h Kidder's Lane 

Curtis Edward W. printer, bds 17 Jay 

Curtis John B. glass maker, h Third n Gore 

Curtis Thomas, laborer, h 32 Gore 

Curwin Thomas, b printer, h Murdock 

Gushing Eliza Mrs. h Mt. Auburn n Brattle 

Cushing Levi L. bookseller, Harvard Square, h Rice 

Gushing Samuel, h Third n Cambridge 

Cushman Charles, b (Milton, Cushman & Co.) 10 Milk, h 
Main n Dana 

Cushman Moses E. b Custom House, h 42 Tremont 

Cutler Curtis, b book-keeper, 67 Broad, h Kirkland Place 

Cutler Edwin, b clerk, bds Sumner 

Cutler Everett N. clerk, bds 28 East 

Cutler George H. carpenter, h Kirkland Place 

Cutler Isaac, carpenter, h. Sumner 

Cutler Joseph, b attorney, 47 Court, h Cambridge n Sumner 

Cutter Asa, blacksmith, h North Avenue n Union Square 

Cutter Charles A. bds at J. H. Bradbury's, Concord Avenue 



— AND — 

Jpmftattt Suitor, 

Receives the latest 




constantly received at 

No. 203 Washington Street. 

iS f ^ 


Importers and Manufacturers of 


L A. r> IE S' 


173 & 175 Washington Street, 

Established 1838. 




Cutter Charlotte A. Miss, bds Concord Avenue cor Craigie 

Cutter Ephraim P. mariner, bds 2 Prospect 

Cutter George, carriage smith, North Avenue n Union 
Square, h Somerville 

Cutter George W. varnisher, h 1 Essex Court 

Cutter Isaiah, engineer, bds 34 Cherry 

Cutter James H. carriage smith, North Avenue n Union 

Cutter James M. b (Tower & Co.) stationer, 89 New Devon- 
shire, h Broadway op Amory 

Cutter Leander, jr. b varnisher, h 17 Cherry 

Cutter Peter, b hats and caps, 3 Dock Square, h 50 River 
op Jay 

Cutter Samuel L. b coal dealer, h 2 Prospect 

Cutter Samuel L. jr. b attorney, bds 2 Prospect 

Cutter Stephen, mariner, h 60 Spring 

Cutter Stephen S. watchman, bds 43 Cambridge 

Cutter Watson G. b clerk, bds 2 Prospect 

Cutting Samuel A. driver Union R. R. h rear 395 Main 

Cutting William, engineer, bds at B. Simpson's, Broadway 
n Pioneer 

Dabe Philip, b tailor, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Dacie John, cabinet maker, Main L. P. 
Dacy Mary Mrs. h Short, Ward 3 
Dadman Charles R. lumber dealer, h Charles River 
Dady Patrick, laborer, h Willow Place n Cambridge 
Daggett Freeman L. musician, h Market n Union 
Dailey Elizabeth Mrs. fancy goods, 65 Cambridge 
Dailey Ellen Mrs. h Gore cor Fourth 
Dailey Owen, laborer, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Dailey William, livery stable, Cambridge n Flanders' Ex- 
change, h 66 Sixth 
Daily Alonzo U. livery stable, bds 57 Thorndike 
Daily Bartholomew, laborer, h 10 Bridge 
Daily Charles, mason, h Willow Place 
Daily Charles, laborer, h rear Gore n Fourth 
Daily Francis, grease collector, h Columbia n Somerville 
Daily George E. carriage painter, bds 57 Thorddike 
Daily John, laborer, h Pearl cor Perry 
Daily John, laborer, h near Dublin 
Daily Michael, b porter, h Charles n Third 
Daily Michael, teamster, h Broadway op Pioneer 
Daily Peggy Mrs. h Hampshire op Portland 
Daily Richard L. printer, h 63 Cambridge 
Daily Uriah J. b livery stable, Cambridge, h 57 Thorndike 
Dale George II. glass maker, h 56 Gore 
Dale Thomas J. trader, bds 5G Gore 


Daley Dennis, laborer, li Broadway n Fayette 

Daley James, gardener, h rear North Avenue n Porter'* 

Dallinger Charles, hat store, Main op Pearl, h Magazine cor 

Dallinger Elizabeth Mrs. h. Main n Pioneer 
Dallinger Elizabeth E. teacher Bridge Primary School, bds 

at Mrs. E. Dallinger's, Main L. P. 
Dallinger Jane, teacher Willard Middle School, bds at Mrs. 

E. Dallinger's, Main L. P. 
Dallinger William, b hatter, 37 Hanover, h Windsor cor 

Dalton Christopher, laborer, h Otis n Seventh 
Dalton Daniel, glass cutter, h 96 Fourth 
Dalton James, soap maker, h Pearl n Perry 
Dalton John R. laborer, h Kidder's Lane 
Dalton Patrick, laborer, h Charles n Fourth 
Dalton Richard, tailor, h Mt. Auburn n Brighton 
Daly Cornelius, gardener, h Hancock n Green 
Dam Samuel, b tailor, h Kinnard cor Western Avenue 
Dame John L. b salesman, h Washington n Norfolk 
Damon Calvin A. cutter at A. S. Kelley's, h 38 Auburn 
Damon Charles, carpenter, bds Windsor n Washington 
Damon Warren, carpenter, h 99 Norfolk n Hampshire 
Dana Edward, laborer, bds Broadway n Fayette 
Dana Elizabeth Miss, h 10 Holyoke 
Dana Francis, b Librarian Academy of Arts and Sciences, 

h 14 Auburn 
Dana John B. Assistant Steward H. U. h Brattle cor Fayer- 

Dana Thomas, b (Tarbell &) 176 State, h Cambridge n 

Dana Richard H. b attorney, 42 Court, h Berkeley cor Phil- 
lips Place 
Danahy Timothy, tailor, h Sargent 
Danahy W T illiam, teamster, h Sargent n Kidder's Lane 
Dane Charles G. restorator, h 49 Columbia 
Dane George W. box maker, bds Columbia op Suffolk 
Dane Joseph G. Mrs. h 49 Columbia 
Dane Timothy S. printer, h 51 Columbia 
Danforth Cyrus, b dry goods, bds Linden n Harvard 
Danforth George 0. painter, Brighton n Eliot, h Everett Place 
Danforth Hollis, furniture and job wagon, h Prospect n 

Danforth Isaac W. b (George H. Gray & Danforth) hard- 
ware, 113 and 235 Broad, h Craigie cor Buckingham 
Danforth Otis, shoe dealer, Harvard Square cor Dunster, h 
Linden n Harvard 


Daniels Clark Mrs. h 391 Main 

Daniels Eliza C. dressmaker, bds 391 Main 

Daniels Ephraim, silk trimmer, Gore, h rear Cambridge n 

Daniels Leonard L. carpenter, h Gerry n Mt. Auburn 
Dardis John, laborer, h Hampshire n Amory 
Darivan James, blacksmith, h South Margin, Boston 
Datt Frederick, baker, h 66 Fourth 
Davenport Charles W. b (Blake &) furniture, 12 Cornhill, 

h Prescott, Ward 2 
Davenport Alvan, h 166 Harvard op Elm 
Davenport John, farmer, h North Avenue cor Spruce 
David Samuel M. b whip dealer, 8 Dock Square, h Wendell 

n North Avenue 
Davies Benjamin, carpenter, h Otis cor Seventh 
Davies George H. b inspector custom house, h 42 Spring 
Davies Philip, picture frames, h near Jay, Western Avenue 
Davies William B. b clerk, h Seventh op gasometer 
Davis Abbott R. b trader, h 139 Cambridge 
Davis Ambrose L. box maker, bds Market n Windsor 
Davis Charles A. cabinet maker, bds Harvard n Davis 
Davis Charles H. Commander U. S. Navy, bds J. Belcher's, 

Mt. Auburn, n Bow and Arrow 
Davis Chester M. cooper, h Pearl n Walnut 
Davis Curtis, soap manufacturer, Broadway n Davis, h 121 

Davis Edward A. book-keeper at James Atwood's grocery, 

bds Washington 
Davis Edward W. b 65 & 67 Quincy Market, h 322 Broad- 
Davis Eliphalet, (& Co.) soap manufacturer, 333 Main, h 

58 Cherry 
Davis Fairfield B. grocer, 121 Cambridge, h 7 Cambridge n 

Davis Francis G. b 39 Commercial Wharf, bds 44 Franklin 
D;ivis Oilman, h 8 Union 
Davis George A. glass pressor, bds 45 Gore 
Davis Harvey, (& Untes) grain, Main, h 40 Columbia 
Davis Harvey G. b tailor, 32 Dock Square, bds 13 Wil- 
Davis Hezekiah, b agent commercial line packets, India 

Wharf, li Austin Street Court COT Austin 
Davis Horatio, organ builder, It 61 Thorn dike 
Davis Isaac, b inpector custom house, h 84 School 
Davis James C. soap manufacturer, Broadway u Moore, h 

Broadway cor Moore 
Davis James T. b produce dealer, 1 North Market, h 10 Au- 
burn n Magazine 


Davis John W. b oil dealer, 5 Central Wharf, bds Harvard 

cor Prospect 
Davis Joshua F. blacksmith, h 18 East 
Davis Joseph F. b 65 & 67 Quincy Market, h Broadway cor 

Davis Mason, soap manufacturer, Lincoln op Livermore, h 

Norfolk n Hampshire 
Davis Perry ntha T* Miss, teacher Mason Middle School, bds 

8 Union 
Davis Peter R. laborer, at Mrs. Fuller's, h Green n Putnam 
Davis P. Stearns, b bookseller, 118 Washington, h 105 Cam- 
Davis Sarah J. Miss, teacher Allston Primary School, 

Boardman, bds 8 Union 
Davis Solomon A. blacksmith and wheelwright, Cambridge, 

n Flanders' Exchange, h 26 Fifth 
Davis Stephen G. b cashier Shawmut Bank, h 555 Main 
Davis Thomas M. soap maker, h School n Cherry 
Davis Watson, mastic roofer, h Clark n School 
Davis William, h Broadway cor Inman 
Davis William E. b tailor, h Broadway op Dock 
Davis William H. soap maker, bds 58 Cherry 
Davis William P. carpenter, h 65 Gore 
Davison Hannah Mrs. nurse, h Main n Harrison 
Day Arthur C. box maker, h North Avenue n Almshouse 
Day Edmund P. clerk Fresh Pond House, Wyeth's Lane 
Day Jacob G. carpenter, h Village 
Day James, glass maker, h Bridge cor Fourth 
Day John T. locksmith, Main op J. Orne's, h Austin 
Day Leonard, (Lane &) carpenter, h Shepard n Avon 
Day Martin, painter, h rear 59 Columbia 
Day Ralph, carpenter, h North Avenue n Spruce 
Day Samuel E. laborer, h Everett Place 
Day Stephen, blacksmith, Cambridge n First, h East cor 

Day Thomas, blacksmith, at J. F. Gilman's, Bridge 
Day Thomas J. laborer, h 78 School 
Day William, laborer, h Fourth, n Winter 
Dayton Goodrich M. b dry goods, 68 Milk, h Jay cor River 
Deacon James, glass maker, h rear 51 Gore 
Deacon William, laborer, h Short, W T ard 3 
Dean James M. b printer, h Sydney n Front 
Dean Jerome C. gas fitter, bds Green n Putnam 
Dean Lucius, watchman, bds Hubbard's, Second 
Dean Myron M. b insurance agent, 79 State, h Mt. Auburn 

cor Otis Place 
Dean Robert, laborer, h Race Course n Spruce 
Dean Thomas, glass maker, bds Mrs. McLoon's, Cambridge 


Deane Claries, b (Richardson, Deane & Co.) 27 Federal, h 

Deane George H. manufacturer, h Brattle cor Willard 
Dearing George A. (& Holt) furniture dealer, Harvard, cor 

Chestnut, h Clark n Washington 
Deary William, laborer, h Vine n Fourth 
Deasy John, cabinet maker, h Main L. P. 
Debuif Francis, glass cutter, h 93 Spring 
Decoto Henry, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 
Dedrick Frederick, block tin worker, h 93 Spring 
Deechan John, gate tender Lowell R. R. h Bridge n Short 
Delaney Edmund H. mason, h Elm n Cambridge 
Delaney James S. b plumber, bds Broadway op Boardman 
Delaney John, laborer, h Bridge n Lowell R. R. 
Delaney John, laborer, h n Dublin 
Delaney Maria Mrs. h Broadway op Boardman 
Delaney Patrick, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 
Delaney Patrick, mison, h Elm n Cambridge 
Delaney Patrick, laborer, h Hastings 
Delaporte Gustave, chair maker, h Thorndike n Fifth 
Delay Daniel, laborer, at Brownell's, North Avenue 
Demain William C. b paper ruler, h 27 Washington 
Dempsey Bridget, h n Dublin 
Dempsey Mary Mrs. h Hastings 
Dempsey Michael, cabinet maker, bds Hastings 
Dempsey Michael, grocer, h Hastings 
Dempsey Michael, laborer, h rear 124 Bridge 
Dennehan William, teamster, bds Linnehan's, Bridge 
Dennett Charles E. carver, h Fourth n Bridge 
Dennis John, laborer, h Elm n Hampshire 
Dennis John, driver Union R. R. bds C. H. Burroughs's, 

129 Bridge 
Dennis William, cook, h Fourth n Bridge 
Dennis William W. h 263 Broadway 
Dennison Franklin, carpenter, bds Seventh n Thorndike 
Dennison Hosea B. architect, h 64 Cambridge 
Dennison James, carpenter, h Seventh n Thorndike 
Dennison Otis, machinist, h Thorndike n Eighth 
Denovan William, laborer, h rear 136 Bridge 
Denton Eben, (& Wood) bookbinder, Magazine, h Erie n 

Denton Ebenezer, bookbinder, bds Erie n Magazine 
Denton James W. (Woodman &) wood moulder, State, h 

Sydney n Front 
Denton William W. b printer, h Pearl n Valentine 
DeQuedville John, cabinet maker, h Brighton n Mt. Auburn 
Derby Henry, b clerk, h 75 Spring 
Derby Thomas, bds 103 Bridge 



Derrigan Bridget Mrs. h Brattle Square 
Desmond Patrick, laborer, h Windsor n junc Hedford 
Desmond William, cabinet maker, bds Hastings 
Dever Edward, laborer, h Dublin 
Devens Jeremiah, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 
Devin Ann Mrs. h Suffolk n Columbia 
Devine Francis, glass maker, h Lambert n Gore 
Devine John, laborer, h Lambert n Gore 
Devlin Peter, laborer, h n Dublin 
Dexter Henry, sculptor, h 267 Broadway- 
Dexter Horace, conductor Union R. R. bds Franklin n 

Dexter Joseph, grocer, 258 Broadway, h 256 Broadway n 

Dexter Silas, (Jones &) grocer, Brattle Square, bds Jones', 

Dias Elisha, general dealer, h rear 4 Washington 
Dickinson Alexander, soap manufacturer, Davis, h Harvard 

cor Moore 
Dickinson Charles H. M. painter, bds Mr. Eaton's, Allen 
Dickinson Daniel G. E. mariner, bds 12 Worcester 
Dickman Isaac, conductor Somerville R. R. h North Avenue 

op Porter's 
Dickman James, court plaster manufacturer, h Pleasant 

cor Franklin 
Dickman Joseph, conductor Somerville R. R. h North Ave- 
nue cor Beech 
Dickman Joseph S. G. rope maker, bds North Avenue op 

Dickman Samuel, driver Union R. R. bds North Avenue op 

Dickman Thomas, court plaster maker, bds Pleasant cor 

Dickson Richard W. gas fitter, 467 Main, h River 
Dickson Samuel, mason, h Cambridge cor Willow Place 
Dignan Barney, laborer, at Porter's, North Avenue 
Dike Edward G. b jeweller, h Front cor Sydney 
Dillaway Daniel H. britannia worker, bds Mrs. Davison's, 

Main n Harrison 
Dillaway Stillman S. machinist, h School n Main 
Dillaway Thomas V. b milk dealer, h Walnut btwn Pearl 

and Brookline 
Dillingham Allen W. dentist, Harvard Square, h 596 Main 
Dillingham Henry, stereotyper, h Holyoke 
Dillingham Henry, jr. varnisher, bds Holyoke 
Dillon Edward, laborer, bds J. Dillon's, W'illow Place 
Dillon John, grocer, h Willow Place n Cambridge 
Dillon Michael, laborer, h Garden n the Arsenal 


Dimick Calvin, b 26 Scollay's Building, h Cambridge n 

Dimick Charles, h Cambridge n Fayette 
Dinsmoor Charles M. principal Shepard School, North Ave- 
nue, bds Mrs. Brown's, Coggswell Avenue 
Dixon Simeon F. bds Linnaean cor Raymond 
Dixon William, engineer, bds Hubbard's, Second 
Dixwell Epes S. b teacher private Latin School, Boylston 

Place, h Garden cor Bond 
Dobbyn Caesar H. grocer, 295 Main, h same 
Dodge H. Augusta, assistant teacher Harvard Grammar 

School, bds W. B. Hovey's, Williams 
Dodge John C. b attorney, 52 Washington, h Fayette n 

Dodge John H. provision dealer, Main cor Magazine h 

Perry n Magazine 
Dodge Joseph A. sash and blind maker, h Gore n Fifth 
Dodge Joseph F. b fluid dealer, 36 Union, h 31 Tremont 
Dodge Lydia Mrs. h 123 Washington 
Dodge William H. carpenter, h Seventh n Otis 
Dodge William H. clerk, bds Perry n Magazine 
Doherty Charles, milkman, h Cambridge cor Sixth 
Doherty Edward, b tailor, h Medford 
Doherty Edward, laborer, h Harrison Avenue n River 
Doherty Henry, clerk, h 9 Barton, Boston 
Doherty Hugh, stone cutter, h Vine cor Fifth 
Doherty James, gardener, bds Hampshire n Inman 
Doherty James, boiler maker, bds 93 Endicott, Boston 
Doherty John, block tin worker, bds Gore junc Bridge 
Doherty John, laborer, h Green n Putnam 
Doherty John, laborer, h Bridge op Flanders' Exchange 
Doherty John, laborer, h Somerset n marsh 
Doherty Matthew, laborer, h Franklin n Bay 
Doherty Michael, teamster, h Franklin n Bay 
Doherty Patrick, laborer, h Bridge n Lowell R. R. 
Doherty Philip, laborer, h Concord Avenue n Alewife 

Dolan Patrick, laborer, h Fourth n Winter 
Dolan Thomas, soap maker, h Valentine n Pearl 
Dolbeare Joseph S. b shipwright, h Franklin n Pleasant 
Dolen John, teamster, bds Brookline n Perry 
Dollard James, shoemaker, h Hancock op Green 
Dollard John, shoemaker, Main n Prospect, h Inman n 

Dollard Maurice, shoemaker, bds Inman n Broadway 
Dolloff William J. printer, h Everett Place 
Dolton Richard, tailor, Brighton n Harvard Square, h Mt. 

Auburn n Brighton 


Donahue John, laborer, li Brooklinc n soap factory 

Donahue John, laborer, Pear] cor Perry 

Donahue Patrick, grease collector, h Brooklinc n soap factory 

Donahue Roger, brass finisher, bds 71 School 

Donallan John W. watch maker, 68 Cambridge, h Cambridge 

cor Sixth 
Doney Maurice, laborer, h Mason cor Garden 
Donley James, teamster, at A. C. Sanborn & Co. Bridge, h 

Donnahue Timothy, laborer, h Vine n Fourth 
Donnell Edwin A. (& Moore) hardware, 15 Brattle, h Hol- 

yoke Place cor Holyoke 
Donnell Lucy Mrs. h li Holyoke n Mt. Auburn 
Donnell Rufus R. mariner, h Wright n North Avenue 
Donnelly Bridget Mrs. h n Catholic Church, Concord 

Donnelly Ellen Mrs. h Green n Bay 
Donnelly James, b coach painter, h "Washington, n R. R. 

Donnelly John, laborer, h Kidder's Lane cor Sargent 
Donnelly Patrick, laborer, h Vine n Fourth 
Donnelly William, laborer, h Pine n Harvard 
Donnison Catharine L. Miss, h W r aterhouse cor Garden 
Donnovan Timothy, laborer, h East n Lowell R. R. 
Donley Patrick, laborer, h n Tuttle 
Donovan Daniel, brass finisher, bds 71 School 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, h Hastings n Moore 
Donovan John, laborer, h o5 Gore 
Donovan Michael, laborer, h North n Short 
Donovan Mary Mrs h Medford n Cambridge 
Donovan Thomas, laborer, h Suffolk n Norfolk 
Dooley James, machinist, h 126 Bridge n Third 
Dooley William H. glass maker, h Cambridge cor Elm 
Doolin Martin, laborer, h old toll house, Craigie's Bridge 
Dorety Dennis, Mrs. h Concord Avenue 
Dorety Hugh, stone cutter, h Vine n Fifth 
Dorety Michael, laborer, Concord Avenue n Alewife Brook 
Dorety Patrick, laborer, glass maker, h 81 Gore 
Dorey Mary Mrs. h 118 Bridge 

Dorey Peter, laborer, h Race Course n Kidder's Lane 
Dormer Benjamin, saloon, Bridge n Cambridge, h Gore n 

Dormer John, clerk, bds Gore n Sixth 
Dorr Cornelius, b (Dorr, Proctor & Co.) grocer, 2 Commerce, 

h North Avenue cor Sacramento 
Dorr John, baker, h 3 Washington cor Clark 
Dorus Bridget Mrs. h Gore n Reed's Tavern 
Dorus Felix, blacksmith, h Gore, n Reed's Tavern 


Dougherty Manasses P. clergyman, h Concord Avenue n 

the Observatory 
Douglass Betsey Mrs. h Columbia n Austin 
Douglass Harrison, printer, bds Fremont n Pleasant 
Douglass James, cabinet maker, h Brooks' Buildings n 

Douglass Joann S. Mrs. College Matron, h Holmes Place 
Douglass Robert, b 36 Kilby, h 15 Austin 
Douglass Royal, h 31 State 

Douglass William H. moulder at Kinsley's, h Dedham 
Dow Caleb S. carpenter, h Perry n Magazine 
Dowd Amelia, dry and fancy goods, Harvard cor Norfolk 
Dowd Andrew, cigar manufacturer, Harvard cor Norfolk 
Dowd William J. clerk, h Harrison Avenue 
Dower Thomas, tailor, h 116 Bridge 
Dowling Edward, gardener, h Hampshire n Inman 
Dowling Martin C. mason, h 105 Thorndike 
Downer Edward, h Kidder's Lane n brick yard 
Downey John, laborer, h Brighton 
Downing Lucy A. assistant teacher Washington Grammar 

School, Brattle, bds C. Thayer's, Ash 
Downing Mary Mrs. h Harrison Avenue n Pleasant 
Downing Oliver H. b carpenter, Portland, h Mellen 
Dowsing William, b painter and grainer, bds Cottage Court 
Doyle Edward, laborer, h Brighton n the bridge 
Doyle John, cooper, h Cambridge n Windsor 
Doyle John, laborer, h Dublin n the Railroad 
Doyle John, laborer, h Garden n Arsenal 
Doyle John N. b painter, h Green n Pleasant 
Doyle Joseph, tailor, h Charles n Fourth 
Doyle Michael, baker, bds 49 Cambridge 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, h Dublin 
Doyle Richard, laborer, h 4 Foster Place 
Drake Abraham W. b clerk, h Western Avenue n Howard 
Drake Henry A. b broker, 88 State, h Broadway n Prospect 
Drake Horace, driver Union R. R. h Watertown n Mt. Auburn 
Draper Daniel A. (F. Draper & Co.) britannia ware manu- 
facturer, foot of Otis, h 35 Thorndike 
Draper Francis (& Co.) britannia ware manufacturer, foot 

of Otis, h 28 Second 
Draper Jonathan M. b (& Co.) 1 South Market, h 12 Au- 
Draper Martin, jr. b Messenger Bank North America, h 

Chester n Nortli Avenue 
Dresser Edwin, book agent, h Pearl n Allston 
Drew Atwood II. book-keeper, b'ls Dimeter cor Mt. Auburn 
Drew George C. confectioner, h Hancock cor Centre 
Drew John F. sash and blind maker, bda Merrill's, Main 


Drennan James, bootmaker, h rear 51 Gore 

Drinan Thomas, b clerk, h 103 Bridge 

Drinnel James, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 

Driscoll Florence, laborer, h Cambridge n First 

Driscoll John, laborer, h Short, Ward 3 

Driscoll Michael, laborer, h Sargent n Kidder's Lane 

Driscoll Timothy, laborer, li Windsor n School 

Driscoll Timothy, stone cutter, at J. F. Gilman's, Bridge, 

h Boston 
Driscoll William, soap maker, bds 129 Bridge 
Driver Thomas, jr. provision dealer, Cambridge cor Seventh 
Drown James P. expressman, h 140 Thorndike 
Drummy Thomas, laborer, h 5 North 
Drury George, painter, h 1 Austin 
Dubia Henry F. soap maker, bds Broadway n Davis 
Dubia Monroe, soap maker, bds Broadway n Davis 
Duclaw Charles, b moulder, h 81- Third 
Dudley John, carpenter, h 84 Windsor cor Market 
Dudley Samuel W. (^Gale, Dudley & Co.) lumber dealer, 

Main L. P. h Broadway cor Columbia 
Duffy James, box maker, h Cambridge n Medford 
Duffy Michael, laborer, rear Third op Charles 
Duffy Patrick, laborer, h Concord Avenue n Alewife Brook 
Duffy Patrick, blacksmith, h East n Lowell R. R. 
Duffy Thomas, laborer, h Court n Charles 
Duhig Michael, gardener, h Hancock n Centre 
Dunbar Eben M. b 204 State, h Broadway op Amory 
Dunbar Hannah Mrs. h 35 Auburn 
Dunbar Israel P. b clerk, bds 35 Auburn 
Dunham Israel P. stair builder, 614 Main, h 620 Main 
Dunham Jacob K. travelling Agent New England Glass 

Company, h Sixth cor Spring 
Dunlap John S. b Agent for N. Y. & Erie R R. 15 State, h 

Norfolk n Washington 
Dunmore John L. daguerreotypist, h Avon op Norton 
Dunn Thomas, b bookbinder, h 29 Brooks' Building, School 
Dunn William, glass maker, h rear 51 Gore 
Dunnels Samuel Mrs. h 137 Gore 
Dunnigan Patrick, watchman, h Pearl n Perry 
Dun woody Thomas, laborer, h Mt. Auburn n Sparks 
Duparr Judith Mrs. h Pleasant n Harrison Avenue 
Duran William J. conductor Lowell R. R. h Bridge op 

Lowell R. R. Works 
Duran t Reuben, shoe store, Main cor Temple, h Green n 

Durfee Neal, laborer, h Vine n Fifth 
Durgan Asa, h Concord Avenue n Garden 
Durgin Daniel, stone cutter, h Stevens's Court n Fourth 


Duris Daniel, shoemaker, h Valentine cor Brookline 

Durning George, glass maker, bds Mrs. Caldwell's, Fourth 

Durrell Betsey G. Mrs. h rear 36 Gore 

Dustin Calvin, bread pedler, h 36 Gore 

Dustin Charles, iceman, h Fourth n Bridge 

Dustin Samuel, blacksmith, h Fourth n Winter 

Dwyer Daniel, laborer, h Willow Place n Cambridge 

Dwyer Edward H. harness maker, h Gore n Sixth 

Dwyer John, painter, h Antrim n Broadway 

Dwyer John, shoemaker, 123 Bridge, h 118 Bridge 

Dwyer Mary Mrs. h 6 North 

Dwyer Patrick, laborer, h Hastings 

Dyar John F. jr. carpenter, h Rockwell cor River 

Dyer Ezra C. b merchant, 62 Kilby, h Brattle n Willard 

Dyer John, driver Union R. R. bds River 

Eagax Thomas, laborer, bds Austin n Inman 

Eager Edwin D. b clerk, bds 50 Austin 

Eames Francis, carriage trimmer, h Hampshire n Amory 

Eames Henry H. Superintendent Cambridge Cemetery, h 

Concord Avenue n Catholic Church 
Eames John, h Hollis n North Avenue 
Earle Alfred C. organ maker, h 110 Thorndike 
Earle George W. b organ builder, h 89 Thorndike 
Eastabrook Samuel J. laborer, h River cor Blackstone 
Easterbrook Albert, clock repairer, h Livermore n Lincoln . 
Eastman Andrew M. brush maker, h Leighton Court 
Eastman Charles E. conductor Union R. R. h Crescent n 

Eastman Charles R. clerk, bds J. P. Eastman's, N. Avenue 
Eastman Jacob P. railroad contractor, h North Avenue cor 

Eastman John, carpenter, h Pleasant junction River 
Eaton Charles, b (Draper, Eaton & Co.) 21 South Market, 

h Thorndike n Fifth 
Eaton Charles F. b grocer, 45 Long Wharf, h Essex n Main 
Eaton Edmund A. clerk, bds 10 ( J Cambridge 
Eaton Edward G. b clerk, bds J. J. Eaton's, 77 Prospect 
Eaton George B. b stereotyper, Spring Lane, h Columbia 

cor Washington 
Eaton George D. h 73 Thorndike 

Eaton George D. jr. clerk Register Deeds, bds 73 Thorndike 
Eaton Jacob, (& Haley) stove dealer, Fisk's Block, Main, 

h 9 Windsor 
Eaton John, dry goods, Allen n North Avenue op Porter's 

Hotel, h same 
Eaton John, stereotyper, h Putnam cor Green 
Eaton John J. b cigar dealer, 85 Exchange, h 77 Prospect 


Eaton John J. jr. b clerk, bds 77 Prospect 

Eaton Joseph L. 11. market man, h North Avenue cor Wal- 

Eaton William B. clerk, "bds J. II. Bass's, Coggswell Avenue 
Eberhardt John J. bookbinder, h Pearl n Perry 
Eckert Joseph, carpenter, h Windsor n Cambridge 
Eddy Martin, laborer, h Dublin n Kidder's Lane 
Edgeworth Francis, boarding-house, Cambridge n Medford 
Edgington William A. teamster, h Dickinson n Clark 
Edmands J. Lincoln, h 616 Main 
Edmands Thomas 0. b engineer, h Leighton Court 
Edmunds Moses, driver Union R. R. h Austin cor Essex 
Edson George, driver Union R. R. bds Harvard Square 
Edwards Abraham, attorney, Douglass Block, Main, h 

Dunster cor Winthrop 
Edwards Antoine, teamster, h Harvard n R. R. crossing 
Edwards Arad J. pattern maker, Kinsley's Foundry, h Pine 
Edwards Charles H. turner, State, h Western Avenue cor 

Edwards George W. rope manufacturer, n North Avenue, h 

North Avenue n Coggswell Avenue 
Edwards John, rope maker, h 3 Soden 
Edwards Russell S. b produce dealer, h Allen n Orchard 
Egan Malachy, teamster, h Wright n Norton 
Egan Matthew, pedler, h Otis cor Seventh 
Eggleson Thomas, cook, h 12 Brattle Square 
Eggleston Lorenzo, machinist, h 86 Harvard 
Eldredge Oliver N. clerk, bds 50 Austin 
Eldredge Smith, b grocer, 12 Commercial Wharf, h 50 

Eliot Charles W. Assistant Professor of Mathematics and 

Chemistry, H. U. h Kirkland op Irving 
Eliot George, gardener, at D. Treadwell's, Concord Avenue 
Eliot Samuel A. b President Boston Gas Light Company, h 

Kirkland op Irving 
Ellis Charles H. jig sawyer, h Seventh cor Thorndike 
Ellis David, b (David Ellis & Co.) produce dealer, 3 Mer- 
chants' Row, h North Avenue cor Linnoean 
Ellis Francis C. stone cutter, bds Reed's Tavern, Gore 
Ellis John A. & Co. (Jonathan E. Hazelton, John A. Ellis, 

Joseph T. Hazelton,) furniture manufacturers, Gore 

btwn Fifth and Sixth, h 14 Sixth 
Ellis John C. provision dealer, junc. Cambridge and Ilamp- 

* shire, h Somerville 
Ellis J. Russell, b (David Ellis & Co.) produce dealer, 3 

Merchants' Row, h 42 Essex 
Ellis Samuel D. machinist, h Fifth n Gore 
Ellis William, teamster, h West n Lee 


Ellison Lowell, box maker, Hampshire June of Broadway, 

bds Mrs. Stone's, Elm 
Ellison Nahum, billiard saloon, bds Mrs. Stone's, Elm 
Ellms Elisha A. b carpenter, h Plymouth 
Ellsworth Cyrus M. clerk, h Columbia n Hampshire 
Ellsworth Mark T. b produce dealer, h Main op Cam. Bank 
Elwell James B. box maker, h 99 Cambridge 
Emerson Andrew J. sash and blind maker, h Brighton cor 

Emerson George B. teamster, h Columbia op Worcester 
Emerson Gorham, h Norfolk, cor Broadway 
Emerson Jeremiah, trader, h Somerset Place cor Magazine 
Emery Charles W. printer, bds Harrison Avenue n Pleasant 
Emery Eliza Mrs. h School n Clark 
Emery James W. President Union R. R. Co. office Harvard 

Square and 39 State, Boston, h Portsmouth, N. H. 
Emery Margaret Mrs. h Medford n Hampshire 
Emmons Darius T. stone cutter, bds Mrs. Maxwell's, Bridge 
Emmons Henry, b (Wales, Emmons & Co.) rubber goods, 

66 Pearl, h Harrison Place 
Emory William 11. H. printer, h Willard n Brattle 
Endicott Henry, (Allen & E.) machinist, Main, Old Car 

Factory, h Columbia n Austin 
English John, mason, bds 71 Gore 
English Mary Mrs. h 71 Gore 
Erikson Olofi, cabinet maker, bds 37 Spring 
Erlund Andreas, b clerk, 29 Merchants Bank Building, h 

Prescott n Main 
Erskine James, laborer, h Brighton n Mt. Auburn 
Estabrook Samuel P. plasterer and stucco worker, h Erie n 

Estes Ivory P. hardware, Harvard Square, sign of the 

clock, h Trowbridge 
Eustis Henry L. Professor of Engineering in the Lawrence 

Scientific School, H. U. h Kirkland cor Divinity Avenue 
Eustis Patrick, soap maker, bds D. Duris, Valentine 
Evans Elizabeth Mrs. h Main n Old Car Factory 
Evans John H. expressman, bds Main n Old Car Factory 
Evans William, coach trimmer, h Mt. Auburn n Howard 
Evans William H. tailor, h Green n Putnam 
Everett Alexander M. machinist, h Village n Front 
Everett Emily Mrs. li Berkeley cor Craigie 
Everett Rufus H. provision dealer, Main, bds 2 Windsor 
Everett William A. bds Berkeley cor Craigie 
Ewell Charles, expressman, h Franklin cor Brookline 
Ewell James, carpenter, bds Franklin cor Brookline 
Ewell Thomas B. clerk, bds Franklin cor Brookline 
Ewer Nathaniel S. carpenter, h 18 Cottage 



Facey John P. printer, bds D. Mullen's, Dunster 

Fahey James, mariner, h Cambridge cor Med ford 

Fahey John, stone cutter, h on marsh n D'Wolf 

Fahey Patrick, laborer, h Short n North 

Fairbairn John, tinsmith, h 101 Vine 

Fairbank Alfred, conductor Union Railroad bds Chest- 

Fairbank Anna Mrs. h Chestnut n Bow 

Fairbank George E. clerk, b bds Chestnut n Bow 

Fairbank Joseph B. V. clerk Union R. R. Harvard Square, 
bds Brighton 

Fairbanks Edward, clerk, bds Broadway cor Amory 

Falan Peter, laborer, h Willow Place 

Fallen Bridget Mrs. h Franklin n Bay 

Fallen Thomas, laborer, h Ellery n Harvard 

Falvey Patrick, laborer, h Winthrop n Brighton 

Faren Timothy, laborer, rear Saunders's store, Dunster cor 

Farnham John C. (Allen &) printer, Remington, h Main 
cor Putnam 

Farnsworth Charles H. surgeon and homoeopathic physician, 
h 59 Thorndike 

Farrar Everett E. machinist, bds C. H. Burroughs's, 129 

Farray Andrew, laborer, h Brighton 

Farrell Garrett, laborer, h In man n Broadway 

Farrell Hugh, carriage maker, bds Brighton 

Farrell James, laborer, h 67 Gore 

Farrell John, laborer, h 116 Bridge 

Farrell Martin, laborer, h Short, Ward 3 

Farrell Matthew, laborer, h Harvard n Grand Junction 
railroad crossing 

Farrell Michael, laborer, h near Mt. Auburn Court 

Farrell Michael, teamster, h 130 Bridge 

Farren Thomas, laborer, h near Catholic Church & Concord 

Farrington Josiah C. R. b printer, bds Main op Quincy 

Farrisey Patrick, laborer, h 3 North 

Farwell James K. gardener, h North Avenue n Spruce 

Farwell Joseph R. b flour dealer, h rear Prospect n Gard- 

Farwell Stephen T. b Treasurer American Education Soci- 
ety, 15 Cornhill, h Cambridge n Sumner 

Fatal John J. laborer, h Lincoln op Livermore 

Faulkner Mary L. Mrs. bds Williams cor Magazine 

Faxon Daniel, blacksmith, bds Hubbard's, Second 

Faxon Theodore C. clerk, h D'Wolf n Mt. Auburn 


Faxon William, b shoe findings, 5 Pearl, h Harvard n 

Fay Francis, laborer, at Mr. Fernald's, Fayerweather 
Fay Isaac, h Antrim n Cambridge 
Fay hey John, moulder, h Elm cor Hampshire 
Fegyveresi Francis, b furrier, h Pine n Harvard 
Fellows Charles F. brush maker, h 45 Spring 
Fellows Charles M. b (Eastman, Fellows & Weeks,) grocer, 

89 Broad, h Austin n Essex 
Fellows Clinton D. carpenter, h Eiie cor Pearl 
Fellows Cyrus, fish dealer, Harvard Square and Magazine 

n Main, h 45 Franklin n Pleasant 
Fellows Isaac, cooper, bds Mr. Davis's, Pearl n W T al- 

Fellows Joanna Mrs. h 25 Cherry 
Fellows Napoleon B. carpenter, h Kinnard n Western 

Fellows Oshea P. grocer, Spring cor Fourth, h 45 Spring 
Fellows Thomas H. pedler, bds 25 Cherry 
Fellows William, plumber, h Hampshire cor Norfolk 
Felton Cornelius C. Eliot Professor of Greek Literature H. 

U. h Quincy cor Broadway 
Fenn Michael, laborer, h Foster 
Fenner Edwin E. cigar maker, h 18 Brooks' Building n 

Fenton J. Lyman, bds Pleasant n River 
Fernald Henry B. b counsellor, 46 Washington, h North 

Avenue cor Everett 
Fernald Hiram, farmer, h Fayerweather 
Fernald James C. student H. U. bds North Avenue cor 

Ferrell William, computor, h 3 Chestnut 
Ferris Thomas, laborer, h rear Cambridge East of W r illow 

Ferris William II. medical extracts, h Winter St. Block n 

Ferry Patrick, laborer, h Elm n Cambridge 
Fessenden Charles L. b dry goods, h 23 Tremont 
Fctte Henry G. b artist, 3 Bowdoin Court, h Williams n 

Fickct Nathaniel M. carpenter, h 92 Vine 
Fields George A. (Lemon, Fields & Co.) bookbinder, River- 
side, h 31 Indiana Place, Boston 
Fifield Abial F. conductor Union Railroad, boards 40 

Fifield Charles, mariner, h Fourth oor Vine 
Fifield George W. superintendent roads and bridges, h 40 



Fillebrown Andrew J. glass cutter, li 134 Iiri«l^e 
Fillebrown Henry S. glass engraver, bda 184 Bridge 

Fillebrown .lames, I) tailor, li Clark D Harvard 

Fillebrown Leonard, baker, h Tremont cor Hampshire 

Fillebrown Samuel, glass cutter, bds 184 Bridge 
Fillebrown Silas B. Mrs. h Green cor Bay 
Fillebrown William, b salesman, h Spruce n Ilollis 
Finan James, laborer, at J. E. Worcester's, Brattle 
Finigan John If. cigar maker, bds Irving House, Main 
Finn Anthony, shoemaker, h 6 Third 

Finnigan Barney, grease collector, h "Willow Place n Cam- 
Finnigan Hugh, blacksmith, 288 Main, h Medford cor 

Fish Hannah Mrs. h 46 Western Avenue n Soden 
Fish Moses W. merchant, h 9 Cottage 
Fish William W. mason, bds 40 Western Avenue 
Fisher Edward, b produce and fruit dealer, ( J Merchants 

Row, h 9 Williams 
Fisher Erastus J. carpenter, bds Irving House, Main 
Fisher Ferdinand, currier, h near Almshouse 
Fisher George, Editor Cambridge Chronicle, h 53 Cherry 
Fisher Henry 9 moulder, bds 385 Main 
Fisk Charles C. carver, at John Ellis & Co.'s bds 2'Z Fifth 
Fisk Horace M. bds 5 Worcester 
Fisk James C. b (& Fuller) oil dealer, 28 South Market, 

bds 5 Worcester 
Fisk Susan R. Miss, h 7 Worcester 
Fisk AVarren 0. b carpenter, h Washington n Pine 
Fisk William, h 5 Worcester 
Fiske, Charles, clergyman bds 8 Holyoke Place 
Fiske Charles A. b (F. D. Ellis & Co.) commission merchant, 

G6 Kilby, h Harvard n Norfolk 
Fiske Elbridge G. b (Humphrey, Fiske & Co.) 214 State, 

h 67 Washington 
Fiske Isaac, attorney, h 53 Otis 
Fiske Nathan, h 8 Holyoke Place 
Fitzgerald James, painter, h Charles n Fourth 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, h North n East 
Fitzgerald Mary Mrs. h Sparks 
Fitzgerald Michael, laborer, h Harvc}- 
Fitzgerald Richard, laborer, h rear T. G. Rice's, Austin 
Fitzmaurice Thomas, boiler maker, h Third op Vine 
Fitzpatrick Henry, laborer, at J. F. Oilman's, Bridge, h 

Charles town 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, h Harvard n Hancock 
Fitzpatrick James, mason, h 95 Gore 
Fitzpatrick James, butcher, h 8 Gore 


Fitzpatrick James T. bootmaker, Mt. Auburn cor Dunster 
Fitzsimmons Audrew, laborer, h Kidder's Lane cor Dublin 
Flacke Matthias, baker, bds Mt. Auburn n Brighton 
Flagg Francis H. wheelwright, at E. Munroe's, Cambridge, 

h Somerville 
Flagg John P. h Magazine op Short 
Flaherty Martin, stone cutter, h Dunster n South 
Flaherty Michael, painter 434 Harvard, h Brighton cor Mt. 

Flanagan John, laborer, h North Avenue op Common 
Flanagan Thomas, laborer, h Tuttle 
Flanders Franklin M. Flanders' Exchange, junc Bridge 

and Cambridge 
Flanders Joseph, proprietor Flanders' Exchange, junction 

Cambridge and Bridge 
Flarety Catherine Mrs. h Harvard n junction Main 
Flemming Hannah Mrs. h Medford n Cambridge 
Flemming Mary Jane Mrs. boarding, h Brighton op Eliot 
Fletcher Benjamin F. carpenter, h 99 Norfolk 
Fletcher Moore R. physician, h Ware cor Harvard 
Fletcher Ruel H. teacher Otis Grammar School, bds at Mr. 

Hazard's, 67 South Third 
Fletcher Thomas F. glass cutter, h Fifth n Thorndike 
Fletcher William G. jr. salesman N. E. Glass House, bds 43 

Flint David, (Flint & Tufts) lumber merchant, Bridge 

n Craigie's bridge, office, 6 Central, Boston, h 70 Otis 
Flint James, carpenter, bds Osborn's, Harvard Square 
Flint Samuel, carpenter, h rear D'VVolf n Mt. Auburn 
Flood Ansell L. stairbuilder, h Howard n Mt. Auburn 
Flood Mary Mrs. h Medford n Cambridge 
Floyd Baruch C. at House of Correction, h 61 Thorndike 
Floyd Edward E. b (Clark, Holbrook & Co.) commission 

merchant, h Cambridge n Third 
Flynn Bernard, laborer, li Garden n Sands's brick yard 
Flynn Edward, mason, h Willow Place 
Flynn David, blacksmith, h Short, Ward 8 
Flynn James, mason, bds Fly no's, Willow Place 
Flynn John, laborer, h Brighton n the bridge 
Flynn Timothy, baker, 49 Cambridge, bds Boston 
Fogarty Catherine Mrs, h Cambridge a Med lord 
Fogarty James, carpenter, h Cambridge cor Medford 
Fogg Andrew, postmaster, East Cambridge, h Cambridge n 

Fogg Ebenezer, overseer Winchester's Box Factory, h 74 

Fogg Edwin, machinist, h 68 Thorndike 
Fogg Eliza Mrs. h 1"> Brookline 



Fogg Francis F. b produce dealer, 9 North Market, h Broad- 
way cor Columbia 

Fogg Frederick F. L. b salesman, h Brookline n Auburn 

Fogg George W. machinist, bds 2 Windsor 

Foley John, blacksmith, h Sargent 

Foley John, carpenter, h Kidder's Lane 

Foley Thomas, laborer, h Charles n Third 

Foley Thomas, laborer, h 1 Vine 

Folger George H. b insurance broker, h Essex n Har- 

Folkner Charles, laborer, h Third n Charles 

Follansbee Augustus, carpenter, bds Osborn's, Harvard 

Follen Michael, laborer, h Elm n Hampshire 

Follen Patrick, laborer, h Green n Bay 

Follen Patrick, laborer h Valentine n Brookline 

Follett Joseph, painter and grainer, next door to Chronicle 
Office, h South op Holyoke 

Folsom Charles, h Berkeley 

Folsom Charles D. dry goods, 73 Cambridge, h 95 Otis 

Folsom Levi G. stone cutter, at J. F. Gilman's, Bridge, h 

Folsom Lorenzo A. mason, h 7 Austin 

Folsom P. Foster, b furnishing store, 59 & 61 Congress, 
bds 354 Main 

Folsom Samuel H. (Ripley & Folsom), attorney, Cambridge 
n Second, h 168 Cambridge 

Fonseca David, cigar manufacturer, bds Brooks' Build- 
ing n Main 

Fonseca Moss, cigar manufacturer, h Brooks' Building n 

Fonseca Phineas, cigar manufacturer, h 7 Brooks' Build- 

Foote Charles R. b salesman, h Prospect n Garden 

Foote George L. cashier Monument Bank, Charlestown, bds 
Harvard cor Trowbridge 

Foote Luther, b 7 State, h Harvard cor Trowbridge 

Forbes Michael, laborer, h Valentine n Brookline 

Forbes Patrick, laborer, h near Jones's soap factory 

Forbes Thomas, laborer, h Pearl near Jones's soap works 

Forbes William C. b salesman, 94 Federal, h Walnut cor 

Ford Abram, (& Childs), teamster, h 74 Washington 

Ford Calvin, carpenter, at Osborn's, State, h rear 17 

Ford David, laborer, h rear Third n Gore 

Ford Howard J. b printer, bds Hamilton n Magazine 

Ford Hugh A. laborer, h Foster n Irving Place 


Ford John, printer, Harvard Square, h Magazine cor Web- 

Ford John C. sash and blind maker, h 7 School 

Ford John H. b printer, h Erie n Pearl 

Ford Patrick, laborer, h Charles n Fourth 

Ford Timothy, laborer, h 2 North 

Foreman John, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 

Forrest Robert, painter, h School Court 

Forsyth James, laborer, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 

Forsyth Joseph, laborer, h College Wharf 

Forsyth Susan Mrs. h Pine n Harvard 

Foss Darius W. (Harlow & Co.) baker, 438 Harvard, h 
South n Holyoke 

Foss Joseph, engineer, h 82 School 

Foss William H. engineer, bds South n Holyoke 

Foster Charles, bread dealer, h Norfolk n Hampshire 

Foster Charles C. h Kirkland 

Foster Charles F. physician, h Garden n Appian Way 

Foster Charles M. carpenter, h West cor Lee 

Foster George H. painter, h Garden n Chauncy 

Foster Hiram T. b bookbinder, 32 Cornhill, h Fourth n 

Foster John, mason, bds Mrs. McNorton's, Brighton 

Foster Robert, teamster, h College Wharf 

Fowle George W. provision dealer, h Gerry n Mt. Auburn 

Fowle Isaac H. carver, h Sixth n Thorndike 

Fowler Frank C. b attorney, 39 Court, h Berkeley cor Phil- 
lips Place 

Fowler George H. pyrotechnist, h Broadway junction of 

Fowler James H. lecturer, bds James n Brattle 

Fowler Jeremiah, mason, h Tremont n Gardner 

Fowler John, mason, bds Clark cor Harvard 

Fowler Mittie S. dressmaker, h James cor Brattle 

Fowles Augustus J. L. confectioner, h rear Franklin n 

Fox Abel, gardener, bds J. K. Farwell's, North Avenue 

Fox Edward P. b stereo typer, h Gl Washington 

Fox Francis, laborer, h Suffolk n Norfolk 

Fox George J. harness maker, Union Square, bds J. Fox's, 
Coggswell Avenue 

Fox George W. H. b printer, h Inman n Broadway 

Fox James, laborer, h 111 Bridge 

Fox Joseph, gardener, h Coggswell Avenue n Fitchburg 
R. R. 

Fox Uobert L. B. b harness maker, h 4 Green 

Fox Thomas, laborer, h Charles n Fourth 

Frances George W. b hatter, 18 Brighton, h Leigh ton Court 


Francis Convers, Parkman Professor of Pulpit Eloquence 
and the Pastoral Care, H. U. h North Avenue n Water- 
Francis Ebenezer, h Kirkland 
Francis George C. (Sever &) bookseller, Htrraid Square, 

- Xorth Avenue 
Franin John, mariner, h 99 Tine 
Franklin Thomas, glass maker, h 33 Spring 
Franz John, mariner, h Perry btwn M \ id Pearl 

Fraser Alexander, eating saloon, 89 Cambridge, h 91 Cam- 
Fraser Roderick, building mover, h Tine n n 
Frazer Alexander, rope maker, h Elm n Hampshire 
Frazer Alexander, tailor, h Elm n Market 
Frazer Augustus, rope maker, h Green n Bay 
Frazer John B. carpenter, op Flanders' Exchange, Cam- 
bridge, h Hampshire cor Win;: 
sr Alonzo A. rope maker, bds Elm n Market 
Frazier Daniel, cabinet maker, bds Merrill's, Main 
Frazier Francis, b tailor, h Brimmer Block, Hai - 
Frazier George, b bazgage master B. & M. Railroad, h 

Thorndike n Fifth ~ 
Frederick Elizabeth Mrs. h 93 Cambridge 
Freeman Ellen M. Miss, h 4 Holyoke 
Freeman Mary Ann Mrs. washerwoman, h Garden n 

Freeman Rufus G. A. bds Winthrop cor Don 
Freenan John, laborer, h Eliot n Bit. Auburn 
Freil Bernard, laborer, h Tine n Fourth 
French Abba H. Miss, d essmaker, bds 133 Cambri 
French George Franklin, medical student, bds W. H. Tit- 
comb's, Centre 
French James ML blacksmith, h Fifth n 
French Lorenzo B. tin plate worker, h Sixth n Cambri 1 
French Orrin B. carpenter, h James cor Brattle 
French Solomon, stone cutter, at A. F. Sanborn's, Bridge, h 

French William A. stair builder, junc Harvard and Main, 

bis Brighton cor Mt. Auburn 
Friend Richard, jr. b (Swift &) Inspector General of fish, 
and sailmaker, 77 Commercial, h Columbia n Wash- 
Friend Samuel, laborer, h Kidder's Lane n Brickyard 
Frisbe Frank, marble worker, bds Mrs. McNor ton's, Brigh- 
Frizel David, cooper, h Cambridge n Willow Place 
Frizel James, cooper, bds Cambridge n Willow Place 
carver, h 95 Spring 


Frost Caroline A. Mrs. h Harvard n Chestnut 

Frost Frederick A. trader, h Beacon 

Frost George, b foreman Doe & Hazzleton's, Cornhill, h 
Orchard cor Tenny's Court 

F: tJSt Thomas F. machinist, h rear 38 Gore 

Pis: William, b commission merchant, Corn Exchange, 
Commercial, h North Avenue 

Fi :liingham Amos T. b cashier Tremont Bank, h Harvard 
n Dana 

Frjc Samuel M. painter, h School n Main 

Fuller Adeline A. Mrs. midwife and nurse, bds 39 Co- 

Fuller Amos, machinist, h 58 Spring 

Fuller Ann Mrs. h Main cor Prescott, Ward 2 

Fuller Benjamin B. (tfc Co.) lumber, lime, hair and cement 
tier, Main L. P. op Court, bds Austin cor Essex 

Fuller Franklin, b clothing, h Magazine n Somerset 

Fuller Frederick J. stone cutter, Reed's Tavern, Gore 
Fuller Henry A. b (John M. Barnard & Co.) 18 South Mar- 

ket r h Raymond 
Fuller James H. clerk, h 50 Essex 
Fuller Nathaniel, (B.B. Fuller &) lumber dealer, &c. Main 

L. P. op Pioneer 
Fuller Robert H. b (Fisk & Fuller), oil, h Magazine cor 

Fuller Robert 0. b iron dealer, 54 Fulton, h 40 Auburn n 

Fuller Samuel D. provisions, Harvard Market, 118 Harvard, 

h Broadway n Windsor 
Fuller Sarah Mrs. h Williams n Pearl 
Fuller Simeon H. b clerk, h 102 Norfolk 
Fuller William H. merchant, h Ash n Mt. Auburn 
Fullerton Alexander, shoemaker, h 55 Washington 
Fulton John, painter and grainer, h 257 Main n Harrison 
FoltoD John A. h Dunster cor Winthrop 
Fui bush Elias, b whitesmith, h Harvard n I 
Fui : . h Brookline n Eri 

.luifacturer, h Brookline n Erie 
Fur fey Michael, mat manufacturer, h Brookline 
Furu jr. mat manufacturer, bds Brookline n 

Furfev William, mat manufacturer, bds Brookline n 

Fuzza: d John, lampblack manufacturer, Brighton, h V 

ern Avenue D ■ 
I've M >.icr 

William, bread | "Iain 


Gaffey John, laborer, h Bridge n Short, Ward 3 

Gafney John, machinist, bda -l Windsor 

Gage John, milkman, h Otis n Sixth 

Gage Nathaniel, clergyman, h Garden op Waterhouse 

Gale Alfred X. hairdresser, li Medford n Somerville 

Gale Christiana, h Appian Way n Garden 

Gale Cicero C b clerk, bds 74 Fourth 

Gale George T. (Dudley cc Co.) lumber dealer, L. P. h 

Prescott, Ward 2 
Gale George W. (Gale, Dudley & Co.) lumber dealer, his 

Prescott, Ward 2 
Gale Hezekiah C. policeman, h School Court 
Gale Stephen, mason, h Washington n Columbia 
Gallagher Edward, laborer, h 102 Third 
Gallagher Francis C. b printer, h Fifth cor Charles 
Gallagher James, mould finisher, h Medford n Windsor 
Gallagher Owen, laborer, h North n East 
Gallagher Thomas, stone cutter, Bridge, h Charlestown 
Galligher Neal, teamster, h Fourth btwn Vine and Charles 
Gallivan John, laborer, h Harvard n Main 
Gallivan Philip, laborer, h Brookline n Erie 
Gallup George G. h Short n Magazine 
Galvin Patrick, laborer, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Gamble Robert, bacon curer, bds Merrill's, Main 
Gamble Thomas, bacon curer, h Front n Village 
Gannett Agnes Mrs. h Holyoke cor South 
Gannett John P. shipmaster, h 8 Norfolk 
Gannett Otis, teamster, h Washington 
Gannett William W. b (Parker, Gannett & Osgood) 47, 50, 

and 63 Blackstone, h 6 Dana 
Gannon Patrick, mason, h Elm n Hampshire 
Gannon Thomas, mason, h Elm n Hampshire 
Gardner David, glass maker, bds Short, Ward 3 
Gardner Elizabeth Mrs. h Short, Ward 3 
Gardner George G. cooper, h Norfolk cor Harvard 
Gardner James R. b curtain fixtures, h 58 River 
Gardner John, laborer, bds Short, Ward 3 
Gardner John W. baker, 16 Cambridge n Second, h same 
Gardner Mary J. Mrs. h Dana op Centre 
Gardner Samuel B. oil manufacturer, h Worcester cor Nor- 
Garrett Hugh, clothes cutter, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Garrity Daniel, mastic roofer, bds Mrs. Manning's, Frank- 
lin Alley 
Gates James W. b chair dealer, 57 Fulton, h Harvard n 

In man 
Gatons Bernard, laborer, h Spring n Sixth 
Gault Benjamin F. carpenter, h Prescott n Harvard 


Gault Thomas, (& Hanson) carpenter, Harvard cor Essex, 

h Columbia cor Suffolk 
Gause Fletcher, machinist, bds A. Penniman's, Bridge 
Gaven William, laborer, h Charles 
Gavett William L. b gas-fitter, h Mt. Vernon 
Gavin Edward, soap maker, h Fifth cor Charles 
Gavin William, laborer, h Charles n Third 
Gay Charles B,. clerk, h Columbia n Washington 
Gay George W. provision dealer, bds Harrison n Main 
Gay Harriet A. Mrs. h 65 Pleasant 
Gay Joseph, clerk, bds 65 Pleasant 
Gay Seth W. Mrs. h Harrison n Main 
Gay Thomas H. cigar maker, h Brooks' Building n Main 
Gee Frederick, glass cutter, bds Mrs. Allen's, Fifth n Winter 
Geer Albert, blacksmith, bds Mrs. McNorton's, Brighton 
Geezer Francis, glass cutter, h Windsor n Cambridge 
Genet Claude, glass maker, h Winter n Fifth 
George Amos D. clerk, bds 3 Vernon, Boston 
George Harvey, h 98 Otis 

George Obadiah, brickmaker, h Cambridge cor Windsor 
Gerry David, ice tool maker, near Brick Yard, bds Spruce 
Gerry Frederick A. restorator, Xorth Avenue n Porter's 

Station, h Xorth Avenue n Bowdoin 
Gerry John, b blacksmith, h Elm cor Tenny's Court 
Gerry John, laborer, h Charles Court 
Gerts William T. machinist, h 132 Bridge 
Gibbens Charles, laborer, bds Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Gibbens James, laborer, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Gibbs Benjamin, butcher, h Inman cor West 
Gibbs Benjamin W. jeweller, Douglass' Block, Main, bds 

Inman cor West 
Gibson Anna M. Miss, thread and trimming store, Wood's 

len Block, Main, bds Hancock cor Green 
Gibson George W. teamster, bds Harvard n Davis 
Gibson Henry, laborer, h Hancock n Centre 
GrlbsOD Jane Mrs. h Hancock n Green 

- n John, laborer, h Ash Street Court 
Gibson Joseph, b stairbuLder, h 50 Western Avenue n 

Gibson William, superintendent gas works, h Shepard n 

Gifford William, clock maker, h Vine n Fourth 
Gilbert Augustus, b tobacconist, h Sixtli n Vine 
Gilbert Benjamin F. messenger Lecliinere Bank, bds Otis 

cor Third 
Gilbert Henry, b merchant, li 16 CoK 
Gilbert James L. music teacher, fa 11") Cambridge 
Gilbert Samuel S. h Harvard cor Iuinan 


Gilcreas David A. carpenter, h rear 12 Tremont 

Gilcreas John, carpenter, junction Broadway and Hamp- 
shire, h Boston 
Giddings Samuel, clerk, bds Flanders' Exchange, Camb- 
Gilkey Royal, (Royal Gilkey & Co.) lumber dealer, foot 

Charles River, h Watertown 
Gill Peter F. laborer, h Harvard n Davis 
Gill "William, b coal dealer, h Garden n Wyeth 
Gill William, jr. teamster, h Green n Bay 
Gilligan Patrick, laborer, h Prince 
Gillon Patrick, crockery, h Third n Charles 
Gillone Patrick, fish dealer, h Spring n Sixth 
Gilman Elizabeth C. Mrs. bds Brattle n Appian Way 
Gilman Freeman L. clerk at J. F. Gilnian's, B;idge, h 

Gilman John F. granite dealer, Bridge, h Charlestown 
Gilman Joseph P. b provisions, Gerrish Market, h Broad- 
way L. P. 
Gilmer Edward, laborer, bds T. Clark's, Xorth Avenue 
Gilmore, John, laborer, h near Fresh Pond 
Gilroy John, rope maker, h Columbia n Somerville 
Gilson Charles, painter, Franklin cor Western Avenue n 

Main, h Western Avenue op Soden 
Girard Louis F. stereo typer, h Dana Court n Western Av- 
Glasson Henry W. cabinet maker, h 67 Gore 
Gleason Frederick N. b blank book manufacturer, h rear 

Fisk's Block, Main 
Gleason John, laborer, h 7 North 
Glen David, jr. printer, h Baldwin 
Glen Peter, boiler maker, h Cherry 
Glen Samuel R. b Herald Office, Washington, h Inman n 

Glen William, b preparer of microscopic objects, h Broad- 
way op Boardman 
Glenan William, stone cutter, h rear 8 Gore 
Glover Edward H. fancy painter, h Seventh n Otis 
Glover Henry R. b (Manning, Glover & Co.) 49 Xorth 

Market, h Waterhouse cor Xoith Avenue 
Glover Mary Mrs. h Temple n Main 
Glynn Lawrence, blacksmith, h Willow Place 
Glynn Peter, boiler maker, h 2 Brooks' Building n Main 
Goddard Charles A. varnisher, bds 310 Main 
Goddard William T. b copper-plate printer, h 38 W'indsor 
Goddard William W r . b broker, Wilson's Lane, h Broadway 

n Pioneer 
Godding William, laborer, h Bridge op Water 


Godfrey Nathan P. soap manufacturer, h River cor Howard 

Goif James, laborer, h near Dublin 

Goffigan George, laborer, h Lincoln n Livermore 

Goldsmith George E. carver, bds 57 Thorndike 

Gonier Peter, laborer, h Sargent 

Gooch William, b pianos, 223 Washington, h 41 Magazine 

Good Thomas, laborer, h Xorth n Short, Ward 3 

Good Timothy, laborer, h Harvard n Main 

Goodnow George W. provision dealer, op Irving House, Main 

Goodnow Joseph, b lumber dealer, Causeway, h Fayette 

Goodnow Nancy Mrs. h 1 Ellery n Main 

Goodrich Elijah D. b hardware, 67 Blackstone, h Broadway 

n Prospect 
Goodrich Samuel A. restorator, Main n Harrison, h 83 

Goodrich William H. b printer, h 83 School 
Goodridge Nancy Mrs. h Windsor n Market 
Goodwillie James M. printer, bds Auburn cor Pleasant 
Goodwin Albert, carpenter, bds Mrs. Stone's, Elm 
Goodwin John, engineer, h Fourth n Bridge 
Goodwin Stephen F. b silversmith, h Cambridge n Second 
Goodwin Thaddeus P. baker, h Hampshire cor Amory 
Goodwin W 7 illiam W. Tutor in Greek, H. U. rooms 11 Hol- 

worthy Hall 
Googan John, b varnisher, h Harvard n Railroad crossing 
Gookin Phoebe Miss', h Columbia cor Harvard 
Gordon Emily Miss, h 36 Tremont 
Gordon Flavel, tin pedler, h Cambridge n Medford 
Gordon Francis, biatina roofer, bds F. Low's, Prospect 
Gorham Elizabeth H. Mrs. bds Holyoke Place 
Gorham Harriet Mrs. h 54 River 

Gorham Warner A. b (Gorham & Co.) truckman, h Avon 
Gorman Bernard, laborer, h Concord Avenue n Alewife 

Gorman Daniel, plasterer, h 78 Fourth 
Gorman James, laborer, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Gorman John, laborer, h Vine n Fourth 
Gorman Richard, laborer, h near Dublin 
Gormer John, b blacksmith, h 102 Otis 
Gormley .John, laborer, h Willow Place 
Gormley Robert, shoemaker, bds South 
Gorton Samuel M. carpenter, h M unlock 
Goss Abiel, commission merchant, h <*>7 Otis 
Goss Augustus A. b clerk Suffolk Register Deeds, bds 07 

Goss Lucy M. Mrs. h 71 School 
Goss Thomas, bds 71 School 
Gouge Henry A. b hatter, h 10 Franklin 


98 GAJfBUDOl [ Q- ] UDODVOBr. 

Gould Asa, stationer, bdfl J, X. Ragg's, Western Avenue 

Gould Benjamin A. jr. U.S. Coast Surveyor, rooms Harvard 
Block, Harvard Square 

Gould Charles II. carpenter, li Williams btwn Magazine 

and Pearl 
Gould Frederick, b President Blackstone Bank, li Centre 

cor Dana 
Gouid Frederick L. bds Centre cor Dana 
Gould Gustavus F. b cap maker, h School n Cherry 
Gould Mary S. teacher Washington Primary School, bds A. 

Stevens's, Everett Place 
Gould Reuben B. H. blacksmith, b Leigh ton Court 
Gould Samuel L. b teacher Franklin School, h Brattle cor 

Irving Place 
Gould William, baker, h 49 Cambridge 
Goulding James, laborer at J. W. Merrill's, Harvard 
Gourlay John S. printer, bds E. K. Allen's, Jay cor West- 
ern Avenue 
Gourlay William D. printer, Chronicle Office, h 60 Western 

Avenue cor Jay 
Gove Calvin, b groceries and produce dealer, 98 Blackstone, 

h 13 Cottage 
Gove Charles S. teamster, h 42 Xorfolk 
Gove Lydia Mrs. boarding house, h Main n Pearl 
Gove Susan A. Miss, fancy goods and periodicals, Main op 

Essex, bds 42 Xorfolk 
Goven David, b cabinet maker, h Broadway cor Clark 
Grady Frank, laborer, h North n East 
Grady Michael, laborer, h Brighton n Brattle 
Grady William, grease collector, h Cottage n Pearl 
Grafton Samuel G. b (& Weld) furnishing goods, 62 Milk, 

h 73 Prospect 
Gragg Andrew E. cabinet maker, bds Flanders' Exchange, 

Graham Bernard, blacksmith, h 1 Xashua Place, Boston 
Graham Francis, stone mason, h Willow Place 
Graham Patrick, mason, h Willow Place 
Graham Thomas, mason, bds W T illow Place 
Granger Mary Mrs. h 124 Bridge 

Grant Alfred S. pyrotechnist, bds Broadway junc Main 
Grant Alpheus, laborer, h 41 Washington 
Grant Augustus, h Fourth n Cambridge 
Grant Daniel, harness maker, h 7 Seventh 
Grant Edwin T. brush maker, h 48 Spring 
Grant Elijah, carpenter, Hampshire junc Broadway, h 

Broadway n Windsor 
Grant Freeman, clerk, bds Cambridge n Second 
Grant George L. mason, h rear 66 Cambridge 


Grant Ivory, laborer, h 61 Spring 

Grant James, cabinet maker, Brooks's Building, h 123 

Hampshire June Broadway 
Grant Job N. carpenter, h 138 Cambridge 
Grant William, cabinet maker, h Windsor cor School 
Grant William H. bds A. Grant's, Fourth 
Graves George, jr. cabinet maker, Second n Cambridge, h 

Fifth n Otis 
Graves Lewis S. fancy painter, h 154 Cambridge 
Graves Samuel, furniture, Bridge cor Third, h at North 

Gray Asa, Fisher Professor of Natural History, H. U. h 

Garden cor Linngean 
Gray Charles, box maker, h Broadway n Windsor 
Gray Edward L. jr. h 39 Spring ^ 
Gray Elizabeth Miss, h Pleasant cor Green 
Gray John C. b 30 Court, h Brattle cor Wyeth's Lane 
Gray Mary Mrs. h Third n Charles 
Gray Patrick, laborer, h Brighton n Harvard Square 
Gray Rebecca Miss, h Pleasant cor Green 
Gray William, bds Hancock n Centre 
Gray William H. b caterer, h Medford n Hampshire 
Greeley Leander, carpenter, bds Mrs. Tidd's, Park 
Greely George B. b clerk, bds Mrs. Greely's, Harvard cor 

Greely Noah, furniture dealer, h 23 Western Avenue 
Greely Philip, b hatter, h Broadway cor Windsor 
Greely Philip, jr. Mrs. h Harvard cor Norfolk 
Green Alfred, jr. milkman, h Columbia n Hampshire 
Green Andrew J. bds Second cor Cambridge 
Green Charles A. printer, h Winthrop cor Eliot 
Green Henry T. printer, h 79 Southac, Boston 
Green James D. h Harvard cor Prescott 
Green John, shoemaker, h Bridge op Water 
Green John, laborer, h 5 North 
Green John, shoemaker, li Cambridge cor Medford 
Green John, laborer, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Green John S. b pianoforte maker, li 16 Auburn 
Green Lewis, b penny post, h L20 Harvard 
Green Nathan L. b (J. Mann & Co.) Treinont, bds Second 

cor Cambridge 
Green Nicholas St. John, b attorney, 20 State, bdfl Harvard 

cor Prescott 
Green Peter, cabinet maker, h Mini n Hampshire 
Green Samuel S. weigher and measurer, It Seoo&d COT Cain- 
Green Thomas, laborer, li Kidder's Lane OOr Dublin 
Greene Charles, glass blower, h sT Gore 

100 OAMBBIDGB [CM i>iki:<toky. 

Greene Frank IT. li Alt. Auburn cor Everett Place 
Greene Harriet Miss, h 21 Sixth 

Greene Richard (J. clergyman, li 14 Be 

Greene Samuel I>. trader, h 7 Short n Pleasant 
Greenleaf George P. plumber, >>«ls 14 Green 
Greenleaf .lames, merchant, h Brattle n Aflh 
Greenleaf John, li 10 Brattle Square n Mt. Auburn 
Greenleaf Oliver P. mason, h School n Main 
Greenleaf William E. printer, bds School n Main 
Greenough David Mrs. h Broadway n Quincy 
Greenough Henry, architect, h Cambridge n Quincy 
Greenough James, b (Greenough, Cook & Co.) hatter, 50 

Congress, h 32 Tremont 
Greenough William, b 14 Merchants Row, h Broadway n 

Greenwood Frederick H. carpenter, h rear W. W. Bullock's, 

Greenwood James, carpenter, bds Green n Hancock 
Greenwood James W. spiritualist physician, h 5 Green 
Greenwood Samuel A. driver Union Pi. R h Watertown 
Gregory Franklin E. b (Tilton, Gregory & Richardson) dry 

goods, 31 Federal, h Prospect n Broadway 
Gregory Frederick H. b bookkeeper, bds Main cor Pros- 
Gregory John P. bookkeeper Bay State Glass Co. bds Main 

cor Prospect 
Gregory Thomas, glass packer, h 61 Gore 
Gregory William, bds 42 Franklin 
Greivs Thomas, b clerk, h 13 Sixth 
Greivs William H. glass maker, h 55 Gore 
Griesbeck Conrad, brush maker, h Munroe's Block cor 

Griffin Anthony, carpenter, h Franklin n Bay 
Griffin Daniel, b varnisher, bds 44 Gore 
Griffin Dennis, laborer, h Charles Court 
Griffin Eliphalet, carpenter, h Willow, Ward 5 
Griffin George H. stove dealer, North Avenue, bds Somer- 

Griffin John, bds Valentine n Brookline 
Griffin Mary Mrs. h Church op Palmer 
Griffin Michael, laborer, h Valentine n Brookline 
Griffin Richard, laborer, h 41 Gore 
Griffing Abner A. clerk, bds 52 Spring 
Griffing Augustus P. flint glass dealer, h 52 Spring 
Griggs Richard, b tailor, h Spring cor Fifth 
Grogin James, laborer, h Washington n Harrison 
Grose WilHam, provision dealer, Norfolk cor Broadway, h 

12 Tremont 


Grover Chester B. (Grover & Brother) cabinet maker, State, 

h 100 Norfolk 
Grover Lucas B. sewing machine case maker, h Prospect 

cor Harvard 
Gulliver Eben T. box maker, h Gore cor Fifth 
Gulliver Thomas, plasterer, h rear Cambridge n Willow 

Gunn James, blacksmith, h rear D'Wolf n the river 
Gunnison Benjamin F. painter, bds Irving House, Main 
Gunnison Daniel, painter, Moore n Harvard, h same 
Guptill Jacob T. watchman, bds Lambert Avenue 
Gurney Annie M. teacher Sargent Alphabet School, bds S. 

Noyes's, Broadway cor Tremont 
Gurney Ephraim W. Tutor in Latin, H. U. rooms Harvard 

Guyer Joshua, hatter, h 65 Third 
Guyer Lewis B. clerk, shoe store, bds 65 Third 
Gwinn George F. b hairdresser, h Mt. Auburn n Bow 
Gwinn James E. teamster, h 50 Spring 

Habberley George, b coppersmith, h Cambridge rear Wil- 
low Place 
Habberley Walter W. b coppersmith, bds rear Willow Place 

n Cambridge 
Haberer Ferdinand, b cabinet maker, h Brimmer Block, 

Habich Edward, b (& Thackray) commission merchant, 6*5 

Commercial, h 76 Thorndike 
Hackett John, white-washer, h Hancock n Green 
Hackett Patrick, laborer, h Moore cor Harvard 
Hackett Thomas, laborer, h Somerset n Pleasant 
Hackett Walter, laborer, h Franklin n Hancock 
Haddow James L. hairdresser, Irving House, h Main op 

Irving House 
Hadley Charles J. Mrs. h Tenny's Court n Elm 
Hadley David B. wheelwright, bds Conant's, North Avenue 

n Russell 
Hadley Nathaniel I. h 30 Fourth 
Hadley Samuel D. bds Quincy 
Hadley Thomas II. furniture dealer h Western Avenue cor 

Hadley William P. carpenter, h Market cor Union 
Haffernan David, painter, h Third n Charles 
Haffernan James, shoemaker, h Third op Charles 
Haffernan Joseph, shoemaker, h Cambridge cor Medford 
Hagan Daniel, glass cutter, li "27 Winter 
Hagar Charles II. bds 11 Norfolk 
Hagar Frederick W. mastic roofer, h Austin n Essex 



Hagar Mary Mrs. h 11 Norfolk 

Haggerty Cornelius, laborer, h Franklin Alley n Bridge 

Haggerty Michael, glass packer, h Charles n Fourth 

Hahn John, b purse maker, h Third n Vine 

Haines John W. glass maker, h 18 Fourth 

Hale Aaron, jr. (Davis & Hale) soap manufacturer, h 32 

Hale Eben, stairbuilder, bds 7 Front 

Hale Elbridge G. cracker pedler, h 22 Brookline 

Hale George, laborer, bds 56 River 

Haley Bernard, plasterer, h Green n Bay 

Haley Charles, painter, h rear 26 Gore 

Haley Christopher, laborer, h n Tuttle 

Haley Daniel, laborer, h Dublin 

Haley Daniel, laborer, h Short n Pleasant 

Haley Daniel, laborer, h Kinnard n Putnam 

Haley David, laborer, h Mt Auburn n Lowell 

Haley Dennis, laborer, h 13 North 

Haley Dennis, laborer, h Green n Bay 

Haley Emily M. Mrs. midwife, h 11 Windsor 

Haley Henry, b expressman, h 27 Clark 

Haley James, shoemaker, bds Gore cor Second 

Haley Jason, glass cutter, h 122 Thorndike 

Haley Jeremiah, teamster, h Bay n Franklin 

Haley Jesse, (Eaton &) stove dealer, 339 Main, h 11 Wind- 

Haley John, stone cutter, Bridge, h Boston 

Haley Lucrecia Mrs. h rear 26 Gore 

Haley Mary Mrs. h Charles Court 

Haley Michael, teamster, h Murdock 

Haley Michael, laborer, h Third n Charles 

Haley Patrick, groceries, 8 Vine, h same 

Haley Patrick, laborer, h Murdock n Hampshire 

Haley Thomas, blacksmith, h Willow Place 

Haley Thomas, laborer, h Franklin n Vernon 

Haley Timothy, laborer, h Brookline n Erie 

Haley William H. b clerk, bds 11 Windsor 

Hall Asaph, assistant at the Observatory, h Garden 

Hall Charles H. stairbuilder, h 67 Spring 

Hall Franklin, b attorney, 46 Washington, bds 36 Second 

Hall George M. bds 5 Chestnut 

Hall Jackson, painter, h Windsor n Washington 

Hall Jackson E. carriage painter, h Windsor n School 

Hall James, printer, h 5 Chestnut 

Hall James, carpenter, h School Court 

Hall James H. (Thurston, Hall & Co.) cracker bakery, 
Cambridge, h Gardner cor Murdock 

Hall Jesse, Mrs. h 36 Second 


Hall John, carver, bds Vine near Fourth 
Hall John, b brass caster, h 2 State 
Hall Joseph, b sailmaker, h Fremont n Pleasant 
Hall Levi D. carpenter, bds J. H. Rice's, North Avenue 
Hall Lewis, (J. Hall & Sons,) lumber dealer, East, Presi- 
dent Lechmere Bank, h 55 Otis 
Hall Orrin, (Wood &) grocer, Harvard Row, h Follen 
Hall Paul, laborer, h Vine n Fourth 
Hall Samuel H. b stevedore, h 38 Tremont 
Hall Thomas, cooper, h rear Seventh n Cambridge 
Hallahan Cornelius, laborer, at J. Sparks's, Quincy 
Hallasy James, laborer, bds Burns's, Brighton 
Hallett Allen, b watchman, Central Wharf, h 2 Dickinson 
Hallett James H. b feather dealer, 17 Dock Square, h Essex 

n Austin 
Hallett Sylvanus S. mariner, h 369 Main 
Hallett William A. shipmaster, h Prescott, Ward 2, n Har- 
Halloran Timothy, laborer, h Franklin n Bay 
Halms William, b upholsterer, h Broadway, L. P. 
Halvorson Halvor, b chemist, h Maple n Porter's Station 
Ham Samuel B. cigar maker, h Windsor cor Broadway 
Hamann August, music teacher, h Green rear City Hall 
Hamburgh Benedict, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 
Hamill Samuel S. organ builder, h 63 South Fourth 
Hamilton James, wood turner, h Third n Vine 
Hamilton John, trader, h Willard n Brattle 
Hamilton Josias, carpenter, h Short, Ward 3 
Hamlan John, laborer, h Welch's Block n East 
Hamlen Henry, carpenter, h 44 Spring 
Hamlet Alvan, h 116 Spring 
Hamlin George, b printer, h 133 Cambridge 
Hammatt Isabella Mrs. h Worcester cor Columbia 
Hammond Edward L. S. b 15 Portland, h Inman n Broad- 
Hammond George, cabinet maker, h Fourth n Otis 
Hammond Henry B. law student, bds Lee n Main 
Hammond James, glass cutter, bds 45 Gore 
Hammond Jeduthan, mason, h Clark n School 
Hammond Joseph W. b salesman, h Norfolk n Broadway 
Hammond Nathaniel 0. cigar maker, 151 Bridge, h 77 Gore 
Hampson David, Bteampipe fitter, h Sixth n Cambridge 
Hanufin John, laborer, h Winter n Fourth 
Hancock Belcher, harness maker, Main cor Pearl, h 20 

Hancock Charles E. carpenter, Western Avenue, h Pleasant 

cor Webster Place 
Hancock James B. dry goods, bds 29 Franklin 


Hancock John, harness maker, bds 29 Franklin 
Hancock Martha, teacher private school, Auburn cor Mag- 
Hancock Richard, h 76 Spring 
Hancock Samuel, h Auburn cor Magazine 
Hancock Solomon, bds Pearl cor Green 
Hancock Solomon, jr. b bookkeeper, h Pearl cor Green 
Handford Horace, gardener, h Shepard n Avon 
Hane Nicholas, carver, h Seventh n Otis 
Hankin Frederick, laborer, h Hampshire op Portland 
Hanley Morgan, laborer, h East n Lowell Railroad 
Hanlin Morgan, laborer, h North 
Hannaford Michael, laborer, h Cambridge n First 
Hannehan Mary Mrs. h Dana n Broadway 
Hannifin Thomas, glass maker, h Winter cor Fourth 
Hannon John, laborer, h rear Court n Charles 
Hannon Patrick, laborer, h rear Court n Charles 
Hanscomb Jacob, warden Almshouse, n North Avenue 
Hanson Augustus P. (Gault &) carpenter, Harvard cor 

Essex, h Tremont 
Hanson Lewis B. carpenter, bds 8 Worcester 
Hapgood Cyrus (& Mead) butcher, h North Avenue n 

Harding Hamlin R. b agent Maiden Dye House, h 48 Wind- 
Harding Isaac, b 1 Bromfield, h Broadway cor Inman 
Harding Isaac N. b produce dealer, h River n Jay 
Harding John, mason, bds 6 Green 
Harding Webb, b silversmith, h Moore n Washington 
Hardy Francis D. b 78 Sudbury, bds junction River and 

Hardy Francis D. jr. chemist, bds E. C. Carpenter's, Ham- 
ilton btwn Pearl and Magazine 
Hardy Milton J. b commission merchant, 213 State, bds 

Main n Putnam 
Hardy Rodney J. b salesman, h Main n Putnam 
Hardy Thomas W. printer, h 32 Pearl 
Hardy William A. cigar maker, h Windsor n Harvard 
Harkins James, rope maker, h Medford n Somerville 
Harkins William, laborer, h Medford n Windsor 
Harley Parker C. photographist, Main cor Inman, h Nor- 
folk, 2d Arbor 
Harlow Abigail R. Mrs. h Pine n Harvard 
Harlow Andrew B. (Harlow & Co.) baker, 438 Harvard h 

Broadway cor Trowbridge 
Harlow Charles, carpenter, h Cherry n Harvard 
Harlow Charles D. clerk, bds Trowbridge cor Broadway 
Harlow Elizabeth Miss, h Hampshire cor Livermore 


Harlow Joshua S. baker, bds Pine n Harvard 
Harinan Thomas L . h Berkeley n Phillips Place 
Harmon John, lumber dealer, Charlestown, h Bowdoin 
Harnett Daniel, laborer, h Brick Alley, North 
Harnett Thomas, laborer, h Brick Alley, North 
Harney Daniel, laborer, h Medford n Hampshire 
Harney Michael., laborer, h Tuttle n Wyeth 
Harnon Morgan, laborer, h East n Lowell E. R. 
Harrigan Daniel, h 2 Lechmere Place, North 
Harrigan John, gardener, h Amory n Hampshire 
Harrigan Patrick, painter, bds Daley's, Broadway 
Harrington Daniel, laborer, h Harvard n Davis 
Harrington Daniel, laborer, h Granger's Yard, Bridge 
Harrington Henry F. clergyman, h 6 Centre 
Harrington John, laborer, h 9 North 
Harrington Joseph P. (& Livermore) keeper Irving House, 

Harrington Lydia Mrs. h 52 Fifth 
Harrington Mary E. Mrs. tailoress, h 26 Gore 
Harrington Nancy Mrs. h 7 North 
Harrington Sylvester, clerk House Correction, bds Third 

cor Thorndike 
Harrington William, carpenter, h Hampshire n Amory 
Harrington Winthrop G. printer, h Chestnut n Magazine 
Harris Anne E. Mrs. h Brattle cor Church 
Harris Augustine, machinist, h 52 Market 
Harris Caroline R. M., Mrs. h 39 Cottage 
Harris Catherine H. Mrs. h Holyoke Place 
Harris Charles, b civil engineer, bds Holyoke Place 
Harris Charles TV. clerk, bds 2 Norfolk 
Harris Clarendon, civil engineer, bds Holyoke Place 
Harris Elmer, b spice dealer, h 34 Tremont 
Harris Emma F. teacher private school, Cotton cor Har- 
vard, bds Holyoke Place 
Harris George TV. machinist, h Windsor n Washington 
Harris J. Watson, h junction River and Pleasant 
Harris James TV. b copyist, h Winthrop n Dunster 
Harris Jeremiah, carpenter, h 3 Oak 

Harris John L. provision dealer, 62 Washington, h4 Broad- 
Harris Lucinda Mrs. h Cherry cor School 
Harris Robert, carpenter, h Cambridge cor Medford 
Harris Stephen S. upholsterer, h Everett Place 
Harris Thomas, shoemaker, h Magazine n Park 
Harris Thomas Wilder, proofreader, University Press, bds 

at Mrs. Kettell's, Bit. Auburn 
Harrod Frances J. assistant teacher Sargent Alphabet 
School, Broadway, bds Boston 


Hart Michael J. currier, h rear McDonald's store, Harvard 

Hartford John, laborer, h Tuttle 

Hartigan John, soap maker, h Moore cor Harvard 

Hartigan Michael, laborer, h Portland n Hampshire 

Hartlett John, laborer, h North cor Short, Ward 3 

Hartness George, blacksmith, Palmer, h Willard n Brattle 

Hartney Jeremiah, stone cutter, h 15 Winter 

Hartney Murt, currier, bds Green n Bay 

Hartwell Joseph E. provision dealer, Thorndike cor Fourth, 

bds Fifth cor Spring 
Hartwell Mary C. nurse, bds N. Marshall's, Clark 
Harty Samuel L. b printer, bds 59 Mt. Auburn 
Harty Susan Mrs. h 59 Mt. Auburn 
Harvey Francis, grocer, bds Mrs. McCool's, Cambridge 
Harvey William, (Harvey, Burton & Co.) brush maker, 

91 Gore, h 113 Cambridge 
Harwood Myron, carpenter, bds Mrs. Stone's, Elm 
Haseltine Moses D. newspaper collector, h Maple 
Haselton George, grocer, bds Mrs. Buckley's, Harvard 
Hassad Michael, laborer, h North n Short, Ward 3 
Hastings Andrew J. stereotyper, h 26 Tremont 
Hastings Catherine Mrs. h Green n Pleasant 
Hastings Charles, carpenter, h Howard n Chapman Place 
Hastings Charles B. b (J. S. Hastings & Son) crockery ware, 

25 Doane, h Otis n Sixth 
Hastings George E. b brush maker, h Vine n Third 
Hastings John M. machinist, h 99 Otis 
Hastings Joseph S. b (& Son) crockery, 25 Doane, h Sec- 
ond cor Otis 
Hastings Joseph W. glass cutter, h Fifth n Thorndike 
Hastings Michael, laborer, h Hampshire n Portland 
Hastings Oliver, (& Co.) lumber dealer, East, h Brattle n 

Hastings Samuel E. b Mechanical Dentist, h Pearl cor Walnut 
Hastings Thomas, (& Co.) grocer, Bridge, h 85 Otis 
Hastings Watson B. machinist, h 45 Sixth 
Hasty Paris, mason, bds Mrs. W. Norton's, Brighton 
Hatch Benjamin F. conductor Union R. R. bds Jones's 

Hatch Everline Mrs. dry and fancy goods, 351 Main 
Hatch George, shipmaster, h Washington n Harrison 
Hatch James H. L. b junk dealer, h 351 Main 
Hatch Sewall, glass maker, h Fourth cor Winter 
Hatch Thomas D. clerk, h River n Jay 
Hatch William C. locksmith, bds Washington 
Hatch William D. b provisions, 8 Blackstone Market, h 

Hatch William H. clergyman, h 64 Spring 


Hathaway Galen, b 6 India, h Magazine n Short 

Hathaway Sarah Mrs. h 10 Tremont 

Hattenburg Philip, turner, h Eighth n Thorndike 

Haven Gilbert, clergyman, h Gardner n Prospect 

Haven Henry P. carpenter, h Cherry n cor School 

Hawkes James, laborer, h East n Lowell R. R. 

Hawkes Levi, plumber, bds 34 Auburn 

Hawkes Levi Mrs. h 34 Auburn 

Hawkins Benson, horse feeder Union R. R. bds 344 Main 

Hawthorne Henry, glass cutter, h Winter n Third 

Hayden, Caleb, Register of Deeds, h 55 Otis 

Hayden Charles E. clerk Register of Deeds, bds Otis cor 

Hayden Edward M. sewing machines, h Broadway n Moore 
Hayden Ezekiel, clerk, Register of Deeds, h 55 Otis 
Hayes Alvin, shoe store, Wood's Wooden Block, Main, h 

Perry n Pearl 
Hayes Daniel, laborer, h n Dublin 
Hayes Edmund, h Church n Brattle 
Hayes Henry, policeman, h Shepard n iVvon 
Hayes James, laborer, h Granger's Yard, Bridge 
Hayes Luther S. carpenter, Dunster n Mt. Auburn, h Con- 
cord Avenue n Sparks 
Hayes Thomas, britannia worker, h 96 Thorndike 
Haynes Harriet Mrs. h 9 Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Haynes James, laborer, h rear 4 Washington 
Haynes Mary Miss, h 5 Cottage 

Haynes Nathaniel, trader, h Spruce n North Avenue 
Haynes Sarah Miss, h 5 Cottage 
Hayward George A. (Hay ward & Co.) expressman, office 

Main op Brookline, h 12 Prospect 
Hayward Samuel, brass founder, bds Mr. Young's, Clark 
Hazard Samuel L. b coal, &c. Raymond's Wharf, h 67 

Hazelton Joseph T. (John A. Ellis & Co.) Gore n Sixth, 

bds Thorndike n Fifth 
Hazen Daniel, grease collector, h Columbia n Worcester 
Hazlet Joseph, laborer, h Mt. Auburn n Sparks 
Hearsey William EL b harness maker, h 63 Columbia 
Heavey Patrick, bricklayer, h rear Cambridge n Windsor 
Hebard Albert K. b melodeon manufacturer, bds Harvard 

n Clark 
Hebbler Andrew, willow chair maker, h 53 Gore 
Hector Thomas X. printer, li River cor Blaokstone 
Heffernen William C. bootmaker, h Willow Place n Cam- 
Heffron Helen, assistant teacher AJleton Alphabet School, 
Boardman, bds F. II. Manson's, Vernon 


Heffron James, painter, h Medford n Cambridge 

Hegnej John, rope manofaotnrer, Cambridge op Medford, 

]i Cambridge d Oak 
Heidenburg Philip, turner, h Eighth n Otis 
Heintz Charles, cabinet maker, h Seventh n Otis 
Helmeller Christian, baker, beta Johnson's, E.^six 
Hemenway Benlah N. E. Miss, h 38 Auburn 
Hemenway Sarah E. Miss, h 38 Auburn 
Henderson James A. blacksmith, bds R. Henderson's, North 

Henderson John J. wheelwright, North Avenue, bds R. 

Henderson's, North Avenue 
Henderson Lawrence, laborer, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Henderson Robert, blacksmith, h North Avenue 
Henderson Robert, jr. blacksmith, bds R. Henderson's, 

North Avenue 
Henderson William, teamster, h Pearl n Walnut 
Hendley Otis H. clerk, h 24 East 

Henley John, b tailor, Court cor Howard, h Jay n River 
Hennessey Dennis, laborer, h Brick Alley, North 
Hennessey James, printer, h 23 River 
Hennessey James, laborer, h Charles Court 
Hennessey James, laborer, h Hastings 
Hennessey Matthew, carpenter, h Foster cor Willard Place 
Hennessey Thomas, laborer, h Harvard n Brimmer Block 
Hennessey Timothy, cabinet maker, h Spring n Sixth 
Hennessey William A. boiler maker, h 5 Washington 
Hennings Andrew, b coppersmith, h 9 Brimmer Block, 

Henry James, grease collector, h Valentine n Brookline 
Henshaw John, b (Henshaw & Co.) druggist, SG India, bds 

Craigie cor Buckingham 
Henshaw John A. b (Henshaw & Co.) druggist, 3G India, h 

Craigie cor Buckingham 
Henshaw William, book agent, h 23 Brookline cor Franklin 
Henshaw William 0. b clerk, bds 23 Brookline 
Henton, Francis, stone cutter, bds Hubbard's, Second 
Herbert William, laborer, h Fourth n Winter 
Herlihy John, stone cutter, h 103 Bridge 
Hermonnutz Joseph, glass blower, h Sixth near Cambridge 
Hernandez Joseph, variety sture, 413 Main, h same 
Herrin Maurice, grocer, h Harvard n R. EL cussing 
Herring Peter, rag dealer, h Pleasant n Somerset 
Hess Hiram, b steam pipes, h Livermore n Hampshire 
Hewes Matthew, machinist, bds Reed's Tavern, Gore 
Hewins Robert, teamster, h 2-37 Main n Harrison 
Hewlett Molineux A. Professor Gymnastics, II. U. h Irving 



Hews Augustus H. b jeweller, bds Broadway cor Norfolk 

Hews John, real estate agent, 421 Main, h Broadway cor 

Hews John, laborer, h Race Course n Kidder's Lane 

Heyden Henry, baker, bds 23 Brooks's Building, School 

Heymer John C. stereotyper, h Mt. Auburn 

Heyward Daniel T. h 10 Hastings 

Hey wood Samuel P. b Pres. City Fire Ins. Co. 19 Kilby, h 
Austin cor Inman 

Hickey John, laborer, h Short, Ward 3 

Hickey Margaret Mrs. h Vine n Fifth 

Hicks Granville, driver Union R. R. bds Lambert Avenue 

Hicks Thomas J. b bootmaker, h 21 Fifth 

Hickson James, gardener, h near Catholic Church, Con- 
cord Avenue 

Hidden William H. b salesman, dry goods, 31 & 33 Frank- 
lin, h 12 Green 

Higgins Bernard, b tinsmith, h Harvard n Davis 

Higgins Ezekiel H. b (Higgius & Bradley) bookbinder, 20 
Washington, h Main cor Hancock 

Higgins James, tailor, h Cambridge n Fourth 

Higgins James, stone cutter at J. F. Gilman's, Bridge, h 

Higgins, John, laborer, h Franklin n Pleasant 

Higgins John, teamster, h Winter n Fourth 

Higgins Thomas, upholsterer, bds East op Leighton Court 

Higginson Stephen, b agent for the Royal Insurance Co. 40 
State, bds Mt. Auburn cor Holyoke 

Higginson William C. b clerk, bds Mt. Auburn cor Holyoke 

Hight Ellen F. Miss, h Kirkland n Sumner 

Hildreth A. Edwin, h Putnam n Main 

Hildreth Edward S. clerk, bds Mt. Auburn n Bow and 
' Hill Abbie II. teacher Dana Middle School, bds J. Smith's, 
Magazine cur Williams 

Hill Charles II. b clerk, 8 Central Wharf, h Short 

Hill Daniel B. C. brass finisher, bds 26 School 

Hill George, tinman, ids Mr-. McNorton's, Brighton 

Hill George W. b clerk, 82 City Wharf, bds Short n Magazine 

Hill .lames, ooaohmao, li Mason cor Garden 

Hill James, laborer, h Winter n Third 

Hill John, laborer, h Mt. Auburn n Lowell 

Hill John A. blacksmith, Ids 34 Cherry 

Hill Kendall, eoaehman, 1) Is WatN's, Daniels' Court 

Hill Nathan 11. stable keeper, Church, h Otis Place n Mt. 

Hill Thomas C. carpenter, bds Flanders' Exchange, Cam- 


110 OAMB&IBGE [ H ] i>li:i;(T()KV. 

II ill Timothy, laborer, bds Burns's, Brighton 
Hill William, laborer, h Foster cor Willard Place 
Hill William 11. II. conductor Somerville R. K. bds Mrs. 
Mead's, Elm n Russell 

Hillery John, laborer, h Portland n Hampshire 

Hillman John J. b silver plater, 24 Sudbury, h 78 Gore 

Hills Henry A. b clerk, bds 64 Thorndike 

Hills Henry S. b chair dealer, 85 Fulton, h 64 Thorndike 

Hills William S. law student, bds 64 Thorndike 

Hilton James M. tinsmith, h Gerry n Chapman Place 

Hinckley Edwin T. b restorator, h Cambridge cor Fifth 

Hinckley Hannah Mrs. h School Court 

Hinckley Harrison, b clerk, bds Mt. Auburn cor Howard 

Hinckley Henry, student, bds Mrs. Hinckley's, School 

Hindes George W. b tea broker, 169 Milk, h 126 Thorndike 
Hinnifin Michael, laborer, Cambridge n First 
Hinz Frederick, carver, h 118 Thorndike 
Hiscock Robert, painter, h Broadway op Boardman 
Hitchcock Alvan, b clerk, 21 Federal, bds Mrs. Hagar's, 

11 Norfolk 
Hitchcock Lemuel, b (Callender & Co.) grocer, 1 & 3 Com- 
mercial, bds Shepard n Avon 
Hixon Edward, b upholsterer, 172 Washington, h Franklin 

cor Pearl 
Hixon Edward, jr. b upholsterer, bds Franklin cor Pearl 
Hixon George, b upholsterer, h Harvard n Davis 
Hixon Martin, b upholsterer, h Harvard n Moore 
Hoar Michael, laborer, h Brighton n Mt. Auburn 
Hoay Ann Mrs. h Cambridge n First 
Hobart David H. clerk, h North Avenue n Sacramento 
Hobbs Curtis, (Reed &) boots and shoes, 131 Bridge, h 133 

Hobbs Daniel, b type foundry, h Tremont op Garden 
Hobbs David, umbrella maker, h 49 Market 
Hobbs Francis, b bookbinder, bds 49 Market 
Hobbs Hannah Mrs. h rear 126 Bridge 
Hobbs Henry C. glass cutter, bds 133 Cambridge 
Hobbs James, b house carver, h Main cor Arrow 
Hobbs Jeremiah S. b carpenter, h School n Cherry 
Hobbs Moses H. bookbinder, h Union cor Market 
Hobbs Sarah T. teacher North Alphabet School, North Third, 

bds 133 Cambridge 
Hobbs William, clock repairer, h Market 
Hobby James M. engineer, h Columbia n Hampshire 
Hodge Joseph, teamster, h Washington n Main 
Hodge Richard, miller, h Franklin n Vernon 
Hodges James H. h Pine n Washington 


Hodges Joseph, b clergyman, h Appian Way n Brattle 

Hodges Richard M. clergyman, h Waterhouse cor Garden 

Hodsdon Benjamin, b salesman, bds 48 Spring 

Hodsdon William, b clerk, bds 45 Spring 

Hoffner Joseph, cabinet maker, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 

Hogan John, laborer, h Antrim n Broadway 

Hoit Joseph, glass cutter, h 100 Thorndike 

Holbrook Daniel, b real estate broker, h Sumner 

Holbrook Eliza Miss, h Mt. Auburn cor Holyoke Place 

Holbrook Frederick W. oyster dealer, bds Boston 

Holden Alvin, Mrs. h 42 Washington 

Holden Amos P. musician, h 2 Essex Court 

Holden Michael, rope maker, bds Windsor n Cambridge 

Holihan Thomas, laborer, h Harvard n R. R. crossing 

Holland Andrew, b woodcut and oil color printer, 3 Doane, 

h Brooks's Building n Main 
Holland Dennis, laborer, bds Lambert Avenue 
Holland Edward, laborer, h Kinnard n Putnam 
Holland John B. printer, bds J. Barry's, Broadway, L. P. 
Holland Thomas, laborer, bds McCarty's, AVillow Place 
Holland William H. baker, h Suffolk n Columbia 
Hollis Charles, chemist, h Columbia cor Market 
Hollis John, printer, bds Columbia n Market 
Holman C. A. conductor Union R. R. h Brighton 
Holman David, laborer, h 88 Vine 
Holman John, b (Smith & Co.) feathers and bedding, 60 

Union and 47 Friend, h Shepard n Avon 
Holmes Charles, tin plate worker, h 61 Cambridge 
Holmes Charles C. b Massachusetts sale stable for horses, 

bds Flanders' Exchange, Cambridge 
Holmes David, bds Flanders' Exchange 
Holmes David W. b commission merchant, h Hancock n 

Holmes Freeland, upholsterer, bds Magazine n Short 
Holmes Henry 0. b silversmith, bds 0. Holmes's, Prospect 
Holmes Isaac C. (J. A. & I. C. Holmes) grocer, Main cor 

Magazine, h Allston 
Holmes John, bds Holmes' Place 
Holmes Joseph, h Broadway n Dock 
Holmes Joseph A. (J. A. & I. C. Holmes) grocer, Main cor 

Magazine, b Walnut 
Holmes Joseph II. clerk, bds Walnut 
Holmes Lydia Mrs. h Magazine oor Webster 

Holmes Orpheus, b (Scars & Co.) ISO State, fa 88 Prospect 

Holmes Peter, laborer, h Columbia n Cambridge 

Holmes Sarah Mrs. h Holmes' Plaee 

Holmes William S. h Green d Pleasant 

Ilolran Edward, laborer, h Kidder's Lane eor Sargent 


Holt Arno A. shoemaker, n railroad crossing, Main, h same 
Holt Humphrey B. carpenter, bds Shaw's, Liverniore 
Holt Jacob A. (Dearing &) upholsterer, Harvard and 

Chestnut, h Auburn cor Pleasant 
Holt James L. painter and glazier, h South cor Dunster 
Holt Joseph G. law student, bds 37 Tremont 
Holt Joseph S. b clerk, h Green n Pleasant 
Holt Larkin, teamster, h 21 South n Dunster 
Holt Oliver C. box maker, h Green n Sydney 
Holt Samuel F. b bookkeeper, bds S. Dustin's, Fourth 
Holt Samuel H. b blacksmith, h 1 Chestnut 
Holt Varnum S. (J. S. Holt & Co.) grocer, h ST Tremont 
Holt Whitman A. engineer, h n Osborn's rear Main 
Holt William, b plumber, h 60 Market 
Holt William B. blacksmith, bds South 
Holway Merrill S. b (P. Holway &) real estate agent, bds 1 

Harrison Avenue 
Holway Philip, b (& Son) jeweller, 297 Hanover, h 1 Har- 
rison Avenue 
Holyoke Charles 0. b architect, Niles's Block, h cor Mt. 

Auburn and Holyoke Place 
Homer Charles W. b (Homers & Davis,) hardware, 100 

Federal, h Garden n Concord Avenue 
Homer George TV. clerk, bds Trowbridge n Broadway 
Homer Jacob, b assistant clerk Police Court, bds Trow- 
Homer Levi P. instructor in music, H. U. bds Miss E. Hol- 

Homer Mary B. h Trowbridge near Broadway 
Homer Milton, painter, bds Flanders' Exchange 
Homer Moore R. b provision dealer, h 62 Elm cor Hamp- 
Hooker Anson, physician, h 86 Cambridge 
Hooker Anson P. physician, bds 86 Cambridge 
Hooker Henry, b gas fitter, h Columbia n Washington 
Hooker Henry C. clerk, bds 86 Cambridge 
Hooker Hiram, driver Union R. R. bds 2 Lambert Avenue 
Hooker Hiram, teamster, h Columbia n Main 
Hoolerhun John, laborer, h Portland n Hampshire 
Hooper Elizabeth, Mrs. nurse, bds Daniels's, Gerry 
Hooper Warren, b clerk, bds Mrs. Wenriclrs, Austin 
Hope Eugene, printer, h Harrison Avenue cor Pleasant 
Hopkins Curtis, Green n Western Avenue 
Hopkins James, glass maker, bds Mrs. Carr's, 22 Winter 
Hopkins John G. glass maker, h 118 Spring 
Hopkins Josiah, fish dealer, Brookline, bds at Curtis Hop- 
kins', Green n Western Avenue 
Hopkins Mary A. Mrs. boarding house, School cor Clark 


Hopkins Thomas, glass maker, h Spring n Sixth. 

Hopkins William G. glass maker, bds 11 Sixth 

Hopkinson Francis, law student, bds Phillips Place n Mason 

Hopkinson Thomas Mrs. h Phillips Place 

Hoppin Nicholas, clergyman, h Follen 

Hopson James, gardener, h Hampshire n Amory 

Horen David, laborer, h North n East 

Horen Patrick, tailor, h Railroad n Sargent 

Horisky Patrick, stone cutter, bds Mrs. Carr's, 22 "Winter 

Horragan Michael, laborer, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 

Horsford Eben N. Rumford Professor and Lecturer on the 
Application of the Sciences to the Useful Arts, H. U. 

Hosmer Horace H. mason, bds 54 Essex 

Hosmer James, b hardware, 33 Battery march, bds 548 Main 

Hosmer Zelotes, b hardware, 33 Batterymarch, h 548 Main 

Hough Luther W. b clerk, h School 

Houghton Amory, Union Glass House, Somerville, h Pros- 
pect n Broadway 

Houghton Amory, jr. clerk, bds A. Houghton's, Prospect 
n Broadway 

Houghton Barnard, glass packer, bds H. Danfortk's, Pros- 
pect n Broadway 

Houghton Frank, building mover, h Hastings cor Moore 

Houghton Henry 0. printer, Riverside, h 558 Main n Ellery 

Houghton Lucy A. Mrs. h 10 Tremont 

Houghton Moses B. Union Glass House, Somerville, h 47 

Houghton Thomas P. building mover, h 33 Washington 

Hovey Anna Mrs. h Green n Vernon 

Hovey Augustus H. b (A. H. Hovey & Co.) provisions, h 
Cherry cor Washington 

Hovey Charles M. (& Co.) nursery, Cambridge, b 7 Mer- 
chants' Row, h Broadway n Fayette 

Hovey Ebenezer, bacon curer, h 38 State 

Hovey Elbridge S. b (A. H. Hovey & Co.) provisions, bds 
33 Western Avenue 

Hovey Eliza and Caroline, h Brookline n Main 

Hovey Horatio N. grocer, Gore cor Third, h 89 Otis 

Hovey J. Dana, grocer, 3G0 Main, h same 

Hovey Joseph P. clerk, bds 38 State 

Hovey Phineas B. b (Hovey & Co.) Agricultural Warehouse 
and Seed Store, 7 Merchants' Row, h U Brookline 

Hovey Samuel D. clerk, bds 38 State 

Hovey Sarah Mrs. h 296 Main 

Hovey William B. b 32 Faneuil Hall Market, h 13 Williams 

Howard Alvah, b dentist, h U Tremont 

Howard Francis, printer, bdfl 1 5 G 

Howard Francis E. laborer, bds 45 Gurc 



Howard George C. actor, h Green n Putnam 

Howard George H. machinist, bds 46 Gore 

Howard Hannah B. Mrs. h Gore n Third 

J Jo ward Henry W. carpenter, h Wyeth n Concord Avenue 

Howard Julius, printer, bds Blackstone 

Howard Peter M. tonsorial artist and broker, 300 Main, h 

35 Tremont op Gardner 
Howard William, cigar maker, bds 372 Main 
Howe Avery P. (& Teale) bacon curer, Main, h 182 Harvard 
Howe Celotia & Charlotte B. h Mt. Auburn n Holyoke 
Howe David, bacon curer, h 294 Main 
Howe Edward, box-maker, bds Broadway n Davis 
Howe Elias, b music dealer, 33 Court, h Broadway 
Howe Elias, h Walnut n Brookline 
Howe Estes, Treasurer Union Railway Co., Cambridge Gas 

Light Co., &c, h Oxford cor Kirkland 
Howe George W. b clerk, h Orchard 
Howe Hervey, tin plate worker, h 402 Main 
Howe John D. b attorney, bds 8 Broadway cor Court 
Howe John E. electrotype finisher, bds 2 ( J2 Main 
Howe Joseph N. agent N. E. Glass Co., h at Boston 
Howe Josiah D. painter, Mount Auburn Cemetery, h near 

Mount Auburn Court 
Howe Moses A. clergyman, h 100 Cambridge 
Howe Otis, b 35 Brattle, h 292 Main 
Howe Robert, slater, h Cambridge n Prospect 
Howe Samuel S. b (Davis &) ship stores, 204 Commercial, 

h 211 Harvard 
Howe Sarah L. Mrs. h Garden n Appian Way 
Howe Thomas, conductor Union R. R. h Watertown 
Howe Tracy T. b merchant, h Everett n North Avenue 
Howe Tyler, b 35 Brattle, h 292 Main 

Howe William, conductor Union R. R. h Crescent n Oxford 
Howes Edwin, pedler, h 121 Cambridge 
Howes Solomon, shipmaster, h Harvard n Prospect 
Howlan James, b pickle dealer, h Willow Place n Cambridge 
Howland William H. lumber dealer, Bridge n Craigie's 

Bridge, h 65 S. Sixth 
Howlett Enoch D. cigar maker, bds Windsor cor Hampshire 
Howlett Enoch J. b cigar maker, h Windsor corner Hamp- 
Howlett George C. trader, h 55 Columbia 
Howlett Joseph P. cigar maker, h Broadway n Pioneer 
Howlett William, cigar maker, Main L. P. h Pioneer cor 

Hoyt Benjamin J. carpenter, h 45 Cottage 
Hoyt Benjamin S. stone cutter, h Otis n Seventh 
Hoyt Moses, laborer, h 45 Cottage n Pearl 


Hubbard Appleton, conductor Union R. R. bds Watertown 
Hubbard Gardiner Greene, b counsellor, 37 State, h Brattle 

n Sparks 
Hubbard Harrison R. provision dealer, h Cambridge n 

Willow Place 
Hubbard Henry B. Treasurer Cambridge Water Works, 

Main op Brookline, bds Mrs. Blatchford's, Craigie 
Hubbard William, provision dealer, Cambridge n Second, h 

Second n Gore 
Huckins Almon, cook, h Jennings 

Hudson Charles H. b (& Russell) counsellor, Scollay's Build- 
ing, 481 Main, over Hyde's Store, h Somerville 
Hudson Samuel S. clerk, Hampshire n Inman, h Somer- 
Hudson Thomas, soap maker, h Gore n fourth 
Hudson Thomas S. inkstand manufacturer, h 38 Gore 
Hughes Alexander, grocer, and shoe dealer, 147 Bridge, h 

Hughes Frederick, h 43 Fourth 
Hughes George H. painter, h 29 Washington 
Hull Edmund B. b 80 Milk, h Otis n Third 
Humpage Henry W. b brass chaser, h 4 State 
Humphrey Benjamin F. b bookbinder, h Otis n Sixth 
Humphrey David, b 212 State, h Main cor Ellery 
Humphrey Seth T. carpenter, h Main n Pioneer 
Humphrey Sophia Mrs. h Harvard n Harvard Square 
Hunnewell Anna Mrs. h Milk n Union Square 
Hunnewell Charles, carriage maker, h Brattle cor James 
Hunnewell Charles H. conductor Union R. R. h Mt. Auburn 

Place, n Mt. Auburn 
Hunnewell Franklin, paper hanger, Brattle cor Palmer, h 

Hilliard cor Daniels's Court 
Hunnewell James A. jeweller, Harvard Square cor Dunster, 

h Ash street Court 
Hunnewell William, grocer, 71 Cambridge, h 170 Cambridge 
Hunson Henry, fish dealer, Cambridge n Fourth, h Otis n 

Hunt Nancy A. Mrs. h Vine n Fourth 
Hunt Samuel F. soap manufacturer, h 88 Auburn 
Hunt Thomas W. .Mrs. h in; Cambridge 
Hunt William L b cabinet maker, bds 1S1 Cambridge 
Hunter .James, glass cutter, h Winter n Fifth 

Hunting Charles B. 1» (Bnrril] &) advertising agent, G Tre- 

moiit Row, h Brattle o Appian Way 
Hunting George B. l> broker, b state 
Hunting Henry E. livery stable, h 262 Broadway 

Hunting Justus M. b clerk post-office, h Trowbridge n 


Huntington Frederic D. preacher to the University and Plum- 

mer Professor of Christian Morals, II. U. h Quincy cor 

Huntington James, watch maker, h Mt. Auburn n Holyoke 
Huntington William R. proctor H. U. 23 Massachusetts Hall 
Huntress Joseph, coachman at J. C. Gray's, Mt. Auburn 
Hurd Amos D. wheelwright, Palmer, h rear Palmer 
Hurd Amos G. carriage painter, bds Palmer 
Hurd Caroline Mrs. h Holyoke n Mt. Auburn 
Hurd Willard, teamster, h Leighton Court 
Hurlbut William R. b salesman, Franklin, h 112 Norfolk 
Hurley Edmund, laborer, h Dublin 
Hurley Florence, laborer, h 7 North 
Hurley James, laborer, h Fourth cor Gore 
Hurley Timothy, laborer, h 71 Gore 
Hurley William, laborer, h 71 Gore 
Hutchins Mehitable, nurse, h Brattle Square 
Hutchins Samuel, printer, h Ash Street Court 
Hutchins William, clerk, h Mt. Auburn n Hilliard 
Hutchinson Erastus, carpenter, h Spruce n Cedar 
Hutchinson George H. glass maker, bds 45 Gore 
Hutchinson Henry E. carpenter, bds E. Hutchinson's, 

Hutchinson Horatio D. b attorney, 20 Court, h Auburn n 

Auburn Court 
Hutchinson James B. conductor Union R. R. h Pleasant n 

Hutchinson John, carpenter, h Pleasant n Green 
Hutchinson Thomas, soap maker, h 87 Gore 
Hyde Dana W. clerk, bds Essex n Main 
Hyde Edward, dry goods, 481 Main, h 42 Franklin 
Hyde Frances A. teacher Harvard Primary School, bds 

Essex n Austin 
Hyde Isaac, planing mill, Brighton, h Mt. Auburn n Ash 
Hyde Lorissa G. Mrs. h Essex n Main 
Hymer John, printer, h Mt. Auburn 
Hynes John, carpenter, h Charles n Fourth 

Iles A. Osborn, b clerk, bds Centre cor Hancock 

lies William A. b clerk, bds Centre cor Hancock 

Ingalls Alexander, bookbinder, h 62 River 

Ingalls Charles E. b clerk, bds 64 Thorndike 

Ingalls Edward B. upholsterer, Harvard n Norfolk, bds 44 

Ingalls John E. pump and block maker, h 85 Norfolk 
Ingalls John R. pump and block maker, h 44 Essex 
Ingraham Royal, blacksmith, bds Mrs. Jackson's, Otis 
Innis Charles E. printer, h rear Bullock's, Putnam 


Ireland Ripley A. box maker, Ms Broadway n Clark 

Ireland Robert D. b brass finisher, h Brookline n Auburn 

Ireland Sally Mrs. h Mt. Auburn op Cemetery 

Ireland Thaddeus, clerk, bds Merrill's, Main 

Ireson Adeline M. teacher Washington Middle School, bds 

Garden cor Appian Way 
Ireson Mary Mrs. h Garden cor Appian Way 
Irwin John, laborer, h Brighton 
Isaac Thomas, b tailor, h Howard n Western Avenue 
Ivers Francis, carriage maker, h School Court 
Iyers Margaret Mrs. h Medford cor Clark 
Ivers Warren, carriage maker, bds School Court 

Jackson Albert, shoemaker, bds Hayes', Church 

Jackson Andrew, carpenter, bds 88 Third 

Jackson John, shoemaker, h Third cor Charles 

Jackson Rosannah Mrs. h Otis n Fourth 

Jackson William, carpenter, h 88 Third 

Jackson William A. carpenter, h Magazine n Short 

Jacobs Bela F. b attorney, 34 School, h Pleasant cor Franklin 

Jacobs Hannah C. Mrs. h 14 Green n Magazine 

Jacobs Justin A. attorney, and City Clerk, h Pleasant cor 

Jacobs Sarah Mrs. h Pleasant cor Franklin 
James David E. b manufacturer printing presses, h 7 Austin 
James Henry, laborer, h 22 Winter 
James Samuel, postmaster and grocer, Main n Norfolk, h 

2 Norfolk 
Jaques Mary Mrs. h Holyoke 
Jaques Mary J. Miss, tailoress, bds Holyoke 
Jarman James, carpenter, h Columbia n Hampshire 
Jarman Susan A. h Cambridge op Oak 
Jarvis Rebecca P. Miss, h North Avenue n Common 
Jefferds James F. city lamp lighter, h Willard Street Court 
Jefferson Daniel, b clerk, h Green n Vernon 
Jellison John H. b mason, h Washington n Pine 
Jelly James, glass cutter, h 110 Otis 
Jenkins Joseph P. h Appian Way n Garden 
Jenkins Nathaniel, carpenter, h 3 Broadway 
Jenkins Samuel R. stoves, &c. Cambridge n Second, h 09 

Jenkins Wm. Augustus, plasterer, h 13 Windsor cor School 
Jenness John L. lather, bdfl Portland n Hampshire 
Jenness Jonathan, grocer, h Main n Pioneer 
Jenness Lydia Mrs. h Portland n Hampshire 
Jenness William II. lather, ImIs Portland n Hampshire 
Jennings Frederick C. mason, h rear Front p Main 
Jennings Henry L. D. baker, bds Harvard op Elm 


Jennings Isaac K. carpenter, h Hastings n Moore 
Jennings John D. merchant tailor, Main op Pearl, h same 
Jennings Joseph, wheelwright, h 324 Main 

Jennings Levi, b shoe dealer, 103 Pearl, h Harvard n Co- 
Jennings Samuel W. carpenter, h Norfolk n Hampshire 
Jennings Thomas, bookbinder, h Pearl op Perry 
Jennings Thomas W. mason, h Front n Main 
Jennison Charles, carpenter, bds Mrs. Stone's, Elm 
Jennison James, jr. Tutor in History, and Instructor in El- 
ocution, and Registrar H. U. rooms 20 Holworthy 
Jermyn David, messenger Nautical Almanac office, h Water- 
house cor Follen 
Jewell Hosea, Deputy Sheriff and real estate agent, Main 

op Irving House, h Magazine op Webster 
Jewett Arthur, painter, bds 102 Cambridge 
Jewett James, b (Stevens & Jewett) organ builder, 12 Lcv- 

erett, h 137 Cambridge 
Johnson Albert, eating house, 47 Cambridge, bds Lynn 
Johnson Alonzo F. b clerk post-office, bds 107 Cambridge 
Johnson C. Robinson, b (E. A. & W. "Winchester) soap, 
candles, and provisions, 16 South Market, soap works, 
Water n Bridge, h 73 Otis 
Johnson Charles, laborer, h Broadway n Dock 
Johnson Daniel K. mathematical instrument maker, h Rice 
Johnson Ebenezer, laborer, bds n old Car Factory, Main 
Johnson Edward, laborer, h Third n Charles 
Johnson Francis H. b clerk, h Union n Market 
Johnson George, glass cutter, h Gore n Fifth 
Johnson Henry, laborer, h 12 Hastings 
Johnson Henry, painter, h North Avenue n Porter's 
Johnson James, shipmaster, h 8 Harrison 
Johnson John, (& Co.) vinegar, Cambridge n First, h Win- 
ter n Fourth 
Johnson John Q. A. b bookkeeper, h "Wendell n North Av- 
Johnson John S. bread store, Wood's Wooden Block, Main, 

h Essex n Main 
Johnson Joseph H. hairdresser, 37 Cambridge, bds Cam- 
bridge n Fourth 
Johnson Solon, varnisher, h 2G Fifth 
Johnson Theresa M. Mrs. (Alley & Johnson) milliner, 43 

Cambridge, h 31) Cambridge 
Johnson William, teamster, h Short, Ward 3 
Johnson William (Smith £ Johnson) painter, Main, Hast- 
ings Building, h River cor Rockwell 
Johnson William, painter, h Rockwell cor River 
Johnson William E. tailor, h Suffolk n Columbia 


Johnson William F. trader, bds 11 Broadway 

Johnston Annie, teacher Putnam Alphabet School, Fourth, 

bds Gore cor Fifth 
Johnston Frank, baker, h Watson 
Jones Abbott, b teamster, h 100 Otis 
Jones Andrew, mason, h 81 Second 
Jones Andrew J. blacksmith, Church cor Palmer, h Shep- 

ard n North Avenue 
Jones Austin K. janitor H. U. h Church n Palmer 
Jones Benjamin, b h 34 State 
Jones Benjamin M. b clerk, bds 48 Magazine 
Jones Bradford R. laborer, bds Magazine n Webster 
Jones Charles, clergyman, h Magazine Street Court 
Jones Charles L. & Co. b (A. Jones, E. Jones, W. B. 
Jones) soap manufacturers, 4 S. Market, h Harvard 
cor Lee 
Jones Charles W. carpenter, h Cambridge n Sixth 
Jones Francis, jr. carpenter, h Spring n Seventh 
Jones Franklin, machinist, bds 106 Gore 
Jones Frederick, clerk, bds W. Bowers's, Seventh 
Jones George, h Winthrop cor Holyoke 
Jones Henry E. (C. L. & Co.) soap manufacturer, Pearl, 

h Williams btwn Magazine and Kiver 
Jones Henry M. wheel Avright, Main, bds 24 State 
Jones Isaac F. assistant Register of Probate and Insolven- 
cy, h S^xth n Otis 
Jones John K. (& Dexter) grocer, Brattle Square, h Bath 

near Gas Works 
Jones John L. printer, h Green n Bay 
Jones John P. moulder, bds Austin Court 
Jones Joseph H. carpenter, h Washington n Columbia 
Jones Leonard S. b shoe dealer, 87 Pearl, h Kirkland 
Jones Lucius A. b (C. L. & Co.) 4 South Market, h Norfolk 

cor Austin 
Jones Mark A. druggist, bds 23 Gore 
Jones Mary M. Mrs. teacher Allston Alphabet School, bds 

48 Magazine 
Jones Nathaniel, b carpenter, bds Main op Hancock 
Jones Orrin G. expressman, 2 Harvard Square, h Chauncy 
Jones Thacher L. conductor Union R. R. bds West Cam- 
Jones Thomas B. cabinet maker, at S. Graves's, Bridge, 
bds Charlestown 

Jones William, teaser, Bay State Class House, h Core n 

Reed's Tavern 
Jones William, laborer, h rear 26 (Jure 
Jones William II. jeweller, Harvard Bqnare, bds Palmer 

n Brattle House, Brattle 


Jones William R. (C. L. & Co.) soap manufacturer, Pearl, 

h Harvard cor Lee 
Jordan John, moulder, bds 71 School 
Joseph Anna Mrs. h Hampshire n Medford 
Joseph Charles F. laborer, bds Hampshire n Medford 
Joslyn Addie M. Miss, h Auburn btwn Pearl and Magazine 
Joslyn Walter E. b comb maker, h 21 Washington 
Josselyn Annie B. teacher Eastern Primary School, Fourth, 

bds 96 Otis 
Josslyn Ellis K. b comb maker, h 21 Washington 
Joy George M. printer, h River n Franklin 
Joy Isaac, carpenter, h 23 State 
Jude William, laborer, h Somerset n Pleasant 
Jungman Adolph, printer, h Blackstone 
Justus Christian, currier, bds W. Miller's, Almshouse Row 

Kahen Alexander, laborer, h n Walden and Fitchburg R. R. 

Kamp Adam, bootmaker, h Brighton cor Mt. Auburn 

Kane John, laborer, bds Gerry's, North Avenue 

Kane Michael, laborer, h rear Winter n Third 

Kane Patrick, laborer, h Charles n Fourth. 

Kane Rose, Mrs. h Windsor n Cambridge 

Kavanaugh Francis, plumber, h Charles Place cor Charles 

Kavnagh Francis, carpenter, h 130 Bridge 

Keagan Thomas, baker, bds Newmarch's, Harvard 

Keane Malichi, b harness maker, h 4 Summer 

Keavny Walter P. tailor, bds Irving House, Main 

Keay Alfred H. carpenter, h Wyeth n Concord Avenue 

Keay Erburn S. farmer, h Tuttle n Wyeth 

Keefe Cornelius, laborer, bds Dublin 

Keefe Dennis, laborer, h Brick Alley, North 

Keefe John, laborer, h Short n Lowell R. R. 

Keefe Patrick, carpenter, h 12 Columbia 

Keefe Patrick, laborer, h n Dublin 

Keefe Thomas, laborer, h East n North 

Keefe Timothy, b blacksmith, h Columbia n Hampshire 

Keegan Lawrence, baker, h 18 Spring 

Keeler George S. coach maker, h 22 East 

Keen James, jeweller, Cambridge n Second, bds Flanders' 

Keenan Ann Mrs. h Hampshire n Amory 
Keenan James, laborer, h Suffolk n Norfolk 
Keenan James, laborer, h Suffolk 
Keenan Patrick, laborer, h Concord Avenue n Alewife 

Keenan William, tailor, bds Irving House, Main 
Kehoe James, b bookbinder, h Baldwin n Kirkland 
Kellegat John, laborer, h Brighton 


Kelleher Daniel, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 

Kelleher Dennis, laborer, h Cambridge n Willow Place 

Kelley Charles H. moulder, Kinsley's h Hampshire cor 

Kelley Daniel, grocer, Cambridge cor Medford, h Cam- 
bridge cor Windsor 
Kelley Daniel G. clerk, bds Cambridge n Windsor 
Kelley Henry, glass cutter, bds Mrs. Allen's, Fifth 
Kelley Hugh, grease collector, h Willow Place 
Kelley James, laborer, h Suffolk n Columbia 
Kelley John, laborer, h Franklin n Bay 
Kelley John, laborer, h 84 Fourth 
Kelley John W. printer, bds 54 River 
Kelley John W. brass finisher, 77 Spring 
Kelley Mary Mrs. h Fourth cor Charles 
Kelley Mary C. h 23 Worcester 
Kelley Michael, laborer, h Medford n Somerville 
Kelley Owen, laborer, h Lambert n Gore 
Kelley Patrick, soap maker, h Second n Gore 
Kelley Patrick, teamster, h Otis n Seventh 
Kelley Sarah F. teacher Sargent Primary School, bds 23 

Kelly Amasa S. clothing store, Main op Pearl, h Cottage n 

Kelly Bridget Mrs. h North n East 
Kelly Edward, laborer, h Cambridge n First 
Kelly Frederick A. b melodeon manufacturer, bds Harvard 

n Clark 
Kelly James H. printer, bds 54 River 
Kelly John, laborer, h Mt. Auburn n Lowell 
Kelly Lawrence, b marble polisher, h 118 Columbia 
Kelly Mary Mrs. h Concord Avenue n Alewife Brook 
Kelly Michael, laborer, h Charles Court 
Kelly Michael, laborer, h Amory n Hampshire 
Kelly Susan Mrs. h Water n Lowell R. R. 
Kelly Timothy, laborer, h Short, Ward 3 
Kelly William, laborer, h North n East 
Kelly William V. carpenter, h Harvard n Clark 
Kelsey Thomas, bone grinder, Bridge, h Somerville 
Kelty Michael, teamster, h 3l£ Washington 
Kemp Hiram A. (A. C. Sanborn & Co.) granite dealer, 

Sanborn's Wharf, Bridge, b office 31 State, h 26 South 

Russell, Boston 
Kemp Lysander, soap maker, h Harvard cor Davis 
Kemp Moses A. stone cutter, Bridge, bds Boston 
Kemp William N. stone cutter, h Otis n Sixth 
Kendall Christopher, machinist, bds 2 Windsor 
Kendall Edward, machinist, h 13 Auburn Court 


128 OJLMMUDOl [ K ] diwdoiom. 

Kendal] Bartwell, h Shepard d Avon 

Kendall John 1>. b painter, li Suffolk D Columbia 
Kendall Peter, carpenter, h [nman n Broadway 
K end rick Benry, b teamster, b 1 Leighton Cour 
Kendriok Rufus, biatina roofer, bdfl Merrill's, Main 

Kenev Michael, laborer, h Boston 
Kennard Benjamin, printer, h D'Wolfn Mt Auburn 
Kennard William L. printer, bds D'Wolf n Mt Auburn 
Kennedy Artemas, cracker baker, 336 Main, li same 
Kennedy Daniel, blacksmith, Medford cor Windsor, h 

Kennedy James, laborer, h Elm n Hampshire 
Kennedy John, h Elm n Hampshire 
Kennedy John, sheet iron worker, h Franklin n Vernon 
Kennedy Martin, laborer, h Vine n Fourth 
Kennedy Thomas, laborer, h Foster n Sparks 
Kennedy William, horse dealer, h Harvey 
Kenney Margaret Mrs. h 15 Winter 

Kenney Patrick, carpenter, h rear Mt. Auburn n Lowell 
Kenney Thomas, stone mason, h Prince 
Kenniston Reuben C. Mrs. h 97 Cambridge 
Kenny John, laborer, h Somerville 
Kenny Michael C. b (& Pierce) 107 Faneuil Hall Market, 

ice dealer, h 92 Otis 
Kent Benjamin F. b salesman, h Pine n Harvard 
Kent Frances A. teacher Amory Primary School, Amory, 

bds J. C. Wellington's, Broadway cor Prospect 
Kent James B. expressman, Harvard Square, h School 

Kent Samuel P. b fruit dealer, h Columbia n Worcester 
Kent William, b 21 £ Milk, h 2 Kinnard cor River 
Kent William H. b bookkeeper, h Prescott n Harvard 
Kent William L. b publisher, h 94 Washington 
Kern Francis V. clerk Register Deeds Office, bds Mrs. 

Badgers, Fifth 
Kerr John, currier, h Baldwin 

Kerr William, grocer, 62 River, h River op Harrison Av- 
Kershaw John, b locksmith, h North Avenue n Meacham 
Kershaw Robert, b (Edwards, Fernald &) safe maker, Bow- 

doin Square, h 20 Tremont 
Kerwin Henry H. carpenter, h Broadway n Pioneer 
Kettell Samuel Mrs. h Mt. Auburn n Brattle House 
Keyes Ira, carpenter, h North Avenue n Cedar 
Kezar Sarah F. and Ellen M. private school, Cambridge 

cor Fourth, h 101 Cambridge 
Kidd Algernon B. b salesman, Washington cor Winter, h 

Hampshire n Prospect 


Kidder Daniel T. b wharfinger, 13 Rowe's Wharf, h -479 

Kidder Gardiner G. b agent for American Express Co., 55 

State, bds T. G. Rice's, Austin 
Kiernan James, furniture dealer, Brattle, h Green n Bay 
Kiernan Mary Mrs. h Thorndike n South 
Kiernan Thomas J. janitor Public Library, H. U. bds Brattle 

House n Brattle Square 
Kilhan Patrick, laborer, h Mt. Auburn n Lowell 
Killion Patrick, laborer, h Baldwin 
Killough James, carpenter, bds 99 Norfolk 
Kilroy Patrick, laborer, h Charles n Fourth 
Kimball Charles A. h 50 Austin 
Kimball Henry W. b grocer, h Main cor Pioneer 
Kimball Ozro C. pianoforte maker, h Perry btwn Magazine 

and Pearl 
Kimball William, (William Kimball & Co.) merchant tailor, 

Harvard Row, bds Mt. Auburn cor Ash 
Kincaid William Y. machinist, bds 2 Windsor n Main 
King Bela H. b machinist, h Thorndike n Eighth 
King Bryne, laborer, h Third n Charles 
King Charlotte C. h Coolidge Avenue n Mt. Auburn 
King George, h Brighton n Eliot 
King George W. b (Hovey & Co.) commission merchant, 

60 Blackstone, h Amory n Broadway 
King John, boiler maker, bds 71 School 
King Samuel Mrs. h 103 Cambridge 
King Samuel A. b butter, &c. dealer, 43 North Market, h 

12 cottage 
King Theodore E. b dentist, h Franklin n Pearl 
King Michael, laborer, h 22 Spring 
King Patrick, laborer, li Harvard n Main 
King Patrick, laborer, h Harvard June Main 
King William V. law student, bds Mrs. King's, Coolidge 

Kingman Hernan P. b clerk, bds Harvard n Hancock 
Kingsley Chester W. b dealer in beef, pork, &c. 30 City 

Wharf, h North Avenue 
Kinnear .John, printer, bdfl Hampshire n Inman 
Kinnear Margaret Mrs. h Hampshire n [nman 
Kinsley Edward I>. clerk, h 184 Otis 
Kinsley Edward W. b (Blake, Kinsley & Co.) 24 Water, 

DOS Main 001 Prospeet 

Kinsley Henry, policeman, h 186 () tis 

Kin-ley Joseph W. printer, bdfl 186 () tis 

Kinsley Lyman, forge and foandry, Main n Grand Junc- 
tion EL K. h Au-t'ni n Kssex 

Kinsley Mary Mrs. h i Gore 

rji aufBVDcn [ j, J diuoioby. 

Kinsman John 0. b machinist, h Watson oor Auburn Court 
Kinsman Josiah B. b attorney, 80 Court, bds .Main n EUerj 
Kirby Hi, Laborer, at Reed's Tavern, Gore 
Kirwin Matthew, cigar maker, bds Irving Bouse, Main 
Kisseh] Frederick, French boots and shoes, Cambridge n CL 

.1. II. R. b same 

Kittridge Jesse II. b produce dealer, Blaokstone, bread 

store, Fisk's Block, Main, li same 
Kivlan Peter, teamster, li Bridge n Second 
Kivlan William, printer, h Pearl n Valentine 
Knapp Samuel Mrs. h Second cor Thorndike 

Kneeland Henry, teamster, h Broadway op Pioneer 
Knight Charles, h 4 Windsor 
Knight Joseph R. b 284 Washington, h 15 Third 
Knight Samuel D. b (Bigelow & Knight) 75 Pearl, h 1 Nor- 
Knights Aaron B. hack driver, bds 344 Main 
Knights Bridget Miss, h 9 Hastings 

Knights Samuel, driver Union K. R. bds Lambert Aveuue 
Knights Samuel C. auctioneer, 411 Main, and Old State 

House, Boston, h Pearl cor Watson 
Knights Simon, driver Union R. R. bds N. Bean's, 12 Lam- 
bert Avenue 
Knowles Benjamin, clerk, bds C. Felloes, Franklin 
Knowles David K. overseer at slaughter house, li Gore op 

slaughter house 
Knowles Samuel, b West India Goods, 1 Central Wharf, h 

36 Windsor 
Knowles William F. b clerk, h Tremont n Gardner 
Knowiton Abraham, mason, h Webster Place 
Kolb Matthaus, leather dresser, h 1 Brooks' Building 
Kramer Sebastian, b watchmaker, h Sparks n Brattle 
Krenin Daniel, blaeksmith, bds D. Blake's, Orchard 
Kroy Herman, currier, bds W. Miller's, Almshouse Row 
Kuhn Ann Miss, h 14i> Harvard 

Kuhn George W. b clerk, 48 State, bds Pine n Washington 
Kuhn John M. h Broadway cor Clark 
Kuhn Nancy Mrs. h Pine n Washington 
Kummer Julius, b artist, h Pleasant n River 
Kurtz John, butcher, h on Race Course n end Harvey 
Kyle James G. b bookkeeper, 16 Federal, bds Mrs. Chap- 
lin's, Austin 

Ladf. John S. Justice Police Court, h 27 Second 

Ladd Robert B. h Valentine n Pearl 

La Id Willard, carpenter, h Concord Avenue n Sparks 

Laddy Thomas, laborer, h Charles Court 

Laidler Hammond, watchman, h Third n Cambridge 


Lakin Henry, laborer, h 102 Third 

Lalley John, plasterer, h Elm cor Hampshire 

Lalley Thomas, plasterer and stucco worker, h D'Wolf n 
Sit. Auburn 

Lamb James, blacksmith, Western Avenue, h 10 Auburn 

Lamson Henry, mason, h Norton 

Lamson Henry A. mason, h South n Brighton 

Lamson Rufus, mason, h 54 Essex 

Lamson Rufus W. mason, bds 54 Essex 

Landerkin Llewellyn, machinist, h 17 Front 

Landers Joanna, dressmaker, Harvard Square n Brattle 

Lane Charles T. shoemaker, bds 90 Vine 

Lane Dennis, laborer, h Broadway n Fayette 

Lane Dennis, blacksmith, h l.Vine 

Lane George, b West India Goods, 29 School, h 59 Prospect 

Lane George M. University Professor of Latin, and Regis- 
trar, H. U. rooms at Miss Upham's, Kirkland 

Lane Hannah, millinery, Main n City Hall, bds Broadway 
cor Columbia 

Lane John, laborer, bds n Dublin 

Lane John, jr. laborer, h near Dublin 

Lane Martin Mrs. h Main op Inman 

Lane Patrick, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 

Lane Thomas, tobacco presser, h 90 Vine 

Lane Timothy, teamster, bds Garden cor Shepard 

Lanegan John, boiler maker, bds 2 Carver, Boston 

Lanergan Andrew b pyrotechnist, manufactory foot of 
South Fifth, h 54 Spring 

Lanergan Henry, carpenter, bds 54 Spring 

Lang John, stone mason, bds 1 Front 

Lang John, clerk, h rear 6 Front 

Lang John C. rail road ticket office, 392 Main, h Front 

Lang Mary Ann Miss, boarding house, 1 Front 

Langan William, tailor, h Third n Charles 

Langer Jane Mrs. groceries, h rear 23 Washington 

Langdon John H. b grain dealer, 6 India, h 87 Prospect 

Langley Andrew, laborer, bds !<>:; Main 

Langley Daniel, soap maker, h 26 East 

Langley John O. b medicines, 11 *Sc 12 Marshall, bdfl 134 

Langlej Lauren F. pedler, h Fifth n Winter 

Langley Levi, box maker, bdfl 26 ESasI 

Langley Noah W. glass cntter, h 88 Spring 

Langley Sylvester, painter, h North Avenue cor Willow, 

Langmaid Samuel II. b carriage maker, h Kirkland cor 




Lansing Abraham, office op Irving House, Main, b 67 

Laskey Henry, teamster, h Rogers' Building, Washington 

D Main 

Latham Bridget Mrs. li Granger's Fard, Bridge 

Lathe S. Lizzie, teacher Shepard Middle School, bds H. 

Potter's North Avenue cor Lininean 
Lathrop William Bf. b Treasurer Eliot Insurance Company, 

23 Kilby, h Harvard n Dana 
Latour Ellen Mrs. h Hancock op Green 
Langhton Patrick, laborer, at 0. Hastings's, Brattle 
Law Charles, billiard room, Brattle, h School Court 
Lawler Bridget Mrs. h Church op Palmer 
Lawler Patrick, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 
Lawrence Almon, laborer, h Pearl cor Auburn 
Lawrence Anna S. h 11 School 

Lawrence Charles, b produce dealer, bds rear Gl Cambridge 
Lawrence Henry K. b teas, &c. 17 North Market, h Broad- 
way n Pioneer 
Lawrence James K. (T. Hastings & Co.) grocer, Bridge cor 

East, h 29 Second 
Lawrence Michael, laborer, bds Lambert Avenue 
Lawrence William W. b clerk, bds 36 Spring 
Laws Lewis Mrs. h Broadway n Inman 
Laws "William, polisher, h 269 Main n Harrison 
Lawson Eliza Mrs. h Columbia n Hampshire 
Lawson William H. pyrotechnist, h Columbia cor Hamp- 
Lawton Edward B. waiter, h Market n Union 
Leach Alpheus M. b painter, h Hancock n Harvard 
Leahey Thomas, laborer, h North n East 
Learned Grant, b shoemaker, h Cherry n Harvard 
Learned Isaac, cabinet maker, h Short cor Pleasant 
Learned James M. b steam-fitter, bds G. Learned's, Cherry 
Learned John M. S. b gas-fitter, bds G Learned's, Cherry 
Learned Lucian S. paper manufacturer and bookbinder, 

d'2.) Main, h same 
Leary John, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 
Leary John, carpenter, h Dublin n Kidder's Lane 
Leary John, tailor, h College Wharf 
Leary Timothy, laborer, h Franklin n Bay 
Leathe Melinda Miss, dressmaker, bds State 
Leathe William, h State 
Leaver Oliver H. b (Simmons, Piper & Co.) 32 & 34 North, 

h 64 Spring 
Leavitt John L. b 7 E. Clinton, h Antrim n Cambridge 
Leavitt William, b (Bourn &) carpenter, Charles, h 76 


Lebugue Eugene, stereotyper, h Harrison Avenue 

Lee Joseph. L. cabinet maker, 44 Spring 

Leeds Daniel D. b 339 Washington, h .franklin n Pleasant 

Le Francis Peter, cigar maker, h Broadway n Windsor 

Le Francis Thomas, cigar manufacturer, cor Main and 

Windsor, h Hampshire n Tremont 
Le Francis Thomas, jr. clerk, bds Hampshire n Tremont 
Lehan Daniel, blacksmith, Gore, h 17 Fourth 
Lehan Michael, shoemaker, h North n East 
Leighton Andrew, laborer, h 12 North 
Leighton Henry B. glass engraver, bds 20 Winter 
Leighton James E. glass maker, h 19 Winter 
Leighton Jerome, bds 33 Winter 

Leighton John H. Superintendent Glass House, h 20 Winter 
Leighton Robert E. Mrs. h 33 Winter 
Leighton Thomas, b lock maker, bds 20 Winter 
Leighton Thomas, glass maker, bds Flanders' Exchange 
Leighton William, jr. Superintendent New England Glass 

Works, bds 94 Otis 
Leland Charles, millwright, Kinsley's foundry, bds Wind- 
Leland Daniel, b 57 Commercial, h Prospect n Harvard 
Leland Daniel T. S. student, bds D. Leland 's, Prospect n 

Leland John K. clerk, h 112 Thorndike 
Lemire Lewis, b laborer, h 71 Gore 
Lemmure Hannah P. Mrs. h 34 Cherry 
Lemon Augustus F. (Lemon, Fields & Co.) bookbinder, 

Ptiverside, h Magazine cor Short 
Lemon William, bookbinder, bds Green n Putnam 
Lenfest Howard S. b brass finisher, h Baldwin n Kirkland 
Lenfest Solomon, printer, bds Baldwin n Kirkland 
Lennon John, groceries and provisions, h Valentine cor 

Lennon Michael, laborer, h Prince 
Leonard Charles \V. laborer, h 310 Main 
Leonard Hiram, produce dealer, h Otis n Sixth 
Leonard John, laborer, h Third n Charles 
Leonard Samuel EL conductor Union K. 11. h Brighton 
Lerned Asiel H. coal dealer, h 104 .Norfolk 
Lerned Benjamin, produee dealer, h North Avenue n 

Lerned Benjamin <i. farmer, h North Avenue n Cedar 
Lerned Frederick T. bookkeeper, frith T. 1*. Lerned, bds 


Lerned Oilman P. laborer, li 77 Spring 

Lerned Thomas P. coal dealer, Main L. L\ h Sumner 

Leverett Louisa Mrs. h 8 Bolyoke 

128 <\\mi;kiim;i; [ J, ] DI&SOTOET. 

Levins Maurice, waiter, li Fifth n Vine 

Lewin John, shipmaster, h L2 Worcester 

Lewis Andress \'. botanic medicine dealer, h near Concord 

Lewis Daniel, carriage maker, li rear 108 Main 

Lewis Edwin B. i> clerk Bank of Mutual Redemption, bds 

Williams n Magazine 
Lewis Gabriel E. tailor, h Clark cor Harvard 

Lewis George W. laborer, h Garden n the Arsenal 

Lewis Henry, b pickle dealer, 98 Broad, h 62 Washington 

Lewis Henry P. printer, li Williams n Magazine 

Lewis William D. bds 50 Austin 

Libbey James, laborer, h Lambert n Gore 

Libby Joseph M. last maker, h 52 Thorndike 

Lillie Abbie and Mary Misses, h 97 Otis 

Lincoln Albert, b machinist, h Main op Temple 

Lincoln Charles A. carpenter, h 13 Fifth 

Lincoln George, carpenter, h 47 Winter 

Lincoln Henry C. painter, bds 60 Essex 

Lincoln John L. carpenter, bds GO Essex 

Lincoln Lendall, carpenter, h 60 Essex 

Lincoln Levi H. b locksmith, bds 47 Winter 

Lincoln Nathan, music teacher, h 61 Prospect 

Lincoln Solomon, Tutor in Greek, H. U. 7 Stoughton Hall 

Lincoln William F. carpenter, bds 47 "Winter 

Liney Joseph, b chandelier maker, h 10 Washington 

Ling William, cabinet maker, h Windsor n Main 

Lindsey William, carver, h 15 Brooks's Building n School 

Linn David, distiller, bds Lincoln cor Livermore 

Linn John, distiller, bds Lincoln cor Livermore 

Linn Margaret Mrs. h Lincoln n Livermore 

Linn William, laborer, h n Dublin 

Linn William H. plasterer, h Lincoln cor Livermore 

Linnehan Charles, teamster, h Bridge n Somerville 

Lippencott Charles T. currier, h 366 Main 

Lisky Daniel, laborer, h Pleasant n Somerset 

Litch Albert, b leather dealer, bds Jay n Western Avenue 

Litchfield Allen W. mason, bds 9 Auburn n River 

Litchfield Benjamin C. b plumber, bds 9 Auburn n River 

Litchfield Davis C. painter, h 33 Auburn 

Litchfield George, teamster, h 46 Washington 

Litchfield George W. mason, bds 9 Auburn n River 

Litchfield Judson, bds 381 Main 

Litchfield Noah, jr. provision dealer, Main cor Prospect, h 

River junc Western Avenue 
Litchfield Roland, carpenter, h 33 Auburn 
Litchfield Roland, jr. funeral undertaker and Messenger 

City Bank, h 381 Main 


Little Charles C. b (Little, Brown & Co.) bookseller, 112 

Washington, h Brattle n Fayerweather 
Little Edward P. b shoe dealer, 100 Pearl, h Broadway n 

Little George C. bds C. C. Little's, Brattle 
Little John, b clerk, bds C. C. Little's, Brattle 
Littlefield Benjamin D. stairbuilder, bds 71 Thorndike 
Littlefield John, teamster, h Bridge op Lowell R. R. Works 
Littlefield Joseph H. (fc Shepherd) carpenter, Brighton n 

Eliot, h Trowbridge n Broadway 
Littlefield Joshua, fireman Lowell R. R. Works, bds J. Lit- 

tiefield's, Bridge 
Littlefield Nathan C. b silversmith, h Village n Front 
Livermore Aaron H. dentist, bds Alt Auburn op Howard 
Livermore Edward E. (Harrington &) keeper Irving House, 

Livermore George, b (& Morse) 98 Pearl, h Dana cor Main 
Livermore George W. attorney, notary public, justice of 

peace and quorum, h 854 Main 
Livermore Isaac, b Treasurer Michigan Central R. R. City 

Exchange, h Main cor Prescott, Ward 2 
Livermore J. Frank j clerk, bds 354 Main cor Brookline 
Livermore John (N. Livermore & Son) soap manufacturer, 

President Cambridge City Bank, h 401 Main 
Livermore Josiah T. provision dealer, 417 Main, h same 
Livermore Kidder A. expressman, h Mt. Auburn op Howard 
Livermore Nathaniel (& Son,) soap manufacturer, h 399 

Lloyd William, driver Union R. R. bds Dunstcr cor South 
Lober Charles, glass maker, bds Winter n Fifth 
Lober Nicholas, glass blower, bds Winter n Fifth 
Lochman George, b (Van Dusen, Norton & Co.) coal ship- 
per, 5 Doane, h Brattle cor Mason 
Loch man J. Edward, b clerk, bds Brattle cor Mason 
Locke Amos, b coal dealer, h 46 Second 
Locke Charles A. h Prescott n Harvard 
Locke Eleanor Mrs. h North Avenue n Shepard 
Locke John A. stone cutter, h Livermore n Hampshire 
Locke John T. newspaper dealer, h 19 Brooks's Building 
Locke Rebecca R. Mrs. li 24 Worcester 

Locke Samuel EL Mrs. tailored, North Avenue n Shepard 

Locke Warren, driver Union II. EL i>ds Mast Cambridge 

Locke William II. 1) clerk, bds !•'• Second 

Lockhart David, carpenter, h L 52 Cambridge 

Lockhart George A. carpenter, bds 162 Cambridge 

Lockhart Henry, i> h 1»"> Sixth 

Lockhart William L coffin maker, Bridge, h L 60 Cambridge 

op Prison Point Bridge 

130 QAMBUDGl [ L ] i'i 

Looklin William, h Brighton o South 

Loehr Henry, l> brass finisher, li Gore d Fourth 

Logan Andrew, laborer, li Dunster cor South 

Logan .lames, bookbinder, h Brie a Pear] 
Logan John, laborer, li Charles Place cor Charlei 
Lomax George II. mould maker, li 81 Bpring 
Lomax William, soap maker, h Winter cor Fifth 
Lombard Benjamin, h Cambridge n Fayette 
Lombard Benjamin, jr. b western land broker, bds 11 Nor- 
Loney Maurice, laborer, h 8 North 
Long Daniel, b varnisher, &c. h School cor Pine 
Long Denis, b clerk, 31 Brattle, h Harvard cor Cherry 
Long William, laborer, h 16 North 
Longfellow Henry W. h Brattle n WiUard 
Longshaw William, machinist, h 25 Winter 
Loomis Eben J. computer, h Sacramento cor Oxford 
Looney Michael, candle maker, h Short n Pleasant 
Lord Franklin C. b printer, h Fourth n Spring 
Lord John, mariner, h Seventh n Otis 

Lord Mary A. milliner, Harvard Sq. n Brattle, bds 31 Bow 
Lord Thomas B. b dry goods, 20 Tremont Row, h Wendell 

n North Avenue 
Loring Elisha, shipmaster, h Pearl btwn Erie and Allston 
Loring John W. brewer, h Fifth n Thorndike 
Loring William M. carpenter, h 131 Cambridge 
Lothrop Charles B. b furnishing store, 8 Bedford, h Rock 

well cor River 
Lothrop George B. b locksmith, li Harvard n Columbia 
Lothrop James B. organ builder, h 74 Spring 
Loughran Patrick, teamster, bds Garden cor Shepard 
Loughrey William, policeman, h Main n Pioneer 
Lounsbury William H. b printer, h rear 32 Norfolk 
Lovejoy Charles, b clerk, h Park 

Lovejoy Joseph C. b Custom House, h Inman n Austin 
Lovejoy Joseph P. b clerk, bds at J. C. Lovejoy 's, Inman 
Lovering Joseph, Hollis Professor of Mathematics and Nat- 
ural Philosophy, and Regent, EL U. h Kirkland cor 
Lovett Catherine, dressmaker, h Brattle n Appian Way 
Lovett John, laborer, h Mason cor Garden 
Lovett Thomas J. teamster, h Winter Street Block 
Low Francis (& J.) carpenter, Smart's Building, State, h 

Prospect cor Broadway 
Low John (F. &) carpenter, Smart's Building, State, h 

Prospect cor Broadway 
Low Sylvanus, teamster, h Cambridge n Sixth 
Lowe Mary Ann Mrs. h 32 Auburn 


Lowell Charles, clergyman, h Elmwood, Elmwood Avenue 

Lowell Charles R. b merchant, h Quincy 

Lowell James R. Smith Professor of the French and Spanish 

Languages and Literatures and Professor of Belles-Let- 

tres, H. U. bds Dr. Howe's, Kirkland 
Lowry David W. clerk, bds Third cor Cambridge 
Lowry George, glass cutter, h 99 Thorndike 
Lowry Mary A. C. Mrs. h Third cor Cambridge 
Lucas Edmund G. b clerk, bds 99 Washington, cor Cherry 
Lucas John, laborer, Fitchburg R. R. bds North Avenue op 

Lucy Anthony, soap maker, bds Brookline n Perry 
Lucy George, soap manufacturer, h Brookline n Perry 
Lucy Isabella Mrs. h Somerset n Pleasant 
Lufkin David M. b commission merchant, h 21 Auburn 
Luke Elijah H. grain store, Main L. P. h Norfolk n Harvard 
Luke James, jr. (Skinner &) coal wharf, Main L. P. h 17 

Luke William H. b carpenter, h Hampshire n Livermore 
Lum Fanny Mrs. h Broadway n Hampshire 
Lum Isaac E. tailor, bds Broadway n Hampshire 
Lumbard Lucy Mrs. h Auburn n Brookline 
Lumfred Henry, baker, bds Mrs. Johnson's, Essex 
Lundergan Margaret Mrs. h 3 North 
Lunergan John, boiler maker, h Clark cor Harvard 
Lunergan Lawrence, baker, h Harvard n Moore 
Lunitz Gustave, pocket-book maker, h Harrison Avenue 

btwn Pleasant and River 
Lunt Alphonzo M. b plaiter, bds 84 Gore 
Lunt Benjamin F. b varnisher, h 11 Pine 
Lunt John, b cabinet maker, b Pine n School 
Lunt John M. bread dealer, bds 81 Gore 
Lunt Moses, carpenter, h Short n Magasine 
Lunt William II. mould maker, h Otis D Fifth 
Lush Leonard, b furrier, bds Pine n Harvard 

Luther Thomas B. carpenter, h Village n Front 

Lyman Ann .lean Mrs. h Garden cor Phillips Place 
Lyman Catharine D. teacher young ladies 1 school, h Brattle 

cor Billiard 
Lyman William, printer, bda Green n Putnam 
Lynch Eugene, laborer, h Franklin n Bay 
Lynch John, laborer, b Fourth d Charles 
Lynch .John, laborer, li Third n Charles 

Lynch Lawrence, blacksmith, h North Avenue n Porter's 

Lynch Lawrence, laborer, h Vinen Third 
Lynch Mary Mrs. h Cambridge n Willow Place 
Lynch Michael, laborer, h Cambridge n Willow Place 

Lynch Patrick, laborer, h Har\anl n l>a\is 


Lynch Patrick, laborer, h Brighton 
Lynch Patrick, Laborer, li Vine n Fourth 
Lynch Peter, laborer, h Front n marsh 
Lynch Philip, laborer, li Third n Charles 

Lynch Richard, BOap maker, li Pearl cor Perry 

Lynes Edward GL b agent gas works, 3 Phoenix BuiMing, 

h Orchard 
Lynn .John, distiller, bds Lincoln 
Lyon George II. (L. & G. II.) restorator, bds Chaniberlin's, 

Lyon Hans, printer, h Kinnard n River 
Lyon Leonard (L. & G. H.) restorator, Harvard Square, h 

Everett Place 
Lyons James, laborer, h Willow Place 
Lyons Jeremiah, laborer, h rear 136 Bridge 
Lyons John, laborer, h Mt Auburn n Lowell 
Lyons Michael, laborer, h Concord Avenue 
Lyons Timothy, laborer, h Ellery n Harvard 

Macaleer Mary Mrs. h Vine n Fifth 

Mace Mary Mrs. h North Avenue cor Harrison Place 

Mack Thomas, laborer, h Murdock n Hampshire 

Mack Timothy, laborer, h College Wharf 

Mackay Thomas, switch tender, h Windsor n School 

Mackenzie Colin G. printer, Riverside, bds Barrison Avenue 

Mackintosh Sarah B. teacher private school, h 561 Main 

MacVella Maria, h 78 School 

Maddox Stephen, b tailor, h Medford n Hampshire 

Magan Terence, laborer, h Concord Avenue n Alewife Brook 

Magaw William H. machinist, bds 61 Third 

Magee John A. b painter, h Putnam 

Magee Martha W. h Brattle cor Mason 

Maginn John, laborer, h Foster cor Willard 

Magner Stephen, cabinet maker, h Eighth n Otis 

Magoun Aaron B. Master Harvard Grammar School, h 

Broadway cor Prospect 
Magoun Joseph, machinist, h 62 Otis 
Maguire Anthony, confectioner, bds 91 Cambridge 
Maguire Francis, b oil dealer, 100 State, h 98 Prospect n 

Maguire Philip, soap maker, h Third cor Charles 
Mahady John, cabinet maker and upholsterer, Wood's 

Block, Main, h rear Suffolk n Columbia 
Mahady Thomas, laborer, h Pearl n Valentine 
Mahan Patrick, mason, h Cambridge n Willow Place 
Mahan William, laborer, h Cambridge n Windsor 
Mahar James, laborer, h Lambert n Gore 
Mahoney Cain, laborer, h Lambert n Gore 


Mahoney Catherine Mrs. h West n Inman 

Mahoney Daniel, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 

Mahoney Dennis, laborer, h 4 North 

Mahoney Dennis, laborer, h Lambert n Gore 

Mahoney Dennis, laborer, h Dublin n the railroad 

Mahoney Ellen Mrs. h Welsh's Block n East 

Mahoney James, laborer, h 2 North 

Mahoney James, laborer, h North n Short, Ward 3 

Mahoney John, laborer, h Bay n Franklin 

Mahoney John, shoemaker, h West n Lee 

Mahoney Michael, laborer, h Kidder's Lane n brick yard 

Mahoney Timothy, laborer, h Medford n Somerville 

Maiers John E. varnisher, h Chestnut, Ward 3 

Mains John, soap malier, h 17 Winter 

Major James, laborer, h North Avenue op Common 

M alien William, brass caster, bds 117 Harvard 

Malley William, laborer, h near Concord Avenue, op Tuttle 

Mallory Richard P. b engraver, 96 Washington, h Windsor 

cor Hampshire 
Mallows James, provision dealer, 364 Main, h same 
Maloney Peter, laborer, h Concord Avenue n Fresh Pond 
Maloney Thomas, tailor, bds Bridge op Short 
Maloney William, blacksmith, Cambridge, bds Somerville 
Manahan John, laborer, h Mt. Auburn n Lowell 
Manes John, soap maker, h 17 Winter 
Maney Michael, b clerk, h Winter n Third 
Manion Patrick, h rear Third 
Mann James F. carver, h 84 Harvard 
Mann Jonathan, Superintendent Mt. Auburn Cemetery, h 

Brattle junction Mt. Auburn 
Mann Josiah II. carver, bds 84 Harvard 
Mann William, law student, bds Mr. White's, 15 Essex 
Manning Elizabeth B. h Harvard btwn Linden and Chestnut 
Manning George, laborer, h Valentine n Brookline 
Manning James, laborer, h Charles n Fourth 
Manning James, b jeweller, h Coggswell Avenue n Fitch- 
burg R. R. 
Manning John, 1) clerk, h Elm n Hampshire 
Manning John, b varnisher, h 65 Washington 
Manning John, laborer, li Franklin Alley n Cambri 
Manning Lewis \V. box maker, bds Elm D Hampshire 

Manning Michael, laborer, h Willow Place 
Manning Michael, laborer, h Cambridge d Columbia 
Mansfield Albert, cigar maker, h Gore cor Lambert 
Mansfield Daniel, Master Washington Grammar School, h 

Linden n Harvard 
Mansfield Martha A. assistant teacher Otia Grammar School, 

bds 90 Cambri I 



Mansfield Thomas, laborer, at J. G. Coolidge's, Coolidge 

Mansfield Tobias, laborer, h Kinnard n Putnam 
Mansise Mary Ann Mrs. midwife, h Sixtli n Spring 
Mansise William, trader, h Sixth n Spring 
Manson diaries P. b clerk, bds Williams cor Magazine 
Manson Eben, h Williams cor Magazine 
Manson Frederick H. printer, h Vernon cor Green 
Manson Frederick W. b clerk, bds Vernon 
Manson John, cabinet maker, h Harvard n Moore 
Manson Nathaniel G. b (Gay, Manson & Co.) iron dealer, 

Fulton cor Cross, h Harvard cor Lee 
Manson Rufus H. b clerk, bds Harvard cor Lee 
Manson Sally Mrs. h 3 Green 
Mara Thomas, laborer, at Prof. Beck's, Quincy 
March John S. b Cashier Hide and Leather Bank, h 273 

Markham Larnard F. machinist, h 7 Cottage 
Markham Mark B. b printer, h 127 Washington 
Marnan John, laborer, h Mt. Auburn n Lowell 
Marrett Lorenzo, attorney, Bank Building, Cambridge, h 

Cambridge cor Second 
Marrin Thomas, laborer, h Green n Bay 
Marror Thomas, laborer, h Garden n Arsenal 
Mars Matthew, candle maker, h rear 4 Third 
Marsden James, grocer, 313 Main, h same 
Marsden Ralph, laborer, 11 Brooks' Building, School 
Marsden Thomas, laborer, h 13 Brooks' Building, School 
Marshall Ann Mrs. h 15 North 
Marshall Elizabeth Mrs. at C. Smith's, Phillips Place n 

Marshall John H. newspaper carrier, bds Reed's Tavern, 

Marshall Michael, laborer, h North Avenue op Common 
Ma. shall Moses M. h North Avenue op Bank 
Marshall Nahum, clerk, 118 Harvard, h Clark n Broadway 
Marshall Truman, soap maker, h Broadway n Davis 
Marsters John M. clergyman, h Orchard op church 
Marston Chauncey, machinist, bds Hubbard's, Second 
Marston Ephraim, physician, h River n Franklin 
Marston George, stairbuilder, bds 71 Thorndike 
Marston John C. butcher, h Spruce n North Avenue 
Martain John C. Broadwa} T House, Broadway L. P. 
Martin Albert b clerk, bds Harvard n Lee 
Martin Dennis, laborer, h Brookline 
Martin Enoch, b broker, h Harvard n Lee 
Martin Frederick, grocer, 337 Main, h 22 Worcester 
Martin George W. b hairdresser, h 43 Washington 


Martin Henry, carpenter, h rear Mt. Auburn n Lowell 
Martin Henry, box maker, bds B. Simpson's, Broadway 

n Pioneer 
Martin James, shoemaker, Harvard Square, h same 
Martin James, b cook, h rear 25 Washington 
Martin James A. b sailmaker, bds 92 Harvard 
Martin John, teamster, h School n Main 
Martin Luke Mrs. h near Tuttle 
Martin Margaret Mrs. h North Avenue op Common 
Martin Michael, carpenter, h 50 Spring 
Martin Michael, shoemaker, bds Martin's, Harvard Square 
Martin Newell, jr. confectioner, h 38 Franklin 
Martin Owen, shoemaker, h Broadway n Ware 
Martin Peter, tailor, Porter's Building, Brighton, bds Har- 
vard n Harvard Square 
Martin Thomas, boots and shoes, Cambridge n Fifth, h 

Martin Thomas, cabinet maker, h 27 School 
Martin William A. b clerk, bds Harvard n Lee 
Martin William H. carriage maker, Main op Austin, h Nor- 
folk op Washington 
Marvin Mary Mrs. h Fremont n Pleasant 
Marvin Richard T. carpenter, bds Mrs. Marvin's, Fremont 
Marvin William J. carpenter, School, h 59 Columbia 
Mason Charles B. bds L. ft. Mason's, North Avenue 
Mason George F. turner, h Somerset Place 
Mason Henry, b melodeon manufacturer, h Main op Quincy 
Mason J. Hastings, brass finisher, h Charlestown 
Mason James, carpenter, h Fifth n Thorndike 
Mason James M. shoemaker, h Washington n Pine 
Mason John, grocer, Windsor n Harvard, h same 
Mason John, watchman, h Fifth n Thorndike 
Mason John F. clerk, College Wharf, h South n Brighton 
Mason John 0. stone cutter, at J. F. Gilman's, Bridge, h 

Mason Joseph, harness maker, at Bowen's, Cambridge, h 

Mason Levi A. clerk, bds L. R. Mason's, North Avenue 
Mason Levi R. h North Avenue n Meach am 
Mason Luke Mrs. fa Harvard cor Lee 
Mason Newell P. carpenter, h Worcester cor Columbia 
Mason Mary D. MlSS, li 28 State 
.Mason Mary T. Mrs. boarding house, 28 Ka<t 

Mason Sumner U. clergyman, h Magazine n Short 

Mason William A. (& Co.) BUrveyor, 169 Main, li Walnut 
Masterson Michael, laborer, h-ls (lure 

Mathers William. Laborer, h Vine cor Fonrtfa 

Mathews Eugene II. printer, bds Brattle n Brattle Square 

0AMBRIDO1 [ M ] ' 

Matson John N. boi maker, bde B 

Matthews John, laborer, bds league's, Main 

Matthews Richard II. h Charles d Fourth 

Matthews William, brass founder, li rear 25 Washington 

Maarer Gottfried, turner, 1» L16 Thorndike 

Maxwell Bosan Mrs. h Bridge op Lowell K. Et. i 

May George EL b stone cutter, bds M . 

* Place 
May Huntington, colorer and whitener, h Maf 

Somerset P 
May James, baker, li Fifth n Vine 
May Joseph II. machinist, b la M 
May Patrick, laborer, U Hancock l) Green 
Maynard Azor, h junction River and Pleasant 
Maynard Charles, driver (Jnion It. It. > •< 1 s 886 Main 
Maynard Charles W, clerk', bds junc River a:. 
Maynard Corne ius D. i> cigar maker, h Rockwell n Plea-ant 
Maynard Eben \V. hatter, h Magazine n Walnut 
Maynard Edward II. b salesman, bds junction River and 

Maynard Franklin, shoemaker, h Dunster cor South 
Maynard Gideon, carpenter, h Daniels' Court 
Maynard Henry (). electrotype finisher, h 59 Mt. Auburn 
Maynard John P. driver Union EL EL h River n Harrison 

A venue 
Mayo Nelson, brick maker, h near Sand.-' brick yard 
McAleer Patrick, laborer, h Brighton op 1 
McAleer Peter, carpenter, bds McCarty's, Willow I 
McAllen Bridget Mis. h Brookline h Perry 
McAllister Daniel, wheelwright, h Brighton n Eliot 
McArdle Edward, blacksmith, h Medtbrd cor Win 
McAuley Aulay, harness maker, h Harvard cor Pine 
McAvey Susan Mrs. h Brighton 

McAvoy Charles, blacksmith, h North Avenue op Common 
McAvoy Edward, hemp dresser, h Columbia h Cambridge 
McBride Charles J. b tailor, h Kidder's Lane n Cemetery 

McBride James, laborer, h Garden n Sands' brick yard 
McBride John, engineer, h 30 School 
McBride John, teamster, h Cambridge li Seventh 
McBrine Bridget, h Winter cor Fourth 
McCabe .lames, laborer, h Willow Place 
McCabe Michael, Laborer, h Concord Avenue 
McCabe Patrick, grease collector, h Windx 
McCabe Patrick, laborer, h Cambridge n Me 

abe Patrick, laborer, h Dublin 
McCabe Terence, laborer, h near Dublin 
M iCaffier Edward, laborer, h Charles d Fourth 


McCafferty John, teamster, h Third n Vine 
McCafferty John H. b brass founder, h 4 St to 
McCaffrey Catherine Mrs. h Charles cor Fourth 
McCaffrey John, carpenter, h Willow Place n Cambridge 
McCanley Cornelius, laborer, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 
McCann John, glass maker, bds Third n Gore 
McCann John, clock maker, h Vine cor Third 
McCann Patrick, laborer, h Fifth n Vine 
McCanna Patrick, carpenter, h Third n Charles 
McCanna Peter, glass maker, bds Mrs. McCool's, Cambridge 
McCanna John, carpenter, h Third n Charles 
McCarelle Constantine, laborer, h Irving 
McCart Terence, laborer, h 4 Vine 
McCarty Charles, gardener, h Main n Court 
McCarty Charles, cooper, h 74 Third 
McCarty Daniel, laborer, h Franklin n Bay 
McCarty Daniel, laborer, h Main n foundry 
McCarty Daniel, blacksmith, bds 1 Front 
McCarty Daniel, laborer, h East n North 
McCarty Daniel, laborer, h 7 Winter 
McCarty Dennis, glass maker, h rear 35 Gore 
McCarty Eugene, laborer, h *29 Windsor 
McCarty Henry, brass founder, h Willow Place 
McCarty James, laborer, h Brewster n Vassal Lane 
McCarty James, laborer, h Welch's Block n East 
McCarty Jeremiah, laborer, h Kidder's Lane n brick yard 
McCarty Joanna Mrs. h 6 North 
McCarty Joanna Mrs. h 136 Bridge 
McCarty John, laborer, h Short, Ward 3 
McCarty John, mason, h Main n Harrison 
McCarty John, laborer, h Mt. Auburn n Lowell 
McCarty John, laborer, h rear Sparks n Fresh Pond 
McCarty .John, laborer, h near Fourth 
McCarty Mary Mrs. li rear ; 5~> Gore 
McCarty Maurice, laborer, h North o Short 
McCarty Owen, laborer, h btwn Bridge and Lowell R. R. n 

M tCarty Patrick, laborer, bds M. McCarty's, North 

McCarty Richard, blacksmith, h Sargent's Wharf 

McCarty Thomas, blacksmith, h 6 Vine 

McCarty Thomas, helper, at Kinsley's, bda Front 

McCarty Timothy, glass maker, bds 6 North 

McCarty Timothy, blacksmith, Cambridge n Prospect, h 

Medford n Bomerville 
McCarty Timothy, laborer, h Dear Dublin 
MeCarville James, laborer, l» Elm n Cambridge 
\l •< irviiir James, laborer, h Mellon n North Avenue 
McClennan James, engineer, bds Brighton 


MoClennan Lawrence, laborer, h Brighton 
McClinohey Andrew, bookbinder, beta Brighton 
McClone Charles, glassmaker, bda Mrs. McCooPs, Cambridge 
MoClo&key Ann, b Brighton d Winthrop 
MoCloskej Arthur, stone cutter, b Vine n Third 
McCloskey .June, b Brighton n Winthrop 
McCloskey William, carpenter, li Cambridge n Willow Place 
McClune Anna Miss, dressmaker, bds Crabbe's 
JMcClure Chas. F. b dry goods, 9 Tremont Row, h Lee n Main 
McColgan Peter, b tailor, h Kim n Hampshire 
McComb Thomas, slater, h Antrim n Broadway 
IMcConnell John, laborer, bds Main cor Pioneer 
McConvey Robert, blacksmith, bds Brighton 
McCool Johanna Mrs. h Cambridge op chemical works 
McCorison James F. cabinet maker, bds Merrill's, Main 
IMcCormick Bartholomew, glass maker, bds Winter n Third 
McCormick Bernard J. b tailor, bds Winter n Third 
McCormick James, laborer, h Tuttle 
McCormick James A. glass maker, bds Winter n Third 
McCormick John, laborer, h Short, Ward 3 
IMcCormick John, laborer, h Front n marsh 
McCormick Thomas, laborer, h Winter n Third 
McCorrey John, soap maker, h Valentine 
McCourt John, laborer, h Irving Place n Foster 
McCourt Patrick, laborer, h Lambert n Cambridge 
McConrt William, laborer, h Brighton 
McCoy William, tailor, h North Avenue op Common 
McCraith John, laborer, at Mrs. Bush's, Spruce 
McCristle James, laborer, h Vine n Fifth 
McCristol John, laborer, bds Bridge 
McCrosson, John, gardener, h Cambridge n Windsor 
McCue Catherine Mrs. h 41 Gore 
McCue James, b wheelwright, h Willow Place 
McCue John, distiller, Cambridge, h Somerville 
McCullough Daniel, laborer, bds Burns's, Washington 
McCune William, laborer, h rear Court 
McCurdy Christopher, glass maker, bds Mrs. Jackson's 
McCuskar Edward, laborer, h Medford n Somerville 
McDade Patrick, shoemaker, h Gore n Second 
McDavitt Francis, laborer, h Brighton n Mt. Auburn 
McDermot Thomas, carpenter, h Elm n Hampshire 
McDermot Timothy, laborer, h Somerset n Pleasant 
McDermot Patrick, glass maker, h Medford n Somerville 
McDonald Alexander, stone cutter, Mt. Auburn, h Mt. Au- 
burn n Lowe 1 
McDonald Daniel, b shoemaker, h Washington n Harrison 
McDonald Daniel, (& Sons) bookbinder, Holyoke cor Har- 
vard, h Green n Putnam 


McDonald Edmund, (McDonald & Sons) bookbinder, bds 

Green n Putnam 
McDonald Edward, laborer, h Main n Grand Junction R. R. 
JMcDona d Hugh, b bookbinder, h 300 Harvard 
McDonald John, laborer, h Irving Place 
McDonald John, carpenter, bds McCarty's, Willow Place 
McDonald Peter, laborer, h rear T. G. Pvice's, Austin 
McDonald Stephen, mason, h Pleasant n Somerset 
McDonald Thomas, laborer, h Vine n Fifth 
McDonald William, (McDonald & Sons) bookbinder, bds 

Green n Putnam 
McDonald William E. cabinet maker, bds Caldwell's, 95 

McDonnall Patrick, gardener, h Dublin 
McDonnell John A. printer, bds D. J. Crowley's, Dyke 
McDonner Patrick H. britannia worker, h Third n Charles 
McDonough William, carpenter, h Bridge cor Third 
McDuffie John, b bookkeeper, bds 32 Auburn 
McElerney Bernard, shoemaker, h Irving P*ace 
McKlhiney John, laborer, h Gore op s'aughter house 
McEllroy William, confectioner, 436 Harvard n Holyoke, h 

McElroy Alexander, laborer, h Front n Village 
McElroy Edward, laborer, h Charles cor Fourth 
McElroy Elizabeth Mrs. li Charles n Fourth 
McElroy Francis G. building mover, h Vine cor Fourth 
McElroy Hugh, teamster, h Charles n Fourth 
McElroy James, charcoal dealer, h Charles n Fourth 
McElroy James, laborer, h Charles 
McElroy John, soap maker, h Charles n Fourth 
McEiroy John, laborer, h Bridge n Lowell R. R. 
McElroy Patrick, laborer, h Charles n Third 
McFarland Charles, tailor, bds Mt. Auburn n Brighton 
McFarland James, machinist, h Washington n Harrison 
McFarland John, laborer, li rear Mt. Auburn n Lowell 
McFarland Rebecca II. Mrs. h 3 Washington 
McFeely John, glass maker, h 2') Winter 
McFeely Patrick, laborer, h Broadway n Fayette 
McGarrigle Ellen Mrs. h Ellery n Broadway 
McGarrigle Henry, laborer, bds Ellery n Broadway 
McGaughay John, mason, b Charles n Fourth 
McGeoch Alexander, li 79 Washington 

McGiU .lames, 1» salesman, fa 81 Harvard 

McGill Thomas, tailor, Cambridge d Fourth, fa Somerville 
McGionis Barney, Laborer, h Cambridge oor Medford 
McGirr John, laborer, h Brighton d Bridge 
McGirr Peter, laborer, h Brighton B Mt. Auburn 

Mcdivney John, brass founder, h Charles Court 


McGonagle Cornelius, laborer, h Brighton 

McGovern Frank, boiler maker, h 29 School 

McGovern George, laborer, at W. Kennedy's, Harvey 

McGovern Hugh, brushmaker, h Charles n Fourth 

McGovern John, laborer, h Vine n Fifth 

McGowan Bridget Mrs. h Charles n Fourth 

McGowan Mary Mrs. h Lee cor West 

McGowan Thomas, laborer, h Brighton 

McGowen Daniel, laborer, bds Brighton 

McGowen William, laborer, h Brighton 

McGrath Daniel, laborer, h Pine n Faton 

McGrath Margaret Mrs. h Pine n Eaton 

McGrath Thomas, teamster, bds Garden cor Shepard 

McGregor John W. carver, h Fourth n Spring 

McGregor Peter, glass cutter, h Cambridge cor Lambert 

McGue Thomas, laborer, h Winter 

McGue Thomas, laborer, h Bridge n Second 

McGuire Charles, laborer, h rear Irving Place 

McGuire Philip, laborer, h Charles n Third 

McGuire Thomas, soap maker, bds Brookline n Perry 

McGuidy Mary Ann Mrs. h Vine n Third 

McGurk Catherine Mrs. h Hampshire n Medford 

McGurk James, laborer, b Is Hampshire n Medford 

McGurk John, laborer, h Hampshire n Medford 

McGurk Patrick, laborer, bds Hampshire n Medford 

McGurn Anthony, laborer, h Broadway n Dock 

Mclntire Ebenezer, painter, h rear 26 Gore 

Mclntire Edward, b bookkeeper, h Dana op Centre 

Mcintosh George, blacksmith, Main n Austin, h 11 Front 

Mcintosh James, b carpenter, h Hancock n Green 

Mclntyre Sarah Mrs. h Main n Hancock 

Mclntyre Thomas C. b gold beater, bds Main n Hancock 

McKanna John, teamster, h 45 Gore 

McKanna Peter, laborer, h Gore cor Fourth 

McKay Edward, bootmaker, bds White ? s, Ellery 

McKeever John, glass maker, bds Winter cor Fourth 

McKeever Samuel, machinist, h 121 Bridge 

McKeever W r illiam, glass maker, h Winter n Fifth 

McKenna Hugh, carpenter, h Willow Place 

McKenna John, laborer, bds D. Duris's, Brookline 

McKenna Owen, laborer, h Lambert n Gore 

McKenney Daniel, teamster, h Cambridge n Seventh 

McKenney George W. carpenter, bds 99 Norfolk 

McKenney Patrick, carpenter, h Mt. Auburn n Lowell 

McKenzie Alexander D. engineer, Riverside, h River n 

McKenzie Colin, printer, bds Mrs. Carter's, Harrison Av- 



McKeon James, barrel dealer, h Hampshire n Clark 
McKeown Ann Mrs. bds Magazine n Park 
McKerne Patrick, stone cutter, h Fifth n Vine 
McKoan James, laborer, h 7 Pine 
McKona John, laborer, at W. Phillips', Linnaean 
McLamean John, laborer, h Franklin n Bay 
McLane James, blacksmith, h Murdock n Hampshire 
McLane James, laborer, h Brighton 
McLane John, laborer, h Brighton n the bridge 
McLaughlin James, cabinet maker, h 78 Third 
McLaughlin James, barrel dealer, h Hampshire n Prospect 
McLaugh in John, brushmaker, h 3 Vine 
McLaughlin Martin, laborer, h Gore n Fourth 
McLaughlin Michael, h Cambridge cor Medfbrd 
McLaughlin Thomas, rope maker, bds Windsor n Cam- 
McLaughlin "William, shoemaker, h 23 Winter 
McLean Martha Mrs. h Medford n Cambridge 
McLean Mary Mrs. nurse, h 51 Gore 
McLearney Bernard, shoemaker, h Irving Place 
McLellan George F. b attorney, 52 Washington, bds Pros- 
pect cor Gardner 
McLellan George W. b notary, 3 Cornhill Court, h Prospect 

cor Gardner 
McLellan William C. lobster dealer, old Toll House, Han- 
cock Bridge, Main 
McLeod J. George, laborer, at J. P. Melledge's, Harvard 
McManarnin William, b laborer, h Vine n Third 
McMann Bryan, laborer, h Bay cor Franklin 
McMann Mary Mrs. h near Concord Avenue 
McMann Nancy Mrs. h Granger's Yard, Bridge 
McMann Thomas, blacksmith, h Garden 
McMannis Felix, laborer, h Elm n Hampshire 
McManus Felix, laborer, h Bridge op Bay State Glass 

McMullen Henry, blacksmith, bds Sparks 
McXall James, laboier, h Bridge n junc Cambridge 
McXally James, laboier, h Railroad n Sargent 
McNamara Mary Mrs. h Somerset 
McNamara Michael, butcher, li Medford 
McNamee John, stone cutter, h Mt. Auburn n Sparks 
McXaughton Anthony, wheelwright, h 51 Washington 
McNorton Anna J. Mrs. h Brighton n Harvard Square 
McNulty Bridget Mrs. h Granger's Yard, Bridge 
McNulty Hugh, laborer, h near Tattle 
McPeak Patrick, grease collector* h Charles n Fourth 
McPeak Richard, grease collector, h Medford n Someryille 
McQuade Patrick, bricklayer, h Charles Court 


McQuillan Michael, h Somerset n marsh 

McQuinn Edward, teamster, bds G. Burrill's, Fourth n 

McSorley Dennis, laborer, h rear Fourth n Bridge 
McSorley John, box maker, h Front n Bridge 
McSorley Peter, laborer, h 15 Winter 
McSorley Thomas, teamster, h Bridge n Third 
McSweeney Daniel, b laborer, h rear Third n Court 
McVany Mary Mrs. h Winter n Third 
Mc Williams James, laborer, h Hampshire n Davis 
McWilliams Joseph, b laborer, h Davis n Hampshire 
Meacham George, President Market Bank, b 1 Devonshire, 

h Bow 
Meacham George A. b 1 Devonshire, bds Bow 
Mead Alpheus, (Hapgood &) butcher, h North Avenue n 

Mead Charles C. b printer, h 300 Harvard 
Mead Jacob, apothecary, h 127 Bridge 
Mead Sarah A. F. Mrs. h Elm n Russell 
Mead William, butcher, h North Avenue cor Willow, 

Ward 5 
Meade John F. mason, h Green n Bay 
Megrain Patrick, laborer, h Lee n West 
Megrath Jeremiah, laborer, h Kidder's Lane cor Sargent 
Megroth Charles H. carpenter, h Green n Pleasant 
Megroth William N. pianoforte maker, h Columbia n Main 
Meguigin James, laborer, bds Mrs. Carr's, 22 Winter 
Meguire John, blacksmith, h Bridge op Fourth 
Melcher Daniel R. carpenter, bds 3 Worcester 
Melledge Catharine Mrs. h Dana cor Harvard 
Melledge James P. b commission merchant, 26 Foster's 

Wharf, h Harvard cor Dana 
Mellen Charles, bookkeeper, 25 Federal, bds Mrs. Chaplin's, 

Mellen James, building-mover, h 71 Washington cor Moore 
Mellen James, jr., building mover, bds 71 Washington cor 

Mellen John, laborer, h Prince n Pleasant 
Mellen Michael, printer, bds O'Brien's, Franklin 
Melley Timothy, butcher, h Willow Place n Cambridge 
Melley William J. butcher, h Willow Place n Cambridge 
Melone Peter, laborer, h Concord Avenue n Alewife Brook 
Meluhen Thomas, laborer, h Somerville 
Melvin John, laborer, h Eliot n Brattle 
Merchant Richard F. b hats and caps, h 56 Washington 
Merkle Martin, cabinet maker, h Seventh n Otis 
Meriam John N. superintendent Squire's Pork House, Gore 

n Seventh, h Magazine 


Mcrriam Adaliza M. teacher Otis Middle School, bds J. 

Hall's, 36 Second 
Merriam Albert (Cunningham, Sortwell & Co.) distiller, 

Cambridge n Windsor, h same 
Merriam Elisha, cabinet maker, h Boston 
Merriam Joseph W. machinist, bds Merrill's, Main 
Merriam Samuel B. clerk, bds Mrs. Holt's, Green n Plea- 
Merrick Frederick, laborer, h 5 Hastings 
Merrill Arthur, b insurance agent, 27 State, h Norton 
Merrill Asa, coachman, h 117 Cambridge 
Merrill Calvin, at Teague's eating house, h 43 Magazine 
Merrill David G. box maker, h Market n Windsor 
Merrill George, b timekeeper, Union Railway Company, h 

44 School 
Merrill George C. clerk brewery, F fth, bds Fraser's, Cam- 
Merrill Harrison, carpenter, h Pearl n Erie 
Merrill J. Sanborn, b salesman, h 19 Prospect 
Merrill J. Warren, b (Preston & Merrill) 57 Purchase, h 

317 Harvard 
Merrill James C. b attorney, 37 Court, h Oxford 
Merrill John, b (John Merrill & Co.) real estate broker, 33 

Exchange, h Kirkland Place 
Merrill John W. box maker, h Main n Universalist Church 
Merrill Joseph, printer, bds Irving House 
Merrill Richard, teamster, h 9 Fifth 
Merrill William D. b machinist, h Dickinson cor Clark 
Merrill William R. freight agent Nashua & Lowell R. R. h 

50 Thorndike 
Merritt Sulviro V. b fruit and produce dealer, bds 34 Nor- 
Merritt Weston, b keeper W 7 ildes' Hotel, 46 Elm, h Centre 
Meservey Henry L. conductor Union R. R. h Brighton 
Messer Daniel E. (Messer & Sons) grocer, 281 Main, bds 

94 Harvard 
Messer David L. confectioner, 519 Main, bds 94 Harvard 
Messer Gorham, clerk, b<Ls 1*4 Harvard 
Messer James M. teamster, h Bridge n Craigie's Bridge 
Messer Stillman, (& Son) grocer, 281 Main up Allen & En- 

dicott's, h 94 Harvard 
Messer William A. laborer, h Medfbrd n Windsor 
Messinger Thomas B. G. b clerk, bds Broadway cor Trc- 

Metcalf Charles C. foreman, University Tress, bds Concord 

Metcalf Charles El. li Concord Avenue 
Metcalf Kliai> w. bds Concord Avenue 


Metoalf Franklin, photographist, Main cor Inrnan, bds 

Norfolk, 2d Arbor 
Metoalf Kate E. Miss, teacher Washington Alphabet School, 

baa Concord Avenue 
Metzger Andrew, watch-glass manufacturer, h Sixth n 

Mickeli Thomas, shipmaster, h Magazine cor Cottage 
Miel Charles, Instructor in French, H. U. h Cambridge op 

Hovey's Garden 
Mieth Robert, cabinet maker, bds Hastings 
Milan Michael, laborer, bds Washington 
Miles Alfred, printer, bds Charles River 
Miles Edmund, (Thurston, Miles & Pritchett) printer, 

Main, h Charles River n Mt. Auburn 
Miles Samuel S. b clerk, h Everett n North Avenue 
Miles Stephen, stone cutter, h Hastings n Moore 
Mill James H. b cabinet maker, h 6 North Third 
Miller David, carpenter, h 7 Soden 
Miller Edward, tailor, h Moore n Harvard 
Miller Frederick, glass cutter, h 11G Thorndike 
Miller Henry, oyster dealer, bds Hubbard's, Second 
Miller Stephen, pulpit maker, Main, rear Wood's Block, h 

56 River 
Miller William, leather dresser, h Almshouse Row n North 

Milliken James S. mariner, bds Mt. Auburn n Howard 
Mills Benjamin, laborer, h 3 Third 
Mills Charles H. b 74 Franklin, h Irving n Cambridge 
Mills David, laborer, h Main cor Pearl 
Mills Elisha S. b (& Forrestall) "watches, &c. Federal op 

Franklin, h Plymouth 
Mills William, laborer, h Sparks cor Foster 
Milton George W. block tin worker, h 26 East 
Minchin Joseph, gardener, h Somerville 
Mitchell Alexander, carpenter, h East, on Hastings's Wharf 
Mitchell Catherine Mrs. h 17 Main 

Mitchell Charles C. machinist, h Western A v. n Kinnard 
Mitchell Charles L. printer, Riverside, bds Boston 
Mitchell Edward T. b painter, bds at C. Mitchell's, 17 

Mitchell George L. glass cutter, h 87 Thorndike 
Mitchell Henry A. b silversmith, bds 15 Front 
Mitchell Horace B. tish dealer, h 132 Thorndike 
Mitchell James, b brass finisher, h Cherry n School 
Mitchell John W. carver, bds at C. Mitchell's, 17 Main 
Mitchell Joseph F. stereotyper, bds Blackstone 
Mitchell Lorenzo D. cigar box maker, Hampshire junction 

of Broadway, h Somerville 


Mitchell Maria L. teacher Otis Primary School, bds 87 

Mitchell Paul, h Essex n Harvard 
Mitchell Richard, h Essex n Harvard 
Mitchell Richard, laborer, h Kidder's Lane 
Mitchell Robert, b blacksmith, h Gore n Reed's Tavern 
Mitchell William, b Assistant Librarian Mercantile Library, 

h Main n Court 
Mitchell William H. cabinet maker, h Main L. P. 
Mcenix John, laborer, h Hastings 
Mcenix Patrick, laborer, h Main n Pioneer 
Moering Anna L. Mrs. bds Professor Beck's, Quincy 
Moeschlin Frederick, bootmaker, Washington cor Clark, h 

Mole George, stone cutter, bds Hubbard's, Second 
Molyneux Susannah Mrs. boarding house, 344 Main 
Monegan Philip, laborer, h Bridge n Second 
Monighan John, laborer, h Harvard n junc Main 
Monnehan Francis, laborer, h n Dublin and Fitchburg R. R. 
Monroe James, hatter, h Watson n Pearl 
Montague Bridget Mrs. h Med ford n Cambridge 
Montgomery Mark, carpenter, h Sixth n Spring 
Montgomery Thomas, laborer 5 Kinsley's, h Boston 
Moody Broadstreet D. purifier coal oil, Second cor Thorn- 
dike, h Xewton 
Moody Charles E. b (S. Peirce & Co.) grocer, 59 Com- 
mercial, bds Mrs. Good ridge's, Windsor 
Moody George, law student, bds Winthrop cor Dunster 
Moody Hiram, stone cutter, bds Mrs. Maxwell's, Bridge 
Moody Israel, b bookseller, 2 ( J0 Washington, h 83 Norfolk 
Moody James M. b bookkeeper, bds 83 Norfolk 
Mooney Bernard, laborer, h Gore n Reed's Tavern 
Mooney Daniel, glass blower, h Columbia n Cambridge 
Mooney John, conductor Union I'. EL h Watertown 
Mooney William, glass cutter, day watchman Union G 

House, h Cambridge n Windsor 
Mooney William M. b tailor, h Imnan n Cambridge 

(Donnell &) hardware, 15 Brattle cor 
Palmer, bde Osborn's, Harvard Square 
Moore Clara 8. Mrs. bds Jay n Western Avenue 

rk, fruit store, Moore's Block, next to W 
Main, h 2d Arbor, Norfolk 
Eliza Mrs. li 88 Vine 
Moore George EL carpenter, h Columbia n Hampshire 
Moore Hannah Mis-, l) teacher, h \-'< Magazine 
Moore James, laborer, al Mr. Fernald'e ither 

Moore James, soap maker, h 8 Esf 
Moore John, bread dealer, bde Wright's, Mt. Auburn 



Moore John, laborer, li Kidder's Lane 

M e Joseph I '. bda 76 Spring 

Moore Martha E. aorse, li 80 Auburn 

Moore Mai tha El. Mrs. 1> 67 Sixth 

Moore Nancy Mrs. li Jay d Western Ayenue 

Moore Nathaniel II. (Law &) restorator, Harvard Square, 
li Brighton 

Richard, Laborer, h roar 136 Bi ' 

Moore Susan W. bda Dunster cor Winthrop 

Moore William, h Winter d Third 

Moran Francis, laborer, K Brighton n Elioi 

Moran Francis, gardener, at Mrs. Blatchford's, 

Moran Joseph, glass maker, h rear 61 Gore 

Moran Michael, Boap maker, h Pearl d Valentine 

Moran Patrick, blacksmith, b Friend, Boston 

.Moran Peter, glass maker, bds Airs. Carr's, 22 Winter 

Moran William, carpenter, h Jam cor Hampshire 

Moran William, laborer, at J. BrewBter's, Brattle 

Morgan Alfred C. painter, h Linden n Harvard 

Morgan Edward, b laborer, h 84 Third 

Morgan John W. iron worker, h 20 Spring 

Morgan Michael, laborer, h n Catholic Church and Concord 

Moriarty Mary Mrs. h Broadway n Trowbridge 

Morine Michael, laborer, h Pearl n Valentine 

Morrill Alfred, machinist, h Front cor Vill •. . 

Morris Christopher, Baddler, Main, h .Main J,. P. 

Morris Christopher, jr. saddler, bds Main [#. P. 

Morris Elisha C. brush maker, bds 22 Fifth 

Morris George G. (Harvey, Burton & Co.) brash maker, 91 
Gore, h 131 Cambridge 

Morris James, harness maker, bds C. Morris's, Main L. P. 

Morris Lysander R. clerk, Porter's, North Avenue, h Bea- 
con, Somerville 

Morrison Caroline E. teacher Shepard Primary, bds Mr. 
Brown's, Coggswell Avenue 

Morrison Ebenezer, farmer, h North Avenue n Almsb 

Morrison Hugh IT. b brass finisher, h Thorndike cor Seventh 

Morrison Ivory W. blacksmith, h Hampshire eor I'nioii 

Morrison John, laborer, h Windsor n School 
Morrison Rufus, mason, bds 54 1 
Morrow William, blacksmith, bds n Sargent's Wharf 
M< rse Asa P. b 27 Foster's Wharf, h Magazine cor Erie 

I 'akin, li '-2 Innian n Alain 
Morse Calvin E. physician, h 22 Inman 
Morse Charles E bookbinder, h 3 W or ces t er 

Morse diaries II. b 16 State, h 26 Auburn 

Morse Francis A. harness maker. Palmer, bds Holmes Place 


Morse George, coach trimmer, bda Mrs. McNorton's, Brigh- 
Morse George A. veterinary snrgeon, h Holmes Place 
Morse George E. h 2-1 Auburn cor Magazine 
Morse James, oyster saloon, h Brookline n Allston 
Morse James B. driver Dnien R. R. h Chapman Place 
Morse James D. b paper ruler, bcls 11 Front 
Morse James R. physician, h Union Square cor Maple 
Morse Joseph, carpenter, bds Mis. McNorton's, Brighton 
Morse Kendall, oyster s;doon, Wood's Block, Main, h Pearl 

n Cottage 
Morse Mark H. h North Avenue n Porter's 
Morse Mary B. Mrs. h Brighton cor Winthrop 
Morse Matilda, assistant teacher Allston Middle School, bds 

B. W. Robert's, River 
Morse Nathan, cigar maker, bds 1 Front 
Morse Royal, auctioneer, h Holmes Place 
Morse William, b philosophical instrument maker, h Bros 1- 

way n Pioneer 
Morse William A. bread dealer, h Oak n Cambridge 
Morton Ira A. carpenter, h rear 2 Webster Place 
Moses Hamilton, b printer, bds 10 Windsor 
Moses Thomas, printer, h 10 Windsor 
Mosman Daniel F. b grocer, 9 Merchants' Row, h River op 

Harrison Avenue 
Moulton Charles C. box maker, bds Main cor Pioneer 
Moulton Lorenzo, box maker, h Third n Gore 
Moulton Parkman A. b clerk, h 7 Sydney n Front 
Moulton Solon W. painter, Main n Pioneer 
Mourn Michael, soap maker, h Pearl n soap factory 
Mourn Owen, laborer, h Harvard n Railroad Crossing 
Mount Thomas J. feather brush maker, h 37 Spring 
Mower Samuel, b h Pleasant n Main 
Mowle Charles, clerk, h 31 Sixth 
Mowlea George, laborer, bda Hubbard's, Second 

Moynihan Cornelius. Laborer, h Watson n Pearl 
Moyninan Patrick, tailor, h North n Basl 
Muldoon Edward, teamster, bda 99 Norfolk 
Mulhairen George, laborer, li Willow Place 
Mull Frederick, turner, h Fourth o Otis 
.Mullen David, shoemaker, h Dunster cor South 
Mullen Dennis, Laborer, h Hancock n Franklin 
Mullen James, >tor, b \'-. of W il 

Mullen .billies, li Willow Pit 

Mullen John, laborer, h Willow Place n Cam] 
Mullen John, glass blower, bda -~>7 Cambrid 

Mullen John 1*. b hair <ln I Spring 

Mullen Michael, Laborer, h Franklin d Han< 


Mullen Michael, laborer, b oearTuttle 
Mullen Nathaniel P. pile driver, h 91 Spring 
Mullen Nicholas, laborer, b rear s Gore 
Mullen Patriok, laborer, b Harvard d Hancock 
.Mullen Patrick, Laborer, li rear Gore d Seventh 
Mullen Robert, laborer, b 1 I North 
Mullen Robert, Boap maker, bde Hubbard's, Second 
Muller Charles, cabinet maker, h Brimmer Block, Hai 
Mullery Michael, laborer, li 7 Poster Place 
Mullett William, bda rear 92 Otis 
Mullett William JI. teamster, l) Is W. Porter's, 
Mulligan John, candle maker, li Valentine n Pearl 
Mulligan Michael, Laborer, h near Tuttle 
Mulligan Thomas, laborer, h North n East 
Mulliken Edward, carriage maker, North Avenue op Por- 
ter's, h North Avenue n Russell 
Mulvany Maurice, laborer, li 30 Gore 
Mumler George P. painter, h North Avenue n Shepard 
Mumler John F. electrotype finisher, foreman, [Jnivei 

Tress, h 29 Bow 
Munroe Amos, laborer, li Auburn n Pearl 
Munroe Charles, mason, bds 1 Elliot 
Munroe Charles II. clerk, bds Auburn cor Pearl 
Munroe Charles W. clergyman, h 33 Second 
Munroe Charles W. (& Co.) planing mill, First n Cam- 
bridge, h Second 
Munroe Daniel, h North Avenue cor Forrest 
Munroe David K. clerk, bda I Eliot 
Munroe Enoch, wheelwright, Cambridge n Bridge, h I 3 

Munroe Henry P. music teacher, h Pearl cor Auburn 
Munroe .Limes, (& Co.) bookseller, Harvard Square, and 

b 134 Washington; h Mt. Auburn cor Story 
Munroe James, mason, h 11 Cherry 
Munroe Rebecca Mrs. h 4 Eliot 
Munroe Susan and -Mary, h Brattle cor James 
Munroe William A. auction and commission store, SI Cam- 
bridge, h same 
Munroe William W. b clerk, h 30 Franklin 
Murdook Asa, h Main op City Hall 
Murdock Elizabeth Mrs. h Concord Avenue June Garden 
Murdock Robert, nurseryman, h Western Avenue n Putnam 
Murdock Walter H. bds Western Avenue n Putnam 
Murphey James S. carpenter, h Hamilton n Magazine 
Murphy Arthur, laborer, h Harrison Avenue 
Murphy Cornelius, laborer, bds Bridge n Somerville 
Murphy Daniel, teamster, h Hancock n Harvard 
Murphy Daniel, carpenter, h West d Inman 


Murphy Daniel, laborer, h Murdock n Hampshire 

Murphy Daniel, laborer, h Water n Lowell 11. 11. 

Murphy Daniel, bds Welch's Block, n East 

Murphy Dennis, laborer, h Murdock n Hampshire 

Murphy Edward, laborer, h Bridge n Lowell li. K. 

Murphy Francis C. b waiter, h Hampshire cor Aniory 

Murphy James, moulder, h 5o Bridge 

Murphy James I. glass maker, h 80 Fourth 

Murphy James M. wheelwright, Main n Court, h Somerville 

Murphy Jeremiah, laborer, h 11 North 

Murphy Jeremiah, laborer, h Dublin 

Murphy Jeremiah, laborer, h Franklin n Bay 

Murphy Jeremiah, tailor, h Windsor n School 

Murphy Johanna Mrs. h West n Inman 

Murphy John, carpenter, bds Antrim n Broadway 

Murphy John, laborer, h West n Lee 

Murphy John, laborer, h North, Ward 3 

Murphy John, laborer, h West n Inman 

Murphy John, brass finisher, bds 117 Harvard 

Murphy John, laborer, bds Murdock 

Murphy John, laborer, h Dublin n Kidder's Lane 

-Murphy John C. carpenter, h Harvey 

Murphy Joseph, laborer, h Hancock n Green 

Murphy Julia ..Irs. h North, Ward 3 

Murphy Martin, laborer, h Dublin n Kidder's Lane 

Murphy Mary, Mrs. h Medford n Cambridge 

Murphy Mary Mrs. h Brick Alley, North n Short, Ward 3 

Murphy Michael, tailor, h Sargent 

Murphy Michael, blacksmith, h Short cor North 

Murphy Michael, Laborer, h Welch's Block n East 

Murphy Patrick, blacksmith, h Willow Place 

Murphy Patrick, laborer, h Third n Charles 

Murphy Patrick, Laborer, h Antrim n Broadway 

Murphy Paul, Laborer, h Sargent 

.Murphy Peter, laborer, h 10 North 

Murphy Pierce, cabinet maker, h Windsor cor School 

Murphy Thomas, Laborer, li Dublin 
Murphy Thomas, glass maker, li 68 (lore 

Murphy Thomas, Laborer, h Montgomery n Kidder's Lane 

Murphy Timothy, mason, li Antrim n Broadway 

Murphy Timothy, Laborer, h Bridge op Water 

Murphy William, Laborer, i> La West n Lee 

Murray Isabella Miss, h LO Brimmer Block, n Harvard 

Murray James, Laborer, h 12 North 

Murray John, jr. depot master, Porter's Station, b Somer- 

\ ills 
Murray Mary Mi — , h Second d I 

Murray Patrick, laborer, h Third n Charles 


L60 OAMBRIDUB [ N ] ' 

Murray Thomas, laborer, h North n E 

Murray Thomas, teamster, bds J. 'Conner 's, n Kid 

Murtagh Daniel, hatter, 1 i"> Bridj 

Muzzey David I*. (II. W. & 1>. P. Muzzey) attorney at law, 
.Main op Brookline, '"I- Prescotl n Harvard 

Muzzey Henry W. {\\.\Y.\ D.P. Muzzey) attorney and coun- 
sellor, .Main op Brookline, b 84 School, h 

Myers Jonas, cigar maker, h 846 Main 

Myrick Elisha, (Thayer & Co's Laboratory,) bds 16 Weal 

Naligan Peter, carpenter, li Sparks n Mt. Auburn 
Nash John, fruit and confectionery, Main n Windsor 
Nash Solomon, blacksmith, h Green 
Nason Bradford, laborer, bds Mr, Smith's, Gore n Third 
Nason James B. postmaster and druggist, North Avenue 

n Porter's Station, h Orchard n Beach 
Nay Isaac A. b dry goods, 6 Tremont Row, h Innian n 

Nay John K. printer, h Kinnard n Western Avenue 
Nay Samuel F. electrotyper, bds Mrs. McNorton's, Brighton 

n Harvard Square 
Nay Samuel P. b dry goods, 9 Tremont Row, h Austin u 

Neal Nathaniel, mason, h Allston 
Neal Patrick, laborer, bds Burns's, Brighton 
Neale James P. b mason, h Broadway n Win 
Needham William W. b 6 Blackstone, h 10G Thorndike 
Negress Peter, gardener, h 97 Norfolk 
Neiler Peter, currier, bds W. Miller's, Almshouse Pvow 
Neisdel Peter, laborer, h 19 Washington n Main 
Neiter John P. glass maker, h Otis n Fifth 
Neligan Patrick, tailor, h Hampshire cor Portland 
Nellie Ann Mrs. h Vine n Fourth 
Nclligan David, laborer, h Dublin 

Nelligan Maurice, laborer, h Montgomery n Kidder's Lane 
Nelson Augusta S. Mrs. h Harvard cor Pine 
Nelson Augustus W. Btairbuilder, bds 71 Thorndike 
Nelson Charles, laborer, li Third n Charles 
Nelson David, laborer, bds Mr. James's, 'I'l Winter 
Nelson Horace, b clerk, bds 71 Spring 
Nelson Israel P. machinist, li 861 Main 

Nelson .lames, britannia worker, bds Seventh D Thorndike 
ii James, printer, h 19 River cor Auburn 
James 11. bds Irving House 
Nelson John, glass cutter, h 71 Spring . 


Nelson John, laborer, h Winter n Third 

Nelson Peter, glass cutter, h Seventh n Thorndike 

Nelson Rebecca Miss, dressmaker and boys' clothing, over 

Hyde's Store, Main 
Nelson Timothy P. lather, bds Harvard cor Pine 
Nevin William, grease collector, h Somerset 
Newbegin Cyrus, carpenter, bds Jones's, Chauncy 
Newcomb Betsey Mrs. boarding house, 6 Green 
Newcomb Simon, computer, Waterhouse cor Follen 
Newell Phebe Mrs. h 56 Thorndike 
Newell Timothy, b clerk, h 33 Western Avenue 
Newell William, clergyman, h Berkeley" 
Newell William W. bds Berkeley 
Newhall George, h Cambridge n Second 
Newman Andrew, rope maker, bds Short n Pleasant 
Newman Edward, N. E. Glass Works, h 19 Fourth 
Newman Henry, painter, Main, h Park n Pleasant 
Newman John, harness maker, bds Mt. Auburn cor Howard 
Newman Patrick, laborer, h Charles n Third 
Newmarch Joseph, baker, Harvard cor Clark, and 122 Cam- 
bridge, b 60 Cambridge, h Harvard cor Clark 
Newton Enoch C. clerk, h 2b School 
Newton George L. (& Smith) provisions, Union Square, h 

.Milk cor Maple 
Nichols Curtis C. clerk, b 32 School, h 46 Norfolk 
Nichols Edward P. carver, bds 3 Worcester 
Nichols George, h Brattle n Brewster 
Nichols Ichabod Mrs. li Kirkland n Kirkland Place 
Nichols John T. G. physician, bds Mrs. Humphrey's, Har- 
vard Square 
Nichols William, bds Mrs. Sparrow's, Magazine cor Williams 
Nicholson John, laborer, h Dana n Broadway 

Levi, charcoal dealer, bds 102 Cambrid 
sbinet maker, h 131 Gore 
- .ii Samuel, b inventor, bds Dr. Plympton's, Harvard 
Nihin Francis, laborer, h North D Easl 
Nilee Daniel W. bookseller, Wood's Block, Main, h Franklin 
cor P 
' ohn 15. printer, h Green n Bay 
Stephen EL i» advertising agency, b 9 P 

e, laborer, h rear Garden cor Shepard 
Nixon .Mary Mrs. h 22 Tremont 

Vfercy Mrs, h Clark cor Washington 
Nathan K. h Thorndike 
Noble (i. carpenter, h B .- mt 

Nolan James, laborer, at Whitman's, Kirkland 
John, Laborer, h Brookline d Brie 

D I la r\ a rd 

1 52 IBBIDG1 [ IC ] MB! I 

Noonan John, Laborer, li 1 I North 

■ sa William I!. . Ifeilen & < So. ) 2< I 

ohants Elow, h Mt. Auburn oor Bath 
Norria albert, (& Richardson) carpenter, Franklin 
mt, li 17 \\ estern Avenue 
James D. clerk, bds < Shurofa d Brattle 
Norris Porter, b Bhip carpenter, h Eliot i I 
Norria Thomas A. B. h 66 < lambri 
Norria William H. T. carpenter, h Pleasanl d Western Ay- 

i Catherine E. Mrs. li Kirkland 
Norton Charles E. bds BLirkland 
.\<-rt<m Charles M. T. b bookkeeper, bds •">•"> Cherry 
Norton Henry, soap manufacturer, h June Windsor and 

Norton Michael, mason, h Norton 
.\.»rton Michael, laborer, h Kinnanl n Putnam 
Norton Roger, laborer, h Third cor Charles 
Norwood Benjamin F. b upholsterer, bds Western Ar< 

n Putnam 
Nottage Jane L. bds Miss Harlow's, Hampshire cor Liver- 
Nottage Josiah, cabinetmaker, bds C. II. Burroughs', 129 

13 ii i 
Nourse Benjamin F. b Custom Souse, b Kinnard n Hires 
Nourse Gilbert I>. b (Nourse ^ icultural V- 

house, 34 v\: 36 Merchants Row, h M i Short 

Nowell Sarah J. h William- D Ki\er 

11 Divinity Hall, bds Professor Noj 
North Avenue 

- EHiphalet S. machinist, h26 School 

- Esther M. assistant teacher Allston Grammar School. 
b Is Broadway cor Tremont 

Noyes George L. bookkeeper, bds Stickney's, Mt Auburn 
;. Hancock Professor of Hebrew, &c. II. r. 

h North Avenue n Common 

- John B. student at law, bds Professor Noyes', North 


- Peter W. machinist, h 2 State 

Noyes Samuel, b clothing, 22 Milk, h Broadway oor 

Ni yes Thomas J. machinist, h Brooks 3 ' lin 

Nudd Jacob, cement manufacturer, h Williams cor le- 
nt Thomas, laborer, h rear Vine n Fourth 

■it, b (Nourse iral Warel* 

34 & 36 Merchants Row, i 80 Norfolk 

Nute .lames C. private watchman, b 9 I urt 

NutC William, Silver plater, bdfl 102 Camln 

cami;i:iix;k [O] DIRECTORY. 153 

Natter Abby R. dressmaker, h Cambridge n Fourth 
Nutter Jacob, Laborer, h 1^7 Gore 

Nutting Charles 0. blacksmith, bds Austin Court 

Nutting Bphraim, carriage painter, h Gerry 

Nutting Jonathan D. hardware and stoves, Main op Norfolk, 
bds Mrs. (Jove's, Main 

Nutting Pamelia Mrs. h 16 Third 

Nutting Philip, (& Presoott) blacksmith, Palmer, h Gard- 
ner Court 

Nutze Emanuel, b pocket-book maker, bds Inman n Broad- 

Nygan Thomas, laborer, h Brookline 

Oakes George, b brass worker, li Willow Place n Cam- 
Oakes George P. b printer, bds 87 Washington cor Windsor 
O'Brien Cornelius, Laborer, h North n East 
O'Brien Dennis, laborer, h Broadway n Fayette 
O'Brien Dennis, laborer, h Otis n Seventh 
O'Brien James, carpenter, h Willow Place 
O'Bri mi James, grocer, h Winthrop n Dunster 
O'Brien James, Laborer, li Sparks n Concord Avenue 

ii James, carpenter, bds West cor Lee 
' >'Brien Jeffery, laborer, h Wyetli n Concord Avenue 
O'Brien Jeremiah, Laborer, li Fourth n Winter 
O'Brien John, h Tuttle n Wyeth 
O'Brien John, laborer, h Garden cor Shepard 
O'Brien John, laborer, h Elm n Hampshire 
O'Brien John, laborer, li Franklin n Bay 
O'Brien Mary Mrs. h Third n Charles 

i Mary Mrs. h Bridge n Lowell Et W. 
O'Brien Michael, Laborer, h Kinnard 
O'Brien Patrick, laborer, h Vine n Fifth 
O'Brien Patrick, Laborer, h rear Couri n Ch 
O'Brien Patrick, Laborer, h North cor Short, Ward ■) 
O'Brien Patrick, Laborer, h Sparks d Concord A 
O'B Patrick, Laborer, h Vine d Fourth 
O'Brien Richard, b tailor, h rear Suffolk n Columbia 

i Stephen, Laborer, h near Tuttle 
O'Brien Thomas, Laborer, h Dana n Broadway 
O'B rien Timothy, Laborer, h Franklin n Bay 
O'Brien Timothy, shoemaker, Brighton n II irvard S 

h Smith D DUD - 

O'Brien William, teamster, h Otia d Seventh 
( t'Brien William, lab- atari \ \ e 

inell Anthony, • i i ing 

( >'< ' mi. -11 i> miel, laborer, h Dublin 

- B. Atwill's, Elm n B ih 


cdqi [ o ] mri 

( >*< Sonne!! Jeremi . b Dublin 

< )( Sonner < Sallahan, laborer, li Dublin 

b Broadway n W 
I >•( Sonner 1» • aiel, grocer, Hampshire d Dai is, li - 
b near Dub 

< )■< Sonner 1 leorge, brewer, b Bpi u 
( )*( Sonner J wr, li Franklin d 

< >' Conner M.u \ , h ; > Bridge 
( )"( Sonner Maurice, b 8] \\ eel n Li •■ 

< >*< Sonner Mauri ard 

< >'( ' inner M uirice, :: l,h B >w d I Shestnut 
( >' Conner M penter, h Hancock d ( I 
O'Conner Patrick Laborer, b Franklin n 
0' Conner Patrick, bda Dana d Harvard 
O'Conner William, laborer, h Kidder's 
O'Conners Michael, currier, h Race Course 
Odeling George, butler, M J. C Gray's mm 
Odiorne Benjamin T. laborer, h 39 Seventh 
Odiorne Sarah Mrs. h Concord Avenue june Garden 
Odiorne William, soap maker, h Winter d Fourth 
Odiorne William II. h 562 .Main 
Odiorne William IT. jr. b clerk, bda 562 Main 
O'Donnell Daniel, Laborer, h Concord Avenue n All 

O'Donnell James, painter, h Lincoln n Liyermore 
O'Donnell Roger, laborer, li near Brick 
O'Donnell Stephen, grocer, h Harvard n 1> 

I homaa M. Laborer, h 8 Hac 
O'Haire John, butcher, li North Avenue n Cedar 
O'Haire Patrick, butcher, h North A lar 

O'Harety Martin, Btone cutter, h Dui - nth 

O'Hearn Dennis, laborer, h rear Dublin n the rail] 
O'Herrin John, Laborer, h Green n Bay 
O'Keefe Ellen Mrs. h Vine n Third 
O'Keefe Michael, inker, h Moore n Harrard 
O'Leary Dennis, Laborer, h North n Short, Ward 8 

n-y Patrick, Laborer, h > s North 
Oliver Hubbard, b harness maker, h > 
Oliver Sarah II. Mrs. h Appian Way n \)vr 
Olmstead David, bridge builder, h 46 Washii 
Olmstead Susan H. h Holmes 3 Place n North A\- 

Henry, currier, bda Mr. Miller's, AImsh< one Row 
O'Neal John, laborer, h Concord Avenue 

kl Joseph, Laborer, h Wind- ard 

: Michael, Laborer, h near Dublin 

ii Michael, Btone cutter, bda Hul ad 

< a.mi;i:iim;k [ P ] DIEECTOBY. 166 

O'Neil Jeremiah, laborer, h Harvard juno Main 

O'Neil John, h Dublin 

O'Neil John, laborer, h Bridge 

O'Neil John, Laborer, li rear 120 Bridge 

O'Neill James, jobber, bda Vine n Fourth 

O'Neill James, watchman Lowell It. It. h 15 Fifth 

O'Neill John, grocer, h Vine n Fourth 

O'Neill Patrick, laborer, h Vine n Fourth 

Onthank William, b clerk, li 41 Washington 

Orcutt Alfred II. b Agricultural Warehouse, 51 & 52 North 
Market, h Brookline n Walnut 

Orcutt Henry J. mason, bda Pleasant n River 

Orcutt John W. bookbinder, h d'2 Western Avenue cor Kin- 

Ordwav Aaron, b 130 State, h 9 Worcester 

Ordway Moses, carpenter, h Walnut n Magazine 

Orne Ann S. Mrs. h 58 Auburn n Brookline 

Orae Caroline F. Miss, bda 58 Auburn n Brookline 

Orne Joel S. apothecary, 396 Main, h 397 Main 

Osborn Abner J. policeman, h Auburn n Magazine 

Osborn Arua A. b clerk, bda Williams n Pearl 

rn Dalphon, Burreyor of lumber, State, h 135 Wash- 

Osborn Daniel F. b clerk, bda Williams n Pearl 

rn Hiram, carpenter, h Harvard Square rear Moore & 
Law'a Restorator 

Osborn Jamea 1>. (I). Osborn &) surveyor of lumber, bds 
1 35 Washington 

Osborn Jesse, b Messenger Shawmut Bank, li Pearl n "Wal- 

Osborn J< seph, carpenter, h Williams n Pearl 
I vry A. Mrs. b 34 Norfolk 

luctor Union It. It. h Main n Putnam 

O'Sullivan Michael, currier, h near Almshouse 

driver Union It. It. h Watertown n Mt 

Outhwaite Charlotte, apholsteress, b 80 Auburn 

Outhwaite John, plumber, M i;n □ Temple, h Auburn 

( >\\<-h John, li Mt. Auburn cor Eliot 

ill Main, h at Brighton 

iv u .Main 

led Alonzo feather duster manu- 

facturer, ■ I 

id < Iharles, machinisl , bda 885 Main 

BT lluiiiplir Main, 

h same 

, Richard, pap< r I la Harvard n \\ ii 


Page Asa, b bookkeeper, li 28 Green 

Page (arlus (& Chessman) ambro typist, Wood's Block, 

Main, bds Broadway n Clark 
Page George G. box manufacturer, junc Hampshire and 

Broadway, h Broadway n Clark 
Page Gilman, paper hanger, rooms Harvard cor Pine 
Page Sarah 11. assistant teacher Washington School, bds 

at T. A. Carcw's, Everett 
Page Thomas, b flour dealer, 188 State, h Austin n Inman 
Page William, b (Page, Briggs & Babbitt) iron dealer, 99 

& 101 Commercial, h Main cor Hancock 
Page William P. clergyman, h 92 Prospect 
Paige Lucius R. cashier Cambridge Bank, h 96 Washing- 
Paine Charles M. b optician, 347 Washington, h G8 Wash- 
Paine Henry W. b counsellor, 18 Gray's Building, Court 

Square, h Sparks n Brattle 
Paine John, laborer, h Bridge n East 
Paine John S. b furniture, 42 Canal, h Dana cor Centre* 
Palfrey Francis W. b attorney, bds Divinity Avenue 
Palfrey John C. U. S. Army, bds Divinity Avenue 
Palfrey John G. h Divinity Avenue 
Palmer Asher C. b hardware, 117 Milk, h Cambridge n 

Palmer Elizabeth Mrs. h junc Mt. Auburn and Arrow 
Palmer Granville, carpenter, h Magazine n Webster 
Palmer John, grocer, Gore cor Second, h 70 Gore 
Palmer John K. physician, h Alain n Hancock 
Palmer Lowell M. b bookkeeper, at Mason & Hamlin's, 
Cambridge cor Charles, bds A. C. Palmer's, Richard- 
son's Row, Cambridge 
Palmer Samuel, drain builder, h 149 Harvard 
Panzera Thomas, b brass finisher, h 48 Washington 
Park Charles A. gas-fitter, bds 6 Green 
Park Edwin, paper maker, h Cherry n Harvard 
Park George H. stairbuilder, bds 68 Cherry n Harvard 
Park John F. stairbuilder, Main, bds G8 Cherry n Harvard 
Parker George, harness maker, Union R. R. h Boston 
Parker George Mrs. h Front Street Court 
Parker George E. brush maker, h 13 Thorn dike 
Parker George W. b clerk, h Norfolk cor Washington 
Parker Henry M. b attorney, 46 Washington, h Quincy 
Parker Horatio G. b attorney, 46 Washington, bds Craigie 

n Concord Avenue 
Parker Jacob W. shoemaker, h Third n Cambridge 
Parker Joel, Royall Professor of Law, H. U. h Craigie op 


Parker Luther L. b h 69 Otis 

Parker Lydia Mrs. h Garden n Concord Avenue 

Parker Mary J. Mrs bds Oxford 

Parker Mary W. Mrs. bds 55 Otis 

Parker Milan, teamster, h Harvard n Davis 

Parker Montgomery D. shipmaster, h Garden cor Appian 

Parker Phineas, Overseer Brick Yard, bds S. J. Wright's, 

Parker Richard G. bds Garden cor Appian Way 
Parker Samuel, h 88 Cambridge 
Parker Sanford A. confectioner, h Prospect n Main 
Parker Stephen N. box maker, h Bridge n Lowell R. R. 
Parker Thomas, gardener, h Franklin n Bay 
Parker Thomas B. expressman, h S3I100I Court 
Parker William H. engineer, h Seventh n Cambridge 
Parker William W. b Inspector Custom House, bds North 

Avenue n Linnsean 
Parkhurst Horace, driver Union R. R. h Watertown 
Parkili Margaret Mrs. h River cor Howard 
Parkill Samuel J. printer, bds River cor Howard 
Parks Edward, expressman, bds J. H. Parks's, Charles 

Parks James, laborer, h West cor Lee 
Parks James H. expressman, h Charles River 
Parmenter Ezra, b Inspector Drugs, &c. Custom House, bds 

37 Second 
Parmenter William, h 37 Second 

Parsons Allen B. janitor Divinity Hall, li Divinity Avenue 
Parsons Elizabeth Miss, h Garden cor Linnsean 
Parsons Richard, machinist, h Somerset Place cor Magazine 
Parsons Sylvanus M. policeman, h Russell 
Parsons Theophilus, Dane Professor of Law, H. U. h Gar- 
den n Shepard 
Pasco John, b clerk, 112 Washington, h Linden cor Har- 
Passey William, laborer, h Court 
Patcli Charles R. b truckman, h Magazine n Franklin 
Patch John H. surveyor of lumber, h 32 Second 
Pat tee John A. conductor Union R. R. bds W. Cambridge 
Pattee William II. conductor Union R. R. bds W. Cambridge 
Patten Albert G. painter, h 9 Austin 
Patten George, laborer, at Porter's, North Avenue 
Patten Jason, driver Onion 11. II. bds Lambert Avenue 
Patten John, laborer, h Third n Charles 
Patten Luther, driver Onion K. R. bds Harvard Square 
Patterson Frank W. printer, bds 6 1 River 
Patterson Gilbert, laborer, bds Wyeth's Lane 


BRIDGE [ P j i' 

Patt< 11 Mt. Au 

Robei t, Laborer, b : 

. ii end Harvey d Alewife Brook 
on William, labore , h Franklin d Vernon 
Patton Charles, driver Union EL EL bda Harvard Square 
Paj ne John, Laborer, h Bridge d Cambri 

- John, clerk, bda 2 w i 
Peakes John l>. grocer, bda .J. W. Alden's, ~ Webster 
Peakea William, l> commission merchant, - Centra] Wharf, 

h Shepard d North Avenue 
Pear Edward, b Bilversmith, li 290 Main 
Tear [saac >. •> (Tyler, lluwe & Co.) spring bed m 

Brattle, bda 15 Front 
Tear John, sexton and undertaker, li 15 Front 
Pear • bookbinder, bda 15 Front 

Pear Thomas, b jeweller, bda 290 Main 
Tear William, b silversmith, bda 2 
Pearce Albert, brass finisher, bda 6 Washington 
Pearce Edward, Tutor in Mathematics, II. I liton 

Pearce Frederick, brass finisher, bda 6 Washington 
Pearce Thomas, cabinet maker, h 31 Washington 
Pearl Samuel I. b coal, 31 State, bds at Dr. Alden's rear 

Mr. Ware's Church 
Pearson Charles S. paper hanger, h 121 Washington 
Pearson Henry, paper box manufacturer, 359 Main, h 

I n John A. paper box maker, bds 359 Main 

3on John 1). h 13mad\vay cor Windsor 
Pearson Joseph, potter, h 92 Gore 

3 >n Martha J. Mrs. h Broadway cor Inman 
Peasley Charles, oil manufacturer, h u8 Fourth 
Peaslej Thomas, machinist, h Boston 
Peck Horace, teamster, h Fast on Hastings's wharf 
Peck Orcn H. b clerk, h Oak n Cambri 
Pedrick George W. bds 40 Tremont 
Pedrick William, machinist, h 40 Tremont 
Peirce Benjamin, Perkins Professor of Astronomy and 

Mathematics. II. l\ h Quincy 
Peirce James M. Proctor Harvard University 

sachu setts Hall 
Peirce Lydia 11. Mrs. h Frisbie Place 

Samuel, pianoforte maker, h Green n Bay 
Peirce Thomas .J. (Kenny &) ice dealer, Cambridf 

Peltier Joseph 0. b wines, &c. 01 Pitts, h Broadway 

Pendergrass Patrick, laborer, h Valentine n Brookline 


Pendexter Charles, carpenter, li 64 Fourth cor Thorndike 

Penniman Albert R. b printer, h 10-3 Harvard 

Penniman Alfred, brakeman Lowell R. It. h Bridge op 

Lowell Railroad Works 
Penniman Benjamin F. b printer, b Is 352 Main 
Penniman James W. clerk, b Is 352 Main n Biookline 
Penniman John A. b printer, h 352 Main n Brookline 
Penniman Robert, fireman Lowell R. R. bds A. Penniman's, 

Penniman Thomas J. coach painter, bds 352 Main 
Penniman Walter, fancy painter, bds 8o2 Main 
Penny Richard, laborer, h end Harvey n Alewife Brook 
Peppard James, clerk, at E. Train's, h 8-3 Gore 
Perham Albert G. glas^s maker, bds Barney's, Bridge 
Perham John, jr. b (Bra man, Perham & Co.) ste;)m pi] 

gas fitter, 8 Charlestown, h Columbia n Broadway 
Perkins George, laborer, at C. C. Little's, Brattle 
Perkins Gustavus S. machinist, Kinsley's, h 122 Harvard 
Perkins Herald J. b hatter, h Erie n Pearl 
Perkins, lliram, laborer, at Mr. Eernald's, Fayerweather 
Perkins Joseph J. b dry goods, 26, 28 6c 30 Pearl. L 5 3 

Washington cor Moore 
Perkins Levi, carpenter, Brighton, h Everett 
Perkins William N. machinist, bds 01 Third 
Perrin Francis, b broker, 3 Fulton, bds at Rev. X. G 

Garden op Watei house 
Perry Benjamin F. printer, h Eliot n Brighton 
Perry Ephraim, laborer, h Race Course n Spruce 
Perry Frederick F. painter, h Broadway June Hampshire 
Russell, b mi minist, h 23 River n Auburn 
ir Hiram K. clergyman, bis 103 Otis 
William, Laborer, h Third n Charles 
i Charles -J. b Btereotyper, h Moore n Washing 
Petti n gill .loci C. li Charles River n Mt. Auburn 
Pettingill Joseph R. (& Wheeler) blacksmith, Brighton, h 

•J Bow 
Pettingill Josiah, teamster, li 3 Essex Court 

Qgill William II. (M ly&) ha< tnanufactnr 

Thorndike, li '-'> I Second 
Phalen William, Laborer, li near Dublin 
Phalen William, cabinet m Lth oor Spring 

Phalon William, gardener, .-it Elm wood, Elmwood A.venne 

pS Albert S. printer, !: • n < ).ik 

pa Stephen l>. hostler, b Is 262 Broad* 
Phelps W'm. Henry, i» electrotyper, b 1- Cn 
Philli w loir, i 

Franklin n iv url 
Phillips Bnoa 15. brass b Brookline d Main 


Phillips George, britannia worker, h Thon I ifth 

Phillips James, mason, li Franklin cor Pearl 

Phillips John L. bds River oor Howard 

Phillips Joseph, cigar maker, bds 34 Auburn 

Phillips Joseph, plumber, h < Mis □ Foui th 

Phillips Willard, b Pres. N. E. Mat, in i rte, b Lin- 

n:i:ui 11 Qai den 
Pickard Henrj L. hairdresser, h 46 Gore 
Pickering Mark, h 8 Norfolk 
Pickering Octavius, li Berkeley cor Phillips I 
Picket Abial, carpenter, li Sparks d Concord Avenue 
Pickett George E. muse, bds Shepard n A 
Pickett Joseph .). mason, h Dana Court n Western Avenue 
Pickett Samuel, carpenter, bell hanger, North Avenue, h 

Shepard a Avon 
Pierce Andrew T. mason, h Mt. Auburn n Mt. Auburn 

Pierce Joseph, wheelwright, Western Avenue n Main, h 

Pierce Mary F. assistant teacher High School, bds 10 Tre- 

Pierce Stillman, carpenter, h Brookline n Main 
Pierre Francis, fancy glass worker, bds 50 Gere 
Pike Edward L. b printer, 42 Congress, h Broadway cor 

Pike George S. hairdresser, 353 Main 
Pike Henry S. watchman, h Seventh n Otis 
Pike James, livery stable, rear Wood's Block, bds Bates's, 

Austin Place 
Pike John N. switch tender, h Leighton Court 
Pike Lewis, driver Union li. 11. bds Merrill's, Main 
Pinkham Frank, driver Union R. K. bds Harvard Square 
Pinkham Henry P. coach trimmer, bds Mrs. McNorton's, 

Pinkham William, harness maker, h Columbia n Austin 
Piper George C. b (George W. Simmons, Piper & Co.) 2>± 

North, h Avon n Shepard 
Piper Henry A. b clerk, bds Avon 
Place William, railroad agent, h 8 Auburn Court 
Plant Anthony, laborer, li North n East 
Plant Catherine Mrs. h 13 North 
Plessinger Joseph, glass blower, h loi Vine 
Plummer Warren, provisions, Union Store, Ca 

Fourth, bds in B< Bton 
Plumridge George, printer, h 25 Brooks 1 Bail li 
Plunkett Bernard, boiler maker, h Elm o C 
Plunkett George, laborer, h Franklin n Ban 
Plympton Charles II. P. b merchant, 80 State, h Avon 


Piympton Henry S. bds Harvard btwn Chestnut and Linden 
Piympton Sylvanus, physician, li Harvard btwn Chestnut 

and Linden 
Pollard Charles W. b clerk Custom House, h Prosp 

Pollard John S. mason, h Norfolk n Washington 
Pomeroy Anne Miss, h Oxford 
Pond Lydia Jane, nurse, 32 Pearl 

Pons Eliza A. Airs, millinery, Main op Irving House, h sime 
Poole Frederick L. conductor Union 11. 11. k W. Cambridge 
Poole Margaret Mrs. h Third n Charles 
Pope Augustus 11. Mrs. h Harvard n Trowbridge 
Pope John, b stencil maker, h 5 Harrison Avenue 
Porteons Thomas 13. clerk, h 11 Fifth 
Porter Charles, h Hampshire n Prospect 
Porter Charles H. b oil manufacturer, h Fifth cor Otis 
Porter Elizabeth Mrs. h Cambridge n Sixth 
Porter John L. 1) auctioneer, h Auburn cor River 
Porter Joseph Mrs. h Winthrop Square cor Winthrop 
Porter Josiah, counsellor, 421 Main, b 47 Court, bd 

Porter's fclotel, North Avenue 
Porter William, b teamster, h 02 River 
Porter William, glass cutter, h rear 92 Otis 
Porter Zachariah 13. hotel keeper, North Avenue 
Potter Dexter, clergyman, h North Avenue n Linneean 
Potter Henry, b (& Demmon) pork dealer, City Wharf, h 

North Avenue cor Linnsean 
Pottle George J. blacksmith, h 77 School 
Powell John A. cook, h Hampshire cor Medford 
Power .) aiiios, laborer, h Prince 
Power John, gar lener, h Amory n Hampshire 
Powers Catherine Mrs. li Willow l ! 
Powers Edward, cooper, h Bros Iway d railroad cr - 

- .John, pyrote ihnist, h ( .) Ch 
Powers John, laborer, h Harvard d Main L P. 

>rs John, pyrotechnist, h Charles n Fourth 
Powers Nicholas I), pressman, bda 5 1 River 
Powers Patrick, laborer, h Tattle n Wyeth 

Rich ii- 1. laborer, li Bros l\\ iy d Pock 
Powers Richard, laborer, h c» Poster 1' 
Powers Thomas, harness maker, li Short, Ward 8 
Powers Thorn >-, cooper, h Proa Iway op ; 

a W illiam J. cooper, h on m wsh a Brookline 
Pratt \iron P. tinman, Cambridge d Pourth, h I 

Block n Winter 
Pratt Ebenexer P. watchman, fa 

Pratt Henry < '. pi r, i» I 

Pratt Thomas, b trader, b ! 



Pratt William A. bookbinder, h juno Main and Austin 
Pray William M. music teacher, h Temple n Main 
Prebeck Michael, wheelwright, h Franklin Alley n Bridge 
Preble George, Lieut. U. S. Army, h Mt. Auburn cor 

Prentice Henry H. printer, h Baldwin 
Prentisa Dorcas B. Mrs. li Cambridge n Windsor 
Prentiss Mary Mrs. h North Avenue op Market Bank 
Prentiss Nathaniel, railroad agent, bds Mrs. Prent 

North Avenue op Bank 
Presby Charles E. stone mason, bds Orchard 
Presby James W. stone mason, h Orchard 
Prescott Edward C. b wood and coal, Harrison Avenue, h 

101 Spring 
Prescott Joel it. (Nutting &) blacksmith, Palmer, h Mt. 

Auburn cor Howard 
Prescott Josiah H. b pianoforte maker, h Harvard op Elm 
Prescott William P. b machinist, h Ul Spring 
Preston Marshall, assistant clerk Court, office Court House, 

h Lexington 
Price Fitzjames, h Lee n Main 
Price Fitzjames, jr. b clerk, bds Lee n Main 
Price James M. stoves and hardware, 25 Cambridge n Sec- 
ond, h 101 Cambridge 
Price William D. glass maker, h Fourth cor Bridge 
Priest Anna E. teacher Washington Primary Brat- 

tle, bds Mrs. Palmer's, Mt. Auburn junc Arrow 
Priest Benjamin F. printer, bds Mrs. Palmer's, Mt. Auburn 

junc Arrow 
Priest Edward E. machinist, h Harrison Avenue n Pleasant 
Prince George W. tin plate worker, North Avenue n Bus- 
sell, h Rice 
Prince James H. pyrotechnist, h Hastings n Moore 
Prindeble Thomas, butcher, h Harvey 
Pritchard John, upholsterer, at S. Graves's, Bridge 
Pritchett Thomas, b porter, h 12 Windsor 
Pritchett Thomas, (Thurston, Miles &) printer, Main cor 

Temple, bds Main n Norfolk 
Proctor Benjamin F. cooper, Allston, h same 
Proctor George A. b (Dorr, Proctor & Co.) grocer, 2 Com- 
merce, h Austin cor In man 
Proctor John A. cooper, bds Allston 
Proudfoot William, glass cutler, bds 57 Cambridge 
Pryor John, clergyman, h Berkeley n Phillips Place 
Puifer Dexter, b clerk, bds Mrs. Gove's, Main 
Pulcifer Isaac, cooper, h 24 Tremont 
Pulsifer James YV. block tin worker, bds 70 Spring 
Pulsifer John S. glass cutter, bds 102 Cambridge 


Pulsifer William, b Agent Fire & Marine Ins. Co. 80 Wash- 
ington, h Magazine cor Perry 
Punch Philip, grocer, 1 36 Bridge, h same 
Purcell John, shoemaker, h Columbia n Hampshire 
Pursel Hyacinth, cement maker, h Green n 13 ry 
Putnam Benjamin, shipmaster, h rear 44 Windsor 
Putnam George W. glass maker, h 72 Gore 
Putnam John P. (Henry Thayer & Co.) vacuum extracts, 

Main cor Douglass, h Austin n Essex 
Putney Albert, glass maker, h 28 East 
Putney Daniel W. glass maker, h 48 Gore 
Putney Leonard, trader, h Jay n Western Avenue 
Putney Sylvester, glass maker, h 45 Gore 

Quain Patrick J. brush maker, h Charles n Fourth 
Qualey Michael, harness maker, h 116 Bridge 
Qualey Michael, laborer, h Medford n Windsor 
Qualey Thomas, laborer, h Windsor n Cambridge 
Queeny Bridget Mrs. h North Avenue cor Chxuncy 
Quigley Bernard, laborer, h Seventh n Thorndike 
Quigley Philip, teamster, bds Garden 
Quiniby Amos, pile driver, h Thorndike n Fifth 
Quimby Gilman M. pile driver, h cor W r illow Piace n Cam- 
Quimby Henrietta L. assistant teacher Putnam Middle 

School, Fo'irth, bds Thorndike n Fifth 
Quinn Francis, b clerk pest office, h Remington n Harvard 
Quinn Hugh, gardener, h Broadway n Trowbridge 
Quinn Jeremiah, laborer, h North n Short, Ward 3 
Quinn John, teamster, h Suifolk n Norfolk 
Quinn John, trader, h Charles n Fourth 
Quinn John, brush maker, h Charles n Fourth 
Qui mi Margaret Mrs. h Kinnard n Putnam 
Quinn Maurice, laborer, h rear 121 Bridge 
Quinn Maurice, laborer, h Short, Ward :; 
Quinn Michael, laborer, h Washington n railroad crossing 
Quinn Patrick, teamster, h Pearl n Soap Factory 
Quinn Patrick, laborer, h Third n Charles 
Quinn Patrick, grocer, h Charles D Fourth 
Quinn Sarah Mis. It Fourth cor Winter 
Quinn Timothy, laborer, h II Gore 
Quinn Timothy, Laborer, h pear \- 1 Bridge 
Quinn Timothy, laborer, h Bridge n Short, Wai 

Babe Franz, painter, fa Sixth d Vine 
Ki'ly Philip, blacksmith, h Columbia n Hampshi 
Rafelrey James, Laborer, h near Catholic Church, Concord 


i; , Bartholomew, 

ii ml, coop • 11 \\ MloW l' 

, John, gi i >r, li Third n Ch i 

Ralph James, ser van 1 .-it II. \v. Longfellow's, B 

I be ■ i ry, Harvard Squai e, b 

R misiy Harvey, r, li Main n Pi< •-. 

Ranet William .J. hatter, bda Broadway eor D 
Rand Asa, b (II. C. Rand & Co.) Leather dealer, 
chants Row, li Elm n Maple 
Benjamin, carriage maker, h North Avenue d Poi 

Rand Benjamin R. Clerk Register of Deeds, bda 
Rand Howard, teamster, h Windsor cor Lincoln 
Rao I James Mrs. li Brighton cor Eliot 

Kind .John, carpenter, bdfl Fifth cor Grore 

Hand Milton, teamster, li Windsor cor Lincoln 

Kami Nathaniel S. carpenter, h Broadway c 

Kind Oliver J. b bookbinder, h Prescott n Main 

Hand Samuel, shoemaker, h North Avenue n Market Bank 

Rand Tertius, expressman, h Hampshire n Columbia 

Randall Benjamin, carpenter, h 52 Ess 

Randall Catherine M. Mrs. tailoress, h 88 Franklin 

Randall James T. 1). b bookkeeper, 36 India, bda 83 Franklin 

Rankins William, laborer, bds Mr. Smith's, Core n Third 

n Leah Mrs. li Franklin n Pearl 
Ray Jesse, cabinet maker, bds Merrill's, Main 
K ly Rachel Mrs. h Franklin n Plea-ant 
Raybold .lames, h 56 Thorndike 
Raybold Walter, glass cutter, h 79 Spring 
Raybold William, blacksmith, h Fourth cor Brid 
Raymond Charles L. b clerk C. W. Kingsley & Co. GO City 

Wharf, bds Z. L. Raymond's, 352 Main 
Raymond John C. bds .1. T. Raymond's, Brie n Pearl 
Raymond John T. clergyman, h Erie n Pearl 
Raymond Patrick 11. b clerk, h Short cur Pie 
Raymond William T. h 50 Washington 
Raymond Zebrina L. h 352 Main 
R lyne George, Superintendent State Arsenal, h Arsenal 

Yard, Garden 
Ravi; . armorer, bda Arsenal Yard, Garden 

Read Alexander H. b leather, iil4 Congress, h Centre n 

Rea I Henry, painter, h Willow Place n Cambridge 

I Henry, laborer, h Green n Putnam 
James J. clerk, bds 196 Harvard 
B id Jerome, b clerk, bds A. H. Head's, Centre n Dana 
Read John, laborer, h rear West 


Read John, (& Co.) dry goods, Harvard Square, li Garden 

op Common 
Read Joseph S. b 15 Tremont Row, bds 105 Harvard n 

Read Joseph S. Mrs. h 195 Harvard n Norfolk 
Read Robert, gardener, h Green n Putnam 
Read William, b (Read & Son) hardware, Faneuil Square, 

h 07 Mt Auburn 
Read William, jr. b (Read &) hardware, Faneuil Square, 

b Harvard n Trowbridge 
Reardon Edmund, candle maker, bds Erie n Pearl 
Reardon John, candle maker, h Erie n Pearl 
Reason Andrew, waiter, h Medford June Hampshire 
Reddington Ann Mrs. h Eliot n Brattle 
Ke Islington Patrick, laborer, h Brighton 
Redfern William, laborer, h Franklin n Bay 
Redman Curtis, shipmaster, bds Franklin cor Pearl 
Redman Martha E. assistant teacher Webster Alphabet 

School, bds Franklin cor Pearl 
Reed Benj unin C. Lowell R. 11. machine shop, bds Reed's 

Tavern, Gore 
Reed David, laborer, at J. G. Coolidge's, Coolidge Avenue 
Reed Enos, (& Hobbs) boot and shoe store, lol Bridge, h 

90 Cambridge 
Reed Enos W. milkman, h Cambridge n Fourth 
Reed Ilarriette Emily, assistant teacher Putnam Grammar 

S ihool, bds 90 Cambridge 
Reel John, laborer, h rear 145 Bridge 

J< siah M. b paper ruler, h 13 Front 
Mary Ann Mrs. h Brimmer Bock, Barvard 
Reed Samuel, laborer, h 7 Poster Place 

in, innholder, Bridge junc Gore 
Reed William, b usher Brimmer School, h N\ illitxins 
1 James, laborer, h 1 2 Short, Ward '-\ 
James, jr. r, h 21 Winter 

Benjamin F. b hairdresser, h Hancock n «. 
Prank W. b bookkeeper, h Broadway n \\ i 

nnel 1>. Laborer, at J. (J. ( !o< lidge Av. 

aelter, at Kinsley's, h S mdwich 
. h Bridge <>i> Planden ' I 
\\ .M ■• C. Mrs, h Sparks n Concord Avenue 
Elemie M i nter, b Is M rs. Remie's, - 

Remick John, t Lemon, Pielda & Co.) b 

li Temple cor M bin 
Rene I maker, h Winter n Fifth 

RevallOD Jane A. M P8. h 1 > I I way 

ion John I>. b li urdn - r, L87 B 
eiii Avenue 

« LMBB i: [ R ] 

1 laroline M 

Re; .'•' In oor Li 

Ettu K. carpenter, h Amory cur Summer 

Rhoadea Silas, ( 

Rhoadea Solomon, condn ?tor U. K. K. bdfl Harvard n J 

Laron, h 86 Austin 
Rice I penter, h 6 \ Auburn 

Cyrus, trader, h Broadway n Trowbri ' 

Rice Frank II. bda Broadway d Trowbri 

Franklin Howard, bookbin Auburn 

ieorge, b 99 Lowell, h 63 Sj 

(l. farmer, h North Avenue n Mollis 
Rice George L b clerk, 18 Devonshire, bda 63 Spring 
Rice Henry 1). b clerk, bds op Irving House, Main 
Henry S. b clerk Bank Metrop 
llice Homer, b (& Co.) hatter, 14 & 16 El 

cor Clark 
Rice James B. police officer, h Third n Gore 

• lames B. b clerk, bds Third n Gore 
Rice John, jr. milkman, h 32 Fourth 
Rice John E. b glass cutter, Ids Fourth n Cambridge 
Rice John F. farmer, bdfl J. II. 

Rice John S. b tin plate worker, bdfl 1' . Ting 

House, Main 
Joseph II. farmer, h North Avenue cor Spruce 

[ary E. assistant teacher Webster Gra liool, 

bda C. F. Wilson's, Inman 

M. trader, h Brattle cor Lowell 
Rice Peter, trader, h Main op Irving House 
, nomas (i. h Austin op Temple 
.therine Mrs. h 151 Bridge 
Richards Darius M. carpenter, bds Rice's, op Irving If 

Richards Darius P. box ma: 

lin A. painter, h Franklin n Pleas 
Rich Ige n 

i iter 
■ ! iry G. Mrs. b Western Avenue n Putnam 
R Is Rufus, laborer, at M. Warren'-. 

Richardsmi Anthony, pattern m 

trdson Benjamin, b 114 Wa 1- Brattle cor 

.1 a 


Richardson Benjamin F. b musical instrument maker, 2G 

.Washington, h 2d Arbor, Norfolk 
Richardson Catherine, assistant teacher Harvard Grammar 
bool, bds C. F. Wilson's, Inman 

Richardson Charles 13. b dry goods, Hanover cor Blackstone, 

li 4 'J Prospect 
Richardson Charles E. b Receiving Teller Granite Bank, 

bds Main n Dana 
Richardson Charles H. Janitor of Laboratory, Scientific 

School, h Kirkland 
Richardson Edward, Cashier Cambridge City Bank, h Main 

n Dana 
Richardson Edwin F. mason, h rear 17 Cherry 
Richardson Elizabeth Mrs. h Broadway cor Columbia 
Richardson George C. b (Richardson & Dean) commission 

merchant, 27 Federal, h Harvard cor Inman 
Richardson George E. b (Tilton, Gregory & Richardson) 

dry goods, 2 ( J Federal, bds Harvard cor Inman 
Richardson George E. b (Merritt & ) 1 Fanenil Square, li 27 

Richardson George E. clerk, bds Osborn's, Harvard Square 
Richard-. -n James, (Norris & Richardson) carpenter, bds 

C. Fellows's, Franklin n Pleasant 
Richardson James P. attorney, Lamson's Block, Main, h 21 

Western Avenue cor Pleasant 
Richardson Joseph M. teamster, h 48 Fifth 
Richardson Lorenzo, machinist, h Village n State 
Richardson Robert P. S. mason, h Columbia btwn Hamp- 
shire ami Cambridge 

Ison Royal, b broker, h Wendell n North Avenue 
Richardson Samuel W. Deputy Sheriff, Cambridge cor 

ond, li 1 20 ('ami r 
dson Sarab Mis. h Amory n Summer 
Richardsoi] Walcott, (v-V; 8a win) grocer, North Avenne n 

Porter's Station, h North Avenue n Cedar 
Richai Is D William 'J', coal dealer, I Whirl", h 

'I'row brid 
'Theodore, fishing v.. 1 maker, h Broadway 
Richmond Anna Mrs. h Craigie n Concord Avenue 
Richmond .John, li Leightoo I 

Richmond I i'mt, bds L art 

Ricker < h i ri -. 

\ flle, bds -"'7 Caml r 
Ricker Jerediah, . h Rii er cor \N Llli 

■•■ Luther I'. carpenter, h i I < lotl 

enter, h K n er eor Auburn 


Li B Cambridge [ r ] dibi i n 

Harvard oor < lark, li w i 

Etider Godfrey, }\\ i» Custom House, li \u< ad 

ij John -I. conductor Union II. \l. bdc J>' Bton 
: jeph, h < lambridge cor Qui 
I \\ illiam P. h 7 (in en 

Riley Anton, cabinet maker, li 1') Brimmer Bloc! . 
Riley Bi id I M rs. h Vim- d Fourth 
Riley James, currier, li \\;ll<>w Place n Camb 
Riley •' per, li Kidder's Lane 

Jeremiah, laborer, h Lechmi N >i tfa 

Riley John, Laborer, li Pleasant n marsh 
Riley Patrick, teamst< r, b Bomei 
Riley I tnith, h Medford n Win 

Riley Patrick, laborer, li near Tuttle 
Riley Peter. Laborer, li Charles n Fourth 
Riley Simon, carpenter, h Cambridge op Chemical W< 
Riley Thomas, stone cutter, at J. F, Oilman's, Brid ; 

B< -t^n 
Riley William J. b gilder, li Clark n Medford 
Rindge Daniel, carpenter, li 3 Third 
Rindge Margaret .Mrs. h 3 Third 
Rindge Samuel B. b (Parker, Wilder & Co.) 07 ! 

Harvard cor Dana 
Rinn : center, h Brooks' Building, 

•. (Ripley & Folsom) attorney, Camb 
Rivers (sa ic ft. carpenter, h 71 Columbia n Harvard 
Roach John, laborer, h Montgomery d 
Roach Patrick, laborer, at Almsh 
Roach William, bookbinder, h Hampshire op Portland 
Roaf Robert \. clothing, furnishing g 
Main n Pearl, op Cambridge Bank 

lachmist, li Amory cur Sumi 
Rubbins Elbridge J. provision dealer, 126 Cambridge, 1 dfl 
Fifth cor Spring 

B Elmyra Mis. h Main n Allen & End; 
mi dressmaker, bda 11 Norfolk 
lis Luke, clerk, bda Fifth cor Spring 
ts Alexandria, waiter, h Broadway n 1 

\. li Brookline cor Auburn 
9 Anna P. W taker, h M Hall tin W, Blaster Allston Grams 

. h River n Kinnard 
L mariner, bda 11 Cherry 
Robei I iborer, li Caml lace 

. cabinet maker, li Moore cor Harvard 

M i in op Harrison, h Front 


Robins Francis, b pianoforte maker, h Market 

Ro inson Alden, engineer, bds Cambridge n Second 

Robinson Charles, h .river n Auburn 

Rob i rse L. pianoforte maker, bds Mrs. Clongh's, 

Robinson Elijah, b clerk, h Cottage n Pearl 
Robinson James, h Williams n Magazine 
Robinson Joel, blacksmith, Gore n Bridge, h rear 01 Cam- 
Robinson John, glass maker, h Seventh n Thorndike 
Robinson John P. b attorney, h Brattle cor Appian Way 
Robinson Margaret, h Livermore n Lincoln 
Robinson Robert, b laborer, h rear 4 Washington 
Robinson William B. bds Williams n Magazine 
Robinson William D. toll collector, Brookline Bridge, h 

Pearl n Chestnut, Ward '2 
Ruby .Mary G. Mrs. h 80 Gore 

Mary 6. Mi--, teacher Putnam Primary School. 

Warren G. b clerk, bds Otis cor Sixth 
Roby William H. carver, h Otis cor Sixth 

muel, carpenter, bds Cambridge n Wii 
rood Edward Otis, b clerk Exchange Bank, bds 100 

Nathaniel J. b clerk, h Oak n Cambridge 
' n\<, clergyman, h 100 Prospect 
Patrick, b tailor, h Kinnard n Western Avenue 
1 Ihristian, h 564 Main 
Frederick E. civil engineer, bds 564 Main 

ton's, Put- 

ijamin C. b 166 Blackstone, h V\< Green 

Qjamin P. b Bhip chandler, Commercial Whi 
l.< • n Main 

- John P. b hardware, ! i Shepard o p \ 

- Levi, Laborer, li Fourth n Winter 

per, li ■ > 1 Pear] 
•unci W. clerk at Flint & Tufts's, Bi 

\. l. painter, li Green n Vernon 
i 7 Main, li same 
Rollii country produce, Lamson'e Blocs 

L6 Vnl.nrn < '..urt 

I'm, bda Winthn | 
Rollii o trpenter, Pleasant d City Hall, h 

Pearl oor Auburn 
Rondel Louie I", painter, li ! 
• aroline Miss, b Liver 



Roper Thomas, carpenter, h Murdoch 

Ropes Hardy, b 26 Lewis Wharf, h 560 Alain 

Rosa kntonio P. hairdresser, bds 67 Camhri 

, Laborer, li Race Course d Kidder's Lane 
Rose Lewis, laborer, li Dublin o Kidder's Lane 

iberg Joseph, glass cutte , bds Fifth cot Cambridge 
I; senbush Franklin, glass cutter, bds Fourth d the cl 
El bs Abigail Mrs. boarding bouse, 871 Main 
Etoss David, teamster, h Foster d Willard 
R bs Hugh, mason, h Vine cor Fifth 
1 1 < ss Michael, Laborer, h Charles d Third 
U. bs Munroe, b grainer, 115 Court, h River op Williams 
11- bs Robert, teamster, b Gerry 
Etoss William, block tin worker, h Vino n Thirl 
Rouillard John, shoemaker at Wood's, Harvard Row, h 

Rounds Benjamin T. b mason, li 34 Pearl op Williams 
Rourk Gamaiia, grocer, 36 Washington, h 88 Washington 
Rourk Henry, laborer, h Bridge op Water 
Rourk Lawrence, laborer, h Harvard n R. R. crossing 
Rourk Michael, teamster, h Harvard n R. R. en BE 
Rourke Thomas, laborer, h Spring cor Fifth 
Rowe Hugh, stone cutter, h Vine u Third 
Rowe Isaac F. Mrs. h 3 Everett 
Rowe James, laborer, h Baldwin 
Rowe James S. b gilder, h 122 Thorndike 
Rowe Noah, farmer, h Linniean n Avon 
Rowe Peter, stone cutter, h on marsh n H'Wolf 
Rowe Philip, plumber, 15 Brattle, h B g 
Rowell Ephraim Q. mason, h Kinnard n Western Avenue 
Roy George B. printer, bds Harrison Place 
Roy John, teamster, at A. C. Sanborn's, h Willow 
Royal George H. b carpenter, h Broadway cor Pioneer 
Roys John B. (E. Munroe & Co.) planing mill, First n 

Cambridge, h 106 Gore 
Rubal Jacob, white lead maker, bds 2 Brooks' Building 
Rugg George H. clerk, bds 149 Harvard 
Rugg Henry W. clergyman, h 1*4 Otis 
Rugg Josiah N. stationer, h 42 Western Avenue 

rles William, cabinet maker, h Harvard op Brimmer 

Ruhling Frederick, cabinet maker, h 10 Brimmer Block, 

Rumrill Rebecca Mrs. li Cherry n Harvard 
Rundlet Taylor M. b Custom House, h Broadway n Pn - 
Ruhey Edward, shoemaker, bds 'J', (lark'-, North Avenue 
Runey Edward, laborer, at J. F. Oilman's, Bridge, h 



Runey Michael, works at oakum factory, h Brookline 

Runey Patrick, laborer, h Mt. Auburn n Sparks 

Runey Samuel S. b clerk, h 68 Spring 

Runkle John D. computer, & Editor Mathematical Monthly, 

Waterhouse cor Follen, h Dedham 
Rupp George, real estate and insurance agent, 469 Main, h 

AValden n North Avenue 
Russ Alamando, carpenter, h Winder St. Block n Winter 
Russ Augustus, b (Park &) attorney, 14 Tremont, bds 

Green cor Pearl 
Russ Charles B. h State 

Russ Charles E. tin pla'e worker, 477 Main, h 11 Tremont 
Russ Daniel, h Pearl cor Green 
Russ George L. b artist, h Union n Hampshire 
Russ Harriet M. Mrs. h 6 Union 
Russell Amos W. baker, h 75 Spring 
Russell Charles D. printer, h Bow n Chestnut 
Russell Charles J. b (Juhn Merrill & Co.) broker, 33 Ex- 
change, h Avon 
Russell Charles L. printer, h Pleasant n Western Avenue 
Russell Charles T. b counsellor, 27 State, h Sparks n Brattle 
Russell Edward G. clergyman, bds Brattle op Brattle House 
Russell Eleanor E. Miss, assistant teacher Mason Middle 

School, bds 94 Harvard 
Russell George S. b produce dealer, 3 Merchants' Row, h 

110 Norfolk 
Russell George T. law student, bds Mr. White's, 15 Essex 
Russell Henry B. clerk, h 42 Cherry 
Russell Joseph, b printer, h Harvard cor Moore 
Russell Joseph, laborer, h Broadway n Antrim 
Russell Levi P. b shoe and leather store, Pearl, h Kirk- 
land cor Baldwin 
Russell M n-y I>. dressmaker, bds 93 Cambridge 

Russell Nathan, shoe dealer, Miiu op Essex, h Auhurn cor 
Auburn Coui t 

Russell Nathan, jr. b Messenger Bank of Comi 

Auburn cor Auburn < '• nrt 

1 Samuel R. b en at raver, bds [nman n Broadway 
Russell Solomon P. (W. W. \ Co.) '"''I ' 

North Avcnuo ii Porter's, h -]<r'i"<' D Rfl 

Russell Thomas Mrs, fa 1 M bin op < v 'm ; 
Russell William It. clerk, h Greet] n Vernon 

ell Wi Ham \v. ( & Co.) refreshment 

Avenue d Porter's, h Spruce n Rs ■»• I 
Rutledge Ann .1. dressmaker, h Franklin n Vernon 
Rutledge George E. c er, h Franklin n Vernon 

Ryan Charles H. carpenter, h Tuttle d Concord Avenue 
Ryan James, I bilor, b Stevens*! ( tourl 

L72 :i:1|h,| [ J ] i, in | 

Ryan James, plumber, h ( k>re d Fourth 

\[\ .in .1 - cutter, ii ' .nut 

Rj ui Michael, tailor, h I I- ( 'ambridge 

\l\ in 'I bom , li Med ford □ < lark 

Ryan 'I nomas P. co rpenter, b Tuttle 

\{\ mi \\ ilii.-uii A. coach maker, b ( 'edar n Ra 

Ryan William B. gardener, bde T. F. Ryan's, Tuttle 

\\\ der Enoch, shipm isfe r, h Market on i 

Ryder George E. b clerk, bde Broadway d Pros] 

liyde* Geoi ip chandler, 

way n Prospect 
Ryder Richard, shipmaster, b "> : < Pro | 

Safford Aaron II. b (Safford, Ames & Co.) drj 

Milk, li Prospect d Broadway 
Safford Eleanor, teacher Dunster Primary School, b 

II. Safford's, Watertown 
Safford Truman II. keeper Mt. Auburn Gate, li Watertown 
Safford Truman II. jr. assistant at Observatory 

Safford William IT. bookkeeper (at Qoughton vS: Co.'s River- 
Bide) U Harrison Place n North Avenue 
Salisbury Samuel, h 50 Gore 
Sampson William i\ shoe dealer, Douglass 1 Block, Main, h 

48 Magazine 
Sanborn Ambrose, machinist, li l v 
Sanborn Amos C. (& Co.) b ; '»1 State, (A. « . 

Blood, Hiram A. Kemp, James F. Sanborn 

Wharf, Bridge, h Magazine cor Willow 
Sanborn Charles A. buteher, h North Avenue c< r 
Sanborn George 0. clerk, bda Magazine cor Willow 
Sanborn .lame- F. b (A. C. Sanborn fc Co.) granite d< 

31 state, Sanborn's Wharf, Bridge, bds .M ■. . 

Sanborn Joshua S. cleric, bds M. L. Smith's, I>eacon 
Sanborn Stephen C. turnkey at jail, h Thorn 
Sanborn Sulvi yer II. bookbinder, h Walnut □ 
Sanborn William 11. blacksmith, bds -Mrs. AI i 
Sanders Charles, h Frisbie P 
Sanders Joseph B. carpenter, h 21 Brooks' Buildi 
Sanders Samuel, carpenter, Clark, h Market cor Clark 
Sanders Thomas J. glass blower, h Thorndike n Ei 
Sanderson Charles, b liquors, 65 Merrimack, h Pioneer 

Court n Main L P. 
Sanderson Charles c. grocer, Harvard cur Bolyoke, h Win- 

throp n Bolyoke 
Sanderson Isaac, laborer, h 32 Ch 
Sanderson John, mariner, h Elm d Hampshire 

DAMBBIDafl [ S ] l'i 1 JZ 

Sanderson Joseph, policeman, h Bliot n Mr. Auburn 
Sands 1. hairdresser, Brighton d Harva 

h Appian Way 
Bands Ivory, brick maker, h Putnam n Western Avenue 

- John L. brick maker, li Garden cor Wyetb 
Sanford William .J. tallow dealer, Windsor n Cambridge, h 

Lincoln cor Winds >r 
Sanger Lewis, hatt r, 'i ^1 Main, li Village cor State 
Sanger Ralph, clergyman, bdfl W. W. Gannett's, Dana n 

Banger Warren, Cashier Market Bank, h Orchard 
Bantry Daniel, i> daguerreotypist, bds Norton 

mt Esther Mis. h Mason cor Phillips Place 
Sirgent B.mji nin, givss presser, h Fourth n Bridge 
Sargent Charles, bds near junc 'Main and Mt. Auburn 

I'. bds -I. Sargent's, Broadway n Treraont 
Sargent Gastavus P. b (Whiten, Binlett & Co.) drug 
\ » a: \1 Commercial, h Lee n M kin 
nt Henry, laborer, bds 112 Thorn kike 
. nt John, Mayor of Cambrido Lway n Tremont 

nt John D. refreshment rooms, bis Broadway n Tre- 
nt S domon, trader, h n junc Main and Mt. Auburn 
gent Thomas W. laborer, h Pearl op Perry 
d i. ry Mrs. h C unbridge n First 
Saul William II. b tailor, h Columbia op Worcester 
Saunders (hires H. b 84 Union, h Everett 
Saunders Francis E. dry goods, Harvard Block, h North 
Avenue n Everett 

( fohonnot & Saunders) hardware, 21 
1 1 . Squ ire, h Pollen cor Cone >rd \ i 
Saunders Horace F, b 26 Kilby, up len n 

in W'.iv 

Saunders William, h Garden n Appian Way 

William A. b l'"> Kilty h North 

Av( nue n i 

b Abraham, N. England Glass W( rks, b 188 
II. o irpenter, h Leighton < '■ 
i, b <• erk, h 05 < , 

. i. .jr. ( ' ishier Lechmere Bank, h P 
s imerville 

. William B. laborer, h Columbi i n H 
Daniel W. 

as n 
s twin John, , h B ~ f >n 

i N ith miel D. b ! i mt, 1 1 a 

rth Avenm 



Sawyer August in, machinist, bda Reed'a Tavern, G 

Sawyer t harles, driver Union EL 11. h Watertown 

Sawyer Charles A. painter, bds Columbia cor Harvard 

Sawyer Charles C. olerk, bda Elutchins's, .Mt. Auburn 

Sawyer mien Mrs. h 22 Fifth 

Sawyer mien M. assistant teacher Shepard Alphah 
bda tlolyoke cor .Mt. Auburn 

Sawyer Eusebius, grocer, Columbia, h Columbia cor Har- 

Sawyer Ezekiel, b carpenter, bda 136 Bridge 

E. painter, bds Columbia cor Harvard 

Sawyer George Ed. b provisions, b 2 Harrison Avenue 

Sawyer Jahcz A. b attorney, h Elm n Maple 

Sawyer Jesse L. painter, Main op Douglass, h Prospect n 

Sawyer John J. assistant clerk Court, office Clerk of Court, 
h Somerville 

Sawyer John S. (Towne & Sawyer) mastic roofer, 
Main, h Auburn n Auburn Court 

Sawyer Josiah,shoe dealer, Brookline, h Auburn cor Brook- 

Sawyer Lucy T. Mrs. h Holyoke cor Mt. Auburn 

Sawyer Mary, dressmaker, h Columbia cor Harvard 

Sawyer Mary E. assistant teacher Ailston Grammar School, 
bds Brookline n Auburn 

Sawyer Samuel O. bds 22 Fifth 

Sawyer William H. soap manufacturer, bds Columbia cor 

Saxton Henry L. printer, Remington, bds Boston 

Sayles Ezekiel W. car inspector, h 2\ East 

Scagel Hiram, trackman, h rear 403 Main 

Scales True, b mason, h 14 Austin 

Scallan Lawrence, carver, bds Boston 

Scanlan Benedict, manufacturer of sewing machines, bds 
58 Essex 

Scanlan Catherine Mrs. millinery and fancy goods, Bridge 
op Flanders' Exchange 

Scanlan Henry, butcher, h Sixth n Vine 

Scanlan James, tailor, Lamsoif s Block, Main, h -~ v 1- 

Scanlan Joseph F. jeweller, Main cor Norfolk, bds -3 s Essex 

Scanlan William, laborer, li Brighton n Eliot 

Scannell John, laborer, h Mellen n North Avenue 

Schaefer William Rudolph, b gunsmith, 11 Hock Square, h 

Schannessy Michael, laborer, h Vine n Fourth 

Schill Joseph, b bronzer, h 40 Washington 

Schmitt George A. instructor in German II. U. h Coggswell 


Schneider Charles, upholsterer, h Sixth n Vine 

Schubarth Marthinius L. printer, h Pleasant n Somerset 

Sjhultz Henry, b junk dealer, h o45 Main 

Sohultz James, provision dealer, h Green n Western Avenue 

Schulze Frederick, pianoforte maker, h Brimmer Block 

Schwinn Louis, laborer, h Seventh n Cambridge 

Beott Benjamin, carpenter, h Elm n Hampshire 

Scott Frank X. b clerk, h o'l Fssex 

Scott Jesse D. teamster, h i ( J8 Main 

Scott John, mariner, h V) Cherry n Main 

hcott John W. A. artist, h Pleasant cor Cottage 

Scott Robert T. waiter, h 30 Washington 

Scott Thomas, stone cutter, h Vine n Fourth 

Sjribner John W. freight master Lowell R. It. h 20 East 

Scudder Alexander, b wharfinger, 125 Commercial h 3-5 River 

Scully William, laborer, h Harvard n Main L. P. 

ir Joseph, laborer, h Seventh n Cambridge 
Seagar Samuel, glass maker, h rear Winter n Third 
Searles John, shipmaster, h 11 Sixth 
Seaver Isaac, brush maker, h Seventh n Thorndike 
Seaverns George \V. pianoforte action maker at D. Osborn's, 

State, h 3y Magazine 
Seaverns Nahum, livery stable, li 403 Main 
Seavey George F. b stove dealer, 83 & 8-5 Blackstone, Ji Lee 

n Main 
Seavey Theodore II. bds 5-30 Main 

i \ey William, printer, bds 1 Putnam 
Seelye Jacob C. sewing machine manufacturer, Bridge n 

Craigie's Bridge, h 35 Spring 
! Seelye Norman M. machinist, Bridge, h 101 Cambridge 
Joseph, b varnisher, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Senders Frederick, bookbinder, h Walnut Place n M s 

.us Lucy Miss, teacher private school, h Winthrop 

Square cor Mt. Auburn 
Sever Charles W. (& Francis) bookseller, Harvard Square, 

bda Dunster cor \lt. Auburn 

ance Horace M. printer, h Kinnard n River 

irance Etoswell, printer, h Kinnard n River 

■ ii Maurice, (>v Broth . 11"> Bridge, hsame 

Bexton Patrick, (& Brother) grocer, 115 Bridge, h same 
:ford Bailey, conductor Union EL K. i"i- Dani 


Shackford Charles, dri I EL EL bda Lambert Avenue 

n Porter's Station 

Shackford Leonard, conductor Union EL EL h Bhepard n 

Bhacklev Ebenezer, (Thurston, Hall & r, h Cam- 

bridge ni' 

L76 hi m.i. [ g ] dir] 

Mi ickley < >wen, baker, li 21 I 

Bh iN- .1 mi.-, I pa ler, li Dublin d K 'I h 


Bh tun- r, 1. 1- I l 2 I i >rn like 

[ey Patrick 
Mi u k< nitli , h Elm ii Carabri 

i^h 1 1 1 u u David, machinist, li Cherry oor Harvard 
Sh mil :k George < hej ne, I ' 

ii. r. u i; 
Shittu :k M i ]» maker, bda 9 :hoo1 

b (Uensha 
Kirkland Place 

Leu is, c urpenter, Hampshire d jane Bn 
Li vermore n Lincoln 
rii> -in t-. Laborer, h Lambert d Cambri 
Shea Cornelias, Laborer, li L&innard n Putnam 

Dennis, Laborer, li Mt. Auburn oor Brighton 
Shea Dennis, Laborer, b Is l Front 
Shea Dennis, Laborer, h Granger's Yard, Bridge 
Shea Dennis, Laborer, h Vine cor Fifth 

Jeremiah, Laborer, h Winthrop n Brighton 
John, Laborer, h Kinnard n Putnam 
She i John, laborer, h I' 

John, Laboier, at Mrs. re Avenue n Ml 

Shea John, tinsmith; h S nth d Brighton 
J alia Mi>. h 6 North 

lira, h Harvard n II. II. en - 
h Hampshire n Kim 
rimothy, printer, Riverside, li Somerville 
Timothy, Laborer, h roar 120 Bri I 
er James W. bds J. S. Paine'a 1» I ntre 

er Leonard 13. b furniture, \- Canal, h Dana cor 
Sim 1 1 Alonzo, 1> locksmith, h Baldwin 
Sh 1 1 I Lyman M. i> clerk, bds 2 Webster 

& smith, Main n State, h Suffolk 

, Patrick, laborer, h Cambridge n Winds r 

Sheen I nomas er, b Hancock cor Harvard 

William, blacksmith, h rear D'Wolf 

d Daniel, bo< tmaker, h Brighton cor Eliot 

:i Jeremiah, Laborer, h Kidder's Line 

"i .John, blacksmith, h Suffolk n*Colmn 

ii John, laborer, h Cedar n North Avenue 

i Patrick, glass maker, h Cambridge n Windsor 

ii Th mi-. sh< emaker, h II incock oor Harvard 

James, plasterer, li Dublin n Kidder'a L 

Shel l>n James, painter ami glazier, h rear 56 River 


Bhelton Patrick, gardener, b Fourth o Vine 

Shepard Edwin, b clerk, 17 Rowe's Wharf, bds junc River 

and Main 
Shepard Jared, b clerk Suffolk Bank, h 41 Spring 
Shepherd Alexander, lumber dealer, b 8 Onion 
Shepherd Alexander P. laborer, h Union n Market 
Shepherd Franklin C. h 13 Broadway n Pioneer 
Shepherd Obed C. carpenter, h Otis Place n Mt. Auburn 
Shepherd Sumner P. (Burrage, Shepherd & Co.) lumber 

dealer, Broadway L. P. li Broadway n Pioneer 
Sherdan .lames, laborer, h North n Bast 
Sheridan -Mary Mrs. h Bridge op Bay State Glass 1! 
Sheridan Owen, charcoal pedler, Bridge cor Short, h 101 

Sheridan Sarah Mrs. h Brookline n Eric 
Sherman Daniel, clerk, h 4 Pine 
Sherman Elijah, machinist, h til Third 
Shern Patrick, boiler maker, h 77 School 
Sherra John, engineer, li Cambridge n Boston Chemical 

Sherriff Charles IT. brush maker, h 59 Third 
Sherriff .John L. b (Sherriff & Eastham) brush maker, 22 

Exchange, Factory Third, h 4o Thorndike 
Shields Ann Mrs. h Vine n Th rd 
Shorey .John Et. b whitesmith, bds 88 Vine 
Shorey Timothy, bridge builder, h 97 \ r ine 
Shorfenburg Sarah A. Mrs. h 93 l 

Peter, candle maker, bds Brookline n Perry 
hrua Cornelius, laborer, bds Burns's, Brighton 
Shuler John, i per, bds Cambridge n Willow PI i 

William, 1) ( l'u r- 

h Maple cor Elm 

. John L. Librarian IF. U. 15 Divinity Ball 
r Henry .1. brass finisher, h 68 Third 
tone Samuel, veterina . h Garden nWj 

Simonda I-!h ira M rs. h 22 • 

L. b dentist, 127 < Jourt, h Main n liar. 
Is John If. b clerk, h William- n Pearl 
Simonda Joseph, b dr 1 I !ambridg< t h P 


maker, h s 1 Fourth 
. i , tlet I . W 
pray, h Broadway n D 

• li John ( '. painter, li Putnam 
aon Paul li. boi maker, bde Broadwaj n 0. •'. i;. w. 
Simpson Thomas 1 1, oon luot town 

Simpson Willard E. (W. B, & B. Sim] I . P. 

h Broadwai d ( «. J, EL EL 

1 , s QAMBBID01 [ S ] ,,11:I OTORT. 

11 Harrison, carpenter, bds Hansen's, Trem< 
I ward, teacher of French, li Thorndikecor Sixth 

Bkahan Thomas, laborer, li Tuttle 

Bkeene William II. h Brighton d Mt. Auburn 

Skellej Elisabeth Mrs. h 18 Winter 

Skinner Charles A. clergyman, li ">1 Windsor 

Skinner Martha .Miss, principal Allston Middle S 
I I Windsor 

Skinner Samuel N. (Luke &) wood and coal dealer, Alain 
L. 1'. h Sumner 

Slater Jane .Mrs. li Mt. Auburn op Ash 

Slater Joseph K. Baddle and harness maker, Brighton n 
Harvard Square, li Mt. Auburn <-<>r Howard 

Slater Luther, b (Sewall, Day & ('«..) cordage and twine, 
ommercial, li 96 Prospect n Hampshire 

Slater Perley R. b broker, li Lee n Main 

Sleeper Solomon S. b (S eeper, Dickinson & Co.) grocer, 
165 Milk, h North Avenue n Forrest 

Slider Elizabeth K. M>s. h Broadway n Dock 

Sloan Robert, harness maker, Bridge op Flanders' Ex- 
change, h Main 

Sloan Robert M harness maker, Bridge, bis Smith's, Main 

Slocomb Charles E. mason, h Sixth n Thorndike 

Slocomb Emmons, carpenter, h Seventh n Otis 

Slocomb Man* Mrs. h 11 irvard cor Pine 

Slocomb Samuel, agent Bay State Glass Co. h 71 Otis 

Sloey Patrick, laborer, h near Dublin 

Small Benjamin, freight master Lowell R. Pt. h Sacramento 

Small Benjamin A. clerk, h 1 Wendell n Somerville 

Small Charles, varnisher, bda 57 Cambridge 

Small Joseph E. b clerk, bds Bridge n Lowell R. R. 

Smallidge Jeremiah W. carpenter, h Otis n Sixth 

Smallidge Lucretia Mrs. h »3G Thorndike 

Smart Don Carlos, wood turning and tawing, State n Main, 
h Main n State 

Smart Gustavus A. b wood turning and sawing, bds Main 
juuc Austin 

Smith Albert, machinist, bis Reed's Tavern, Gore 

Smith Alden B. b provisions, b ■'>'* Second 

Smith Alonzo R. (Newton &) provisions, Union Square n 
Porter's Station, h Walden n North Avenue 

Smith Alvah C. Master Webster Grammar School, h Wil- 
liams cor Magazine 

Smith Alvah T. hatter, Cherry cor School, h Boston 

Smith Amos, h 1_ ; 4 Harvard 

Smith At wood B. Mrs. h Auburn n Brookline 

Smitli Benjamin G. b (Smith Bi hardware, 

11:5 Milk, h Fayerweather 

C_.I3:iIDGE [ S ] DIRECTORY. 179 

Smith Bernard, printer, bds D. J. Crowley's, Dyke n Charles 

Smith Bradford W. laborer, h Gore n Third 
Smith Calvin C. plumber, h Pearl n Perry 
Smith Calvin S. glass cutter, h ^7 Otis 
Smith Catherine Mrs. dressmaker, h Appian Way n 

Smith Charles, clerk, bds Merrill's, Main 
Smith Charles, teamster, bds Columbia n Cambridge 
Smith Charles 11. painter, bds Washington cor Pine 
Smith Chauncy, b attorney, 46 Washington, h Phillips 

Smith Daniel S. glass cutter, h 36 Spring 
Smith David D. dentist, bds 596 Main 
Smith Eber Mrs. h Lincoln cor Livermore 
Smith Edwin R. moulder, h Front 
Smith Elbridge, carpenter, h Lincoln cor Livermore 
Smith Eli A. b clergyman, h 387 Main 
Smith Eliza Mrs. h U Austin 
Smith Elizabeth Mrs. h Main L. P. n Pioneer 
Smith Francis, b pump and block maker, h 63 Gore 
Smith George (John Smith & Son) leather dresser, h Har- 
vard cor Davis 
Smith George, b shipping office, h Clark n Harvard 
Smith George A. b clerk, Hamilton Bank, bds Lee cor 

Smith George B. cabinet maker, h Third n Gore 
Smith George S. cigar maker, bds Irving House, Main 
Smith Green, h 4b' Essex 
Smith Henry, machinist, h 30 Cambridge 
Smith Hcmy A. b tinman, bds River cor Rockwell 
Smith Henry A. b clerk, h Broadway cor Windsor 
Smith Henry D. Stable keeper, (lore, h Cambridge n Second 
Smith Henry W. b carpenter, bds Franklin d Pearl 
Smith James, hairdresser, bds .J. L. Haddow's, Main 
Smith James, painter, h Hastings i) Moore 
Smith James, Laborer, h Murdock n Hampshire 
Smith James, shipmaster, h Magazine cor Willis 
Smith James, b cutler, h .lav n diver 
Smith James, grocer, h Charles Place cor Ch 
Smith .John, laborer, h 98 Bridge 
Smith John, Laborer, h Kid ler'a Lane 
Smith John, stevedore, h Columbia d Hampshire 

Smith J( lm \. painter, h Harvard COT Pine 

Smith John E. cabinet maker, h Eighth cor l 
Smith John N. painter, l>"i :k, Main, h Washing- 

ton cor l 
Smith John W. B. waiter, h rear 26 Washington 

[BRIDGE [ S ] 1'' 

Smith Josi . L6 Brattle, h i rfolk, 

2d Arbor 
Smith Lebbeus W. l> broker, li Cambridge n Bumner 
Smith Lebbeus W. jr. b clerk, bds Caml 
Smith Lyman (i. b upholsterer, b I 
Smith Mary Mrs. h Brattle n Btory 
Smith Mary Ann Mrs. h Mt Auburn o]> Cen i 

i M i. tin L, wood and coal dealer, Main L P. 

ii Main 
Smith Michael, laborer, h 118 Columbia 
Smitli Michael, laborer, h Concord A 
Smith Nancy Mrs. h West n [nman 
Smith Or, U,i Mrs. h 32 Pearl 

i Peleg W. house painter, bda Pearl cor Wati 

h Rebecca M. Mrs. h 885 Main 
Smith Samuel, commist bant, h Pearl cor Cottage 

Smith Samuel, harness maker, h Thorndike n Seventh 
Smith Sidney, mason, hi' 1 art 

Smith Sidney, jr. machinist, l«l< Valentine n Pearl 
Smith Slim-on, fish dealer, h Chapman Place cot Gerry 

i Stephen, b lumber dealer, 27 Doane, h Oxford 
Smith Stillman .1. gas-titter, bds 36 Sp 
Smith Thomas, butcher, li Race Course n Kidder's Lane 
Smith Thomas, harness maker, h Fifth n Cambri 
Smith Thomas B. painter, bds Livermore cor Line 
1). (Smith & Johnston) painter, 

Building, Main, h Lynn 
Smith . 5 Clinton, h 14 Worc< 

Smith Willard W. trader, h Cambridge op Oak 
Smith William, cabinet maker, h Brooks 1 Buildil 
Smith William II. printer, li Broadway L. P. 

th William II. Mrs. h 618 Main 
Smith William .7. 1> 62 Brattle, h 36 Seventh 
Smith William W. Btairbuilder, bds 71 Thorndike 
Smith Zebiah M. Mrs. h Garden n Appian Way 
Smye - 1 ' Beph, laborer, h Foster 
Snell William, eating hous p Lowell ear shop, h 

Snider Joseph, rope maker, h Race Course n end I: 

Alonzo L. b dentist, 1 10 Court, h 35 Franklin 
Snow Ambrose, carpenter, h Hancock op Centre 
Snow Benjamin B. harness and trunk maki 

q, Cashier Charles River Bank, h Hancock op 
t re 
Humphrey L. bd 10 W 

Hams n Magaane 

Beph, mason, h Willow n North 



Nos. 1 & 2 Bowdoin Sq., 

(Under Revere House,) BOSTON, 

Offers for sale at reasonable prices an extensive assortment of 
selected Family Medicines, and a large variety of Fancy 
Goods, all of which are warranted of i\\e first quality. 

In no case will this establishment be left by day or night in 
charge of any one but a person of experience. 

Proprietor of the following articles : — 

Choate's Magic Cough Lozenges. A most effectual 
remedy lor all affections of the throat, Bronchitis, Hoarseness, 
Sore Throat, Coughs, Colds, Catarrh, Asthma, &c. Also 
particularly recommended as a Voice Lozenge to Public 
Speakers and Vocalists. Sold at 25 cents, 50 cents, and $1 
per Box. 

A choice assortment of Genuine Meerschaum Cigar 
Tubes and Pipes. 

Choate's Compound Glycerine Lotion, for softening 
and whitening the hands and face — for the prevention and 
cure of chapped hands. 

Oak Bark and Orris Tooth Paste. An elegant prep- 
aration tor whitening the teeth and strengthening the gums. 

Chloroform Tooth Ache Drop*. 

Amber Lustra I, or Dew of Flowers. For the Hair. 

An Oriental preparation. For particulars, see circular. 

Also, pure Cocoa Nut Oil for the Hair. 

Pure Cod Liver Oil. My own preparation. 

Agenf for the sale of the Genuine Mia. Allen's World's 
Hair Restorer and Dressing* 

branches of this establishment, where nil of tin* shore 
preparations may be procured. The new and elegant store of 


(or, of Court and Howard Si*., 


Washinyloii, cor. Dover Strrci. 







Custards, Pits, Blanc Mange, !<-<' Creams, Jetties, Soups, 
Gravies, Sauces, <v< - ., frc. 

The superiority of these Extracts consists in their 

Perfect Ptwrity and Great Strength. 

They are entirely free from the poisonous oils and acids 
which enter into the composition of many of the factitious 
fruit flavors now in the market. 

They are so highly concentrated that a comparatively small 
quantity only need he used. Hence it will he perceived that 
they are cheaper than others which are sold in larger bottles. 




Neatly put up in 2 oz 5 oz., and 10 oz. bottles. 

The Cuisine. There is no suhject which should more en- 
gross the attention of 

Cooks, Housekeepers, Landlords, 

— AND 

than the purity of those preparations which they may use 
in flavoring the various compounds, by them or their agents 
prepared for the human stomach. It is well ascertained that 
an important per centage of the ills that flesh is heir to, arise 
from poisons taken into the stomach with daily food, or more 
occasional refreshments. 

The only way to he secure on this point, is to take care to 

Erocure the preparations only of such persons or firms a> are 
nown, and upon whose integrity a reliance can safely be 

We do not suffer any poisonous oils or acids to enter into 
the composition of our preparations. 

These reliable Extracts are for sale at wholesale and re- 
tail by 




Snow Josiah B. stable keeper, North Avenue n Beech, h 

Snow Leonard, b children's carriage manufacturer, 08 Hav- 
erhill, h 63 Mt. Auburn 
Snow Sarah Mrs. li Appian Way n Garden 
Snow Seymour B. b bookkeeper, h Magazine n Walnut 
Snow Simeon, b currier, 25 Ferry, h 4 Columbia 
Snow Thomas R. b clerk, h Appian Way n Brattle 
Snow William, baker, h rear Fisk's Block, Main 
Snow William M. Messenger Charles River Bank, bds Han- 
cock op Centre 
Soames John, overseer at Squire's Pork House, Gore n Sev- 
enth, h Gore op Pork House 
Solloway Francis, laborer, h near Dublin 
Solon William, laborer, bds Bridge n Somervillc 
Somerby Freeman D. clerk, bds North Avenue n Everett 
Sonnemann John, portfolio and reticule maker, h Pleasant 

n Walnut 
Sophocles Evangelinus A. Tutor in Greek H. IT. rooms 3 

Sortwell Daniel R. (Cunningham, Sortwell & Co.) distiller, 

Cambridge n Windsor, h Prospect, Somerville 
Soule William S. clerk, bds 115 Cambridge 
Southwick Hannah R. Mrs. h Third n Cambridge 
Southworth George M. apothecary, Main cor Austin, manu- 
facturer of transparent soap, 1 Cherry, bds Mrs. Gove's, 
Spain William, shoemaker, h Broadway n Fayette 
Spare Elijah, jr. ladder manufacturer, Gore n Sixth, h 

Thorndike n Fifth 
Sparhawk John B. b merchant, h 0-3 Columbia 
Sparks Jared, h Quincy cor Kirkland 
Sparrow Benjamin F. b clerk, h Columbia cor Suffolk 
Sparrow Emeline, assistant teacher Allston Middle School, 

Board man, bds Columbia cor Suffolk 
Sparrow James H. carpenter, li Auburn cor Auburn Court 
Sparrow Susan Mrs. h Magaxine n Williams 
Sparrow William F. carpenter, li Samilton n Magazine 
Spear [saac, li 1 Columbia 
Spear Robert, -tone cutter, A. C. Sanborn's wharf. Bridge, 

li Boston 
Spelman Anthony, Laborer, 1> College Wharf 
Spelman [srael M. b office 11 II. EL Exchange, Court Square, 

li Sparks 
Spelman Ifalachi M. blaoksmith, Colombia n Cambri 

b same 
Spencer Charles EL b (Pollard &) shoe dealer, 680 Wash- 


L82 DBBXDOl [ S ] w 

Bpencei Eenrj <J. numlder, at Kinsley '§, b 

Spencer H< sea, mason, h 66 R ashing I 

Spencer James, b thermometer maker, b 17 I 

Spencer w Uliam V. b I d, b Bit. 

Auburn d Bow 
Spike Edmund, b jeweller, beta Mrs. Mitchell's, 17 Main 
Bprague [saac, artist, li Avon n Linnman 
Bprague Joseph, mariner, li Broadway d D 
Bprague Joseph, proof reader, beta M 

Spring Charles, b merchant, City Wharf, h North ATenue 

n Bchool bouse 
Spring Francis li. baker, h Elm d Hampshire 
Spring William S. b produce dealer, Williams Market, fa 

30 Windsor 
Springsteen John, b porter, bds Medford n Hampshire 
Sproul Andrew, ropf maker n North Avenue, h Will 

North Avenue 
Sproul Francis, rope manufacturer, h Willow cor North 

Avenue, Ward "> 
Sproul Joseph, laborer, h 29 Wind 
Sproul Wiiliam, coach painter, h Cambridge d Windsor 
Squire John P. & Co. b (II. \j }kw< i d, E. D. Kimball, 

vision dealers, 23 and 26 F. II. Market, ai 

.Market, Pork I 
St. Clair John M. h Fi lney * 

Stackpole J. Lewis b student at law, bds Mrs. Stack] 

Stackpole Joseph, Btairbuilder, h 49 Fifth 
Stackpole Susan M. Mrs. h Kirkland cor Irv : 
Stacey George W. clerk, oi>4 Main, bds Main n Brookfine 
Stacy George W. painter, 410 Main, bds Short n L'1* 
Stacy James B. printer, h Western Avenue cor Kinnard 
Stacy John, carpenter, h Western Avenue COT Kinnard 
Stafford James, bootmaker, Brighton, h South n B. 
Stafford John S. superintendent J. J. Walworth & 

factory, Main, h 80 Harvard 
Stafford Thomas, stone cutter, h Pearl cor All-ton 
Stainer Andrew, soap maker, bds '.»'.' Norfolk 
Stammers Bartlett, Laborer, h Kidder's Lane n brick yard 

Stanfield Marcus M. b (Stanlield, Wentworth v.v. Co.) Frank- 
lin, h Kirkland 
Staniford John, vial ami syringe maker, h Winter n : 
Staples .lames, carpenter, Brighton, h Preston n Cambridge 

Stapley Samuel, b N..B, Sixth 

Starbuck William C. b Treasurer X. E. Jewelry 

ington, h \) { J Spring 
Starrs Lanta, brass founder, h Baldwin Court 


Staudinger Frederick, brush maker, h Gore n Third 

Stearns Amos F. b 62 Brattle, h 39 Seventh 

Stearns Amos 0. b locksmith, h 40 Seventh 

Stearns Hiram N. dry goods, 83 Cambridge, h 3 Vernon, 

Stearns James, livery stable, Dunster n Harvard Square, h 

Eliot n Brighton 
Stearns Thomas, h School Court 
Stearns William G. steward H. U. office 1 Harvard Row, h 

Stedman Augustus Mrs. h Brighton cor Mt. Auburn 
Stedman Samuel Mrs. h South cor Dunster 
Stedman Vernal R. pianoforte action manufacturer, Main 

n Osborn's, h Harvard cor Windsor 
Steele Jacob T. b hats, caps, &c. 50 Congress, h Washington 

n Columbia 
Steele James, b bookkeeper, h 28 Pearl 
Steele John, glass cutter, h 87 Gore 
Steinbecker John, white lead maker, h Brooks' Building n 

Steinbourg John P. cabinet maker, h 19 Main n Washing- 
Stephenson William, hatter, bds Williams cor Pearl 
Stetson Calvin M. teamster, h Norfolk n Harvard 
Stetson Zephaniah, carpenter, h Harrison Place 
Stevens Abel, jr. (Albert Stevens & Co.) carpenter, Mount 

Auburn, h Ash Street Court 
Stevens Albert (& Co.) carpenter, Mt. Auburn, h Everett 

Stevens Amos, (Burgess &) box maker, at Osborn's, h G 

Stevens Aiherton H. h Water n Bridge 

ns Atherton II. jr. grocer, Bridge cor Water, fa 68 Otis 
Stevens Charles I>. clerk Register of Deeds, h Otis n Fifth 
Stevens Cyras 8. painter, Western Avenue n .Main, h Kin- 

card ocr Western A renue 
Stevens Edwin EL teamster, bds Broadway n Gh J. R. R, 
Stevens Elias II. glass maker, h 86 Gore 

ens George, organ manufacturer, Fifth cor Otis, h 51 


P. cabinet maker, bds A. II. I 

Stevens John C. b hairdresser, bds 6 Auburn Court 
as John II. plumber, 481 Main, li Western 


eni John J. b manufacturer of el 

Main d Hancock 

ens Joseph, painter and glasier, h Enman d D 

L84 QUfBBIDQl [ S ] " li:i I '' 

Stevens Levi M. clerk Union Railn . 

Stevens Martha B. assistant in rndike Primary 

Bohool, i» 1- Thorndi 
Stev< oonductoT dnion EL EL. h Lambert Avenue 

Stevens M iset B. provision dealer, Charlestown, li Mains 

Bteyena Bamnel, Btairbuilder, li 6 Auburn Court 
Stevens William, b organ builder, h I'M Otis 
Stevens "W'illi.Liii A i> paper banger, h Ifedford op Clark 
Stevens Woodbury M. polioeman, bds Kelley's, Cambri 

d Windsor 

enson David, plasterer, fa 117 Spring 
Stevenson John, b li 13 Bastings 
Stevenson Thomas, plasterer, bds 117 Spring 
Stewart Alonzo, grocer, Cambridge cor Fourth, h Otis n 

Stewart Amherst, teamster, h Gore op Pork 1 1 
Stewart Ann C. assistant teacher Putnam Primary School, 

Fourth cor Otis, bds Otis n Sixth 
Stewart Andrew Mrs. h Willard n Brattle 
Stewart Elizabeth Mrs. h Brattle Square cor Brattle 
Stewart Erie \V. carpenter, h Clark n Broadway 
Stewart Henry L. painter, h Mt. Auburn n Milliard 
Stewart Richard, butcher, h Rice d Cedar 
Stickney Francis II. carpenter, h Otis n Sixth 
Stickney Lucy Mrs. h Billiard n Mt. Auburn 
Stickney Nathaniel X. (Royal Gilkey & Co.) lun I 

i dt'fi Wharf n foot Charles River, h 51 Mt. Auburn 
Stiles J. Edwin, conductor Union It. U. bds Remington n 

Stiles John C. Superintendent Union R. R. h Remington n 

Stiles Lucius, b (Johnson & Co.) wholesale clothing dc 

05 Congress, h Lee n Main 
Stiles Samuel, carpenter, h Willow n North Avenue 
Stiles Stephen, carpenter, h North Avenue cor Willow 
Still Charles, mason, h ol Washington 
Still William, coachman, bds ol Washington 
Stimpson Francis, printer, bds 4»'> Western Avenue 
Stimpson Herbert EL b (II. vV. F. Stimpson) Btove ,v ranpre 

dealer, Congress cor Water, h North Avenue n Lin- 
Stimpson Jefferson, machinist, at Seelye's, Bridge, h 42 

Austin, Charlestown 
Stimpson John, ambrotypist, h "> Oak 
Stimpson John F. mariner, bds 6 Oak 
Stimson Royal, tanner, li Concord Avenue cor Sparks 


Stimson Royal W. farmer, bds Concord Avenue cor Sparks 
Stingel Gottleib, wood turner, h Winter St. Block n 

Stinger Lewis, glass blower, h Sixth n Cambridge 
Stinson Charles, grease collector, h Prince n Pleasant 
Stinson Daniel, teamster, h Pine n Washington 
Stinson .lames, laborer, h South n Brighton 
Stinson James, b laborer, h Med ford n Somerville 
Stinson .John, laborer, h Columbia n Lincoln 
Stith William, b laborer, h Hastings 
Stockbridge Wales R. b furniture dealer, 44 Canal, h G 

Stocker Alfred A. physician, h Main op Temple 
Stoddard James F. b clerk, bds Market n Union 
Stoddard Richard A. b carpenter, h Market n Union 
Stodder David G. b carpenter, h Main n Pioneer 
Stokes Richard, butcher, h Gore n Pork House 
Stone Abigail Mrs. h River n Jay 
Stone Amos, County Treasurer, Court House, h 14 Salem, 

Stone Betsey Mrs. h Elm 
Stone Charles, grocer, Main op Prospect, h Main n Univer- 

3t Church 
Stone Daniel, b restorator, 104 Sudbury, h River cor Au- 
Stone Daniel G. box maker, bds Merrill's, Main 
Stone John, stereotyper, Riverside, h Willow n Magazine 
Stone Levi F. box maker, h 217 Broadway 
Stone Mary Mrs. h North Avenue n Everett 
Stone Olynthns B. bds Cambridge op Hoyey's Nursery 
Stone Peter It. I>. h Lee cor Main 
Stone Etiohard T. bostler, h Austin oor I 
Stone William, wheelwright, h School Court 
Stone William P. Mr-, b i >® °P Hovey'a Nursery 

• William R. Rev. city missionary, h Norfolk n Hamp- 

r Frederick I>. printer, bda 16 Western Avenue 
Storer William, clerk, h Prospect d High School 
Storin Ellen Miss, millinery, 869 Main 
Story Francis W. h Appian Way d Garden 

Story William, li Appian Way n Brattle 

Stratton Charles, b 28 Done 

Stratton Charles M baker, li Prospect cor Austin 

Stratton Edward B. carpenter, bdj 

Stratton Era, h Austin op Doug] 

Straw Love, engineer, h 66 Spru 

1. b pOOkel book maker, 1".; n, h 

Ifoore oor Harvard 


[ s ] oimat roET. 

Strong Fanny LB iher Washi] 

B thool, b l- lliiii ni I uii 

Sir.. ut Maria Mrs. h 6 Norfolk 
Btnohel Joseph, carpenter, h Hampshire 

Third, h 20 Fourth 
Studlej Joseph, apothec y . M kin <■ t Austin, b Austin op 

Sullivan Alice Mrs. 1i Brighton June Brattle 
Bolliyan Catherine Mrs. h Brookline n I 
Sullivan Cornelius, Laborer, h 7 North 
Sullivan Cornelin ta Mt Auburn n Brighton 

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, li Leohmere Place, North 
Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, h Water d Lowell K. K. 
Sullivan Daniel, Laborer, li Kidder's Lane 

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h .') North 

Sullivan Daniel, blacksmith, h Hast 

Sullivan Daniel, gardener, h Green n Bay 

Sullivan Dennis, clerk, h Bath 

Sullivan Edward, shoemaker, beta 6 Gore 

Sullivan Ellen Mrs, h Broadway n Trowbrid 

Sullivan Florence, brass finisher, h Ellery 

Sullivan Garit, glass maker, h 81 I 

Sullivan Humphrey, carpenter, bds El 

Sullivan .lame-, cabinet maker, bdfl Mrs. Hopkii 

Sullivan James, Laborer, h Stevens Court n Fourth 

Sullivan .lames, rope maker, h Suffolk n Columbia 

Sullivan .lame- M. painter, li Green n Putnam 

Sullivan Jan t n Main 

Sullivan .lell'rey, Laborer, li Dublin 

Sullivan Jeremiah, b music printer, h Walnut Place 

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, h North n East 

Sullivan Jeremiah, b tailor, h Kim n Hampshire 

Sullivan Joanna Mrs. h 17 Winter 

Sullivan Johanna .Mrs. h West n Lee 

Sullivan John, laborer, h Harvard n II. R. crossing 

Sullivan John, laborer, li Sparks n Mt. Auburn 

Sullivan John, laborer, li East n Lowell EL EL 

Sullivan John, charcoal pedler, h East n Lowell R. R. 

Sullivan John A. printer, li Green n Putnam 

Sullivan John A. moulder, at Kin-ley's, h Dedham 
Sullivan Margaret Mrs. h Harvard cur Chestnut 
Sullivan Margaret Mrs. h 16 North 
Sullivan Mary Mrs. li Church op Palmer 
Sullivan Mary Mrs. h 13 North 
Sullivan Michael, laborer, h Winthrop n Brighton 
Sullivan Michael, laborer, h Gore n Seventh 
Sullivan Michael, laborer, h Seventh n Thorndike 


Sullivan Patrick, glass maker, h 45 Winter 

Sullivan Patrick, carpenter, h Cambridge n Seventh 

Sullivan Patrick, baker, bdfl 386 -Main 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h North n East 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h rear 13G Bridge 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h Brighton 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h Bit Auburn cor Brighton 

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h Sparks n Concord Avenue 

Sullivan Richard, laborer, h 118 Bridge 

Sullivan Richard, bds Garden cor Mason 

Sullivan Richard W. b (S. C. Thwing & Co.) merchant, 8 

Kilby, h Garden cor Mason 
Sullivan Stephen, laborer, h rear 124 Bridge 
Sullivan Thomas, b coachman, h Fourth cor Charles 
Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h Appian Way 
Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h Broadway n Ware 
Sullivan Timothy, cabinet maker, bds Prospect cor Main 
Sullivan Timothy, h River 
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h North 
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, h River n the bridge 
Sullivan Timothy D. Btereotyper, h Green n Vernon 
Sullivan William J. A. printer, bds 19 Magazine 
Summers James, mariner, h Eaton btwn Cherry and Pine 
Sumner Arthur, bds Mrs. Sumner's, Sumner 
Sumner Bradford Mis. h Sumner 

Swain Mehitable L. Miss, b dressmaker, Winter, bds Main 
Swain Samuel If. b melodeon maker, h 51 Tremont 
Swallow David W. b -hoe dealer, h 4 Harrison Avenue 
Swan Abigail Mrs. h Everett D North Avenue 
Swan Charles, clerk, bds Winthrop n Holyoke 

. William < ). lard <<il manufacturer, ii Pleasant n S 
iswelder John, cabinet maker, h Eighth n <nis 
a g itter, h 24 Winter 
Sweeney Bryan, laborer, li Dublin 

y Cornelias, carpenter, bds w inti r n Third 
> . Daniel 2d, glass cutter, h Third n i b 

v John, laborer, h I North 
• v Michael, carpenter, bds C. inter 

Sweeney William, watchman Onion K. li. h Antrim 
Sweet Jabez, t> 1- Mr. 1 1 Maple 

John l>. Mrs. h Otbi Place oor Mt. Auburn 
ttman John, janitor Law School, h l>u:i~t--r 

Ber Addte, te i< • li«r pri I, Trowbrid 

Bweetaer Atkins, teamster, li Leighton Court d I 

9 1 muel, b leather Pulton, h 

Iron brid m d Main 

i I ii. a maker and apholsb rer, Main n 

i /in.', h Tremont cor Hampshire 

188 cvmi:i:iih;i. [ T ] l'lKirroRY. 

Swett 8 irah B. di 

Swett Stephen, earpenter, h 6 

Swift Chai I lilmaker, 77 < i 

Lumbia n Washington 
Swiii Benry, laborer, li Valentine n B 

la Willi. mi, i. salesman, h 87 Washington 

laborer, li I lambridge d Sumner 
Sylvester James, jr. clerk, bus Cambridge n 
B. tailor, Bohool oor r 

Tagoabd Thomas, glass maker, b Vino n 'i 

Talbot Felix, glass maker, h Winter n Fourth 

Talbot Benrj, harness maker, Cambri Ige, h SomerriHe 

Talbot James, laborer, h Fourth a Winter 

Talbot John, glass maker, h 1 1 Winter 

Tallaok Augustus, provision dealer, bds 1 Front 

Tamplin James 1>. real estate dealer, h WendeU 

Tandy James, carpenter, h Williams n Pear] 

Tankard William, b satinet printer, h 47 Washington 

Tanner Kleazer, earpenter, h - s <> School 

Tapley Henry M. b bookkeeper, 64 Pearl, h Amory n B 

Tapley William II. b clerk, bds Mrs. IlunneweH's, Milk 
Taplin Alvin, carpenter, bds Merrill's, Main 
Tarbell George P. b 26 Long Wharf, h 96 Tremont 
Tarbell Henry W. b salesman, h Leighton G 
Tarbell Martha Mrs. h Franklin cor Pearl 
Tarbell Mary A. teacher Webster Alphabet » v 

Franklin cor Pearl 
Tarbell William G. cabinet maker, h Magazine cor Cot* 
Tarboz John, watchman at . 
Tarbox Joseph Iv. b livery Btable, Friend, h 70 Wi 
Tarboz Plummer C. officer in House Correction, h 62 Thorn- 
Tarr Jacob, b U. States Public Storehoose, h Clark 
Tate William, carpenter, bds Windsor n Washington 

Charles W, glass maker, h Otis u Sixth 
Tayhen Dennis, laborer, h 10 Bridge 
Tayhen Michael, laborer, h North n E 
Tayhen Timothy, laborer, h 9 North 
Taylor CarlosD. clerk, bus Flanders 1 Exchange, ( 
Tayl EL brush maker, bdsThorndike n Seventh 

Taylor George M. messenger Market Bank, bds at 0« Tay- 
lor's, CoggSWeU Avenue 
Taylor George EL plumb and level maker, bds Spring 
Taylor Bugh, b sexton, li Harris. m cor Bchool 
Taylor Ira, carpenter, bds Essez n Harvard 
Taylor John, b actor, h 68 Washington 
Taylor John B. physician, h 82 Cambridge 


Taylor John R. (Taylor, Johnson & Co.) vinegar manufac- 
turer, h G3 Sixth 
Taylor Mary E. h Brookline n starch factory 
Taylor Oliver, h Coggswell Avenue n North Avenue 
Taylor Samuel, brush maker, h Thorndike n Seventh 
Taylor Thomas, laborer, h 36 Washington 
Taylor William J. paper hanger, 415 Main, and Hastings 

Block, Western Avenue, h Magazine n Somerset Place 
Teague George M. eating house, 418 Main, h Green 
Teel Albert J. carpenter, h North Avenue n Alewife Brook 
Teel Am mi C. farmer, h North Avenue 
Teel Betsey Mrs. seamstress, h East on Hastings Wharf 
Teel Charles J. farmer, h North Avenue n Alewife Brook 
Teel Henry C. farmer, bds A. C. Teel's, North Avenue 
Teel Levi C. farmer, h Spruce n Cedar 
Teele Samuel P. (Howe &) bacon curer, Main op Windsor 

h 72 Washington 
Teirnan Michael, laborer, h Dublin 

Teirnan Thomas, laborer, h Race Course n Kidder's Lane 
Temple John M. clerk, h 112 Thorndike 
Templeton James M. b clerk, bds Main n Pioneer 
Tendler William H. paper hanger and upholsterer, h 87 

Washington cor Windsor 
Terry Calvin, whitewasher, &c. h 5 Washington 
Tewkesbury Francis W. b salesman, h 41 Winter 
Thain John, rope maker, h Willow Place 
Thayer Cephas P. (Welch, Bigelow & Co.) printer, Holyoko 

D Harvard, h Ash cor Ash Street Court 
Thayer Cyrus, b music teacher, bds River cor Auburn 
Thayer Henry, (& Co.) vacuum extracts, and Secretary 

Cambridge Mutual Fire Ins. Co. Main cor Douglass, h 

Worcester oor Norfolk 
Thayer Jamefl EL (J. If. ft J. P. Thayer) painter, Main n 

City Hall, li Main <>]> Remington 
Thayer Joel B. blacksmith, h 22 Second 
Thayer Joshua l\ (.J. II. ft J. 1*. Thayer) painter. Main n 

City Hall, h Mt. Auburn njune Main 
Thiery Charles U b watch c . h Sydney 

oor I Chestnut, Ward I 
. h Quiney 
Thomas Charles r >. b attorney, 11 Court, bds 10 Holyi 
Thomas Bliss Mrs. b 76 Gore 

Thomas Elizabeth Mrs. h Moore OOr Harvard 

Thorn W. painter, h Bdedford op I 

Thomas John N. expressman, h Bristol d Mai 
Thoni r, '"I- ' Shureh 

Thomas Seth J, b attorney, 16 Court, h North a 

I •'» i \Mi.i:n...i: [ T ] ' 


11 Magaiine 
Thorn] d Hi rth A 

Thompson l 

Thorn] ll. b batter, b [nman n < 

Thompson J 
Thon ii ii K. EL I 

li Dnnster i ire 

Thompson Matt] 
Thompson Samuel I. Lumber d 

w obnrn ( '•• 
Thornbury Wilson, li Franklin n San 
Thorndike Edward, druggist, 41".' Main, b 15 Brookline 
Thoroug] - I P< fcer, oarpenter, li .Main n An 
Thoronghgood Peter J. printer, beta Main 
Thorp Francis II. carpenter, li rear I. Lam's, B mj hire 
Thrasher Lewis r>. b carpenter, h 66 I • 
Thresher James, b machinist, 19 Harrard Enlace, li Clark n 

Thresher James M. b dentist, 140 Court, h 47 An 
Thurston Augustus A. cracker pedler, h 95 Norfolk 
Thurston Daniel If. (Hall & Co.) crack' 

bridge, h 95 Norfolk 
Thnrston George A. blacksmith, h Winthr | 
Thurston John C. drj . li 2 

Essex n Main 
Thurston Lyman, (Thnrsti I Pritchctt) printer, 

Main cor Temple, h Bssez n Main 
Thwing Gardner II. hi r Franklin 

Thwing James, wheelwright, li Green n 
Thwing .lames II. cler 

■ ■ t el, truckman, h 51 Winter 
Tibbets James M. carpenter, h River n 
t: 1 1 Martha It. Mrs. h Park 

Tierney Patrick T. pressman, at Chronicle Office, I 
Tigne Thomas, laborer, h 59 Gh re 
Tilton Benjamin, b h Prospect 
Tilton Benjamin It. b (II. X. ,v) lumber del 

- 1>. niton's, Pn 
Timminy Ann Mrs. li Vine n Fifth 
Timothy Michael, laborer, h Kinnard n Putnam 
Tinker Richard L driver l*. K. It. bdfi 2 DQfl 

Tinkham Clara M. Miss, dn 

both Mrs. li WiD 
Tobin James, laborer, h North cor Short, Ward 8 
b North cor Short, Ward "» 
Maurice, laborer, h rear 1-1 Bri 


Tobin Michael, laborer, beta Willow Place n Cambri 

Tobio Thomas, laborer, beta North cur Short, Ward '6 

Todd James, Laborer, b Foster 

Tohit Dennis, mason, b Poster cor Foster Place 

Toner Charles, mason, h 7 Hastings 

Toner Jajnes, glass maker, li 19 Fourth 

Tuner John, glass maker, li Cambridge n Windsor 

Toner John, laborer, h Brookline n Brie 

Toomey Daniel, gardener, h 1~> North 

Toomey Edward, laborer, h Dublin 

Toomey Ellen Mrs. h 4 Leehmere Place 

Toomey Jeremiah, rope maker, h Suffolk n Norfolk 

Toomey John, laborer, h Medford cor Winda r 

Torrey Henry W. McLean Professor of Ancient and Modern 

History H. U. h Oxford 
Torrey Philip II. carpenter, h 82 Spring 
Torry Benjamin, shoemaker, bds ( hestnut, Ward 1 
Torry Robert, printer, h Chestnut, Ward 1 
Torry Robert, jr. b clerk, 1 Bowdoin Bq. bds 3 Chestnut, 

Ward 1 
Torry William, printer, li 1 Bow 
Tothill George H. b clerk, b 1- 88 Norfolk 
Tothill William, h 88 Norfolk 
Tourtelle Daniel, painter, h Main n City Hall 
Tout Thomas, fishing rod manufacturer, h Brattle n James 
i L. b (Cutter, Tower <S: Co.) stationer, 89 New 
: ahire, b 90 Prospect 
Tower Bamuel <>. b pattern maker, 29 Haverhill, h FoUen 

Towle . b fruit dealer, h (lark cor Harvard 

Towns Ezra, (& Sawyer) mastic roofer, 878 Main, bds 9 

a line 

Towns Hamilton, cigar maker, b 89 Pear] 

Towns Horatio, b watchmaker, h 25 v. 

Towne John, b clerk, Oak Hall, h Prospect d Harvard 

Towne Nathan, teamster, b East op Leighton Court 

I Elbri Ige I >. carpenti p, b w olum- 


Henrj, b Clerk, 18 Franklin, h Bit Auburn D 

Brattle Square 

. carpenter, bds Western A\« sue d Jay 
Townsend James, door plate ma 

Burroughs's, Bridge 
Townsend Samuel, carpenter, bds rear D'Wolf n Mount 

' ». i> tailor, bds P 
hen, h P irsll 

r Thurston H. li Meacham 
Tracy John, laborer, h near Walden and i : K. 


Tracy Michael P. carpenter, b Wri 

Tracy Ediohael •'. blacksmith, b Fourth n Winter 

Tracy Patrick, laborer, h Cambridge b Willow Place 
Train Edmund, grocer, Bridge eor East, h 76 Thorndi 
Trainer John, b britannia worker, li Elm d Cambri 
Trass Cyrus, mason, bds Mrs. McNorton's, Brighton 
Trask Daniel P. engineer, brick yard, li Kid 
Travis Edward K. harness maker, bds 1 Gore 
Travis Joseph II. upholsterer, bds 1 Gore 
Treadwell Daniel, h Concord Avenue n Garden 
Tribou Walters. (O. Bastings & Co.) Lumber dealer, I 

h Phillips Place cor Mason 
Trilegan Newey, blacksmith, h Race Course n Kidd 

Tristy Ann Mrs. h Brookline n Erie 
Trow Francis 11. carpenter, h Bath 
True Elias P. driver Union R. H. bds Third 
Trull Alfred A. (Berry &) sash maker, &c. Dyke, h 

Brighton cor Winthrop 
Trumpler Frederick C. A. furrier, h near Harvard 
Tucker Betsey Mrs. h 50 Auburn 

Tucker Charles A. b clerk Suffolk Bank, h 108 Norfolk 
Tucker Cordelia Mrs. h Austin op Douglass 
Tucker Ebenczer, harness maker, Brattle, h D'Wolf n Mt. 

Tucker Ebenezer, jr. carriage painter, at Chapman's, bds 

Tucker George T. apothecary, bds D'Wolf 
Tucker Hiram, spring bed manufacturer, State, h Norfolk 

cor Austin 
Tucker Hiram A. printer, bds at E. Tucker's, D'Wolf 
Tucker James, mariner, h North n East 
Tucker John H. student, bds D'Wolf 
Tucker Joseph, laborer, b h Hastings 
Tucker Levi B. & Co. b (R. D. Tucker) brewers, 56 and 57 

Blackstone, Brewery Fifth n Thorndike, h Plaistow, 

N. H. 
Tucker Mary Mrs. h Harvard cor Pine 
Tucker Thomas J. b hatter, bds II. Wells's, Allen 
Tufts Arthur W. (Flint & Tufts) Lumber merchant, Bri 

n Craigie's Bridge, )> 6 Central, h Charleetown 
Tufts Charles, b 54 Prospect 
Tufts Charles, newspaper dealer, Brattle Square 
Tufts Ebenezer T. painter, h 13G Cambridge 
Tufts John A. mason, h 88 Fifth 

Tufts Zebolon, farmer, h North Avenue n Alewife Brook 
Tumulty Peter, laborer, h Ivinnard n Putnam 
Tuohey Daniel, laborer, h Somerset n Pleasant 


Turner George R. millinery goods, Main n Norfolk, h Mag- 
azine cor Short 
Turner James, mariner, h Columbia n Hampshire 
Turner Joshua, machinist, h Harvard n Columbia 
Turner Stephen, stone cutter, bds Hubbard's, Second 
Tute Rensselaer, b (& Co.) tea dealer, 16 South Market, h 

60 Western Avenue 
Tuten Edward T. glass cutter, h 120 Spring 
Tuttle Charles \V. b attorney, 46 Washington, bds Tuttle 

cor AVyeth 
Tuttle Freeman, (Tuttle & ) farmer, bds Tuttle cor "Wyeth 
Tuttle Joseph, bookbinder, bds 372 Main 
Tuttle Moses, (& Son) farmer, h Tattle cor Wyeth 
Twist William, policeman, h 36 Pearl 
Twist William H. driver Union R. R. bds 36 Pearl 
Twoigh Daniel, laborer, bds Lambert Avenue 
Tyler Asa, b boots and shoes, 20 Tremont Row, h Sixth n 

Tyler Henry, printer, bds Osborn's, Harvard Square 
Tyler John AI. clerk, h 20 Spring 

Tyler Joseph H. attorney, and Register of Insolvency, office 
Cambridge cor Second, bds 35 S. Second 

Ufford Hezekiah G. b (S. N. & H. G. Ufford) stoves, fur- 
naces, &c, 73 Sudbury, h Prescott, Ward 2, n Main 

Ufford Samuel N. b (S. N. & H. G. Ufford) stoves, furnaces, 
&c, 73 Sudbury, h Prescott, Ward 2, n Main 

Upham Catherine Miss, h Kirkland cor Oxford 

Upham George P. b flour dealer, h Windsor n Harvard 

Upton Hiram A. b laborer, h 76 School 

Valentink Henry C. b clerk, h Prospect cor Harvard 
Valentine Ismna Mrs. h Prospect e<>r Harvard 

Valentine Lawson, l) (Stimson, Valentine & Co.) drug 

86 India, It Prospect n Harvard 

Vanderhoof John II. hairdresser, 65 Cambridge, bds 

Vandine Henry, nurseries, h Plymouth 
Vanpraagh Benjamin, ci^ar manufacturer, bds Brooks's 

Building n Alain 
Van Etoea Nicholas, cabinet maker, h Eighth n <>tis 
Van E&ees Nicholas, jr. cabinet maker, b Eighth n Thorn- 
Vausiane Wellington, musician, h 120 Harvard 
Van-try Augustus, oarpenter, h Livermore d Lincoln 
Vaughan Benjamin, bolerk, bdsCraigic 
Vaughan Charles, i> (J. •'. Adams ft <'<>.) brush deal, 
w ashington, h Berkeley 


l'-'l ( \mi;kii.(.i: [ \tf ] mi'.i I | 

Vaughao Charles B. b 

!i:m William M. b (J. J. \ 
'.''. , Washington, h Craigic cor Conoord A\< 
Vaupel Louis, g] i er, h 125 Spring 

y \\ illiaui, brass finisher, h 1 1 7 Har 
Venablei George, laborer, 1> Franklin n 

Venner John, b melodeon manufacturer, h II 
( Sherry 

Venter John EL b farrier, li Broadway op Boardman 

Vickery William, carpenter, h Windsor d Washington 

Vickery William, baker, bds Mt. Auburn d Brighton 

Victor Rage', glass blower, h Second d Gore 

Vigors Stephen, mason, li Seventh d Cambri 

Vigneron John, glass cutter, h Vine d I li i i-« I 

Villum Francis J. machinist, at Seel}' Bos- 


Vinal Albert, b foot of Poplar, h Harvard n Han 

Vina! Susan Miss, h 71 School 

Vincent John, laborer, bds J. Patterson's, Wvrth's Lane 

Vining Caroline M. Mrs. h Harvard OOr Pine 

Vinton John, carpenter, h Sparks n Concord Avenue 

Vogl Adolph, clerk, h 56 Spring 

Voit William, glass gilder, h 18 Winter 

Volker James, box maker, bds Main OOr PlOl 

Vollintine Thomas, b (1>. Fairbanks and 

leather dealer, Bl Kilhy, h Williams cor Pearl 
maker, bds 

Waddkll John, carpenter, h Main n Harrison 

Wade Asa, b tlour inspector, 134 State, h Broadway D Trc- 

Wade Bben, merchant, Havana, h Harvard n Ware 
Wade Francis W. b bookkeeper, h Orchard COT l'» 
Wade II. Louisa Mrs. h 17 Magazine 
Wade Henry P. b clerk, bds Broadway n Tremont 
Wade J. Augustine, bookbinder, bds 17 Magazine 
Made Ruth P. Mrs. h Punster cor Mt. Auburn 

Wade Ilut'us R. officer Bouse Correction, Blown 

Wadleigfa George A. b (Wasson, Pierce ft Co.) 7 k - 

ham, b Is .). C. Lovejoy's, Inman 
Wait Amos L. livery stable, 801 Main,h rear M Washington 

Waitt Andrew S. Superintendent College Buildings, h Ash 

n Mt. Auburn 
Waitt Edwin L cement dealer, bdl rear 64 Washing 

Waitt Freeman C. expressman, h 18 Cotl 

Waitt Gilbert II. clerk, Main cor Windsor, 

Waitt Susan Mrs. h 22 Brooks' Building n School 


Wakehearn Samuel, painter and grainer, h 77 School 

Walch .James, laborer, at G. G. Hubbard's, Brattle 

Waldron Edward T. brass finisher, bds 219 Broadway 

Waldron John D. conductor Union It. R bds Brighton 

Walker Alvah, oil manufacturer, bds Flanders' Exchange 

Walker Anna Mrs. h 17 Magazine 

Walker Anna J. nurse, bds 17 Magazine 

Walker Ellen P. Ms. h Harvard op Ware 

Walker Frederick P. glass maker, h Fifth cor Winter 

Walker J. Dana, b melodeon maker, h 51 Tremont 

Walker James, President Harvard University, h Quincy 

Walker John, laborer, h Seventh n Cambridge 

Walker John H. butcher, h Franklin btwn Brookline and 

Pearl in rear 
Walker Samuel, tailor, h 4 Third 
Walko Martin, b (Walko & Barnum) furrier, 10 Summer, 

h Magazine cor Short 
Wall .John, b plumber, h Hastings 

Wall Joseph, rope maker, bds T. Clark's, North Avenue 
Wall William, laborer, h Lambert n Cambridge 
Wall William A. landscape painter, bds Hampshire n Clark 
Wall William G. landscape painter, h Hampshire n Clark 
Wallace James P. jr. provision dealer, Brattle cor Palmer, 

h Everett Place 
Wallace William, teamster, h Livermore n Lincoln 
Walmsley John II. b plasterer, h Union n Market 
Waiter Richard, marble polisher, h Hastings n Moore 
Walters Ann Mrs. h Walnut n Sydney 
Walton Nathan S. painter, Brattle cor Palmer, h Everett 

Walton Thomas, laborer, h Kidder's Lane n Cedar 
Walworth James J. ft Co. b (11 8. Scndder and C. C. Wal- 
worth) engineers and iron tube manufacturers, 18 and 
24 Devonshire, Manufactory Main op Brooks' Build- 
ing, bds Boston 
Wann Michael, laborer, h near Dublin 
Ward Andrew A. provision dealer, :;'.':; Main, h Wei 

He <-<»r Kinnard 
Ward ( hai lei Bank of Mutual Redemption, 

tzine n W :i 1 ii n t 
I Edward \. (Charlestown) lumber dealer, h 8a 

Ward Edward P. b clerk, bdfl Broadwaj DOT Tremont 

b manufacturer, 27 Federal, h Ui-a; 
Ward Hannah Mr-, li Brighton n Harvard Bq 
Ward Henry B. h Dan i d Harvard 
Ward Henrj li. i» telegrapher, b Main n June Arrow 


Ward Herbert h. oondootor Providence EL It. h W 

Ward Holbrook, li Elm cor Broadway 

Ward James, cabinet maker, h Hasting 

Ward Joann Mrs. li Short, Ward '■'> 

Ward John, laborer, h Dublin 

Ward John M. cabinet maker, li Hastings n M 

Ward Jonathan W. architect, li Hampshire d Elm 

Ward Joshna P. li Magazine d Walnut 

Ward Bamuel, li Jay d Western Avenue 

Ward Bimon B. b tailor, 251 Washington, b • ' I 

Ward Winthrop A. provision dealer, b W 

Warden -John, laborer, li \<»rth D I 

WardweU Thomas <i. laborer, b Green n Putnam 
Ware George A. printer, li llagasine eor Park 

"Ware Henry, i> counsellor, 84 Bchool, h WareeoT Broadway 
Ware John V. W. olergyman, h Harvard cor Inman 
Ware Banford P. carpenter, li Pine n Harra 
Ware Wesley, carpenter, b ; i'.' Columbia 

Ware William, boot fitter, bdfl D. Mullen's, Dunstsr 

Ware William, shoemaker, bde Ellery n Harvard 

Ware William Mrs. h Ware cor Broadwaj 

Warfield Henry, b stereotyper, h 89 Pino 

Warland Edward M. b clerk, bus Mt. Auburn n D*l 

Warland Francis, b clerk, bus Mt. Auburn n D'Wolf 

Warland Mary A. Mrs. h Mt. Auburn n D'Wolf 

Warland William, h 89 Brattle 

Warner Caleb II. b Cashier Bank of Commerce, h Ilai 

n Dana 
Warren Gardner, oil manufacturer, n Court, h Inman n 

Warren J. Benedict, bdfl Inman n Austin 
Warren Lydia C. Mrs. h 6 Auburn Court 
Warren Moses, h Fayerweather 
Warren William, carpenter, h Suffolk n Norfolk 
Warren William C. conductor Union 11. It. bdfl Airs. Gove's, 

Warren Winslow, Proctor H. U. 21 Holworthy Hall 
Washburn Emory, University P I Law H. U. h 

Washburn Emory, jr. student, bda Quincy 
Waterhouse Louise Mrs. h Waterhoua 
Waterman William EL b printer, bds Brookiine n Btareh 

Waters George W. harness maker, bds North Avenue op 

Waten Lydia T. Mis. li North Avenue op Common 
Waters Mary Mrs. h Brighton 


Waters Patrick, b clerk, bds Carter's op Dock 

Watriss Oliver W. (Clark &) leather dresser, h Main cor 

Watrisfi William, bds Mt Auburn cor Ash 
Watson Abraham W. b clerk, h 23 Spring 
Watson Alexander, cabinet maker, bds 1^3 Washington 
Watson Charles S. cooper, bds rear 44 Windsor 
Watson Nancy B. Mrs. h 34 Spring 
Wattendorf John, britannia worker, bds Seventh n Otis 
Watts Francis A. livery stable, Brattle n Harvard Square, 

h Daniels Court 
Watts James YV. b steel plate engraver, bds Spring cor 

W r atts Lawrence B. plumb and level maker, h Spring cor 

Way Alanson b, tobacconist, 7 Commercial, h Tremont cor 

Webb James, gardener, h Med ford n Cambridge 
Webb John W. ship carpenter, h 5 Washington 
Webb Mary Mrs. h Sydney n Front 
Webb Michael, b clerk, h Dunster cor Mt. Auburn 
Webb Wilson O. laborer, at II. II. Barnes's, Concord Avenue 
Webber Alonzo C. physician, h Pleasant cor Green 
Webber John II. b architect, 20 State, h Charles cor 

Webber Mark, laborer, bds Mrs. McXorton's, Brighton 
Webber Norman A. b. bookkeeper, h Kinnard n River 
Webber William L. bds Pleasant cor Green 
Webster Amos, clergyman, Editor Christian Era, h Prospect 

kthan, h Sumner 
Webster William 1*. b expressman, h Harvard n Davis 

trdener, i"l< Harvard oor Pine 
Weeden Henry, tailor, b 122 Columbia 
Week- Emmett, printer, b '■'> Harrison Avenue 
Welbasky Edward A. i> broker, State, bds 92 Prospect 
Welch Albion K. V. (Welch, Bigelow & Co.) printer, Hoi 

yoke, li Solyoke cor South 
Welch Anthony, laborer, h Vine n Fourth 
Welch Benjamin, trader, h Hampshire oor Norfolk 
Welch Benjamin s. (Daniel D. &) variety st->rc, in.") Main, 

li Jennings n Brookline 
Welch Conner, laborer, h Dana n Broadway 
Welch David, laborer, h Medford d Cambridge 
Welch Daniel D, (ft Benjamin B. Welch) variety store, 405 

Main, bdfl '■'>- 1 Main 

Welch Edward, laborer, h Dear Dublin 

Welch Eliiabeth s. Mrs. b Washington oof Colombia 

Welch Plorrow, laborer, h Brighton 


I M r\Mi:i:iiM.i. [ yj ] DOUl i 

Weloh Franoia, laborer, b 8 Vim* 

Welch Garrit, laborer, li Gore d 1'" k 1 1 < .u-f 

Weloh Henry T. oarriage painter, Cambrid 

Sixth oor Spring 
Welch Hiram, constable and undertaker, h 108 ( < 
Welch John, brush in i u« -^, b Charles n Ponrth 
W 111 John, laborer, h Dublin 
Weloh John, laborer, h near Dnblin 
Weloh John, laborer, h Harvard d Brimmer Block 
Weloh John, laborer, h Short, Ward 8 
Welch Maria M bs, h 80 Fourth 

Weloh Maurice, laborer, h East D Lowell EL EL 

Welch Patrick, b currier, b Hancock n Green 
Welch Richard, laborer, h Medlbrd d Somerville 

Welch Thomas .J. painter, bds Sixth D Thorndikc 

Welch Walter, stable keeper, h North cor Short 

Welch William, blacksmith, li South 

Weld Benjamin C. carpenter, h Winthrop n Brighton 

Weld Horace N. boarding house, 84 Cherry 

Weld John, driver Union 11. EL bdfl Watertown 

Welles Henry C. b attorney at law, bdfl North Avenue cor 

Welles John II. civil engineer, bds North Avenue cer Mellen 
Welles Maria Mrs. h North Avenue oor Mellen 
Welles Thomas R, b clerk, bdfl North Avenue 
Wellington Addie H. tea her Harvard Grammar School, 

Harvard, bdfl 47 Prospect 
Wellington Charles W. W. b 88 Summer, h Cottage n Bi 
Wellington George, b produce dealer, 88 North Market, h 

Columbia cor Broadway 
Wellington Horatio (Wellington Brothers) coal dealer, 

Bridge, h Charlestown 
Wellington Jonas C. b wholesale coal dealer, 70 State, h 

Broadway cor Prospect 
Wellington Joseph A. (Wellington Brothers) wood and 

Bridge, h 88 Se:ond 
Wellington Joseph 1). organ builder, h 107: Cambridge 
Wellington Joseph V. b Boylfiton Market, h 13 Tn 
Wellington William W. physician, h 4 Temple 
Wellman Samuel E. candy pedler, h Centre cor Hancock 
Wellman Samuel E. pattern maker, h Hancock oor Centre 
Wells Charles A. h 34 Brighton 
Wells Charles F. b restorator, h Orchard Beech 
Wells Daniel Mrs. h Kirkland 
Wells Francis Mrs. h 24 Green 
Wellfl George G. b clerk, bds 24 Green 
Wells Henry, b bookkeeper, 40 Court Square, li Allen n 

North Avenue 


Wells James H. b bookbinder, h Prospect n Cambridge 

"Wells John D. divinity student, bds Milliard n Brattle 

Wells Lucia G. P. Mrs. h Billiard n Brattle 

Wells Perley, teamster, h School 

Wells Peter P. b (E. Williams & Co.) 123 State Street Block, 

h 10 Green cor Magazine 
Wells Samuel II. b clerk, bds 24 Green 
Wells Sarah Mrs. milliner, Main cor Norfolk, bds Mrs. 

Brown's, 366 Main 
Wells William, h Brattle n Fayerweather 
Welts Elijah, Britannia ware worker, bds Winter n Fourth 
Welts Enos, soap maker, h Winter n Fourth 
Wenrieh Mary A. Mrs. h Austin cor Essex 
Wentworth Benjamin L. painter, h Magazine n Webster 
Wentworth Horace, b book publisher, 11G Washington, h 

Auburn cor River 
Wentworth Jerome, baker, h 31 Clark 
Wentworth John, mason, bds Park n Magazine 
Wentworth Mary E. Mrs. tailoress, h rear 79 Spring 
Wentworth Thomas B. carpenter, bds Magazine n Web- 
West Catherine B. assistant teacher Webster Grammar 

School, bds Pine n Harvard 
West John O. carpenter, h 69 Spring 
West Levi II. car builder, bds Bunster cor Harvard 
Weston Edward II. apothecary, Cambridge cor So. Third, h 

Otis n Fifth 
a William II. clerk, bds Edward II. Weston's, Otis 
Wetherbee J. Otis, b clerk, bds 25 Brookline cor Franklin 
Wetherbee Jeremiah, h 25 Brookline 
Wetherbee Levi, b produce dealer, 20 City Wharf, h 10 

Wej elius L. b dentist, 171 Court, h Beech oor 

( Orchard 
Whalen Catherine Mrs. h Charles Court 
Whalen James, Laborer, b Broadway d Grand Junction EL EL 
Whalen John, Laborer, h Broadway Bl 
Whalen Martin, laborer, h 15 North 
Wheal* d Thomas, stereotyper, bds Pleasant 
Wheaton Henry Mrs, h Brattle oor Sparks 
Wheder Charles, b 68 Fourth 

Wheeler Charles B. ornamental painter, bds 68 Fourth 
Wheeler Charles L. b clerk, bds 12 An 
Wheeler Clark M. i> tailor, h Kinnard d \\ 
Wheeler GK ill &) blacksmith, Brighton, h 

Place D Ml. Ant. urn 

Wheeler John F. b oler istin 

Wheeler Jonathan, 4)17 goods, L85 Bridge, b Con 

UJDQl [ W ] W 

Wli. h l- 

Wheeler Margaret Mrs. h Dunster d Winthrop 

•r William 3hep urd d \ 

! I miel K. j 

w hi ring 

>N heelook Samuel a. i» clerk, li 52 

\\ hi Ideo II : 

Whippen William, 1> pump ami block maker, h E 

Whipple Ch 

\\ hippie Edward, b type founder, h I) '■'<. .1. EL EL 

Whipple J. lm A. 1) ( \\ hip; 
Washington, li Norton 
Whipple William .J. Mrs. h Putnam cor On 

Whirlow John S. shoemaker, foreman at Wood's, Dai 

Row, h Brighton 
Whitaker Joseph, tin plate worker, b 84 Fourth 
Whit b W. clerk, bds 166 < ambri 

Whit comb Henry (J. clerk, h 84 Spring 
Whitcomb John L team 'e Wharf, Bridge 

White Almira Mrs. h rear 7"> Spi 
White Benjamin T. superintendent freig 

White Charlee J i. prn 

White Ch irlea W. b b . h Third n Cambridge 

Whit-' . li Franklin n Pearl 

Whit uth n Dim 

White Edward, Laborer, h Mm, re n Harvard 

Edward .1. Lwaj 

White Edwin, stairbuilder, bds Front 
White Ellen Mrs. b Dublin 
White Francis H. clerk, bis Rice's, A ! 
White Frederick D. cabinet maker, h I ifth 

White George W. horticulturist, b Hollisn North Avenue 
White Hannah M. Mrs. millinery, Main Op Irvi 

h Front n Universalist ( hureh 
White Jam r, h Winthrop n Brighton 

White James I>. Laborer, at L. Jones's, Kirkland 
White James II. b musician, h 129 Broadway 
White John, cigar maker, Alain D Norfolk, h Front 
White John P. b carpenter, h Willard n Urattle 

White Michael, laborer, h Kidder's Lane cor Bargent 

White Michael, laborer, h Hampshire n Cole 
White Patrick, baker, bds Newmarch's, Harvard 
White Ransom W. b<ls Seed's Tavern, Bridge 
White Iluth Mrs. h 88 Otis 


White Stephen, stable keeper, h Rice 

White Stephen A. glass cutter, h Fifth n Vine 

W'hite Thomas, laborer, h Dublin 

White Thomas J. shoe dealer, Harvard Row, h Brattle cor 

School Court 
White Thomas M. painter, Main n State, h Austin n School 
White Timothy, laborer, h Dublin 
White William H. carpenter, h Essex n Austin 
Whiteley Edward, b warming apparatus, h Broadway op 
i Boardman 

Whiteley Eli, expressman, h 51 Washington 

W T hiteley William H. takes his ease, bds 231 Broadway 

Whiten Charles G. bds Amory n Summer 

Whiten Nathan, b broker, h Amory n Summer 

Whiting Hosea, b 100 Faneuil Hall Market, h Walnut cor 

Whiting Sidney S. jig sawyer, h 24 Fifth 
Whitman Alfred, jr. b oil, 44 Broad, bds 28 Auburn 
Whitman Edmund S. b oil, 44 Broad, h 28 Auburn 
Whitman Ephraim P. b (Wright &) merchant, Congress, 
h Kirkland 
j Whitman Francis H. bds E. P. Whitman's, Kirkland 
Whitman Isaiah J. carpenter, h Winter St. Block n Winter 
Whitman John, b travelling agent, h Harvard n Columbia 
| Whitmore Joseph, lithographer, h rear 116 Thorndike 
Whit more Nathaniel G. gun and rifle maker, bds Otis 
Whitney Alvah, soap maker, h 47 Gore 
Whitney Amos, b engineer, h Sydney n Front 
Whitney Augustus A. (& Brackett) furniture dealer, Brat- 
tle Square, bds North Avenue n Porter's Station 
, Whitney Benjamin D. h Ware n Broadway 
Whitney Benjamin L. Mrs. h 11 Franklin 
Whitney Benjamin W. attorney, Whitney's Building, Brat- 
tle Square, bds North Avenue n Porter's 81 
Whitney Caroline St. Aubyn .Mrs. h H Franklin 
Whitney Charles B, b clerk N. Eng. Glass Co. bds Auburn 

cor Auburn Court 
Whitney Edward T. surveyor, (office at dale & Dudley ' 

l\ ) h Auburn n Brookline 
Whitney Fanny Mis. h Auburn n Brookline 
Whitiley Prederiokaon T. W. jeweller, bds 7-"> Fourth 
Whitney Henry, bookkeeper New England Glass W 

bdfl 85 Seeond 
Whitney Joseph, Surveyor, Civil I and City 'l 

nrer, li 78 Fourth 
Whitney Martin, baker, h Douglass q Austin 

Whitney Nathaniel EL urt, 

Court House, li Belmont 

CAMBMin.i: [ W ] MKMTORY. 
\\ bit! 

Whitney Samuel . I iflli 

Whitney Susannah Mrs, li North Avenue d I' 
Whitney William L. 

Whitney William L box maker, h 
W hi ton John P, I t Broad, d 

Whiton John W. l. clerk, bos 568 Main 
Whittemore ohline, h I 

w hittemore Amos, jr. • 
Whittemore Benjamin IJ. b olerl 

ton r<>r Pine 
Whir mi manufacturer, Br 

Walnut n Sydney 
Whitfc ill Hall Market, li Bar 

n Hancock 
Whit I lerk and messenger ( 

bds Front cor Sydney 
Whittemore Samuel, expn 
Whittemore Tin \ Cornhill, fa 

ington cor Cherry 
Whittemore Thomas J. b clerk Custom Hoi 

Appian Way 
Whittemore William l 1 n. fa 81 Clark 

Whitten James, can; H I's, Shep- 

Whitten William, sakx n, I Gore 

Whittier Henry C. b clerk, li Jay d W uue 

Whittier True Gh clerk, h Gardner n ; 
Whitton John H. i> printer, h Broadway U P. 
Whit well Char 1 . - irt, bds .Mrs. Wenrich'l 

Whorf John li. bookbinder, h Magazine n Walnut 
Whori8key John, stone cutter, h 17 Winter 
Whoriskey Patri utter, bds 17 Winter 

Whoriskey Rich cutter, h 16 Winter 

Wiggin Charles II. pianoforte maker, h Front n Vil 
Wiggin Daniel II. bookbinder, bds Erring H 

u Daniel H. bookbind 

D Ira W. 1» h 29 Iliver 

:in Patrick, laborer, h Concord A -venue d 

Wight Henry, b (Kil 
ington, h 1 18 Camb 

i ; i Mrs. h 106 Ihorndi] 

Is 108 

nimmnw iB [ Jtf ] DIRECTORY. 

Wilcox David, b hatter, li 4G Spring 

Wilder Cyrus J). (& D. Wilder) Bhoe Btore, Main cor Nor- 
folk, bdfl Washington n Norfolk 

Wilder David, (C. D. &) shoe store, Main cor Norfolk, h 
Washington n Norfolk 

Wilder Henry C. machinist, h Front n marsh 

Wilder James C. painter, sexton and funeral undertaker, 
Main n Prospect, h 54 River 

Wilder James S. b wharfinger, Constitution Wharf, h North 
Avenue cor Shepard 

Wilder John, b attorney at law, bds E. J. Loomis's, Sacra- 

Wilder John, baker, h Harvard cor Boardman 

Wildes Moses 2d, b 48 Devonshire, bds S. Willis's, Mt Au- 

Wildes Sarah J. Mrs. h 84 Gore 

Wildes William, b wine merchant, 40 Elm, h Bowdoin cor 

Wiley Abraham S. apothecary, Harvard Block, Harvard 
Square, h Trowbridge n Broadway 

Wilkinson Arthur, b (Stetson & Co.) dry goods, 53 Milk, 
h Harvard n Dana 

Wilkinson John H. b commission merchant, 19 Doane, h 
Franklin n Pleasant 

Wilkinson Thomas, glass maker, h Fifth n Gore 

Wilkinson William, g ass maker, h Fifth n Gore 

Wilkshire William, gas-titter, h 4'» Washington 

Willard Abel, h Mt. Auburn cor Ash 

Willai i i painter, bds 34 1 Main 

Willard Harriet W. teacher High School, bds 10 Tremont 

Willard Joseph, b saw manufacturer, 9 Shoe and Leather, 
li Broadway n (i. .1. It. li. 

Willard Joseph A. i> assistant clerk in Superior Court for 
Suffolk, h Charles cor All- I 

Willard Liny Mrs. h .Mt. Auburn n !):;• 

Willard Lyman, keeper Fresh Pond ll< use, Wyeth's L 

Willard Samuel L carpenter, h Wendell n North Avenue 

Willcomb Charles L. shipmaster, li 60 Thorndike 

Willcomb George, i> (Manning, Glover & 

dealer, &c. L9 North Market, h Avon n Lumsean 

Willey John C. Chief «-f Poll I tird, h l- •_ 

Williams Abigail Mis. h Brighton d South 

Williams Albert <i. oonductor Union EL EL bds II. 1». Smith's, 
♦ in Cambri 

Williams Anthony, teamster, bds "-IT Main 

Williams Bdwar I 

Williams Edward J. bookbinder, bdi or Co- 


OAMBmnxn [ VT ] Danmr. 

Williams Hanna' -hire 


Williai • I b Hampshire 

Willi bookbinder, bda Washington c i 

Willii bird 

Will 11. nap maker, I Ik 

Williamfl John, blacksmith, h Main n Hani 
Willi blacksmith, h Valentine n Brookline 

Williams J« hn, carpenter, h B»-'_ nth 

Williamfl John M. S. b (Glidden ft) 114 81 in cor 

Williams Joseph, b clerk, h Hampshire n Prospect 
Williams Mary Mrs. h Hampshire n Prospect 
Williams Thomas, laborer, h Main nil L. P, 

Williams William, brush maker, bdfl II B cond 

Williamson Margaret, midwife, h Broadway L. P. 
Willis George E. tin plate worker, h 70 Fourth 
Willis Stillman, h Mt. Auburn n Mount Auburn Cemetery 
Williston John, civil engineer, h Inman n Cambri 
Williston Lyman R. Principal High School, h Irving n 

Wilson Albert, engineer, h 22 Fifth 

Wilson Alexander, engineer, h rear Cambridge n Willow 
Mrs. h Harvard n R. R. 
D Catherine, h Harvard n D 

ise, h Inman n Hampshire 
-ies 0. printer, I trier's, Harris n Av- 

Wilson James T. cabinet maker, h Windsor n Cambridge 
Wilson John, b bookkeeper, h Trowbridge n Broadway 

i John, tinman, h Vine n Third 
Wilson John, turner, h 133 Gore 
Wilson John, b laborer, h Washington 
Wilson Joshua, printer, h 81 River cor Auburn 

D Nicholas, b laborer, h Brooks' Building n Main 
;t, h 2 Brimmer Block, Harvard 
Wilson Robert, h Brimmer Block, Harvard 

arpenter, bds Shepard n Avon 
Wilson William, rope maker, h Columbia n Somerville 
Willwerth I lias, boiler maker, h East Boston 
Winchell Rensselaer, b clerk, h 39 Spring 
Winch :nbach Henry J. b grocer, h Kinnard n Western 

Winchester E. A. k W. (C. Berkley Johnson, T. B. Win- 
chester, C. R. Johnson, and S. S. Winchester,) soap, 
•js and provisions, Water n Bridge, b 16 South 


Winlo Adam, glass maker, h Winter n Fourth 
Winn Francis W. carpenter, Palmer, h Gerry 
Winnett Anna J. teacher Webster Primary School, Webster, 

bds 134 Harvard 
Winnett Jason, b Traveller Office, h 134 Harvard 
Winnett Lizzie B. teacher Allston Grammar School, Board- 
man, bds 134 Harvard 
Winship Cynthia Miss, h Columbia n Harvard 
Winslow John B. Superintendent Lowell R. R. h 53 Thorn- 
Winslow Lewis R. overseer Boston and Lowell repair shop, 

h 166 Cambridge 
Winslow William D. b clerk, h Sumner 
Winter Charles, h Pine n Harvard 

Winter Charles, jr. pianoforte tuner, bds Pine n Harvard 
Winter William, author and lecturer, bds Pine n Harvard, 

address Gazette Office, Boston 
Winward Jesse, bone dealer, h 95 Vine 
Wiseman Edward, laborer, h Elm n Hampshire 
Wiseman Goodwin, fireman Lowell R. R. bds 20 East 
Wiseman Robert, laborer, h West n Inman 
Witherell Freeman C. (& Co.) fish market, 370 Alain, h 

An -tin Court 
Witherell William, (& Co.) fish market, 370 Main, h Aus- 
tin Court 
Withev Simeon B. carpenter, Brattle cor Story, h Story cor 

Withington Martha Mrs. h Bristol n Hampshire 
Withington N. Porter, box maker, bds Bristol n Hamp- 
Wokak Frederick H. cabinet maker, h 10 Brimmer Block, 

Wolfe Louis, b printer, h 46 Western Avenue 

lifted, (& Hall) grocer. Harvard Row, h Chimney 
Wood Caleb, (Denton &) blank book manufacturer, Maga- 
zine, h 16 Tremont 
Charles, h 18 Tremont 
Wood Charles P. b clerk, h North Avenue n Everett 
Wood Coolidge P. conductor Union 1'. EL bde Watertown 
Wood David Gh bdfl Miss Upham's, Kirkland 
Wood David EL carpenter, h Charles River n Mt. Auburn 
Wood Fran ris, glass blower, h 49 Winter 
Wood Frederick, b t;iil«>r, 56 Washington, h Maple 
v ' hn, b ins] e n Fourth 

Wood Joi lealer, Harvard 

n Everett 
Wood Matthew V. b prodace dealer, 81 Bt 82 Booth Market, 

h Magaiine n Hamilton 

i U11...1. [ "W J " i|; " I 

Wood Richard s. eleciroti pe I 

Wood Samuel, pecUer, h Hampshire cor in 

Woodard Eleanor T. Mrs. b School d Windsor 

Woodard Jonas, coal dealer, Charlestown, Prison Point 

Bridge, fa L21 ( smbridge 
Woodbeok Ainu/.., lal • 

Woodb ridge John, batcher, h North Avenue n Mi*%fhan 
Woodbury Enos A. olerk, bds 417 Main 
Woodbury Israel, teamster, bda Magazine n Webi 
Woodbury Joaiab, Btoneeutter, bda Eteed'a Tavern, 
Woodbury Mary K. li ( hurch n Brattle 
Wo< dcock Samuel II. machinist, h 16 Spring 
Woodcock Vernal A. fireman Lowell EL li. bds C. QL Bun- 

roughs's, 129 Bridge 
Woodland William, laborer, li Suffolk n Colnj 
Woodman Charles, (& Denton) pianoforte maker, li Coluav 

bia 11 Broadway 
Woodman George B. carver, li Fourth por Spring 

Woodman .). Henry, painter, h West D Inman 
Woodruff John, ropfl maker, h Short n Magazine 
Woods Emory, b clerk, bda State 
Woods Fredeiick, teamster, h Broadway P D 

Woods George, b musical instrument maker, h Broadway 

n Pioneer 
Woodson Moses W. engineer, bds Mrs. Caldwell's, Fourth 
Woodward Frederick EL i» See. and Gen. A 

for Pretention of Pauperism, h Magazine <■< r Perry 
Woodward .lames II. surveyor of lumber, h B . 
Woodworth Alfred S. b (Brigham, Williams v-v Co< 

Bion merchant, 40 Central, h 48 River 
"Woolson James A. b (Wm. Clatiin & Co.) 172 

bds 12 Worcester 
Worcester Asa, brush maker, h 79 Spring 
Worcester Joseph 1- lexicographer, h Brattle n Qraigie 
Work John, (Jesse Hall & Sons) Hall's \\ barf, h Leighton 

Work Thomas, newspaper dealer, 350 Main, h same 
Worster Bethania Mrs. h l-> Auburn n River 
Worater John, b provision dealer, lo South Market, h 

Worster John EL i> clerk, bds Linnssan n Bowdoin 
Wright Andrew, laborer, h rear Walnut Place 
Wright Qhauncey, computer, bds 8 Bow 
Wright Daniel, box maker, l>ds Broadway House 
Wright David N. Mrs. h Wright ©or Norton 
Wright Edmund, h olerk, li 84 Austin 
Wright Harwell, Btairbuilder, Wright, h same 
Wright Qeorge, laborer, b Walnut Place n Magazine 


Wright Samuel J. carpenter, h Meacham n North Avenue 

Wright Ward ES. botanic physician, h Pleasant cor Main 

Wright Warren, farmer, at Almshouse 

Wright William, baker, Mt. Auburn n Brighton, h same 

Wright Winslow, teamster, bds 112 Thorndike 

Wyatt Albert N. dealer in hardware, bds at Reed's Tavern 

Wyeth Andrew N. b freight master Fitchburg R. R. h near 

Wyetli Benjamin F. undertaker, h Brattle House, Brattle 

Wyeth Elizabeth, h Mt. Auburn op Cemetery Gate 
Wyeth Emma F. teacher Harvard Middle School, bds Pros- 
pect cor Broadway 
Wyeth James H. grocer, 5 Brattle, bds Brattle west of Fay- 

Wyeth John, farmer, h Mt. Auburn op Cemetery Gate 
Wyeth Jonas, farmer, h Brattle west of Fayerweather 
Wyeth Jonas 2d, h Raymond 
Wyetli Mary, h Mt. Auburn op Cemetery Gate 
Wyetli Nathaniel J. Mrs. h Wyeth's Lane 
Wyman Charles, shoemaker, bds Harvard cor Pine 
Wyman Charles T. b bookkeeper, h Avon n Shepard 
Wyman Charles W. mariner, bds A. PI. Stevens's, Water 
Wyman Henry J. coal dealer, Bridge, h 146 Cambridge 
Wyman Jeffries, Hersey Professor of Anatomy H. I', h 

Brattle cor Willard 
Wyman Morrill, physician, h Church 
Wyman Rebecca C. teacher Thorndike Middle School, bds 

146 Cambridge 
Wyman William, wood and coal, Bridge, h 146 Cambridge 

Foitng Eliza J. lira b Pleasant cor Webster Place 
Young Ellen, Miss, h Garden op Waterhouse 
Foung Jacob K. b machinist, h Clark d School 
Young John, carpenter, h Hancock n Franklin 
Foung .Joseph W. painter, h llai \anl op Brimmer Block 

Foung Liona, laborer, h Garden o Concord Avenue 
Foung Richard, Bhoemaker, h Harvard cor Pine 
Foung Samuel 1). bookbinder, h Sydney d Profit 
Foung Sarah Miss, h Garden <>]» Waterhouse 
Foungman Adolph, printer, h Blaokstone 

/ik;i.ii:, willow basket maker, h Mt. Auburn n T. 
Zenone Lnthony, gardener, h near Catholic Church, I 

(■(.I'd Avenue 

Ziegler Prank, pocket-book maker, i-l- 2 Br oks 1 Building 

Zimerly John W. painter, h 50 Fifth 

Zirngiebel Denys, gardener, :it Botanic Garden, h Rayi 



r.avlcv AugUStUfl R. Main 

Billings ( harles A. 77 Caml 
Bailej Bamuel, Third 
Mead Jacob, 127 Brio 1 

\ venue d Fitchburg II. R. - 
Orne Joel 8. Main d Universalis^ Church 
Ramsay A. II. 1 Brattle 
Studley Joseph, 858 .Main cor Austin 
Thorndike Edward, V. 0. Building, .Main 
Weston I-;. II. Cambridge cor So. Third 
Wiley Abraham S. Harvard Ulnck, Harvard 


Dennison II. B. 80 Cambri 


Kummer .Tule<, Pleasant n River 
Scott John W. A. ttage 

i.' Kaic. Avon i. 

Titoomb W. II. Centre n Hancock 


Barbour & Soil, 493 .Main 

Brown William, Harvard Square cor Dunstcr 

Knights Samuel C. 411 Main 

Morse Royal, Holmes Place 

Ifunroe William A. 81 Cambridge 

Swett Lewifl C. Main em- Ma-a/ine 

Hovey V. x Co., Main <•}» ( herry 

Howe & Teele, Main op Wii 

bakers AM) BREAD BTOR1 
Ball Klijali, Elm d Broadi 
Gardner John W. 161 Caml 

BffSIS M «T. 

Gould William, 49 Cambridge 

Barlow Andrew B. & Co., 188 Harvard 

Kennedy Artemas, (crackers) 336 Main 

Newmareh Joseph, Harvard cor Clark and 122 Cambridge 

Thurston, Ball oc Co., (crackers) Cambridge' d IV 

Johnson John S. Wood's Wooden Block, .Main 

Wright William, Mi. Auburn 11 Brighton 


Blake Darius, North Avenue n Porter's 

Brown K. C. Main cor Court, L. P. 

Cutter James 11. (carriage .smith) North Avenue n Porter's 

Davis Solomon A. Cambridge n Flanders' Exchange 

Day Stephen, Cambridge n First 

Finnegan Hngh, 288 Main 

Henderson Robert, North Avenue 

Jones Andrew J. Palmer cor Church 

Kennedy Daniel, Medt'ord cor Windsor 

Lamb .Junes, Western Avenue n Main 

Lehan Daniel, Core 

McCarty Timothy, Cambridge n Prospect 

Mcintosh George, Main n Austin 

Nutting x Prescott, Palmer 

Pettingill & Wheeler, Brighton 

Robinson Joel, Gore junction Bridge 

Bheen John, Main n Front 

Spelmau Malachi M. Cambridge n Columbia 

Caldwell Almira Mr-. 95 Cambr I 

Caldwell Rebecca, I'M Cambridge 
Cottle Phebe B. Main op Be 
Edge worth Praricis, Cambridge n M-l: 
Plemming Mary .1. Brighton op Eliot 

Qove Lydia, Main D IVarl 

Lang Mny Ann, 1 Front 

M liarj T. 28 East 

Men-ill John Mr-. Main n Universalis! Church 

Molyneni Susannah, Main d Brooklihe 

Marnier Lneinda, Howard, Ward 1 

Reynolds < Jaroline, biferiitore n Li 

ii are 

wcid Horace v 8 I < - 



Denton & v 



Fogg Andrew, 79 Caml 

HunneweU William, (school) Cambridge d Third 
Munroe James ft < o. H aare 

Daniel w . w w d Main 

Beyer ov Praaois, Harvard Bqoare 


Clark Thomas, North Avenoc op Porter's 
Claussen P. N. Brighton n Harvard Bqoare 
Danfbrth Otis, Harvard Square 
Durant Elenben, Main cor Temple 
Darifl Daniel, Valentine n ISruuklinc 
Dwyer John, 128 Bri 
Fitspatrick James, Mt. Auburn c<-r Dm 
Guyer Lewis B. Cambridge cor Third 

Magazine d Park 
Hayes Ah in, W< n Block, Main 

Hill Brewer, Windsor d Main 
Hughes Alexander, 147 Bridge 
Martin James, Harvard n Harvard Square 
Martin Thomas, Cambridge n Fifth 

I'm Frederick, Washington cor Clark 
Reed & Hobbs, 181 Bridge 
Rohde Joseph, 847 M 
Russell Nathan, Main i p Be 
Sampson William P. Douglass 1 Block, Main 

r Josiah, Brookline n Auburn 
White Thomas J. 2 Harvard Blow, Harvard Bqoare 
Wilder Cyrus D. ft i». Main oor Norfolk 

Wood Julias, Harvard Row, H;irvard Square 

Box makiks. 

Stevens, at Osborn's, State 
Mitchell L D. Hampshire June B 

june Bn adwaj and Hampshire 
Simpson W, B. ft B, Broadway, L. P. 

BUBIHBBS DlitiCiuUY. 211 


Harvard Brewery, Fifth n Thorndike 
Burt Riverine V. Cambridge d East 

Cofran Samuel M. n Putnam 
HubbeU Peter, n Fitohburg and Lexington R. R. 
Sands John L. Concord Avenue 

Clark & Packard, (feather) 58 Cambridge n Second 
Harvey, Barton & Co. 91 Gore 
Sheriff vS: Eaetham, Third 

Bicknell Joseph G. Main n Columbia 
Campbell William, Norfolk d Broadway 
De Quedville John, Brighton n Mt. Auburn 
Ellis John A. & Co. G. 
(Jrave.< George, jr. Second n Cambridge 

- Samuel, Bridge 
Grover .v Bro. State 
Hixon Edward, Harvard 
liahady John, Wood's Block, Main 
Swett Lewis C. Main n Prospect 

Bennink Gerritt, 1 \ Tremont 

■ r v\ Rhodes, Norfolk d Broadway 
3ilaa 1). ( Sambridge n Bridge 

Clark < )/ias, Munroe 

Clark Simon \*. Cherry D School 

Cutler George II. Cambridge cor Sumner 
Cutler baa i, I Sambridge ©or Sumner 

Dudley J«>hn, Market 

Flint s fc B. K. School Court 
FraaerJ. B. Cambridge d Bridge 
Gauit Benjamin P. Harvard cor I 
< laull .v Efanaon, Harvard cor l 

Grant Elijah, I! ampshiiv June Broadway 

t Job V 1 88 i Sambrid 
Hanoook ( Sharlea I . W eetei n Avenue 

Luther S. Dimeter n Mt. Auburn 
Jenkins Nathan, n ay 

Eadd Wlli i 1 .\\enue 

*_' I - IH -! 

Litchfield I Auburn 


M u\ in \\ illiam .1. School 

,\ K lit: 

Pend Like 

Perkim ghton 

er Jerediah, 

er oor Auburn 
Imi' II. 7 1 < lolumbia 
Rollins Nich j Hill 

Banders Samuel, Clark 
Shaw Lewis, June Hampehin 
Sparron James 11. Auburn Court 
St tplee James, Brighton 
Stevens Albert vv Co. Mt. Auburn 
Stewart Erie W. Pine d Bar 
Stiles Stephen, North Avenue d 8j 
Trow Franois EL Bratl e 


Winn Francis W. Palmer 

Witney Simeon B. Brattle 

Allen Mary, I barf 


Allen Walter M. North Avenue < 
Chapman Francis I.. Brattle n Palmer 
Martin William H. Main n Austin 
Mulliken Edward, North Avenue op Porter's 
Welch Henry T. Cambridge cor Fii>t 

Belcher George (J. Main n Austin 
Nutting Bphraim II. Palmer 

Welch Henry T. I D Bridge 


Nail Jacob, Willi 

Waitt B. L. Main n head of Winds i 

Busnaeh Michael, 1 1 Washii 

Dowd Andrew, Harvard oor Norfolk 

Hammond Nathaniel < >. 151 Br: . 
Uowlett William, Main 

sum >ky. 213 

ineis, Thomas, Maui oor Win Lsor 
White .John, M iin n Norfolk 
Witham Thomas, 22 Jennings 


itt William B. 81 Gore 
Mason William A. Main 

Whitney J So. Fourth 


Albro John A. Hulyoke cor Holyoke Place 

Allen Gfa rge E. Magazine cor Williams 

Branagan F. X. South Fourth 

Couch Paul, Wright 

Dougherty M. P. Concord Avenue 

do Richard Gleason, H Second 
Harrington Henry F. 6 Centre 
Haven Gilbert, Gardner n Prospect 
Hoppin Nicholas, Follen 
H ( ,w.- M< see A. 100 I Sambri 
Huntington Frederick D. Quincy 
Marstera John M. I Orchard 
M la ii Sumner EL Magazine n Short 

i! William. 1 
William P. 92 IV - 
,r Hiram K. 103 Otis 
Pryor John, Berkeley 
s Henry W. 94 Otia 

ler < )harlea A. 3 1 Windsor 
Ware, John F. W. Harvard cor [nman 


Bartlett William B. Brattle Square 

Brine Robert, jr. Cm ml 

Brine William, Bridge d Flanders 1 Exol 

Carlin John, Bri 


Jennings John D. Main <»j> Pearl 

Kelly AmaSfl B. Main op Pearl 

Kimball William .v Co. Harvard Bow 
McGill Thomas, < Jambr 

it N. Main n Pear] 


i ' 

. 1 1 I 1 ge 

Lernc I 

1 1 1 

21 l SINKSH |)IHi;< 

Richardson William T. College Wharf 

Smith M. L. Main L P. 

Wellington Brothers, Bridge op Prisoi Point ftri 

W \ man William, Brio 1 


Clark Benjamin I*. 81 Franklin 
Flint William lira. Broadway d Windsor 
McEilroy William, 186 Harvard d Helyoke 
:• l),i\ id L 519 Main 


Buckley D. A. 874 Main 


Edwards Abraham, Douglass 1 Block, Main 

Hudson ,v Porter, .Main op Magazine 

Livermore George VV r . 354 Main 

Mussey II. P. & D. P. 409 op Brookline 

Marrett Lorenzo, Bank Building, Cambridge 

Richardson James P. Main op Irving House 

Ripley <x Folsom, Cambridge n Second 

Tyler Joseph II. 80 Cambridge 

Whitney Benjamin W. Whitney's Building, Brattle Square 

Bartlett William B. Brattle Bquare 
HunneweU William, Cambridge n Third 
Hyde Edward, Main n Prospect 
Munroe William A. 81 Cambridge 
Palmer John, Gore cor Second 
Read John & Co. Harvard Square 
Welch D. D. & B. Main n Douglass 


Harley & Metcalf, Main cor Inmaa 

Page 6: Chessman, Wood's Block, Main 


Backus George P. Main cor 1 
Dillingham A. W. 1 Brattle 

Simonds James L. Main n Hancock 


Boston Chemical Works, Cambridge n Windsor 
Cunningham, SortwtU -V Co. Cambridge n Win > 



Anderson Eliza, Thorndiko btwn Fourth and Fifth 

Andrews Margaret. Brattle n James 

Bigelow Arethusa, 5 Auburn 

Bixby Eliza A. Inman n Broadway 

Blair Catherine S. 03 Sixth 

Boardman Sarah L. 3D Columbia 

Bowman Harriet C. D'VVolf n Mt. Auburn 

Cal lender Frances, Melledge's Block, Main 

Carmichael Ann, Fifth 

Ca truth Mary J. 62 River 

Cottle Mary Joy, 3 Auburn Court 

Creelman Isabella Mrs. 24 Brooks' Building, School 

Daniels Eliza C. 3 ( J1 Main 

Dearborn Clara H. Elm n Hampshire 

Dunn Maria, Mt. Auburn cor Brighton 

Fowler Mittie S. James cor Brattle 

French Abba H. 133 Cambridge 

Hardy Betsey Mrs. 32 Pearl 

Landers Joanna, Harvard Square 

Leathe Malinda, State 

Lord Joanna, Harvard Square 

Lovett Catherine, Brattle n Appian Way 

McClune Anna, bds Crabbe's 

McFarland Susan, bds Mrs. Beals's, Church 

Nelson Rebecca, Main n Prospect 

Nutter Abby R. Cambridge n Fourth 

Rhodes Machia L. Broadway op Boardman 

Ricker Sabrina, Franklin 

Robbina Elvina E. 11 Norfolk 

Roberta Anna EL Main op Pleasant 

Russell Mary B. 98 Cambridge cor Fourth 

Bawyer Mary, Columbia cor Harvard 

Smith Caroline, Livermore o Lincoln 

Smith Catherine, Appian Way d Brattle 

Summers Mary S. Fourth u Winter 

Swain ilehitable L. Oak o Cambridge 

Kwvtt Sarah B. M:iin n City Hall 
Tinkham Clara M. Essei D Main 
Wheeler Margaret M. Dunster n Winthrop 

Wright Jane, 529 Main 


Base •'< -''pli & Son, No. Arenue n Walden 
Bates John S. Main n I 
Brine Abel W. Lama Slain 

Coklej Thomas, Gk>re d Third 

i \iin M. I 
Hyd< 181 M.'iin 

lei s I'. I'. Harvard Bl 

U.ithan, 12 I 

W. t P. 0. East ( iambi I 
i B. Harvai d Sqnai e 
Cons i I. North ( ambri 

Cooper & ( ". Harrard Bqn 
Danfortb H. (furniture mover) Prospeol D I 
Drou M J, 1*. Onion Store, I 

■ '.» .Main op B 

JI<>lt vV Cragin, Cambridge n Seventh 

I . Barvard B 
Livermore Kidder A. order box 6 Harvi • 
Parker M. Broadway 
Parker Thomas, Appian Way 
Parkes J. II. D'Wolf 
Wait! Freeman C. 18 
Whittemore Amos, Hunnewell's, Oambi 

r Edward, Caml 
nder Charles A. 
Dowd Amelia, Harvard cor Norfolk 

821 Main 

Turner L .Main n Norfolk 


Fellows Cyrus, Magazine d Main, and n 
Hardin Broadway oor -Nuri*<>ik 

Hnnson Henry, 87 Cambri 
Witherell a Main 

Brown Benjamin II. Western A- 

oor Third 
Monroe W, \. Bl I laml 

P. 411 Main 

BUBim Bfl I'll: J .< rOBT. 217 

Welch D. D. .v !». Main d Doug] 
Whitney & Braokett, Brattle Square 


Dickson R. W. 467 Main 
Adams John P, 1 FJ Harvard 


Bay State Glass Co. Bridge, b L4 Kili.y, S. Eueeomb, Agent 

New England Glass Co. North, b 46 Battery march, J. N. 
How, Agent 

Draper F. lV Co. (Britannia) foot of Otis 

GRAIN, HAY, fro, 

Davis & Bates, Main op Norfolk 

II stings & Lawrence, (grain, &c.) Bridge cor East 

Luke F. If. Main D West Boston Bridge 

Train Bdmond, Bridge cor East 

Wellington Brothers, (hay) Bridge op Prison Point Bri 

A twill John B. North Avenue cor Walden 
Atwood .lames, Cambridge cor [nman 
Averill Joseph W. Cambridge cor Willow Place 
Babb Nathaniel. Fifth d Thorndike 
Barbour A. L & Co, 198 Main 
Billings Leonard, Main cor Harrison 
e John, Cambridge cor Windsor 
Burridge Joseph, Main L. P. 

I teorge C 878 Main 
Carrutfa Charles F. 6 1 River 
Chandler John A. Main cor Windsor 
Crane John, Brighton cor Mt Auburn 
Cunningham Owen, Green a Bay 

Fairfield EL 127 Cambi 
i Joseph, 268 Broadway Oshea P. Spring cor Fourth 
Taley Patrick, s \ r ine 
[aselton George, Harvard n Main 
I bstin 

.i. A. \ F ( '. Main cor 

lolt Varnnin i iin OOr Ni I 

I bird 


Hughes Alexander, 147 1 



HimiM-wrll Willis 

James Samuel, Main d Norfolk 

Jonathan, Main n Pioneer 

. Daniel, < Sambridge d \\ ind 
Kerr William, River n Harrison Avtmie 
!i John, Brighton d Harvard Square 

i.n James, 818 .Main 
Martin Fre l< Main 

Mi-n John, Windsor n Harvard 
Mo a ner ft Sons, 281 Main 
( >'< lonnor Daniel, Hampshire n D 
Palmer John, Gi ond 

People's Union, 188 Bridge 
Panoh Philip, 1 : 
Richardson a Sewin, North Avenue n Porter's 

r Veasey P. Harvard cor (lark 
Sanderson Charles C. Harvard cor Holyoks 
Sawyer Eosebius, Colombia 
Sexton .v Brother, 116 Bridge 
Stevens A. II. jr. Bridge cor Water 
Stewart Alonio, Cambridge oor Fourth 
St^ne Charles, Main op Prospect 
Thompson George, Washington n Main 
Train B. Bridge cor East 
Union Store 102 Caml Third 

Wood & Hall, 6 Harvard Row 
Wyeth James II. o Brattle 

QUM AND RIFLE makpks. 

Whitmore Nathaniel, Cambridge n Third 

Ballard Thomas, Brattle n Harvard Square 

d Henry J. H. 37 and < s 7 Cambridge 
Bentley John, 55 Cambridge 

Burr Lemuel, Main COr Norfolk 

Haddow .lames L. Irving House. Main 

Howard Peter M. Main D Pearl 

Pike George S. 343 Main 

Bands George M. Brighton n Harvard Square 


Chamberlin Daniel U. 412 Main n Magazine 
Donnell ft Moore, 16 Brattle 

- Ivory P. Harvard S.mare 
Nutting Jonathan D. Main op Norfolk 
Palmer .John, <> nd 

Priot Jai ei M. 26 I lambridge n Second 

BUSOTM Dirj-crtiRY. 210 


Bowen J. D. Cambridge n First 

Buckpitt John, 308 Main 

Hanoock Beloher, Main cor Pearl 

Slater Joseph K. Brighton n Harvard Square 

Snow Benjamin B. Cambridge n First 

Tucker Ebenezer, Brattle n Harvard Square 


Dallinger Charles, Main op Pearl 
Kimball William & Co. Harvard Row 
Murtagh Daniel, 145 Bridge 
Moody & Pettingill, Second cor Thorndike 
Wood Jonas, Harvard Row 

Black William, Irving cor Foster 
Bright Horace 0. 8 Broadway L P. 

Kenny ft Peirce, op Lechmere Square 


Gerry David B. n N. Y. Brick Yard 
Pettingell & Wheeler, Brighton 

Hudson Thomas S. Gore n Second 

Bird Herman, 109 Main 

Hews John, 121 Main 

Kiipp George, 469 .Main 

Whitney William E. Whitney's Euilding, Brattle 

Allen ft Endioott, Main op Harrison 

Kinsley Lyman, Main op Hani- 

Walworth J. J. ,\; Co. Main op Harrison 


Spare Elijah, jr. QoW n Sixth 

Ill -im~ mi:i. 

liS IN C II A 
i II. Cambi 


LWermorc l Main op B 

Whitney Benjamin W . 

Butterfield William 1*. Main n W u 

Smith John ft & Q, Dt 


Barrage, Shepherd ft Co. Broadway, L P. 
Qale, Dudley ft Co. Main, L P. 
Train Edmund, Bridge cor East 
Wellington Bro., Bridge op Prison Point Bri 


DaOey Williain, Cambi 

Dailey U. -J. Cambridge, lit 

Hill Thomas, Church 

Hunting Henry B. Broadway n Norfolk 

Pike James, Main rear Wc< Pi Block 

Smith H. D. Gore op Be 

Btearna James, Punster 

Sm»w Josiah B. North Avenue n r> 

Wail Amos L. Main n Windsor 

Watts Francis A. Brattle n Harvard Bquare 

Welch Walter, North 

Day John T. Main 


rth H. ft J. S. Main, L P. 

Bojnton William, Bi 

Barrage, Shepherd ft Co. Broadway, L. P. 

Flint ft Tufts, Bridge n Cl 
Fuller li. B. & Co. Main. L P. 

. Dudley ft Co. Main, L P. 
Qilkey Royal ft Co, Charles Kiver 
Hal] J, ft 8 

iTer ft Co. i 

BUSINI-.-S 1)1 1 1 '(TORY. 22] 

Rowland William IT. Bridge d Craigie'fl Bridge 
Thompson Bamnel I. Bridge n Craigie'fl Bridge 


Allen & Endicott, ol<l Car Factory, Main 
Whittemore Amos, Brookline 

Boston oc Lowell EL 11. Co. n Craigie'fl Bridge 


Bacon Henry A. basement Universalist Church, Cambridge 

Bates William, 61 Brattle 

Bennett Wilder, 68 Thorndike 

Biggers Stephen, Seventh n Cambridge 

Dowling C. Martin, 106 Thorndike 

Fowler John, bds Clark cor Harvard 

Grant George L. rear 66 Cambridge 

Jones Andrew, 31 Second 

Lamson Henry, Norton 

Lamson Henry A. South n Brighton 

■ a Etufns, 64 Esc 
Litchfield Allen, 9 Auburn 
Norton Michael, Norton 
Presbj J. W. Orchard 
Snow Joseph, Willow 
Bterenson David, (plasterer) 117 Spring 
Tufts John A. Fifth 

Towne & Sawyer, 878 Main 

Gilbert J. L 116 Caml 
Hamann August, Green rear City Hall 

Homer Levi l\ Mt. Auburn n ]>c HFolf 
11 Sarah K. 94 OtlS 

Lincoln Nathan, 61 iV< 

Monroe Henry P. Pear] COr Auburn 

Pray William M. Temple n Main 


Alley Bnsan B. ft Johnson, L8 I Samb] 
Boutells Silvia, Fourth d Cambri 
Callender Barab B. M< Main 

Gibson Ann, Wood'i fi I 1 1 do 

Lord Mary A. I i 

Hannah, Main n I 


Lynch Mi PI ioe 

\. M mi i 
ii Catherii I * ] 

Turn, i \| i ■-. \\ tin i) .V 

M kin 
White John Main 


3ns hi A. Main op I 
J. B., P. « >. North Cambri 
White Thomas J. 2 Harvard I 
Work Thomas, B 18 Main 

Chandler Jane, Harvard cof Pine 
Clark Maria, Auburn cor Pearl 
Davison Hannah lira. Main n Ban 
Dawson Jenny P. 84 1 Iherry 
Messer David L Main 
Fuller Adeline A. Mrs. 39 Colombia 
Hart well Ma: 

Booper Elisabeth, Gerry 

Hutchins Bdehitabel, Cottage n Pearl 

Lilwell Ann, 1 Austin 

Emily F. 8 1 ( Iherry 

Martha F. 80 Auburn 
Nutting Pamelia, Gore n Third 

1> road way 
Pond Ly lis .lane, bds '■'>- Pearl 
Pullen Louisa M. 1 i*r s 
Sawin Sarah Mrs. North Avenue op Common 
Walker Anna J. 17 Magazine 


Firwell James R. North Avenue n Spruce 
abridge njnnc Hampshire 

Vandine Henry, Plymouth cor Win 


Whittemore ( 'dine 

i Fuller, Broadway, L. r. 


Roberts J. Main op Harrison 
Stevens George, Fifth cor Otis 

Belcher John A. Brattle n Brattle Square 
Dale Thomas .). Cambridge n Second 
Dormer Benjamin, Bridge n Cambridge 
Fraaer Alexander, B9 & dl Cambridge 
Gerry Frederick A. North Avenue n Porter's Station 
Lang John, 392 Main 
Lyon L. .v (i. II. Harvard Square 
Morse James, Broadway n Hampshire 
Morse Kendall, Wood's Bloek, Main 
Russell William »n: Co. North Avenue n Porter's Hotel 
Sheridan Owen, Bridge cor Short 
league George M. 418 Main 
Whitten William, 1 Bridge 


Bates Jacob II. Brattle cor Church 

William 2d, Brattle cor Church 
Boardman James, Cherry n School 
Brooks Samuel A. Vine D Fifth 
Clanen Jamee S. Union Square 
( look Benjamin, ( His cor Fifth 
Danfbrth George ( >. Brighton n Eliot 
Follett Joseph, Main u Chr aide Office 

ii < lharles, Western Avenue, - mt 

Gunnison Daniel, Moore d Harvard 
Hunnewell Franklin, Brattle cor Palmer 
Mclntire Eben, Gore n Se wmd 
Newman Henry, Brooks 1 Buildings, Main 

ion ( lharlefl 8. 121 W ashington 

.1 SS8 I.. Main below (Jniversalist Church 

Smith John N. Doughi Main 

<;. W. 116 Main, over J. A. Holi 
Stevens Cynu s. Western Avenue d .Main 
Taylor William J, Western Ivenue n Main 
Tendler William H. s 7 Washington 

er Jamee II. ti J. P. Main op Ten 
Tufta I-:. T. 186 Cambr 
Walton N:i' I 
White Th- 
Wilder Jamee < '. Mam d Pn 


D IU-nrv, 


rry 11 BohOOl 

Chamberlio Daniel 0. 1 1 - Main n 
i ( . i». ( tmbi 

Gunnison Daniel, M • n Harvard 

Palmer John 

Thayer James 11. *v J, P. Main op Temple 

Xendlex W. 11. > s 7 n\ ac 


Seaverns George W. a4 i 
Btedman Vernal EL Main, L. P, 


Berry William B. Brighton n Harrard Square 
Donnell & Moore, 16 Brattle 
Bates Edward, Main op Chronicle Office 
Outhwaite John, Main n Temple 

Stevens John 11. 481 Main 



Old ( 

v Charles F. Garden n Appian Way 
Nichols J. T. (J. Harvard Square 

Wyman Morrill, Church n Brattle 

( Bridgeport. 
Alden Jonathan P. Austin n Essex 
a Charles U. Temple ©or Austin 

Chase Hiram L (homoeopathic) Main n Hancock 
Marston Bphraim, River n Franklin 
Stocker Alfred A. Main op Temple 
Webber A. Carter, Pleasant oor CJreen 
Wellington William W. 4 Temple 

East Cambridge* 
Clarke 31 I 

Booker Anson, 86 Cambri 
Booker Anson P. 86 Cambridge 
:, 82 i 

JVbrtk Cambri 
Mori n Square cor Maple 



Farnsworth Charles II. 69 Thorndike 
Greenwood James W. Green n Pearl 
Kessman Charles 112 Thorndike 

Morse Calvin E. 22 In man 

Wright Ward E. Pleasant cor Main 


Allen & Farnham, Remington 

Brown \\ illiam F. Pest Office Building, Main 

Ford John, Harvard Square cor Punster 

Houghton Henry 0. & Co. Riverside 

Welch, Bigelow & Co. Holyoke 

Mies I). W. Wood's Block, Main 

Thurston, Miles ft Pritchett, Main cor Temple 


'/. Louis, (for young ladies) Quincy cor Broadway 
Comegys Sarah P. L. Pollen 
Hancock .Martha W. Auburn cor Magazine 
Hight Ellen, Kirkland n Sumner 
Kezar Sarah F. and Ellen M. Cambridge cor Fourth 
Lane v.v Lovering, Harvard Square 

Lyman Catherine D. (foryoung ladies) Prattle cor Hilliard 
Mackintosh Sarah P. and Marianna E. Clark, 661 Main 
McLellan Mary E. Main over Hyde's Store, Main 

as Lucy, Winthrop Square cor Mt. Auburn 
Sweeteer Addie, Trowbridge n Main 
Wheeler Mary A. Gore d Second 


Averel] Joseph W. Cambridge cor Willow Place 
Bowers William, jr. Cambridge cor Sixth 
Brewer Thomas H. Brighton n Harvard Square 
Brown George A. Main <>|> Foundry 
Bryant John, Prattle n Brattle Square 
Chandler Ebenezer M. Brattle 
Cook Mi'-ali w . North Avenue cor Russell 
Converse Benjamin, Norfolk n Harvard 

John II. Magazine cor Main 
Ellis John c. June Cambridge and Hampshire 

' | Ruftu H- ; ::; ' Main 

Puller Samuel D. II an ard cor < lark 

\\ illiam, So\ folk cor Broad 
HartweU Joseph B. Thorndike cor Fourth 


1 1 tin 
.\V\\ ton 01 Smith, Cn, 

Plummer Warren, Cambridge n Fourth 

■ John i\ Gore □ Seyenth 
Sherman Daniel, 1 1 7 Main 
Wallaoe James P. jr . L9 & 21 Br Palmer 


Brattle Souse, Brattle Square 
Broadway Souse, L. 1*. 

I louse, North Avenue 
Erring Souse, Main oor Petri 
Flanders 1 Exchange, June Cambridge and BrMge 
Porter's Hotel, North Avenue 
Reed's Tavern, Bridge June Gore 


Miller Stephen, rear Wood's Block, Main 

Ingalls John D. Harrard n Norfolk 
[ngalls John EL Harvard n Norfolk 


Lanergan Andrew, toot of South Fifth 


Brown William, Harrard Square cur Dunster 

Sews John, 421 Main 

Munroe William A. 81 Cambridge 

Rupp George, 469 Main 


Morris Christopher, Main L. P. 


Berry & Trull, Dyke 

I Calvin, at < feborn'S, State 

bar Henry, 267 Broadway 

Bumme dibbotobt. 227 


Belcher George G. 808 Main 
Tnftfl E. T. 186 Cambridge 


Coyle Thomas & Co. Harvard n Bow 
Howe Robert, Cambridge n Prospect 
Monroe Charles, -A Eliot 


Boardman Charles, 14 Worcester 

Chaney & Co. Clark n Harvard 

Cooper Charles, River op Short, Ward 4 

Cooper William & Co. River op Rockwell 

Davis Curtis, Broadway n Davis 

Davis E. & Co. Main n Cherry 

Davis J. C. & Co. Broadway n Davis 

Davis Mason, Lincoln op Livermore 

Dickinson Alexander, Davis 

Jones Charles L. & Co. Pearl 

Livennore Nathaniel & Bon, Main n Columbia 

Lucy George, Brookline 

Norton Henry E. Wind wr n Lincoln 

Bonthwortb George M. 1 Cherry 

Winchester E. A. & W. Water n Bridge 


Adams Jabei P. Cambridge cor Seventh 
Atwood s. s. .Main n QniYersalist ('lunch 
Dunham brae] P. 614 Main 
French William A. Harvard n Bow 
Melcher James 11. Broadway n Moore 

Annable J. D. ^ Son, Brookline 

Hyde Esaac, Brighton n bridge 
liunroe Edward W. ft <'<>. Pirsl d Cambri 
( Reborn Dalphon, State n .Main 

junction Hampshire and Broadway 
Simpson If. E. ft B. Broadway L l\ 

Oilman John F. Bi 

i . r. 

McDonald kleiander, lit Auburn 
Sanborn a. c. >v I So. B 

8TOVE8, tin w \i;i 

Bailey Jacob L (tin plate u 
Berry William B. 9 Brighton d Barrai 
Donnel] .\ Moore, 1 5 Brattle 
Baton ,v II a i 841 Main 

Jenkins Samuel R. Cambridge 
Nutting .1. l>. Main op Noi folk 
Price James M. 26 Cambridge n s 
Bum ( hartal B. 177 .Main 

Woodward .Tame- II. Russell cur Orchard 
Whitney Edward T. cilice Gale .v Dudley, Main 


Brine Robert, jr. Cambridge oor S 
Brine William, I"-") Bri 
Jennings John D. Main op Pearl 
Kelly A. s. Main <>]> Pearl 
Kimball William \- Cm. :; Harvard 
Lum Esaae B. Broadway 

11 Thomas, Cambridge n Fourth 

Clark Alvan & Sens, 36 Prospeot 

Edwards Charles IT. at Osborn's, State 

Smart Don Carles, State n -Main 


Hegney John, Cambridge op Me<U<»i\l 
Sproul v-v Edwards, North Avenne 


tt Joseph, Mt. Auburn n Story 
Casey William, 82 Fourth 
Hoy! Benjamin .T. M) 1 
Litohfield Roland, jr. Main oor Columbia 
Pear John, !■"> Front 


Wilde d Avenue 

Wyeth Benjamin P. Brattle B 


Hixon Edward, Harvard 

Ingalia Edward B. Harvard n Norfolk 

ler William II. 87 Washington cur Win L 
Whitney & Bracket*, Brattle Square 

Thayer Henry v.k Co. Main cor Dor 

Stanifurd John, Bridge cor Thirl 


Johnson John & Co. Cambridge n First 


Donallan J. W. 68 I laml : : L 
Qibba Benjamin W. .Main c 

HnnneweU James A. Harvard Square cor Dun-ter 
Huntington James, Mt Auburn n Holj 
Jones William II. Harvard Square 
'ii Joseph P. Main eor Norfolk 

Brown Daniel, Palmer 
Henderson John .'. North Avenue 
Hard Amos l>. Palmer 
Jenninga Joseph, Jem 

- Andrew J. Palmer 
Munros Enoch, rami 
Murp] Main L. P. 

•i Awnue 

Thwuuj I Ireen d Pie i 


Clark vv Ws4 


Hmntolpal Election Firsi Momiu) in December* 

City G day in la 

Cambridfe City (iovcrniiinit, — 186 

Mayo*— JAMES I'. GREEN. 


Wabd 1 — Francis L. Chapman, Andrei 
Wabd '2 — Alexander Dickinson, J 

Albert VmaL 
W led 8 — Lewia Hall, ub. 

Ward 4 — Josiafa W. I 
Wabd 5— John B. Atwill, Dt 

MM II.. 

Wabd 1 —Marshal] ] 

Wabd 2 — Eben M. Donbar, II. K. I!- .len, 

< . Wellington, J. V. Wellington. 
Wabd 8 — W. B. Eastings, A. P. i!> :er, James Jell; 

il. Leighfc a, N. K. Noble, I. Til 

Farnham, John Liven 

• ". — lie; 

CITY 00 

Assessors — George W. Livermore, William Frost, An- 
drew J. Green. Salary of the Board $1000. 

Assistant Assessors — Charles R. Metoalf, Rufas Lami 
Barnabas Binney, Artemas Z. Brown, James II. Cutter. 
Salary $2 per day. 

Overseers of the Poor — The Mayor, ex-officio, Chairm i:i. 
by, George T. Gale, Win. Caldwell, J 
Eaton, Win. Hnnnewell, Anson Hooker. 

The following officers were chosen to fill their respective 
offices for the year L859. The offices are filled by the City 
Council in Convention, in January. 

City Clerk and Clerk of Vu Board of Aldermen — Justin 
A. Jacobs, Sal < ml fees. Office City HalL 

Clerk of Common Council — James .M.Chase. Salary 

City Treasurer and Collector — Joseph Whitney. Salary 

Cihj Auditor— B. P. Heywood. Salary 9400. 
City Messenger, and Superintendent of City Hall 
ling and Superintendent of Lamps — Roland Litch- 
field, jr. Salary $700. 

i of Streets and Drains — George W. Fi- 
fiekl. Salary $1 

Warden of Almshouse — Jacob Hanscom. (500. 

house Physician — Moses Clarke. Salary $100. 


Wahd 1— W. L Whitney, Warden, Wm. B. 

T. Etichar I dth, William Caldwell, 

■ tors. 
Ward 2 — Benry W. Money, Ward >. Wm. W, Ban 
.-. B. •!. II »wlett, \. .i.H kstin p, Bf< 
mill. Inspectors, 

K. s. Ch i I ■ >. A. Wfonr 

Parmenter, B, M. Etolsom, B. r. 

Wab C. Elolmes, n 

lomac M. D i\ B ittei 

B. i 

ter, / 




a, Ward I ; William 

John C. N\ ill«y \ 

l'. Bri l len, A. i Ham 



Lock-uj> — Under the City II.-ilI. 

It hn c. v. 
William Twist, William S. M. 1' 

Pound-Keeper — William Bai 

Coroner* — Nathan Fiske, Charles J. Ad i 

Coi i Civil i I . 

Justices 01 ra tun. — Epl 

Bnttriok, John S. La Id, Wi iam Pa 

i, ii. 

Nathaniel R. N h 

oi Tin: Peace. — J« 

rl - C, I. 
Livermore, Henry M. I Rich urd II. 

. jr., Samuel 8. Green, Lucius EL Paige, Eli] 
Davis, John Henshaw, 
ney, Henry W. M 

. William \ 
Henry Thayer, Benjamin Welch, 
K. Horse, William L. Whit 

II. Stevens, 

h P. Clark, I - S 
. John Liv< 
William A. Saunders, McLellan, 

Edmund Gh Lu \a, William II. Odiorne, Henr 
...1 Richard! - P. Richai 

h W hi tiny 

i Wyman, Z. L I 

in::: M.i-\niMi:.vr — schools. 288 

Chief Engineer — George V>. Eaton. 
Assista i — 1st, Charles B. Sterens; 2d, I 

B. Fowler; 3d, A. J. Jones; 4th, Charles U Russell. 

Engines, Location. Foremen, 

Cambridge, No. 1, Church street, L. L. Daniels. 

Union, No, 2, Main n Windsor, Fred. W. Hagar. 

Cambridge, William Smith. 

Hydrant, No. 4, River, junc W. Ave. Byron Bailey. 

Dan'l Webster, No. 5, North Avenue, Edward 8, Mi, 

Pioneer, No. 6, Main, L. P. William J. At b 

Franklin Hook & Ladder, .Main, s. E. Chamerlain. 
Hunneman, (Independent) Church, Francis L. Chapman. 

Fire Police. — Thomas Work, Moses Ricker, Allen JJ. 
Parsons, Henry A. Hills. 

Ward 1— James C. Merrill, H. W. Torrey. Ward '2— 
W. W, Wellington, IT. F. Harrington. Ward ■>— Frank- 
lin Hall, J. 13. Taylor. Ward 4— Henry 0. Houghton, 
John McDuffie. Ward 5 — J. II. Morse, C. D. Bradlee. 

HlQH School, Amory street. Teachers, Lyman R. Wil- 
liston, Wm. F. Bradbury, Mary F. Pierce, Rutharia Dates, 
Harriot W. Willard, Caroline Child. 
PABD, North Avenue. T 

>, 15. T. Capen, B. Lizzie Lathe, Celesta P. Ba 

\ ! Hi.- F. Pri 
1>i \- ii c. Concord Avenue. 7 
M. II. ( lu 

w . ■• ! \ , : ,\. Br ittle street '/' . I> iniel M 

. I'. L. h. B 
M. [ree m, li. 1-'. Banks, M. S. Gould, Maria EL J 
errne F. Metcal£ 

I ) v \ \ , < H. Hill , Susan Sj 



II u:v \i:i», Harvard street T 

c Ison, IF A. Dod '•, A.M.' , F. 

ith, Prances A. Hyde. 
\Y \ Bsi . a, Webster b1 reel , I 
K. I \t i- .1 b, M. E. £ b, .lino Dallin- 

i, A. .1. \\ hum ii, M i: \ A. 

Tarbell, M. F. Redman. 


BABXfl 4KB I" 

M U 

B i m:i.m w, Sch 

A I I ~ K.N. & :i P. i III i 1 

Esther M. LB. 

\\ innett, Mart] J. A. 

l».i\ is, ( Lara C. Bo wen, M en J. Hefl 

Bab tdway. V' 

<;. Kri!c\ , a. M. Gurnej . F. J. Harrod. 

Bridge, Pi «r Bt re< 

Otis, I H ber, Marts 

Mansfield, A. M. Merriam, A. L Lunt, Maris L Mitch 

l'i i \ \m, P< uith and I H 

swell, S. M. Bnrnham, Harriet E. Eteed, II. I 
11. L. Quimby, M. <i. Elobie, Annie Johnston, Am 
art, Anna B. Josselyn. 

Thorndike, Thorndike street. T C. Wyman, 

M. B. Stevens, M. II. Butler. 

Craigie, North Fourth street. Tea . If. A. Butler. 
:ni. North Third Btreet Teacher, Sarah B< 

Teacher of Music, Nathan Lincoln. 

Salaries. — The aalariea of the instructors in the vari 
Schools have been established as follows, 

Principal of the High School, $1800 ; Sub-Master of the 
High School, $1300 ; Masters of the Gramma 

of the High School resj ectivel; . and 

), The Assistanl Teachers of the Grammar Scl 
and the Prin< ipala of the Middle Schools, $375 and j 
The Principals of the Primary and Alphabet Scl 

and $300. 


CamrridgE Bare — Main Street. Thomas Whittem< 
President Lucius EL Paige, Cashier, Joseph Whitte- 
more, Clerk and Messenger, Robert Douglass, Ira Strat- 
ton, Thomas Whittemore, Benjamin Til ton, Daniel l\ 
Chamberlin, Directors, George W, Liyermore, Solicitor. 
Discount Days — Monday and Thurs 

Charles River Bark — Harvard Square. Chai 
Little, President. Eben Snow, Cashier. Wm. M Snow, 
Clerk and Messenger. Charles C. Little, Oliver Hasti 
Chauncey Smith, William T. Bichardson, Abel Willard, 

Directors. Chauncey Smith, Solicitor. Discount Day — 


Cambridge City Bane — MeUedge's Block, cor Main and 
Norfolk Streets. John Livermore, President Edward 
Richardson, Cashier. Roland Litchfield, Jr., Messi 
and Clerk. John Livermore, II. M. Chamberlain, Elipha- 
let Davis, George T. Gale, S. P. Heywood, Jos. A. Holmes, 
George W, Whittemore, Directors. Discount Day — Mon- 

Cambridge Market Bank — North Cambridge. Ge< 
Meacham, President. Warren Sanger, Cashier. (. 
M. Taylor, Messenger. George Meacham, George W. I. 
Henry Potter, Calvin Dimick, S. P. Woodbridge, C. W. 
Kingsley, Directors. Discount Day — "Wednesday. 

Lechmere Bank — Cambridge, cor Second Street. L 
Hall, Preside/it. John Savage, Jr. Cashier. Benjamin 
T. Gilbert, Messenger. Lewis Hall, Amory Houghton, 
Thomas' Dana, Samuel Slocomb, K. S. Chaffee, A. C. San- 
born, Francis Draper, Directors. 

Cambridge Savings Bank — Whitney's Building, Brat- 
tle Square. Charles C. Little, President, Charles Beck, 
S. T. Farwell, J. H. Bates, Joel Parker, Vice-Presidents. 

Wm. L. Whitney. Treasurer. A. H. Ramsay, Secretary. 
Open Tuesdays from 9 to 12 A. M. ; Thursdays from 2 to ; > 
P. \\. in Summer ; and from 2 to 4 P. M. in Winter. 
Quarter Days — lth Thursday of January, April, July and 

Cameridgeport Savings Bank — Main Street. Benj. 
Tilton, President. Thomas Whittemore, George C. Rich- 
ardson, Robert Don ye W. 
Livermore, Secretary. Lucius R. Pai rer. De- 
posits received and other business transacted at the Cam- 
bridge Bank, every day from 9 to 1 o'clock only. Qua 
— 3d Wednesday of January, April, July and October. 

Bast Cambridge Five Cents >\\ engs B lne — Cambridge, 
corner Second Street. s, P esid ./. Anson 

Hooker, Jesse Hall, John Taylor, /' 
Ripley, Secretary. John Savage, Jr. Trea$\ ■ . I 
sits from five cents t'» one thousand dollar . 

day from 12 to 1 o'ol< 

C LMBRIDGE Mi n \i. I'iim I N81 B I v -' I I lOMP \ \ 1 Main 

i , opposite Pearl Si reet, Josiah W. Cook, 1 

y Thayer, Secretary. Josiah W, Cook, James ll. 

Thayer, Stephen Poster, J. l>. Wyetfa 2d, 

Jacob Baton, Rufus Lamson, Josiah Burrage, Joseph A. 
Holmes, Directors* 


<;. iiui. i. ipI. / i m. 

\. 8 it i. '•-. i;. I.. I ••• am< i 

\ and l Bl of ' 

ton Railway < ompaxt. — P 

viy. r . I.. \|. 

liner G. Hubbard, Wm. \. - 
James w . Emei ;.. I 

1 | iB I.i-.ii i I lOMP LJH . — < ipit ll i 

—John II. Bl ke. '/' 
Howe. Superintendent — Win. Qibson. l> John 

II. Blake, John I liner <J. Hubbar 1, 

. w Hi. P. Butterfi 
Dividends paid 1st of February an 1 1- 

ir I Square, Can 
No. 12) B< - 

I LMBRIDGfl W \t: B WOBI B. — J< DU U ' 

Henry B. Hubbard, 
rmore, Charles < '. Little, Gardii 
Howe, Warren, Amorj I 

Office 1 

I [OH. 

. v. in. Bon 1. 1 21 v 

rjf, < Office 
ton. Trustee* — William T, And] 

rer, Uriel Crocker, Charles P. Cnii 
Little, Charles I 

wardS. Tobey, Jonathan Mann, 
II. S kffbrd, G ■■ A" ■ 

The Cemetery oontaina b. There 

ready more than ' 
The Superintendent m 

; on Saturday mornings, when he 
at tb 

ii, or any of the 

liehed in I 
Hit Honor the Mayor ex off lotes 


II oker, Abraham Edwards, William A. 
Sam icham, Silas 15. Buck, ( 

Henry II. \'. rintendent 


Middlesex Count* Officebs. — William A. Richards 
%ey. Joseph II . Tyl< 
2 ■, Register of Probate and Insolvency, 

i>r of Pro!) ate and 1 
vency. Caleb Hayden, of Cam' Ister <>!' J) 

Southern District. Asahel B. Wright, of Lowell, !>'■ 
of Deeds, Nortl Stone, of Charlestown, 

County V ■:, in 1". Bam, I f the 

Court*. — Marshal] I\ 

County Commissioners. — Leonard Huntress, i f Te 

bury, Chairman ; Paul II. S. tfi r, of I i i 1 1 ^r ; 

Edward .J. Collins, of Newton. 

Bp i li I tings, Framingham ; 

John L. Fletcher, Acton, at Cambridf 

lay in January : CoDCOrd, tlic 1 B 

I, the 1 st Tuea lay in Sej tember. 
M< sea Pritohard, of Concord, ( 
Jam. i bs. — Charles J, Ad 

as (»;• Tin: Eouse of C< — S unuel 

Chandler, of Lexington; William Parmenter, < fCambi 
Jam - M. [Jsher, of Medford. ( harles .). Ad m b, M tier. 

Sin i r i ii. — Charles Kimball, of Winchi 
Depu i v Sin i:i; 1 9. Hose i Jewell, ( ' 
ucd W. 

EU pRi ben I IlTiybb do phe General < - I.. 


i 11, on the 2d Monday In March, and 
tin* I -t Mm: i i j in Septemb ; I 
in June; Cambridge, on the 2d Mond er. 

( / Terms. J in 

■ d the itli 
on i 1 ■■ >•• 


. in 



.1 \m LET. 




Nov; • 


.1 and 

ad and 

ad uid 

ad and 

J Second 
( Fourth 
i First 
J Second 
( Ponrth 

ad and 
C First 

< Second 
( Ponrth 
t First 

< Second 
£ Fourth 

ad and 
C First 
\ Second and 

Fourth M " ( lambridge. 
" LowelL 

Fourth " " Caml 

ii <* | 

Fonrth " '* I 


Ponrth " " I 

M '• l 

ii i t , 

M " Lowell. 

" M Pram' 

Fourth " "Can 

" Lowell. 

11 " ( 

" " Gi 

" " Concord. 

<< ii , 

" '• Fram'ham. 

Fourth " " ( 


Fourth M 

Cambridge — On the 2d and £th Wednesday of i 
month except July. 

Lowell — On the 1st We 1 ; mnary, March, May, 

iber, and on 1st ] ! Lpril, 

aber, and I 
I — On the 1st Tuea lay of January, March, I 
and « tetober. 

D8 at other times as the business of the 
Court requires. 

: PARISH in OAMBBIDOI — vmtaui \n. 

Harvard Square, opposite Harvard College. William 
ll, Pastor. Joseph Brackett, Sexto . 
I near Story. Parish Commiti 3, Dixwefl, 

■h Cutler, Francis L. Chapman, Andrew S. v 

•h II. Richards. There is i Ministerial Fund beloi 
to the First Parish, amounting to between si 1,000 and 
The Trustees of said Fund are: — John G. 


frey, William L. Whitney, James Munroe, A. II. Ramsay, 
Charles R. Metcalf, Andrew 8. Waitt, B. B£ Hodges. 
Treasurer — Wm. L. Whitney. 


Mount Auburn, corner of Holyoke Street. John A. 
Albro, Pastor. William A. Saunders, Chairman of Pru- 
dential Committee. Wm. A. Saunders, Treasurer. Ste- 
phen T. Farwell, Clerk. B. F. Wyeth, Sexton and Under- 
taker, resides Brattle House. 


Garden Street. Nicholas Hoppin, Rector. George P. 
Bond, C. F. Foster, Wardens. James C. Merrill, ( 
and Treasurer. Horace Handford, Sexton, resides Shep- 
ard street. 

st. peter's church — catholic. 

Concord Avenue — Observatory Hill. M v\a<s< s P. I) - 
BBTY, Pastor. Michael Tracy, Sexton, resides Concord 
Avenue near the church. 


Be id of Kirkland Street. John Pbyor , Pastor. 
G. Gooeh, Chairman Standing Committee, John B. Dana, 

Au-tin .1. Cli rk. Win. T. Bid 

('<i/{"f,,r. Charles 11. Biohardson, Sexton, r 

Kirkland Street. 

\ri<»\- \L BOCIETY — i ' 

Allen Street, North Cambridge. Johs Mabbhaij M 
. Pastor. J"hu I). Cook, Chair 
/nitt". James W. Baldwin, Clerk, Edward <J. I 
Treasurer. James S. Claflen, Sexton, ttaple 



r. I I**ii i - x : 

barren Sai er, 1 
///•' /■. Franoic II. Wade, ci< rk. William 
Elm cor Russell. 

2 l<> 111 I. K. KM 18 M>< It III -. 

i.ii: N3U ii ciiinni — imt u:ian. 

Lee Street. II. F. Habbingtob, Pastor. eler 

Chair //id a Standing Committee. William 1*. 

Eben Snow, Clerk, Andrew B. Harlow, Sex- 
ton, resides Trowbridge Street 


Austin Street. J. F. W. Ware, Pastor. John Liver- 
more, Chairman Parish Committee. Holand Lite] 
Jr., Treasurer. W. W. Wellington, Clerk. Roland Litch- 
field, Jr., Sexton, resides Main Street, cor Columbia. 


Harvard, opposite Essex Street. Gilbert Haven, Pastor. 
Hosea Whiting, Chairman of Trustees. G. W. King, 
Treasurer. T. G. Whittier, Sexton, resides Gardner Suttt. 


Austin Street. George E. Allen, Pastor. J. X. Rugg, 
Chairman Standing Committee. A. H. Orcutt, Treasurer 
and Clerk. William Storer, Sexton, resides 12 Pros] 


Cambridge Street. Moses A. Howe, Pastor. A. H. 
Stevens, Chairman Trustees. A. H. Stevens, Treasurer. 
Horatio X. Hovey, Clerk. Samuel Fillebrown, Sexton, 
resides Bridge Street. 


Magazine St., junction of River. Sumner R. Mason, 
Pastor. Isaac C. Holmes, Martin L. Smith, Joseph Good- 
now, Albert Vinal, William G. Tarbell, Josiah Burrage, 
Edw. Hixon, Jos. A. Holmes, Wm. Cooper, Trustees. Albert 
Vinal, Treasurer. Isaac C. Holmes, Clerk. Benj. J. ; 
Hoyt, Sexton, resides Cottage Street, near Pearl. 


Prospect Street. There is at present no pastor settled 
over this church. John Sargent, Chairman of Standing 
Committee. Benjamin Tilton, Treasurer. E. M. Dunbar, ; 
Clerk. Geo. R. Turner, Sexton, resides Magazine St. cor 



Prospect Street. William P. Page, Recto?'. William 
Page, G. M. Dayton, Wardens. E. S. Whitman, Treas- 
urer. William A. lies, Clerk. 


Main Street, junction State. Charles A. Skinner, 
Pastor. Curtis Davis, David Ellis, George J. Fisher, 
Avery Howe, and Rofda Lamson, Standing Committee. R. 
Ellis, Clerk and Treasurer. John Pear, Sexton, resides 
Front Street. 


Cambridge St., corner Fourth. H. K. Peryear, Pastor. 
Henry S. Hills, Chairman Standing Committee. Henry 
S. Hills, Treasurer. Isaac F. Jones, Clerk. Hiram 
Welch, Sexton, resides 103 Otis Street. 


South Second Street. Piichard Gleason Greene, Pastor. 
- Clarke, Chairman Standing Committee. William 
Wyman, Treasurer. George W. Fifield, Clerk. Charies 
Mowle, Sexton, resides 31 Sixth Street. 


Third, corner Thorndike Street. Destitute of a Pastor. 
Anson Hooker, Chairman Standing Committee. Adolph 
Yogle, Treasurer. Nathan L. Greene, Clerk. Jonathan 
H. Bass, Sexton, resides Sixth, near Charles Street. 


Cambridge Street. Henry W. Rugg, Pastor. John B. 
Win slow, Chairman Standing Committee. A. P. Gritting, 
Treasurer. J. D. Wellington, Clerk. Watson B. Hast- 
ings, Sexton, resides 45 Sixth Street. 

st. joiin's cnuRcn — CATHOLIC. 

South Fourth Street. Francis X. Branagan, Pastor. 
William Casey, Sexton, Clerk, and Undertaker, resides 
Fourth Street, near Spring. 


North Avenue. Paul Couch, Paetor. John B. 

Atwill, Chairman Standing Committee, Charles .). Rus- 
sell, Treasurer. L. J. Wing, Clerk* George J. 

Sexton, boards at J. K. Parwell's, Ni rth Avenue 


1_» 1 1> 80CIKTIIS, I'M'. 


Dana LlBBARY. — Located at City Hall; open every 
Wednesday and Saturday from 4 to 8 P. M. Trutteei — 
,1. P. Richardson, Marshal T. Bigelow, Geo. Livermore, 
Anson Hooker, W. W. Wellington. Librarian — Miss 
Caroline F. Orne. 

This is a public library, and is 'open to every one who 
will pay one dollar a year. It contains over seventeen hun- 
dred volumes. Large additions are constantly being made. 

Dowse Institute. — President — Zelotes Hosmer; Sec 
retary — W. W. Wellington; Treasurer — Charles Deane 
They, together with the Mayor and the President of the 
Common Council for the time being, constitute the Board 
of Trustees. 

The Executors of the will of Thomas Dowse appropriated 
$10,000 for the establishment and support of an annual 
course of Public Lectures in Cambridge, under the name 
of the Dowse Institute. The first Lecture was deliveredby 
Hon. Edward Everett, Dec. 7, 1858, at the City Hall. First 
lecture of the present year, was delivered (Nov. 29, 1859) 
by Rev. Henry Ward Beecher. 

Cambridge Lyceum. — President — "Wm. L. Whitney; 
Secretary and Treasurer — A. H. Ramsay; Trustees — 
Jas. Munroe, Stephen T. Farwell, R. M. Hodges, Nathan 
Fiske, Ebenezer Francis, Augustus A. Whitney, Wm. L. 
Whitney, A. H. Ramsay. 

Cambridge Library Association. — President — C. D. 
Elliot; Vice-President, Henry H. Clark; Recording Secre- 
tary, William E. Shed; Corresponding Secretary, James A. 
Shed; Treasurer, George T. Tucker; Librarian, William 
T. Gibson. Room, Ramsay's Block, Harvard Square. 
Meetings Monday nights. 

Irving Literary Association. — Rooms corner of Main 
and Norfolk Streets. President, A. Albert Osborn ; Vice- 
President, A. L. Barbour; Secretary, Nathaniel Russell, 
Jr. ; Treasurer, Oliver H. Webber. Directors, E. W. Corey, 
M. C. Rice, W. F. Russell. 

Franklin Library Association — Incorporated March 
lfith, 1854. — Rooms, Lamson's Block, Main Street. Presi- 
dent, H. R. Harding; Vice-President, D. Buckley; Sec, 
G. A. Smart; Treas., J. McDume; Librarian, C. B. Cade. 

Webster Institute. — Rooms, Webster Hall, corner of 
Main and Norfolk Streets. Meetings on Monday nights. 


William Warren Dramatic Association. — Rooms in 
Franklin Hall, Lamson's Block, Main Street. Meetings 
on Tuesday nights. President, J. Lyman Fenton; Vice- 
President, William D. Gourlay; Secretary, John Kinnear; 
Treasurer, E. L. Spike; Stage Manager, C. W. Emery. 

Amicable Fire Society. — Instituted April 10, 1810. — 
President — M. T. Bigelow; Clerk — William Bates, Jr.; 
Treasurer — Leonard Lyon; Wardens — William Porter, 
J. P. Wallace, Jr., J. P. White, A. J. Jones, Levi Perkins. 
Auditing Committee — N. S. Walton, Henry Lamson. 

Howard Benevolent Society. — This Society was formed 
in 1851. Its object is to relieve the sufferings of the poor 
and unfortunate. Its labors are at present confined to 
Cambridgeport. Its officers are as follows: — 

President — Lewis Colby; Secretary — J. C. Thurston; 
Treasurer — A. C. Webber. 

Managers — District No. 1, M. L. Smith; District No. 2, 
Daniel S. Brown ; District No. 3, Samuel Palmer ; District 
No. 4, Josiah Burrage; District No. 5, J. W. Cook; Dis- 
trict No. 6, James B. Wiggin; District No. 7, William P. 
Sampson; District No. 8, Thomas Work. 

Application for aid to be made to any one of the Man- 

Cambridge High School Association. — President — 
Frederic S. Davis ; Vice Presidents — John E. Bubier, 
Alexander E. Agassiz, Richard B. Everett, Philip R. Am- 
midon, Frederic W. Gregory, Fisher Ames; Secretary — 
George C. Bough ton; Treasurer — John B. Noyes; Exe- 
cutive Committee — G. A. Smart, E. M. Hastings, A. A. 
Osborn, J. H. Bates, J. W. Chamberlain, Miss Helen M. 
Baldwin, Miss Harriet M. Dean, Mrs. Mary E. Mitchell, 
Miss Maria L. Mitchell, Miss Mary E. McLellan; Orator — 
Rev. Charles Noyes; Poet — George M. Folsom. 

Cambridge Humane Society. — President — William L. 
Whitney. Treasurer — A. H. Ramsay. Trusters — Rev. I 
John A. Albro, Rev. John Pryor, Rev. Frederic D. Hunt- 
ington, Prof. T. J. Child and William Nowell. Agent — 
Rev. Kinsman Atkinson. 

St. John's Mutual Reltef Society, connected with St. 
John's Church. (500 members), lie v. P. X. Branagan, 

President; Thomas McNamara, Secretary; Michael Bar- 
rett, Treasurer. 


St. John's Chabitable SOCIETY, for the Relief of the 
Poor. (600 members). Hubert Brine, Jr., President; 
Michael Deehan, Secretary ; Rev. P. X. Branagan, Treas- 

St. John's Female Relief Society, for tlie Relief of 
Indigent Females. (700 members). Rev. F. X. Branagan, 

President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Acting Officers, 
Amelia Mclntyre, Sarah Hughes, Mary Ann McFeeley, 
and Catherine Donnelly. 


Amicable Lodge : meets on the first Thursday evening 
in every month, at Friendship Hall, Pearl Street, Cam- 

Richard O'Brien, W. M. ; Ebenezer E. Towle, S. TV. ; 
Wm. F. Knowles, J. W.; Nathan Fiske, Treasurer; Charles 
Tufts, Secretary ; Gilbert D. Nourse, S. D.; F. W. Greg- 
ory, J. D. ; James R. Gardner, S. S. ; Eugene Tisdale, J. S. ; 
Edward G. Russell, Chaplain ; John J. Eaton, Marshal; 
John Pear, Tyler. 

Putnam Lodge : meets at Odd Fellows' Hall, Bridge 
Street, on the third Monday of every month. 

Master — G. W. Smallidge; Treasurer, Geo. L. Mitchell; 
Secretary, Henry A. Arnold. 


New England Lodge, No. 4, East Cambridge; meets 
every Friday evening, in Fraternity Hall, on Bridge 

Friendship Lodge, No. 20, Cambridgeport ; meets every 
Monday evening, at Friendship Hall, Pearl Street. 


United Temple of Honor, No. 7. — Meets every second 
and fourth Tuesday of each month, at Sons of Temperance 

Union Division, No. 8, Sons of Temperance — East 
Cambridge, — Meets every Thursday night at Sons of 
Temperance Hall, over Lechmere Bank. 

Charles River Division, No. 38, Sons of Temperance. 
— Meets every Monday evening at Buckley's Hall, Cam- 

Washington Elm Division, No. 130, Sons of Temper- 
ance. — Meets every Tuesday night at Lyceum Hall, 
Old Cambridge. 



Crystal Fount Union, No. 35, Daughters of Temper- 
ance. — Meets semi-monthly on Wednesday evenings at Sons 
of Temperance Hall. 

Social Council, No. 1, Sons and Daughters of Tem- 
perance. — Meets semi-monthly, on Wednesday evenings, at 
Sons of Temperance Hall. 

Independent Order of Good Templars — Hawkins' 
Lodge. — Meetings Friday evening at Williams Hall. 

Temperance Reform Association. — Meets on Wednes- 
day nights at Williams' Hall. 

Temperance and Mutual Relief Society, connected 
with St. Peter's Catholic Church. Michael Morgan, 
President; Michael Finnegan, Secretary. 

Temperance Society of St. John's Church, (150 mem- 
bers.) Patrick Rafferty, President. 

The following abstract of the votes for Governor and 
Lieutenant Governor, for the year 1860, will be found con- 
venient for reference. 


Nathaniel P. Banks, of Waltham, 
Benjamin F. Butler, of Lowell, 
George N. Briggs, of Pittsfield, 


Eliphalet Trask, of Springfield,- 
Stephen C. Bemis, of Springfield, 
Increase Sumner, of Great Barrington, 

Councillor for Council District No. 3. 
James M. Shute, of Somerville. 

Senator for Middlesex District JYo. 2. 
Stephen T. Farwell, of Cambridge. 




Wards, I. II. III. IV. V. Total. 

James D. Green, 350 137 280 160 162 1098 
John Sargent, 87 399 233 312 51 1082 



tiik THIRTY-SIXTH <:ox<;kkss. 


First Session opened Monday, Dec. 5, 1809. 


John C. Breckenridge, of Kentucky, President ex-officio. 

[Republicans (in Italics) 24 ; Democrats 

(in Roman) 36 ; Americans 

(hi small capitals) 2. Vacancies 

4. Total 66. The figures before 

each Senator's name denote the year when his term expires.] 




Benjamin Fitzpatrick. 


John Slidell. 


Clement C. Clay, jr. 


Judah P. Benjamin. 




Robert W. Johnson. 


Hannibal Hamlin. 


"William K. Sebastian. 


Wm. Pitt Fessenden. 




William M. Gwin. 


Charles Sumner. 


[Vacancy. ] 


Henry Wilson. 




Lafayette S. Foster. 


James A. Pearce. 


James Dixon. 


Anthony Kennedy. 




James A. Bayard. 


Zachariah Chandler. 


*Willard Saulsbury 


* Kinsley S. Bingham. 




David L. Yulee. 


Henry M. Rice. 


Stephen R. Mallory. 






Alfred Iverson 


Jefferson Davis. 


Robert Toombs. 


Albert G. Brown. 




Lyman Trumbull. 


James S. Green. 


Stephen A. Douglas. 


Trusten Polk. 




Graham N. Fitch. 


Daniel Clark. 


Jesse D. Bright. 


John P. Hale. 




James Harlan. 


Wm. H. Seward. 


* James TV. Grimes. 


Preston King. 




John J. Crittenden. 


John R. Thomson. 


*Lazarus W. Powell. 


*John C. Ten Eyck. 

*Not members of the Thirty 

-Fifth Congress. 




1861. Thomas L. Clingman. 

1863. Andrew Johnson. 

1865. *Thomas Bragg. 

1865. *A. 0. P. Nicholson. 



1881. George E. Pugh. 

1861. [Vacancy.] 

1863. Benjamin F. Wade. 

1865. *John W. Hemphill. 



1861. Joseph Lane. 

1861. Jacob Collamer. 

1865. [Vacancy.] 

1863. Solomon Foot. 



1861. William Bigler. 

1863. James M. Mason. 

1863. Simon Cameron. 

1865. Robert M. T. Hunter. 



1863. James F. Simmons. 

1861. Charles Durkee. 

1865. *Henry B. Anthony. 

1863. James R. Doolittle. 


1861. James H. Hammond. 

1865. James Chestnut, Jr. 


rATIYES— 237 members. 

Republicans (Eoman) 113 ; Administration Democrats (Italics,) 

93 ; Anti-Lee ompt on Democrats 

i (Koman spaced) 8 ; South A- 

mericans (small capitals) 23. 



1. * James A. Stallworth. 

1. "William G. Whiteley. 

2. James L. Pugh. 


3. David Clopton. 

1. "George S. Hawkins. 

4. * Sydenham Moore. 


5. * George S. Houston. 

1. Peter E. Love. 

6. "WilliamsonR. W.Cobb. 

2. "Martin J. Crawford. 

7. Jabez L. M. Curry. 

3. Thomas Hardeman, Jr. 


4. "Lucius J. Gartrell. 

1. T. C. Hindman. 

5. John W. Underwood. 

2. Albert Rust. 

6. "James Jackson. 


7. *Joshua Hill. 

1. "Charles L. Scott. 

8. John J. Jones. 

2. John C. Burch. 



1. *Elihu B. Washburne. 

1. D wight Loomis. 

2. *John P. Farnswurth. 

2. John Woodruff. 

3. *Owen Lovejoy. 

3. Alfred A. Burnham. 

4. *William Kellogg. 

4. Orris S. Ferry. 

5. Isaac i/Y. .Morris. 

*Members of the last Hous 

e. fScats contested. 



6. John A. Mc demand. 

5. * Jacob M. Kunkel. 

7. James C. Robinson. 

6. George W. Huglu-.s. 

8. Philip B. Fouke. 


9. John A. Logan. 

1. Thomas D. Eliot. 


2. *James Buffinton. 

1. * William E. JYiblack. 

3. Charles F. Adams. 

2. William. H. English. 

4. Alexander H. Rice. 

3. William M. Dunn. 

5. *Anson Burlingame. 

4. William S. Holman. 

6. John B. Alley. 

7. *Daniel VV. Gooch. 

5. *David Kilgore. 

6. Albert G. Porter. 

8. Charles R. Train. 

7. *John G. Davis. 

8. *James Wilson. 

9. *Eli Thayer. 
10. Charles Delano. 

9. *Schuyler Colfax. 
10. * Charles Case. 

11. *Henry L. Dawes. 

11. *John U. Pettit. . 



1. ^George B. Cooper* 

1. *Samuel R. Curtis. 

2. *Henry Waldron. 

2. William Vandever. 

3. Francis W. Kellogg. 


4. *DeWitt C. Leach. 

1. *Henry C. Burnett. 


2. *Samuel 0. Peyton. 

1. Cyrus Aldrich. 

3. Francis M. Bristow. 

2. WiUiam Windon. 

4. fWiLLiAM C. Anderson. 


5. John T. Brown. 

1. *Lucius Q. C. Lamar. 

6. Green Adams. 

2. * Reuben Davis. 

7. Robert Mallory. 

3. * William Barksarle. 

8. William E. Simms. 

4. *Otho R. Singleton. 

9. Laban T. Moore. 

5. *John J. McRae. 

10. *John W. Stevenson. 



1. t^- Richard Barrett. 

1. J. Edward Bouligny. 

2. * Thomas L. Anderson. 

2. *Miles Taylor. 

3. *John B. Clark. 

3. * Thomas G. Davidson. 

4. * James Craig. 

4. J. M. Landrum. 

5. *Samuel H. Woodson. 


6. John S. Phelps. 

1. Daniel E. Somes. 

7. John W. JVbell. 

2. John J. Perry. 


3. Ezra B. French. 

1. Gilman Marston. 

4. *Freeman H. Morse. 

2. *Mason W. Tappan. 

5. *Israel Washburn, jr. 

3. Thomas M. Edwards. 

6. ^Stephen C. Foster. 



1. John T. Nixon. 

1. * James Ji. Stewart. 

2. J. L. N. Stratton. 

2. Edward H. Webster. 

3. *Garnet B. Adrain. 

3. f*J. Morrison Harris. 

4. Jeter R. Riggs. 

4. 1"*Henry \V. Davis. 

5. William Pennington. 



5. James M. Ashley. 

1. Luther C. Carter. 

6. William Howard. 

2. James Humphrey. 

7. Thomas Corwin. 

3. "Daniel E. Sickles. 

8. ^Benjamin Stanton. 

4. * Thomas J. Barr. 

9. John Carey. 

5. * William B. Maclay. 

10. Carey A. Trimble. 

6. "John Cochrane. 

11. Charles D. Martin. 

7. George Briggs. 

12. "Samuel S. Cox. 

8. *Horace F. Clark. 

13. *John Sherman. 

9. *John B. Ha skin. 

14. Harrison G. Blake. 

10. Charles H. Van Wyck. 

15. William Holmick. 

11. William S. Kenyon. 

16. *Cydnor B. Tompkins. 

12. Charles L. Beale. 

17. Thomas C. Theaker. 

13. * Abraham B. Olin. 

18. Sidney Edgerton. 

14. John H. Reynolds. 

19. *Edward Wade. 

15. James B. McKean. 

20. John Hutchins. 

16. * George W. Palmer. 

21. *John A. Bingham. 

17. *Francis E. Spinner. 


18. *Clark B. Cochrane. 

1. ^Lansing Stout. 

19. James H. Graham. 


20. Roscoe Conkling. 

1. "Thomas B. Florence. 

21. R. Holland Duell. 

2. Edward Joy Morris. 

22. M. Lindley Lee. 

3. John P. Verree. 

23. Charles B. Hoard. 

4. William Millward. 

24. Charles B. Sedgwick. 

5. John Wood. 

25. Martin Butterfield. 

6. t*John Hickman. 

26. *Emory B. Pottle. 

7. Henry C. Longnecker. 

27. Alfred Wells. 

8. *John Schwartz. 

28. William Irvine. 

9. Thaddeus Stevens. 

29. Alfred Ely. 

10. John W. Killinger. 

30. Augustus Frank. 

11. James H. Campbell. 

31. *Silas M. Burroughs. 

12. George W. Scranton. 

32. Elbridge G. Spaulding. 

13. * William H. Dimmick. 

33. *Reuben E. Fenton. 

14. *Galusha A. Grow. 


15. James T. Hale. 

1. W. N. H. Smith. 

16. Benjamin F. Junkin. 

2. "Thomas Ruffin. 

17. Edward McPherson. 

3. * Warren Winslow. 

18. Samuel S. Blair. 

4. "Lawrence O'B. Branch. 

19. *John Covodc. 

5. *John A. Gilmer. 

20. "William Montgomery. 

6. James M. Leach. 

21. James K. Moorhead. 

7. "Burton Craige. 

22. Robert MeKnight. 

8. *Zebulon B. Vance. 

23. *William Stewart. 


24. Chapin Hall. 

1. "George H. Pendleton. 

25. Elijah Babbit. 

2. John A. Gurley. 


3. "C. L. Vallandigham. 

1. Christopher Robinson. 

4. William Allen. 

2. *William D. Brayton. 

— ... — -. — . 

260 PEB80B L£ iSD BJ LI 

nii tii c \i:m.i\ \. 

:). Daniel c. Dejan 

1. *John JkfcQut i //. 

l. /.''- * r -i. Pryor. 

2. * Will ia in Porcht r Mili 8. 

5. Thomas 8. Bocock* 

Lawrence .M. A'< ///. 

6. Shelton /•'. Leake. 

4. *Milledge V. lion ham. 

7. * William Smith. 

n I). Ashmore. 

S. Alex wiiik EL 

G. * William W. Boyce. 

0. John T. Hams. 

i ,.\\ 

10. * Sfu ■■/• rard Clemens. 

1. Thomas A. 11. Nbm 

11. *Alb< /•/ O. ./< ///. < 


1 2. Henry A. Edmundson. 

8. B i 9E 15. Bb ybson. 

13. Elbert S. Martin. 

4. William B. Stokes. 


5. Rob] i;t Hattox. 

1. •John P. Potter. 

G. James H. Thomas. 

2. *Cad\v. C. Washburn. 

7. *John V. Wright. 

3. Charles H. Larrabee. 

8. James M. Quarles. 

9. Emerson Etheridge. 

10. * William T. Avery. 




1. *John H. Reagan. 

1. *Marcus J. Parrot. 

2. A. J. Hamilton. 



1. \E. Easterbrook. 

1. *Ezekiel P. Walton. 


2. *Justin S. Morrill. 

1. *t Miguel A. Otero. 

3. *Homer E. Royde. 



1. William H. Hooper. 

1. *Muscoe B. H. Garnett. 


2. *John S. Millson. 

1. *Isaac I. Stevens. 


In Cambridge. 

The tax books of 1850 show the amount of taxable prop- 

erty in Cambridge to be $'20,603,000. The rate of taxation 

was S'S.GO on every $1000. The number of Polls were 

5572, which were assessed (1.50 each. There are fourteen 

individuals, corporations, and firms, who pay a tax exceed- 

ing $1000 ; forty-six who pay over (500 ; and three hun- 

dred and twentv-five whose tax exceeds S'100. Ileal estate, 

$14,682,200. Personal estate, 5,020.800. 

But it is ever thus with Happine-s, 

It is the gay to-morrow of the mind 

That never comes. 

« . — A 



Jan. 2 — Rev. Ichabod Nichols, D. D. an eminent divine, 
died at his residence in Cambridge, Mass., aged 74. 

Jan. 10 — The cold Monday — Thermometer 20 degrees below 

Jan. 28 — William H. Prescott, the Historian, died in Bos- 
ton, aged 63. 

Jan. 30 — William C. Bond, Astronomer of the Cambridge 
Observatory, died, aged 69. 

Jan. 31 — Rev. Abial Abbot, D. D. died at West Cambridge, 
Mass. aged 93. 

March 3 — Hon. A. V. Brown, Postmaster General, died, 
aged 64. 

March 29 — Col. Samuel Jaques, a distinguished friend of 
Agriculture, died in SomervilJe, aged 82. 

April 27 — Bishop Doane, of New Jersey, died, aged 60. 

May 8 — Humboldt, the Naturalist, died, aged 89. 

July 13— Rufus Choate died at Halifax, N. S. aged 59. 

Nov. 9 — George P. Burnham committed to jail for 25 days, 
for contempt of the House of Representatives of Mas- 

Nov. 9 — Gerrit Smith taken to a lunatic hospital. 

Nov. 24 — Thanksgiving in 24 States. 

Nov. 28 — Death of Washington Irving, aged 76. 

Dec. 2 — John Brown was hung at Ch irlcstown, Va. for the 
Crimea of murder and treason. 

Dec. 2 — Thermometer 67 above in the shade. 

Dec. 8 — Theodore Sedgewick, an eminent lawyer, died at 
Stockb ridge, Mass. 


May he who refuses his protection to a defenceless wo- 
man nover taste the blessings a woman can bestow. 

The man that lays his hand apon a woman, save in the 
way ( .c kindness, is a wretch, whom 'twere gross flattery to 

name a coward. — l\>hin. 

Modesty is the only Bore bail if yon angle far pra 


A good name is the embalming of the virtuous to an eter- 
nity of love and gratitude among posterity. 

Most men court admiration rather than esteem. 
A man that hath no virtue in himself ever envieth virtue 
in others : for men's minds will either feed upon their own 
good or upon others' evil ; and who wanteth the one will 
prey upon the other ; and whoso is out of hope to attain 
another's virtue will seek to come at even hand by depress- 
ing another's fortune. — Bacon. 

. Pleasures are like poppies spread, 
You seize the flower, the bloom is fled, 
Or like the snow-fal s in the river, 
A moment bright, then gone forever. — Burns. 
The heart wants something to be kind to; and it consoles 
us for the loss of society, to see even an animal derive hap- 
piness from the endearments we bestow on it. 


dfaraliri% djtmmkte, 

A Local Family Journal, is 

Published Every Saturday Morning. 


The Chronicle will be left on the morning of publication 
at the houses of subscribers in any part of the city, by car- 
triers connected with the office. 

It is especially recommended as a capital 

Advertisements inserted at reasonable rates. 


In Colored Inks or Bronze, and 


in all styles, 







We are constantly manufacturing, and have now on hand, a 
full assortment of rich and medium priced DRAWING- 
description. LOOKING-GLASSES in great variety. 

Feathers, Beds, and Mattresses, 

of all kinds, which we will sell at such prices as shall be 
satisfactory to the purchaser. 

Particular attention given to furnishing HOTELS and 


And we would respectfully invite those wishing to purchase, 
to call and examine our stock. 

N. B. — Goods packed in the most faithful manner, and 
sent to the different Railroads, Steamboat Landings, and 
any part of the City without charge. 

Our Ware Rooms are the largest in the City, comprising 
the large halls over the Boston and Worcester, and Western 
Railway Passenger Stations, 

Boston, Mass. 

Entrance from Beach Street, opp. U. S. Hotel. 



*b , 

No. 48 School Street, directly opposite the 








&c., &c. 

Leather and India Rubber Hose. 

N- B, Orders from any part of the United 
States promptly attended to. 

Choice Seeds, Trees, Plants, &e, 

7 Merchants Row, . . . Boston. 

Respectfully invite the attention of Dealers, Amateurs, and 
Cultivators generally, to their unrivalled stock of the above 
articles, which they offer at Wholesale or Retail. In order 
to meet the annually increasing demand for Seeds, &c, they 
have made large additions to their general stock, and it now 
comprises one of the largest and most varied assortments 
in the country. Particular attention has been given to the 
stock of AGRICULTURAL and GARDEN SEEDS, which 
embraces all the leading and most approved kinds, among 
which are many new and improved varieties of Peas, Beans, 
Beets, Cabbages, Celery, Lettuce, Melons, Squashes, Rad- 
ishes, Turnips, &c, which are highly recommended. 

Flower Seeds. 

The list now numbers nearly one thousand species and 
varieties, comprising everything new, choice, and rare. 
They would particularlv ask the attention of purchasers 10 
their assortment of SPLENDID FRENCH AND GER- 
of their own growing, and are unequalled by any imported 
Seed. Also to the extra fine Cineraria, Calceolaria, Gera- 
nium, &c, &c, selected from the Prize Collections, with 
many other choice kinds received direct from the most emi- 
nent Florists in Europe. 

Fruit and Ornamental Trees. 

Their Nurseries at Cambridge are stocked with an im- 
mense collection of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, embracing 
every desirable variety of Pear, Apple, Plum, Peach, &c. 
(300 varieties of Pears alone may be seen in fruit on the 
Specimen trees, during the season of fruiting.) The most 
extensive assortment of Strawberries, Currants, Goose- 
berries, Raspberries, &c, are cultivated. 


Rebecca, Delaware, Concord, Golden Hamburgh, Bowood, 
Muscat, Lady Downer, and a very large variety of Foreign 
Grapes, grown especially for Vineries. The collections of 
NEW AND RARE PLANTS are very extensive. Cata- 
logues of all will be furnished gratis on application. 

HOVEY & CO., - - - 7 Merchants Row, Boston. 





^9 <Mi ^ 99 


437 Main Street, (Opposite the Irving House,) 


Ladies can find Millinery Goods of the latest style, best 
materials, and at reasonable charges, at 


New Block, corner of Main and Norfolk Streets, 

Near the Post Office. 

Also, a full assortment of 


and materials for all kinds of Ladies' Fancy Work. 
Stitching by Ladd and Webster's Machine. 

w&MM&x oaacfiaiEs. 


Keeps constantly on hand an assortment of 


Which can be had on the very lowest terms. 
t Also, a variety of 

Foreign and Domestic Fruits. 

D^" Goods delivered in all parts of the city free of charge. 


350 &o 352 Washington St., 
Hayward Block, 

IB O S T O 3>T . 

Manufacturers and Dealers in 

Gas Fixtures, 

tiftWPS^ Hill* 

Gas Pipes put into buildings in the best manner, and 
Fixtures put up in Cambridge with- 
out extra charge. 

All work warranted. GAS STOVES for healing and cook- 
ing on the most approved and economical principles. 




— AND — 


— ALSO — 

Crockery, Glass, and Stone Ware, 


No. Ti Cambridge St., East Cambridge, Man. 

LtF" N. B. Goods delivered in any part of the city free of 
expense to the purchaser. 


(Formerly of the firm of J. C. Wellington & Co. ,) 


®m\ f W$#t\> §a*fe, ®twtn\ f 


Also, SMITH'S COAL constantly on band. 

Wharf, Cragie's Bridge, 

Boston office, 35 Exchange Street. 
All orders addressed by mail, or left at either office, 
promptly attended to. 

Horatio Wellington. Joseph A. Wellington. 





Opposite the Cambridge Bank, Cambridgeport. 



Lime and Sand. 

Wharf, near end of West Boston Bridge, 


8AM'L N. & WM. A. BREWER, 



IbtDgRSlSlSgl Ml© I?IIl?B§$ 




Shoe Manufacturer's Gums and Sponges, 



PERFUMERY, &c.,&c. 

At their extensive Warehouse, 

41 & 43 Kilby Street, 

and Devonshire Street, 



18 to 24 Devonshire St., Boston 

Manufactory and Brass Foundry, Main Street, 




J. J. W. & Co. are prepared to put in 


for the introduction of FRESH POND WATER into houses, 
and are using for that purpose 


believing it to be the very best description of pipe for the 
conveyance of water. It will not rust, is not acted upon 
chemically by any description of water, and consequently is 
not like lead pipe, deleterious in its effects. Orders for the 
fitting up of houses may be left at the following places : 
Office of the Union Railroad, Old Cambridge. Henry 
Thayer and Co., Cambridgeport. Post Office, East Cam- 




Sawing, Planing, Jointing, Matching, 

The subscriber thanks his former patrons for their aid, and 
solicits a continuance of the same. He has of late greatly 
increased his facilities for accomplishing work with great 
neatness and despatch, having made extensive additions of 

BOXES of every description made to order ; also, Win- 
dow Frames, Doors, Sashes, Blinds, &c. &c. 

Those who may favor him with a call can depend upon 
having their work done in the best manner possible, and at 
short notice. 

He has facilities for doing- TEAMING of all descriptions, 
and also solicits patronage in this line. 



Manufacturers of Stationary and Portable 




Iron Roofs, Kettle Curbs, Shafting and Pulleys, and Ma- 
chinery of all kinds. 


In Boston, at No. 5 Liberty Square. 


Cambridgeport, Mass, 


Wagon Axles, Engine & Mill 



Car Wheels, Piano-Forte Plates, 



Of all kinds, in Green and Dry Sand. 

Orders may be left at E. W. Bray's, Nos. 11 and 13 Fulton 
Street, Boston, or at the Works. 

V. S. HOLT & CO., 

latest |indi;t 


Also the best of New England 


Corner ofMain and Norfolk Sis. 

Goods sent promptly to any part of the city free from ex- 



Real Estates bought, sold and rented. Mortgages negotiated. 

Holyoke Mutual Fire Ins, Co,, 



Amount Insured, over $7,000,000. 

Cash Capital, over ----- $111,000. 

Insures Houses, Barns, Churches, Stores, and similar prop- 
erty, with Furniture and contents, lor one, three, or rive years, 
on reasonable terms. 





Sanborn's Wharf, Bridge Street, East Cambridge. « 


H. A. KEMP, 


The Subscriber, thankful for t lie liberal patronage bes 
on him, takei this method of informing li is friends and the 
public generally, that be maybe found, as asn 

stand, ready and willing to wait on all who may favor him 
with a call. 

J^* Meals at all hours of the day or olght 

3TERS in every \ urietj of si 
applied on short not 



(Successors to John Bartlett), 

aSooitseUers to tljc Sluibersitg, 




A CIRCULATING LIBRARY of new and Standard 
Books connected with the store. 

Cambridgeport and Boston 


Rear of D, U. Chamberlain's. No. 3 Washington Street. 


J. A. Holmes & Co's., Stinison & Valentine's. 36 India 

Thurston, Miles & Pritchett's, Street. 

And the Post Office. Ticknor & Fields', School St. 

Orders for heavy or light team work, or the transportation 
of packages to and from Boston, promptly attended to. 

Leaves Cambridgeport at 8, A. M., and 2, P. M. Leaves 
Boston at 11, A. M., and 5, P. M. 



jfamtly @vottth* 

iH^STiUNro-s 3 exjiliditsto-, 




AND — 



Goods sent to any part of the city free of expense, at the 
shortest notice. 





39 State Street, Boston, 

In the Company's Building. 

Accumulated Fund, . . . $1,350,000. 

Largest amount taken on one Life, $15,000. 

Surplus refunded at the end of every five years, ia Cash, 
or by addition-to the sum insured. 

The distribution of surplus in 1853 amounted to 30 per 
cent, of the premiums paid in five years. Premiums may 
be paid quarterly or semi-annually. 

Forms of application, pamphlets, reports, &c, to be had 
at the office of the Company. 

BENJ. F. STEVENS, Secretary. 

JOHN HOMANS, M. D., Consulting Physician. 

mm & tow ctoTWNc* 









This furnace is 
rapidly taking 
the place of 
other plans of 
heating build- 
ings, and its 
principle only 
needs to be 
known to in- 
sure its gene- 
ral use. Sizes 
for all classes 
of buildings. 






S tf 

<U N 

5 ■ 

< 5 s 

99 &/ 101 Blackstone Street, Boston. 


Furniture and Carpet Rooms. 



H^* W. & B. manufacture to order, French Furniture 
in Damask, Plush, and Brocatelle. They are also Agents 
for the sale of Howe's Patent Spring Bed. 


II ^00 




Has constantly on hand a full Btoclf of 




(II EAP FOR cash.